This is a race drone and look at how small it is check it out, and this thing can just it’s super quick. The fuss spartan, fus, spartan, there’s a little camera right here. It’S got all the flight controller there. Full carbon frame, you can take a, i think, up to a 4s battery which is insane it’s got these little motors and there’s a lot of power behind these motors 3 800 kv so and just push on props uh, so it’s, full fpv i’ve got the goggles And everything for it, the problem is, though, i got ta get this little tiny receiver bought this off of uh amazon, but look at the size of this receiver. Guys tiny and i have to solder this thing on to the uh flight board flight controller. All right guys, so this is an rc car dude, trying to get his first fpv drone up and running it’s ready to run, except you just got to put your own receiver on here i’m, using a fly sky, receiver and transmitter. I bought this separately off. Amazon bought this from banggood but i’m like brand spanking new to these things. This is the first one i’ve ever had, so i got the receiver in there it’s tucked up underneath the canopy here, and i had to basically solder it on here. You need a really small receiver to fit underneath here and i’ve got the flysky a8s and it just barely fits in there, and so i’ve got a 4s battery in there little mini 4s 450 milliamp hour um.

I think it’s, a tattoo battery it’s called and uh we’re, going to just take it for its uh maiden flight and i’m. Just gon na fly it in uh angle mode, which is uh the beginner mode. Then you have horizon which lets you do flips and then you have acro mode so let’s take it for a little line of sight. I’M not going to do fbv, but i just want to see make sure that it’s uh flying stable all right so let’s go. Do that guys, Music, all right guys, so i don’t really have the best location to be uh flying this today, but uh it’s kind of windy here, but uh let’s see what we can do here. First, flight it’s windy actually for this thing for a small quad like this, but uh let’s, just see if it flies. First of all, right, she’s armed see there’s my arm switch right. There i had to set this all up in beta flight too, like i’m brand spanking new when it comes to these things. So it’s a big learning curve, but uh let’s see how it goes i’m, just going to fly it in the easiest mode for the first uh test, and actually that just reminds me i got to take it. I got it in an angle, mode or sorry. Acro mode, so i’ll put it down. I had to set these in betaflight, so let’s uh let’s give it a little test.

The wind is coming from over here there we go it’s, pretty windy for a small quad like this. Now she flies whoa, definitely different than flying. A gps drone got lots more punch to it, lots more punch. I got it in the easiest mode right now, i’m gon na fly it into the wind Music whoa. This is only on 3s, too. That can go up to 4s whoa not used to this doesn’t hold still like a uh gps rig it’ll just drift. The wind is pushing it Music. My hands are freaking shaking guys not used to this. I don’t want to crush it Music. I got it in uh, like i said i got it in angle, mode Music, which self levels. So if i take my hands off the sticks, let me bring it back here. I take my hands off the sticks, just wanting to go the other direction. There hang on a sec, i’ll fly into the wind, and when i take my hands off the sticks, it self writes itself see that. Let me try one of the other modes just see what happens Music well, it keeps coming back on me here: i’m not used to flying this thing at all, let’s see if my other modes work hang on let’s, try, angle, let’s, try, sorry let’s, try a hot Girl, oh yeah. I see that if i just move the stick over, it just keeps going it’s hard for you to see.

Uh. Oh let’s, get it back into uh stability. Okay, get used to it a bit. My battery might be dying by now: whoa, Music, whoa. Almost a crash there – and this is in angle mode – sorry yeah, angle mode, okay, i’m – going to run it a juice, i think soon, but uh whoa, all right, that’s, not a bad first flight. Everything seems to be working, so i i set it up right. Anyways! Do a little punch out here quickly, then i’ll bring it back down. Whoa it’s got lots of power on 3s compared to what i’m used to let’s try another one. That’S cool i’m liking this and i got it so. The motors don’t completely shut off whoa. All right, let’s land it before something happens, all right guys see. If i can set her down half decent there. We go all right, not bad, not bad at all. So there you go that’s the first uh flight for me with the fus spartan. Sorry about the background noise i’m right near some shops there, but uh that’s, it i’m gon na see more of this. I guess next time i should try flying it in fpv, so this thing is uh 100, no it’s, 89 bucks. I think on uh on banggood i’ll put a link in the description it’s pretty good. It doesn’t come with a receiver, but other than that in the battery it’s uh ready to go, and you have to just set it up in beta flight.

I might make a few beginner videos for betaflight, even though i don’t know what i’m doing, but i might be able to dumb it down a little bit, so somebody can fumble their way through, like i did all right guys so that’s it for now. Let me just uh disconnect the battery, so i don’t kill my vtx, my uh video transmitter. So all right guys, i was a great flight first flight, a little dicey at times, but uh. She came back in one piece.