The animation is amazing: it could be pixar levels if, im being totally honest, the environment is so good. It just feels amazing just to watch it. The characters are just fun. To look at the visual gags are very, very fun. The characters are really expressive it. Its just a good feeling to just see them moving away kind of like playing mariosity or spider man, its just good walking around or something has good action. Theres one scene between two murder drones, fighting, which i found really enjoyable. The character interaction is good. I dont know why that said, inter ryan, but stupid spell check or whatever, but the character growth also pretty good. So far we had one character who wanted to kill robots that now wants to kill humans from certain events, its a good intrigue to the show you kind of want to keep watching. There are some good, violent moments which i really like and had a good cliffhanger with a bunch of our murder drones coming at the end, the bad jokes are very hit and miss really depends on yourself ends of humor, but the jokes can be very right on The nose and theyve also hid some subtle, jokes and im, not sure if a certain jokes, a joke but could be im, not sure if im, i would say its on youtube but who the hell cares. So i give the pilot a 9 out of 10.. This was a very good pilot.

It made me want to watch it and it was just very fun.