This drone is hot off the press and it is a whoop drone, so if its too hot outside, if its a rainy day outside if its snowing outside this is the go to you get the flight time, you get the fun you can fly it inside outside Doesnt matter you are not going to want to miss. This lets go Music, pilots. I am excited. This is so freaking cool. I have not had a look drone or fl ive, never flown a whoop drone in like forever, but i havent had one since, like this old beta walk or how about my like one of my first or second drones ever was the newbie drone acro be like V: zero, all right so inside the box, weve got weve, got a little pad to keep it soft and then weve got our quadcopter all right im going to set that over there to the side. Just for a moment inside the box, youll see that it really doesnt come with anything else, because you dont need anything. I mean really. It would be nice to get a couple batteries. Maybe a spare set of props, but this stuff is cheap man, its not like a full size. Quadcopter. These five inchers, when youre buying batteries 20 bucks, 30 bucks, youre buying props three bucks. Four bucks, not this guy youre, getting props cheap youre, getting batteries by the five pack, cheap, so dont be afraid. Get yourself. A ton of batteries get yourself a couple of these and fly wow.

Look at that. That is just bananas, pilots. This is incredible. Let me let me show you hold on look at this. This is version one i mean falling apart. The battery leads hanging off, but look at this. This is years ago i mean literally years ago. I mean everything, still isnt, half bad, but look at how far we have come. Whoo im just so impressed weve got the video coming out. The back just like this, which i will mention. One of the improvements is these antennas are removable. Yes, they are ufl, you pop them off you pop on a better one or you break it. You lose it whatever you pop on another one. The old ones were soldered directly onto the board, which is not a big deal. I mean you could, on solder and solder on a new one, but whatever who wants to deal with that you just unplug plug in a new one, thats a huge bonus. So this guy here has the 0802 18 000 kv. Brushless motors, okay and youll see right on the bottom they plug in. Just like you know, you break one couple: screws unplug it plug in the next one and youre back in the air. I mean absolutely incredible: youll notice that some are red: okay, caddy corner red and caddy corner black, and the reason for that is. Is that way you know which one is clockwise and which one is counterclockwise, but really you could turn them around if you want to.

I mean absolutely phenomenal. Okay, i want to dive in deeper because theres lots and lots of improvements. Okay, theres improvements on the receiver end, which gives you further distance, and not only is there an improvement on the onboard one. That brings you further distance. They have improved the entire connection, because you can now disconnect the receiver thats built in on the board, disable it and wire yourself up a crossfire wire yourself up a tracer, do whatever you want and get yourself some range, because that brings me to my next freaking Awesome pointer the freaking vtx now is a 120 milliwatts. Okay, look at this this here, 25. 25. 25. 45. I mean maybe that one has 50 but im pretty sure 25. They are all 25, and this guy here is not 25 plus 25 is 50, then 75. Then 100, i mean almost five times the amount of video output and to add to it. Theres, a low noise, amplifier okay hold on im, not done peek inside it may be hard to see, but right there do you see that little strip of metal right there and im not going to crack this thing open because were about to go fly it, but Do you see that right there, that is a little tiny heat sink, they dropped the heat sink on there? Why? Because video transmitters get hot and when they get hot they dont perform as well. You can literally have a 1 000 milliwatt vtx performing at 700 600 because its not staying cool.

I mean youre flying youre, getting your breeze thats whats, keeping it from burning up. But if i put a heat sink on it, its going to be that much stronger. So, on top of that i mean just look at the design. I mean this is a clear frame and i dont know maybe it doesnt look as good on camera, but this is like a sleek design. Cooled back to the back. Youve got your holes that you can stick your antennas through. I mean look at that all right. Youve got a gold plated micro usb right here on the bottom. Now they used to put tabs on the bottom. You see the tabs on the bottom, and this is not just this quadcopter i mean weve got brand new quadcopters coming out that are using uh, velcro and rubber straps and all kinds of things look at this. So right here is where your battery would go right, and this is where you put your battery right here. Look what these guys did they built it into the bottom, so its its a part of it. Look ive got these old 300s well use them, but look at this boom pop them through and right out the bottom and its literally a part of the frame when you land youre, not landing on your battery youre, leaning flat on your quadcopter, its great. I love it. The way that this attaches is still the same and notice that little bit of movement thats very important.

You know what that is: thats your soft mounting, if youre not familiar with that or youre new to this stuff and thats. Why youre? Looking at a look drone – and i dont want to call this a beginner drone, because this is far from a beginner drone – this is an advanced whoop drone. This doubles up because this on board stack, which is the star of the show today, has been improved. So much that its actually capable of doing 1s and 2s okay and you could actually after you fly this and you crash it and destroy it and whatever, which is going to take a while because its durable. You can then pull that all in one. And this all in one right here is actually capable of coming off of here and becoming a toothpick style stack all right, so lets dive in just a little bit closer inside youre, going to see right in here, weve got our f411 micro controller unit, thats. Very, very nice over here im seeing talanthalum capacitors inductors all kinds of stuff. I see that weve got our camera on a plug very nice. If i do happen to crash hard and i do break my camera, i can just purchase a new one and plug it right in very nice. You can do whatever you want. These things are very versatile. As you can see, just a couple screws and your motors come out your props. No prop nuts, no prop screws, no, nothing! You just push them on and youre good to go and they stay on.

Dont worry, your antennas do come off and you can upgrade them. You dont have to stay to these antennas, especially for the vtx, which i dont know. This is probably plenty and you dont want to go too big, because then youre going to have a hard time carrying it around now inside. Take a look, youll notice right here. Ive got three pads, then ive got three pads right here. I know that may be hard to see and then on this side take a peek. What do we got right? There, three pads right here, three pads right there. Those are your motor pads right now, its not using them right now, youre just plugged into the bottom, but these plugs are completely optional. You can solder these up directly. They are doing new stuff. The newbie drone just dropped that new infinity. All in one i mean the whole thing is a massive brick. It is very, very impressive, ill link, a video to it because i just reviewed it and its phenomenal. So one last thing i want to touch on is inside of here: youre going to see those chips. Those are improved, updated, upgraded, mosfets and mosfets are very, very important if you dont know what they are im not going to get into it, but they are the powerhouse behind the motors. Okay, when an esc is pumping loads and loads of juice. That is what the mosfets for, if you got crappy mosfets youre gon na get crappy performance with this guy weve got new, upgraded, esc, mosfets and im excited to try them out.

So the next thing i want to do is i want to go ahead and plug this guy in so check this out. Look how cool so youve got a nice clear, connector right here, but let me go ahead and plug this in and im going to blow. You away look at that. I know you can see that. Oh look at that, its like its like clear, but its like glowing and blinking how cool youve got the pink in the front. Youve got the teal in the back absolutely gorgeous. Look at that huh. How cool is that all right now i do want to tell you something: im going to blow you away. Watch this. This led right here, the teal one, okay – and this led right here – the purple one. Okay are completely addressable. Those are addressable leds and im going to make it worse. Watch this right inside of here youve got three pads to solder on ground power and led control baby. So if you wanted to – and you had the courageous, wonderful idea and wanted to stuff some leds in here – you could youve already got them on board, which is bananas and super awesome. I love that they did that and gave us a clear frame and you can see the led kind of ricochets inside of there. Look at that, and this really doesnt do it justice, but trust me in person all right now. Not only are those leds addressable, not only, can you add another led inside of there just the whole thing is absolutely just user friendly.

I jumped into betaflight super super simple, as im scrolling through right away, everythings set up motors are set up. I even got my uh motor start set up arming 180 army. I keep heading down air modes on telemetrys. On i mean this thing is set up and ready for the sky i jumped over to my rate profile. I had a little bit of expo because the rates are betaflight stock, but i do want to mention they do have right on the website. If youre interested, they have tuned profile ready to go right on the website. You just download it flash it on there and youve got yourself a tuned quadcopter tunes are not always the same from drone to drone. To drone so be careful, make sure you save your old tune rates profile, but i mean, if all else fails you just flash it and reset it up, but so watch this then i jump over the cli i type bind for bind. I hit tab because of the new beta flight shout out, betaflight devs it pops up tells me bind underscore rx. I press enter put my radio in d8 bind boom within seconds im clicking and hitting save, and my quadcopter is bound ready to go. I jump into my receivers tab. I set up the correct channel profiles. Then i jump over to the modes page. I set up my arm. Okay, i set up my then i set up my angle, okay and then i shoot on down and set up turtle mode, because these are brushless motors and your boy can turtle.

I mean you can with brush too, but its not good. You shouldnt do it, but i set it up, got it and im ready for this guy, so i personally am just im just so freaking excited but lets go ahead and plug it up. Okay, thats! All you got to do then. Take your battery stuff it up under. Just like that. I mean look at this. This thing is ready now watch this. Take my radio welcome to open, tx well welcome good morning, okay, okay, lets move this out of the way and its just as simple as an arm. Look at that. Okay! Oh look at that. Oh sheesh ow! This little thing is a rocket one more time. I just cant, stop it so much fun. Music come on come on, come on! Pilots now watch with the flick of the switch angle im in angle mode now, okay! So now before, yes, i was having a hard time. Why? Because i was in acro and you can do after all, you want you can do flips rolls tricks, whatever look im, not even looking. This thing is: oh cheekys, okay, but if you want to jump over to angle, you can do whatever your heart desires. You cant do this with another drone: listen to those brushless motors sounding all gravy pilots. These things are so much fun. I hope that you guys are as excited about this as i am. I wonder and hope that you guys are as impressed as i am super super impressive.

I hope that you guys will go out and get your own.