The pilot episode dropping like a week ago. I wanted to make a video about all the hidden secrets and easter eggs than it in theorize a bit. So if you havent seen it yet its on youtube and ill linked in the description give it a watch, it might be a bit cringe in some places. But honestly we live in an era of cringe being dead and its a pretty good show so far. The voice acting is pretty stellar and the animation is solid as well before we get in. I just want to say that we may be over analyzing some stuff and that there is definitely a rule of cool vibe. So not everything should be taken too seriously. Anyways right off the bat, you will see a sign with words on it as it pans over the mining rig, but its too distorted to read liam vicker, the writer director and designer of murder. Drones has confirmed that the label reads: copper, 9, the name of the planet. Maybe this was a copper mining plant of some sort, jc jensen in space yeah we were mistreated in the name of windex. The parent company jc jensen in space is a reference to the real life company, essie johnson, the manufacturer of windex. So if youre confused about the windex remark, there you go here. We see the exoplanet copper 9 going kaboom, maybe the nuclear power. This might help explain why its so cold and snowy as the poor climate might be a product of a nuclear winter, youre, probably wondering how these robots are reproducing earlier.

In the intro we saw an assembly line for worker drones. After all, the people of copper9 died in the great evening. The worker drones messed with the machines to produce kids with the base neural network when a mommy and a daddy worker drone really love each other and want a baby worker drone. They go and copy. Some of their code onto a usb and plug that sucker right into a machine to create the base network, simple ai, goes into a pill, bb robot body and its all nurture and learning from there like it would be for a normal baby. This is what gives the worker drones a wide variety of personalities and why they have development phases after the humans died after the aibb reaches a certain point of maturity, it is then transferred to a full worker drone body. If you look at the sticky notes in her dads room, you will notice his extreme obsession with doors. More importantly, however, is that this note that says he loves doris more than uzi his own child. This is a bit of foreshadowing for events that happen later on. In the episode, also in this scene, theres a photograph of uzi and our family, specifically her dead mother, some people theorize that her mother may have been a murder drone herself and that she looks apart in the photograph. But i personally dont see it theres. Definitely more of this, though, and we will likely see some more on her mom later.

Judging by a sarcastic response from liam on his ama, the wrench, i used to tighten bolts on my first door prototypes and to put your mother out of her misery when the murder jones got to her with that night acid. The color of the eyes change with moods, maybe something to do with personality or emotions, or maybe its just the rule of cool like earlier uh. No idea on this one. This robot has the caution screen still on, unlike other dead worker drones, who have either a blank screen or the fatal error message. This drone might still be alive, which is a bit morbid Music plot armor detected on uzi. When anne aims at her. Could you just slap me with that arm here we see one of ns, headlight bulb things go out and he cant see correctly anymore. This might represent the five senses, so the bulb going dark might indicate that one of his senses is malfunctioning stuck yourself just pop. It in your mouth, our saliva neutralizes, the nanites otherwise id be constantly disassembling myself, just interesting to note that nanites affect old drones, not just worker drones, sweet uh, im open to new things. I guess this is actually a pretty important detail that i will elaborate on later, but uh just take note that uzi, a worker bot took ends. Murder. Drone healing goo numbers show up here, five one one and i cant really make up the rest, no idea.

If this has any significance to be honest other than ingesting their warm sweet oil to avoid overheating and dying murder, drones run super hot, so hot that they need to drink worker bots oil to keep themselves from overheating. This inefficiency is intentional to make them seek out worker drones and then self destruct when they complete their mission again more on this later, after n gets baned in the head by j, his system, reboots and his lights are on again, meaning that his malfunctioning sense has Been fixed while n is rebooting. We see some pretty interesting details, his designation n and model number, but, more importantly, below that we see that absolute solver is being blocked by administrator sin or cyn. Is that an acronym? Are they an individual or a group? Also absolute solver sounds very menacing Music. The card reader cries out from uzis mistreatment, thing fight me dad get down so far. Ive noticed that when murder drones are in pursuit or actively engaging in murder, they have a large x for eyes. Here we see n has one eye normal and one x. Maybe this has something to do with end, not actively being in pursuit but still being in a antagonistic mood, hence the normal eye and the axe i or maybe im reading too much into it. When uzi disintegrates the upper half of jays body, she doesnt immediately regenerate this means either the murder drone healing goo is stored in the torso, so she cant heal anymore, or that she isnt dead and well be seeing more of her.

Some speculate that maybe only male murder drones can heal, but i dont think thats the case here. Id join you if the sun didnt kill me hope, youre having important character growth or something, though, when n refers to the sun, killing him its probably to do with murder, drones, cooling, inefficiency in the sun, causing them to overheat. This also plays into the theory that murder drones are vampires. They avoid sunlight, have huge issues with doors in peoples homes and can potentially infect others with their mouth. That sounds a lot like a vampire to me. I hope theyre sitting pretty there on earth because were coming for them: Music, Laughter, Music and yes, i did say infection uzi is glitching out here and you can make an argument that its because she was emp earlier in the fight. But i think its when end used his murderbot healing goo to heal, uzi, basically infecting her and turning her into either a low vampire bot like servant or thrall or turning uzi herself into a murderbot. There is also a really important bit of information here that goes by rather quickly. If you look closely when uzi is freaking out, you can see a warning for tampering detected, something about the ai core another hard to read thing about self destruction and eerily the absolute sulfur strain changing from false to true thats, all the secrets and stuff. I could find, but if you have any theories or secrets, i missed definitely put them down in the comments.

I read them. Ill, probably uh hurt your comment or favorite it or whatever and respond um. I cant wait to see more from murder drones and definitely waiting for that next episode.