This novel is packed full of romance intrigue, violence and steampunk goodness, and if youre looking for your new best girl, then look no further. If youre interested, please check out the link down below and on with the video hi there, everyone lars here with a writers review and a quick theory for murder drones brought to you by camilles harem, not just a podcast for novice writers by novice writers, but also Youtube channel by novice writers for novice writers, because writing is an adventure, its more fun with friends, and let me say that im excited for this newest series. At least. I hope it will take off and become a series, because poor liams track record is a little sketchy on that front. Im still holding out hope, though, for that indonesian cube beach episode. I have not forgotten what you promised us liam well before i get sucked back into that weeboo acid trip. Let me explain what murder drones is all about. Humanity is expanding across the universe and the super conglomerate jc jensen in space is harvesting planets for resources. However, the miners really botched their latest operation and saw a chain reaction that resulted in an entire planet being consumed by a nuclear storm and all of the humans. On this unspecified distant planet being wiped out, they left in their wake, the bones of civilization and a ton of ai robots called worker drones. These worker drones happily took up the new founded freedom that they got and built a functioning pseudo human society before jc jensen, sent disassembly drones to murder every last worker drone forced to hunker down in armored communities.

The worker drones try to survive by evasion, but angsty teenage robot uzi wants to fight back. She builds a ray gun and bluffs her way outside to kill the disassembly drones. She runs into one designated, numbered n and blasts him away only to watch to her horror as he rebuilds himself. Thankfully, though, this lovable dork gets his brains scrambled and he takes her in as a fellow disassembly. Drone n is a fantastic doofus who quickly takes a liking to uzi. He explains his mission to her and how he arrived, leading uzi to realize that the company is getting super sus with all of their drones and shenanigans. She starts questioning what jc jensen is really up to until the other murder drones return, uzi barely escapes and end gets rebooted, realizing that uzi possesses a weapon that could potentially destroy his fellow disassembly, drones, n chases after uzi and slaughters. The worker drones standing guard over the colony, but in a moment of moral crisis, the two joined forces to flip the script and find out what the humans really intend to do with all of their robots. This pilot episode is full of liam vickers trademark, sass, ridiculous characters, self aware commentary and wonderfully morbid humor. I personally enjoy that combination, but this kind of fast paced, darker storytelling, might not be everyones cup of tea, and it is clear that liam is up to his usual tricks of subverting expectations and hiding deeper mysteries in blink, and you miss them kind of moments.

This type of storytelling allows him to barrel ahead at his quick pace and deliver with timely, crazy jokes, but also sow the seeds of bigger things to come down the road. Anyone who has spent a couple of hours, like myself, combing through every screenshot of indonesian cube, will know what im talking about, and that will lead me into my first theory for this series in just a second ill. Just wrap up this review here by giving murder drones my glowing recommendation and two thumbs way way up. If anything, you should watch the show for n. He is a precious cinnamon roll and deserves all the warm sweet oil. You can give him now. As for my theory here in the episode, there is a lot going on across the different drones is faces. Most people have already noticed the glitch in uzis eye, making her look a little like the disassembly drones. This has led maine to think that this is a result of her being infected with ns disassembly venom, but i dont think thats true. Instead, i think that liam is up to his usual tricks, like what hes done in the past, that the ants are something far darker and hidden there in one of those insanely fast blips. I think that the drones, both worker and disassembly, are being used by a third party to get back at humanity. My evidence for this when n gets rebooted by j, we see some interesting things flash across his vision.

What drew my intention was the line string, absolute solver, blocked by administrator cyn and please see a certified technician: okay, so thats just a bunch of random code. That doesnt mean anything to us in the moment. But when we look at uzi at the end of the episode plotting revenge against humanity, we see her eye go berserk and for a brief frame. We see that tampering is detected and that the absolute solver string is activated within all the ai is a latent code. A murderous one, titled absolute solver, the disassembly drones, have these commands suppressed to ensure that they do not go off the rails and attack humans. We can assume that this is also suppressed within the worker drones. The fact that this code exists is why jc jensen in space is trying to eliminate all of the worker drones. They want to cover up what the company has actually done with their ai. The thing is that whoever originally programmed the robots is likely the mastermind for both types of drones and that they very likely have a grudge against humanity and want to supplant humans. With these robots, i mean why would the robots even decide to create their own human esque society once their overlords were dead and gone? I mean maybe its because they they knew what it was. It was familiar to them. It was all around them, but i think its also embodied in their code when jc jensen found out about this, that this code existed.

They decided it was best to eliminate all of the robots in one go, just get rid of this potential threat and they modified the disassembly drones in such a way that they would then wipe out their fellow robots. These war machines will also only survive as long as they can consume oil and they can even be killed by sunlight. The company is using its own problem to fix the problem, which is a theme in this pilot episode, and this would explain the odd behavior of these brainwashed murderers. They have been tampered with to commit genocide against their own kind, but not only that we find that n is super, odd and borderline malfunctioning. I think that whoever is tampering with uzi needed a murder drone who might just interact with its prey under the right circumstances and n is the unfortunate product of the original creators tampering and after n met uzi. The same person started hacking into uzi, manipulating her. How i dont really know, but i think that theres definitely something there, because this only begins when uzi meets n and her actions, while they feel very much in line with her insane character. By the end of the episode. The leap from fighting murder drones to wiping out humanity is an extreme one, but it is understandable if we follow the small visual cues in the code. So what does all this mean? It means that these lovable robots are just puppets on someone elses strings, and this pilot episode is just the beginning of the adventure for all the main characters to cut their own strings and find out who they really are before they murder all the humans and really Take some time to look at it, and you realize that this episode is all about discovering yourself and so its setting up that theme that these robots are going to discover were being controlled, still cut those strings, be who you really want to be well biscuits.

Now now i have to wait to see which one comes out: next murder, drones, episode, 2 or internecian cube episode 4.. Well. Until then, please go out check out murder drones if you havent done so already, and please support us here on camilles harem by checking out our podcast episodes and youtube videos. We have tons of links for you to check out and they are all down in the description.