Talking about boys talk about snowboarding just about an hour late up in the sky. I cant see me there, its okay cause. We didnt see vlogboys Music Applause, all right guys. Good morning. I dont really know where this is going to end up clipping into basically the reason that i never put out a 2021 2022 gear review. Video is because i have been patiently waiting, something that was supposed to have arrived the first week of december, and when you do a gear review video you want to do boards boots bindings. You want to do everything, and i have this sick, crucial piece of the puzzle that i wanted to share with you guys and im. Just gon na put this video out of the gear that i have because were heading to florida today, and i just want to get this video out for you guys to try to help you out. I know that a lot of people have already bought stuff because christmas already happened, but i have the ability to help you guys out throughout the entire year 12 months, not just black friday, not just cyber monday. Not just these random deals but constantly be hooking. You guys up with discount codes from the companies and the sponsors that help support me along my journey, and i just think its incredible, because i dont ride for any companies that i didnt already support before they reached out, or we did some type of partnership together.

So everythings legit im so stoked to share this with you guys. I dont know how im gon na do this its gon na be sloppy as all hell, but im just gon na start running through what i got. I have an issue getting rid of gear because a lot of its still so fresh and if you guys saw last years gear, review video everything that you saw in that video. I will still be repping this year, so we still have the 686 bibs. We got this dope blue 686 gore tex jacket that i wore in japan for one season. The yellow that you guys have also seen me. Wear 686 literally makes the most insane gear on the planet and then, of course, all the hoodies that youve been seeing me wear im gon na be rocking the same stuff. I have a hard time letting gear go when its basically brand new. So if you guys have been watching the videos for the past couple weeks, youll see that i already tapped into the 686 reserves that ive been rocking this dope brown. To be honest, i wish i had names for you, but im really bad at this. Its its just breaking down how epic it all is this thing, the highest quality product that you can get because 686 does not joke around when they make their gear, then we got the brand new bib from this year. If youre a guy, you know what its like to wear a bib and just try to take a piss and for some reason no company ever realized or thought it would be a good idea to make a zipper.

That starts from the bottom and 686. Did it and it zips up all the way? So if youre a girl, you dont even know what were dealing with here, but as a guy trying to take a pee out of a tiny little hole when youre on the side of the mountain freezing. With gloves on is insane and 686 changes, the game and their zipper goes up from the bottom, so it gives you as much room as you need to do whatever you need to do. Look at this thing are we kidding straight thick, puffy outer, but then warm soft arms 686 coming through supporting the boy and supporting all you guys. I saw this though we got what looks like a full on sleeping bag, and when i got it, it was balled up in a tight little sleeping bag style bundle. This is what the sleeping bag came in thats insane jeez, the density, the thickness this things like two and a half inches thick right now, woodland insulated jacket. We got a name its too hot. This thing is too comfortable to be wearing in this house right now. Wow this thing is thin: waterproof hoodie, freaking, legit dude. This is unbelievable. I cant believe how long i waited so dope. Then we got oh some multi, shell cargo pants, the color shoes. I know i said: dont be skinny but same thing, another pair, but in green dude. Look at this and they got the belt in front, so sick stretch, inner linings and theyre claiming mens dojo shell pants.

These things are sick. They look baggy. Oh then, we got the full head mask all this thing and then one last thing another pair of anything cargo pants relaxed, fit. They got slim fit. They got it all I have the discount link below its a super weird setup, its not a code. You have to click on the link and then it has to be tracked and all this just stoked to share with you guys one of the companies that ive looked up to for so long and now im so stoked that they support me link below click. The link, i believe it offers about a 10 discount on their entire website. All right. The next box were getting into is from a company called candygrind, who has legitimately been supporting me for almost 10 years straight now, and i can prove that by showing this shirt, which is so aggressive that i have been wearing since 2011, 2012 mount snow and colorado And candy grind, i want to say they originally started as making the best gloves in the entire game, and then they just started taking over and now they make all sorts of apparel board shorts. They have an entire summer line, they make hats neck warmers, gators, gloves jackets thermals snow pants, you name it theyre, crushing the game right now. This year we did our first ever collaboration, so this is actually only sold on my website, but we have candygrind c blog game.

Changer, mitts and ive never been so insanely stoked to show and announced something before a lot of you guys have already had them. If you guys get any of my stuff from my website, make sure to tag me at casey underscore willax on instagram and ill get you guys stoked out. Do some reshares. I appreciate the support so much. We also for the first time ever got a sea vlogs. Candy grind face, mask aka, ball clava and we got white gray and black and its just got a little patch stitched right into the side. I literally do not wear anything else, but we got beanies. They sent face, masks the ef insulator, which i dont know. If i should use the word carhartt, but this thing is the same density and durability and makeup of a carhartt but half the price and from an actual legit company who supports snowboarding, ef insulator, also in brown. These things are insane more beanies. Weve also done all of our collabs. All my beanies are made through candy grind as well. It means a lot to me how long theyve supported staying with the company for a long period of time says a lot and when they just come through and they dial you in with. Oh, my god, look at that camo. That thing is sick. They got a bunch of fishing hats, what they always send me: hundreds and hundreds of stickers and pins and lanyards, and then, whenever you guys make orders on my caseyrelax., which is a whole different situation. Where i put just gear that i have that i cant get rid of or stuff that i dont wear online for as cheap as i can to soak you guys out. I always toss in as much stuff for free as i possibly can with anybody who makes any orders their t. Shirts are unbelievable, as you can tell ive just decided to not retire this thing they sent a bunch of xls, they got long sleeves. I always wear their thermal long sleeves as my base layer, because its just so unbelievable we got sole autos, which are what you see me. Hiking, the fountain of youth in the summer, with 100 percent recycled fabric, see theyre doing it right, thats the soleil different colors. Oh, my god dude they went crazy, sorry ottos out the neck, and then we got the tech joggers, which are basically snow, pants, oh my gosh, and they got the dope little button right in the front that just snaps in and then you can just pull you Dont have to deal with the nonsense. This needs to be discussed because, if youre, a filmer or if you have hands theres nothing better than these gloves that are called the street liner glove made out of a hundred percent recycled fabric, they have the little indents on the fingers. So you can still use your phone and theyre just small enough to wear, not have an obnoxious glove on your hand, you can wear it underneath your glove and just have a zipper.

If you have the handbag mitten like this, which is the only glove that i wear because im always having to touch my gopro and touch my phone and trying to film stuff and its so difficult to take your gloves on and off all the time and handbag. Mittens have a zipper on the side where you can literally not only stick a finger out that you can put your whole hand out. Put your thumb out. If you need to giving daps out there thats the handbag mitten dopest color ive ever seen in my life. Another pair of tech joggers and then heres what i was telling you anybody who makes any orders on my casey well be getting free stickers. Oh my gosh were going to be dialing. You guys in candy grinding for the absolute dream. A little note saying: hey casey heres a box to get you started once sleeping bag, hoodies and windbreakers come in ill get those out and whatever else you need also very sorry. The factory didnt produce xls in your mittens this year. I hope the largest work thanks. A lot brandy, the last thing i want to show is this backpack. We call it habtech, shell backpack coyote brown. This thing is mean and unfortunately, because i dont lie here – the strap kind of right here on the backpack that ive been rocking for like four years. Maybe five years and when i say rocking, i mean with tripods hanging off the front yanking on it.

Ive been in so many different countries, backpacked around mexico, ive literally abused this thing for so long and the stitching started coming apart. Not gon na lie tiny little bit. I was still able to wear it and rock it and ive been still using it. Hasnt fully come apart yet, but i hit them up and they told me not only can they dial me in with anything that i need, but this is a lifetime warranty on this backpack, so anybody who gets this backpack, i believe, a lot of the stuff that They have they dont joke around and make sure that all the products that they make are such high quality and they want them to last theyre, not like new cars. These days 2020s, where theyre just making everything break, trying to get you back in and fix them. Theyll hook you up so they sent me like. I was a regular citizen brand new backpack thats candy grind right there and i actually have to show that they make these dope shells that can go like over your glove, which are called the shell mitten, and then they also make the super shell mittens, which are Basically, just a glove that you would wear if youre in the midwest or somewhere, where theres a rope, toe or youre doing something with bungees or winches and its just made out of a material that will not rip. So not only are they going to dial you in if it does it wont, they also make these sleeping bag hoodies, which i call it the dossier special.

This is what youve been seeing in my dossier for years. Its super insulated super warm. You can literally rip this on a pow day, but its thin enough to put a hoodie underneath it. It comes with this case and you can just jam it into this tiny little bag, which is unbelievable for traveling and just convenience. Yeah, the sleeping bag hoodie its an absolute go to candy grain. All right are we ready for the boot breakdown. This is gnarly. First of all, i dont have a boot sponsor mind blowing, but i have had these adidas tacticals theyve been legit theyve held up. They were too stiff at first. I broke them in for like four years and now that theyre broken in theyre completely falling apart the trash their disaster, but inside of them is a liner and my trick because i have huge feet and theyre shaped weird and theyre gnarly and they always hurt. And i cant leave them in boots. For that long is once you find an inner liner, thats good, it could usually fit in most of the shells. So i found these old 32 lashed, which hands down 32 lash are the best boots in snowboarding. In my opinion, theyre the most comfortable, they are the best for performance, its just unbelievable ive been rocking on my whole life, and somebody got me these as a present thats. The only reason i switched over to those – but i recently put these back in my old shells and ive – been chocolate dreaming.

I dont know what to recommend for boots, because i just have a seriously gnarly situation and ive never really been over stoked on anything but lashed once theyre broken in those are the go to boots boards. I dont even know if i need to show im rocking the same exact boards that i have been rocking last year were waiting for lego to get in this years models and i ride a 160 pal board, which is the open road and i ride for park. A 155 double barrel, once again, we have the discount code for those snowboards in the video description below. Oh, the binding things weird too, all right. These bindings are arbor hemlocks, and i got my first pair when i was writing for arbor. I just never really had an issue with them. I didnt think they were really good. I didnt think they were really bad. I didnt notice my bindings, it wasnt affecting me, so i grew to like them and i dont know what flex they are. I dont know how my highbacks are angled. I dont know anything about that. I just rock arbor hemlocks because they havent broken the same binding ive had and im used to them. I really dont like switching gear out that much because once you get used to it and once you get comfortable and you have your setup and youre all dialed in then you work on your tricks. You work on your performance and getting better as a rider youre.

Not constantly working on switching boards switching boots, switching bindings thinking that somehow someway one of these things is going to make you that much better its the hours on the hill thats going to make you better, i like pushing that a lot and just making sure that You find something and once you do sticking with it as long as its comfortable and you enjoy it all right, so thats boots bindings board, gloves outerwear. I ride burn helmets. I have been wearing the same helmet for the past shh. I literally want to say 10 years that helmet is the model baker by burn. Double xl is what i wear and i pull out that inner little middle piece, because when i rock my sea vlogs face mask the baklava underneath the helmet with these goggles. It is the perfect ratio, you dont need hat hood neck warmer everything all kind of getting out of alignment. I would break down these goggles, but i dont even know what they are. I bought them from somebody the other day for 50 bucks, theyre oakleys yeah were just trying to stay afloat here. Everything else that we got is mostly recovery. We got stuff like bulletproof, obviously well be using all types of supplements taking care of ourselves. Roll recovery rumble roller primal kitchen, all that type of stuff. I have so many discounts in the video description below and they all offer you guys whatever they can to keep you stoked, and it means a lot because they kick back to me when you guys use that.

So i think weve basically run through everything shred souls im, not sure if theyre still a company anymore was one of the most legit things that ive ever experienced. I still have them in my boots, thankfully, but guy fully fell off the map. Dont know whats going on with that anymore snowboard bindings, if you guys can come up with anything else, drop a comment. Let me know what you thought of this. Video drop a thumbs up means a lot. I put a lot of work into these videos. This is about to be a heavy winter hope you guys are all stoking its probably right around the holidays. When this video drops leave a comment, let me know what else you guys want to know ill drop some info in the comment section. If i forgot something, thank you candygrind. Thank you. 686.. Thank you lava rubber because they make the best yoga mat in the game and that might as well be a part of the arsenal. Yeah thats. It hope you guys are stoked.