Is that right, judy, yeah, thats right! Look at the crazy man talking to the inaudible Music! Ah, Music, Music, all righty everybody its finally here, which is new series – murder drones – that is a great name lets, say it again: murder drones, oh yeah, that that is such a creative title. I have to hand this them because that that just sounds dark is, and i love it plus it has the word murder in it, which means people are going to die, which is wonderful because you know who doesnt love. Murder. Am i right who doesnt love it? Yeah i mean watching it watching it: fictionally yeah, im like tv and youtube yeah that that thats, what i mean im, not playing that i actually like murder like watching real murder, that that that just be insane ha dog im, not implying that at all. But you know when the time comes: im just gon na shut up now, but anyways lets move on so yeah murder. Drones is finally here and honestly im actually pretty excited for this one, which is surprising because you know this is a glitch show, which i know what youre about to say. But but poppy you, you get excited for every glitch show and yeah yeah yeah. I play that up on camera. I im not really that excited for them. I mean i look forward to them and you know watch them, but im not like you know, excited for them, but this one im actually kind of excited for this one, because this this actually intrigues me because if its art style its story, it just looks honestly Good and ive seen the sea peaks and theyre good, like.

I really want to see this, because the characters so far are obviously pretty solid. Yeah, like im, actually excited for this one again, which is surprising because this is from glitch yeah. You know the guys that love making spin offs from their female characters – yeah yeah they just love doing that yeah make a spin up for taurian, make a spin off of maggie yeah. They just love doing that. I wouldnt be surprised if melanie or even psycho gets a spin off. I i i would not be surprised by that, but this this is the first one thats not actually a spin off from smg4. So yeah, though i do have a feeling that most likely these characters are going to show up in smg4, somehow yeah, i feel like theyre, going to be part of the main cast yeah yeah, which means were going to get a new waifu yeah robot waifu, which Honestly, um its pretty hot yeah, i i i do a robot, i mean im a puppet after all, so i i mean i i do anything but anyways guys lets lets go ahead and um watch this, because im excited im actually excited this intrigues me. Hopefully, hopefully, this is not a disappointment, please god let this not be a disappointment, and this this pilot is long. This. This is the longest glitch episode. I have ever seen 25 minutes yeah thats, thats thats, some dedication, all right, but im gon na go ahead and watch it so lets lets.

Do this three two one lets go: yeah huh booting up ooh exposition nice. They made the joke for me: autonomous robots, yeah yeah. I know i heard all this in the trailer jc jensen in space. Would you mean sc johnson, a family company? We were mistreated in the name of windex, but its not like. We revolted and killed all humans. Why not i mean if i was a robot, i definitely would have revolted handled that just fine, oh, so the stupid humans killed themselves. Oh well, thats nice to hear because its not like the world needs humans. I mean, in my opinion, humans are just basically a waste of space. I mean its not like theyre needed or anything. Oh look at that humans body. He died like a hey. Can you make sure hes dead, wonderful, hes, dead, wiped from the planet? We found it pretty easy to pick up where they left off. We finally have what the hell robots can have sex. What oh, that that that thats definitely a discovery. I wonder what would happen if a puppet and a robot have sex huh? Would i make like a a puppet robot baby ooh thatd be cool the concept of runaway. Why not? Is it because the dumb humans programmed them to think that way? Oh, that that thats, just another reason why humans dont need to exist at all. Wonderful. These robots have claws and killed a guy. Oh thats, thats, nice yeah.

Thank you humans, oh an angel wings. I mean thats badass, but also very scary, but at least theyre living up to their name. Murder drones. How that actually is good yeah. You cant tell right now, but im clapping, what have our parents done for the past forever, while those things build a spire of corpses, probably jack, i mean what do you think they could do against flying demon robots its like were waiting for an inciting incident. I mean they probably are anyway thats. Why my project is this sick? Oh thats cool! You brought a gun to school, easy morons, it doesnt work. Oh thats, disappointing. Oh, it doesnt work. Yet who said it? I dont think anyone said that oh is. You should be turning that thing on not okay, shes scary, but i, like scary oozy. The homework was a word problem about buying watermelon. Well, i feel like bringing a gun to school is way better than doing a report on watermelons. No emotional baggage was only worth two points on the roof. Oh come on, teach its supposed to be that color, probably i mean red, is a good color. No! Well! Maybe it wasnt supposed to go that way, never mind ew. It didnt kill her. Oh wonderful! They even have bully robots. Oh, oh, that that is wonderful. Robot, hi, yep im definitely gon na love. This show yes, sad bite me. Also. How do you know my name? People willingly talk to you.

Well id say everyone knows khans daughter, but uh. Then you might blow the other half of your face off huh, crippling daddy issues, hilarious yeah, it is pretty funny. I mean i have daddy issues and i laugh about it all the time my father abused me. I see simple just helps with dealing with the pain Laughter. Wait was. Was that supposed to be funny? What do you mean theyre bandages? What the hell are you seriously blushing into that? Oh nice, its a tsundere, i love cinnamon rice, oh dont, be pulling that thing out. Willy nilly super work, oh well! I mean i personally, i i wouldnt do any of that, but hey good for you, saving the world stuff, yeah good, for you do that scary man screw doors. We want some murder in this Laughter wow. She is super cinderey, isnt, Music, oh yeah, that is that is definitely how fast plants orbit yeah, definitely yeah, wow, that that must be a real, painful way of waking up every morning. Oh, but here we go what or not yeah you know the moods kind of been ruined. Now man look at all this ice. Have they ever heard of sweeping this up me coming? You guys have shovels or brooms right. I mean. I know all the humans are dead, but you guys have cleaning supplies right, like you could spit shine this place up a bit cant. You come Music, oh well! You know places that you dont need to worry about.

I definitely have hey yeah, like you. Have a boyfriend seriously, though, well its not really any of your concern muster mustache robot man to measure the exterior hydraulic mechanisms, yeah exactly well, whatever the hell. She just said the project: what im working on for school? Ah, yes, school hell, definitely buy that mm. Hmm! Oh nice, one and the old man thing yeah theyll definitely buy that, especially if you have the dad part and hide behind doors like cowards, while playing cards yeah cause, who doesnt like being a coward like that thats a terrible thing just play cards. What else do you do? Can you grab a fresh pack? We literally only play cards so much that the numbers have faded. Oh hey uzi! Oh so you were saying well when you build doors, so good, batman, good door. What the hell, who talks to inaudible thats, just crazy, follow my precious dvds acid. I want you to have it neat. Well, i just myself guys my daughter is into doors. Why are doors so exciting? Okay, just gon na leave then wow. I cant believe he bought all that. Well i mean we, we did it, they grow up so fast wow. I cant believe youre that dumb, i i i mean good for you being proud of your daughter, yeah and just letting her outside where there are murder drugs. You are father of the year wow. Would you look at this place, its um well, its its something all right, some magical little.

You know i kind of want to go back to robot land. I mean that place that character. This this just looks depressing. Oh, would you look at that? Its a dead body – oh thats, not discouraging at all, no look at that, its a building that were zooming up to. I wonder if that has any importance. Probably maybe the music is getting intense or we just got ignored. Huh. Okay lets just ignore it and there we are our destination, so go ahead and get your and lets go on back home. I would love to hide behind a door right now. Man look at all those dead bodies, man, thats thats, definitely not terrifying. Hey. We found something its its a magicky thing. I dont know why it is, but i think thats it, hey, hey something somethings happening. Something is happening: oh nice, its its its a demon bot, oh thats, thats that thats wonderful, huh dumb. So you know, maybe maybe we should run now, because we dont want to die to murderbot over there yeah. You know oh jesus, well, that thats not good yeah. Why are you just staying there? I know you want to arm yourself but come on run away. I mean luckily enough they didnt pounce on you like a sane person. What, but you know running away is an option with that thing. That thing has wings and claws. I i doubt you can fight that thing. Oh, its got a tail like a scorpion.

Oh yeah thats thats that that thats, nice, oh no, emo girl, no, no get the gun, get get get the gun. Hey, hey man, yeah! Well, talk about this! Oh you want peace. Damn that tiny thing has some punch. Guess were right about that thing and you killed it good. We we just committed murder yeah on suck on these balls. I retract those sucking on balls – oh dear, oh guys, its gon na kill us yall. What what the hell? Could you just slap me with that arm? Wait, wait, wait. Those things are sentient, yeah, sorry, its just my uh head kind of hurts. Hey. Are you new to our squad? Wait, i i thought those things were mindless killing machines. Oh, i see its malfunctioning, but still i didnt think those things have personalities: serial designation, n, nice to me yeah nice, to meet you chad squad in this city. Thats, not true. Everyone tells me im useless and terrible. Well, i mean if they tell you that then its most likely true biscuits. Well, honesty is the best policy. I know its not. I always lie to my friends, sure yeah sure. Well, its nice meeting, you chad, but we kind of had to go back to robot town yeah there you go just walk away from the situation. Oh yeah! That is not well. Do it yourself, just pop it in your mouth. Why would we do that? Okay and by our saliva, you mean he means his saliva dummy yeah.

Obviously i mean come on now. Did you not put the pieces together over there sure that sounds like a smart decision? Oh thats, good, to know chad. I know thats, not your name, but you look like a chad im gon na call. You chad, new things. I guess good. Would you like me to put my dick in your mouth? If you like new things, then you should do it repressed. We press yeah thats. How dumb other members of your squad? Oh yeah, are they going to be coming to kill us or something i? I would like to know theyre out hunting for a bit, but youll love them. Oh, i bet i will no please dont fit in my own headshows in front of my family yeah. They they they dont, have the characters all right. At least they murder people that thats always nice, and yet i still feel nothing yeah. I never feel anything when i murder people – i i mean if i do kill people, then i i probably wouldnt feel anything either. Ah its okay, chad, so obviously a lot of mutual respect there. Oh, i doubt that i actually kind of have a crush on her. What i see that youre into sooner race too, i dont blame you im very much into those jay, our leader, oh yeah. She steps on people. Oh baby, jays, awesome, hey! Let me give you yeah. Well duh. I mean it came from space.

I i feel like thats, pretty obvious: they never taught us how to land. No, i uh uh the worker drones. We could work with them to fix this yeah good idea, so they can leave which why are we doing that again yeah? That is a good question. Why do people murder sweet oil to avoid overheating and dying? Oh so you do it to survive. Ah, that makes sense. I was given a job and i always want to try my best, oh, that that thats, a dumb thing to say, yeah exactly it seems like. No one really gives a about you. Workers are dead, exactly you sure, are rebellious its kind of exciting, but not as fun as uh. Following the rules. Oh come on, chad dont be a goodie too two shoes, oh, sounds like the murder. Drones are back. Oh thats, thats, nice, oh good. You finally ran away, i mean i would have ran away a long time ago, but good for you run away now. Hopefully then ill find you out there oh, never mind they found you well theyre. Just a liability here must have tripped and knocked himself offline. Yep. All you have to do is just slap him and hes back to normal huh. I dont know if thats, good, design or bad design. You really think the company isnt going to dispose of you once all the workers are dead. Okay, i know that seems bad chad, but come on you, you dont have to kill her over that right to make sure she technically killed you, but i i i mean come on man.

I mean youre french right come on chad. Dont do this come on. You know you dont have to kill her right. No, that thats not suspicious at all you you dont, have to think that oh come on shed. I i thought we were friends. What the hell! All you do is play cards wow. What a what a productive job yeah hurry up! We dont chat to get in here. Ah, good were not good, oh that that thats, nice thats thats, really nice, oh hes, opening up the door well down that that dad is there straight for some really really noodle like arms. Oh dear Music, thats, not good! He he had the door. Oh! No! No! No, oh, oh no thats, very! No that actually isnt! Why are you still here you? You should run away damn. I said you kind of deserve that i mean. Why did you run about you? You sold the murder bar right, wow, wow, so much so much beautiful murder. So much murder. Look at all the dying Laughter, calm down puppet calm down you shouldnt, get aroused on camera. Yeah thats, not professional puppet! Only do that when youre in private. Ah, where is he shes just gon na like pop out of nowhere and surprise us like most evil things? Well, do oh, hey dad! What are you doing here? Um we opened the door and turned alexa up well, there goes dad. Oh, were coming to fight im.

Sorry, i really enjoyed our time together. I cant have you shooting v with that thing, why not shes a why? Why cant we shoot thee, yeah, no joy! Dad now is so not the time i messed up in the same way im about to fix it move dad! Oh, come on man! You you cant, do this yeah come on, chill, kill, kill him dad come on. Do it let her die come on dad i mean come on. Look at that kill him dad dont, be a scared, little right, hes being a scared. Little and of course, of course, hes yeah yeah youre, a great dad, great dab, yeah run away, run away. Dad wow yeah great dad great dad just just leave your daughter to die. I mean youre supposed to do that, but still you just let your daughter die yeah, youre great, really great, so we got ta talk now. Oh, you feel bad now yeah how wonderful the the are here. For once i mean i i have to admit they they are pretty high, but also crazy. You need name, remember the ventilation. Shafts can easily get us around this last door, lowest body count eats a oh well theyre going to kill everyone. Thats thats nice with this colony white, well make top team this quarter for sure. You know what that means. Why what does that mean? Oh, my god pitch pen, ow wow. I am in pain right now: ow ow, yeah, thats, better yeah, dude, thats, great chad, congratulations, youre, gon na get a pen, man, congrats uh.

You know not that i cant wait to keep murdering all these uh. Are you just gon na talk now, after what you did from us worker drones, but just out of curiosity, do we actually uh know what the company plans to do with us afterwards, probably not yeah. I mean that is a very valid question. I mean what would they want to do after this that they could fix up our landing pod to uh, escape the planet and stuff which whoa hey thats against the rules? But it is kind of making me question why our pods were only one way in the first place exactly you know, i get the feeling the company doesnt actually love, robots and yeah, and they just kind of want to get rid of them. Ive made a terrible mistake: no, no! No! I cant keep on going. We need to ask questions like this. No way buddy questioning the company. You just finally gave me the excuse. I need it for what not what no no no kill chad, no no dont know kill chad, no, not chad. The company sent us. I hate to see you corrupted as well. No dont do this thanks, jay im always looking out for me what the hell that thats, your final word looking out for you. She just killed. You thats worthy of praise, no poor, chad and i liked him too. He was dumb, but he was a good dumb. Im, sorry, i ruined your card game then made you have an awkward moment with your dad what you fell like an angsty teen which got you killed.

So you also are trying to kill me so yeah. He calls this a draw, yeah airfare wow. That must suck not to have wings like old chad over here for the record, that was the lamest heel face turn in history. Was that supposed to be you switching socks? Maybe, who knows a lot harder than it looks thanks for showing me the ropes, nah, no bonding thing! Why not? You guys are great. I i already shipped you two, i screwed up yeah you did, which pretty much got you killed in the same way youre about to fix it. Uh wait, are you? Are you actually gon na fix them? I dont know if this is a good idea, but i mean it will mean fixing chat, which i do like chad so sure why not oh theyre, laughing maniacally, thats, thats, nice and also pretty hot. I im turned on by this very very much. Are you kidding me youre, the wdf yeah? Of course they are, but you think they do all they play as cards all day. You really think they could fight. They wouldnt make doors if they could fight. Oh, no, its that one guy we met. Oh, oh, no! Hes dying what no put that conventionally attractive male 1 – oh nice, oh jay, youre, sometimes kind of mean to me – and i wish you werent just some constructive, ah thats, good chad speech. Speak your mind. Snowden traitor well circle, its kind of a shame that we have to kill the hot butts, but i mean if we dont everyone else will die.

So i guess we have to compromise. Oh yeah, good job. You threw the pin oh wow, that that that did a lot of damage. Surprisingly yeah thumbs up, oh wow, that those are a lot of claws, a lot of claws. There you go killer. Oh, they even have guns on me: wow they they got everything jesus Music. I know that that pin will be missed very, very much oh bam. Wow. Are you like the only one that could fight in this world because you youre the only one thats actually wait. Are you telling me that if anyone could just fight those things they could possibly win because youre doing serious damage to them? Sure i still didnt do the trick. Huh! Oh even has zappy zaps all that thats thats thats real nice up, oh no, its an emp! Oh thats thats unfortunate, no emo girl. Look no now come on shad. You can do it come on chad, chad, you can do it. I believe in you. You might just just kill the come on now that hey, no, no, no dont, let the good die. So sorry have fun repressing this. Oh, my god go yeah there you, chad, yeah, hey dont, push that to the side come on. We need that got a lot of guts for a barely sentient. Oh thank you for noticing that before, but your edgy spirit is just well thats a nice monologue: oh Music, yeah joke those yeah dead good.

We murdered someone, yeah murder holy, oh uzi, that was interesting, sure was and you too chad, oh uh, n im an angsty, rebellious, disassembly driver now, hes shad, oh, has something to say dad huh. I brought the murder drones here accidentally, you chose to leave me for dead instead of just freaking believing yeah dad thats, not even an edgy teen hyperbole like when i said it last week, yeah you suck ill, save you the trouble dad. I banish myself. Ah, really were leaving robot town. Ah i dont know if thats a smart decision, but okay, i mean this. This place has come on this place. Has doors were just gon na leave the place with doors? Okay, sure? Oh there we go yeah, you you think about that. Dad you, you think what the hell! You sell the nerve to drink a number one, dad cup, that away whats, that thats, a bright sun really really bright, really really orange for some reason: ill! Join you! If the sun didnt kill me, ah that thats the thing just cant wait to murder all humans classic robot stuff, hey yeah, killing humans, i mean who doesnt love that Laughter yeah, i just really shouldnt have been like, but damn that was great. I am in holy that was amazing, great job, glitch, great job man. I i i am not over exaggerating here that that was great wow. What wow that was great holy. I love that that was amazing, that that was great wow, just wow just wow.

I i i cant believe it for the first time ever in a glitch show i actually like the main characters. I love chat. I love emo girl, dave theyre, just great, and they have really good chemistry like they. They are great wow, just im just impressed by this, because the animation was just top tier. Like i felt like, i was watching an actual tv show this. This was the best thing ive seen from them. By far this is the best glitch thing i have ever seen. They have definitely improved like this. This was amazing. This was just way better than i was ever expecting like. I was expecting this to be. You know at least good to some extent, but not as good as this this this was solid. This. This is something i actually want to sit down and watch, unlike sunset, paradise and meadow rider war. I felt like i was obligated to watch those, but this i want to sit down and watch this show it it interests me like i, i just i im fascinated by this show like its its good, its its actually good. Now i will say the jokes: dont really land for me and the dialogues, you know not really the best, but this is still something like this is something that could be amazing, so yeah solid, like really solid. I get this like an eight out of ten like this. This was a great introduction. I was kind of scared for it being 26 minutes, but honestly it kind of flew by like i didnt realize it was 26 minutes like this was good.

This was really good and its really hard to impress me like out the gate, but damn they impressed me, they they really impressed me. I could see why theyve been hyping this stuff and why people have been constantly telling me pop it. Murder drones is out. I understand now i understand this is something i have to see. This is something i really did need to see. This is the best things glitch has done, but anyways guys, i guess thats it for me. So thank you all for watching.