Some weak, though, check this piece and then pulls out a gun and shoots harry in the face credits immediately: roll as voldemort fortnite, dances off to the side, and the series ends right then, and there would that be funny. Yes, but well, theres a reason it wasnt written like that youd be sacrificing a couple things for the sake of a joke, namely the ability for audiences to feel immersed in the story and also like the main character being alive and the story being able to continue And all that obviously now turf matriarch could have chosen to have that scene go down that way, but would the trade off have been worth it? If your answer is yes its because you didnt take the series, particularly seriously to begin with and youre more in it for the memes than anything else, im not saying i blame you id also be fine. If that was a series of events that actually occurred, but for a writer making an attempt at a serious piece of fiction, there are certain sacrifices. They simply cannot make its no longer halloween. But i made this costume for my youtuber avatar and im going to use the excuse of talking about a spooky show to use it because im proud of it liam vickers is an animator i have been following ever since i saw his cliffside video years ago. Cliffside was a fun little concept for a weird horror, themed western, that didnt take itself very seriously.

Most of the drama in it was used as a build up to a punch line rather than for the purpose of making audience members feel any actual attention. The antagonist comes to town for the final climax, everything seems all spooky and serious and then the protagonist just instantly defeats him by giving him a gold star and asking if he wants to be friendly. Now you know pretty silly stuff, not very immersive. Doesnt, give you a strong sense of drama or anything like that, but still very fun to watch had a creepy cute spider lady. With a lot of teeth, a side note liam vickers seems to have a thing for creepy cute characters with scary teeth. I empathize fast forward three years and vicars, in collaboration with a whole ass animation studio releases, a 26 minute pilot for a show, with a much more serious plot, though, while still retaining a lot of the goofiness, i enjoyed it a lot. I love the cute little robots. I love the dorky weirdly hot, really weirdly hot mind you tall murder boy. I have specific tastes. The animation is like im wondering if maybe my eye for 3d animation, isnt refined enough to notice any of its faults, because i honestly struggled to find any it just looks really great im. Sure someone with a better eye could find some problems, but at the bare minimum i think everyone could agree. Does its job competently and id personally even go so far as to say it does its job wonderfully.

The set designs are good at storytelling, humor and spectacle. The animations have a lot of personality to them and they did a great job, making these robots really expressive, despite their unconventional anatomy and faces. I think the show has the potential to be really good. I also think, however, that in order for it to live up to that potential, some things could do to change. I wouldnt be making this video. If i didnt have some criticism to share its really not a lot of criticism, its only one particular element of it that i take strong issue with really remember that goofy disregard for drama and tension that was present in cliffside well thats equally present in this. The problem, though, is that, while cliffside never really made any attempt to take itself seriously murder drones does it does this, while continuously cracking jokes and breaking the fourth wall to such a degree, youd think a gun was being pointed. The writers head with a promise to pull the trigger if they ever let the audience, feel any emotion, im perfectly fine with jokes. Existing serious plots, even really goofy ones, theres, some really good ones. In the pilot, like all the background details showing how much uzis dorsmith of a father very explicitly and unapologetically loves doors more than her theres, nothing wrong with that joke its incredibly over the top and maybe pushes the bounds of believability. But it doesnt go all the way in breaking the suspension of disbelief, these arent even humans, after all, theyre robots who happen to act, a lot like them.

It makes total sense that the guy who was programmed to maintain doors would care more about them than anything else, even his own daughter. Then, however, you have these fourth wall breaking jokes that seem to happen constantly, without any logical reason behind them. If you havent seen murder drones, yet i encourage you to watch it yourself before continuing this video, because i am now going to list off a bunch of scenes. I have problems with which is going to have the effect of making the show look much worse than it actually is ill link. The pilot in the description, its right here on youtube. Anyway, someone tries to shoot the main character, but their heads up display shows that shes wearing plot armor, a guy, makes a big deal out of mentioning the existence of his loving wife and kids right when we know hes about to be killed. Another guy running for his life right after that previously mentioned dude, along with the rest of his co workers are horribly murdered, goes up to the main character and says i just wish. No one has sent my name aloud so far so im, just letting you know the problem with these jokes. Is they remind you, youre, watching a fictional story, despite the fact that this fictional story also wants you to be immersed in it and take it seriously? Just not like too seriously, you know i mean, oh god, you thought i was being serious when i made this story.

Nah man look its self aware and knows how dumb it is. Thats the vibe. These jokes give off its a lack of confidence. More than anything, this is the sort of thing creators do when theyre afraid of genuinely putting their heart and soul into something only for people to potentially criticize it, william. If youre watching this, for whatever reason im here to tell you, you dont need to do that. The series is good: you could have a really engaging plot line in character, arcs and the whole nine yards if this becomes a full series, but if you keep turning to the camera and telling the audience its okay not to take it too seriously. Every time something dramatic happens, youre going to actively prevent them from being able to take it seriously. You just cant have both worlds here and in case i havent made this clear. You can still have goofy jokes, even cheekily self, aware ones here ill. Give an example of what the show could even continue doing without breaking the immersion. The main character is constantly doing this thing where she brings attention to her own angst. She basically does the whole loading edginess.exe thing well, this could be interpreted as yet more defensive irony. You know the show is being all oh yeah. We have an angsty character, but we know angsty characters are cringed, so were self aware about it. I think it could actually be justified in universe without just being an unwarranted fourth wall break see because these are robots.

Uzi apologetically, pointing out her own edginess could actually make total sense. She could be intentionally trying to play the part of an angsty schoolgirl in order to sort of mold a personality onto an otherwise blank, robotic slate, its possible. This is already the writers intent since theres. A scene where she says a bunch of angry stuff to a fellow kid, but then very self awarely clarifies that shes not actually mad at him, shes just being hormonal its also possible to break the fourth wall in a story while still having your audience. Take it seriously even for comedic purposes, just not like this doki doki literature club. Does it undertale and deltarune? Do it hell, undertale even has fourth wall breaks that arent necessarily explainable by its own internal logic, but those fourth wall breaks dont simultaneously undermine the tone of the scene like a lot of the jokes and murder drones. Do you often have to really dedicate your story to it fully acknowledge the fourth wall is broken and work that into your narrative, in a way that doesnt feel forced or unearned toby fox is a master at this. Its not easy and its not something most media should really try to do seeing as how its the exception to the rule, but every time you break the fourth wall in a story that isnt explicitly about breaking the fourth ball, you are actively damaging the viewers immersion In exchange for whatever it is youre doing, sometimes it can be worth it.

A certain piece of media also involving robots comes to mind in which theres an incredibly optional side quest. You can do that, can eventually lead to you fighting the literal, ceo of the games. Publisher now, while that is funny, it probably wouldnt be worth fourth wall break. If it was one of the main story bosses, every player had to go through youd, get to it and be like what i thought. This was a serious game. Why is it? Why is it showing a real life ceo as a what, but because its so far out of the way of the games main story, it manages to get away with it. It feels completely separate to the rest of the game pretty much non canon, but when your series first action scene, which plays a crucial role in the plot, shows the enemy combatant, detecting that the main character has plot armor thats, not exactly easy to ignore, and i Really dont think the admittedly ctr joke is worth the damage to the immersion, uh, so yeah, i think thats about all. I have to say on the pilot again i really liked it. I just want to be able to feel immersed in it without it constantly reminding me that im watching nothing more than a bunch of fake pixels. On my screen, i love and i want to hug him and stick my hand in his mouth and i would probably buy his merch if i was the type of person to buy merch you go, buy it instead support the show and hey kids dont, be afraid To let your work take itself seriously cringe culture is dead if someone calls it edgy or whatever.

Who cares just make it? What you want its possible that liam vickers actually has full confidence in his work that ive been armchair psychologizing him too hard? Maybe he just really likes these kinds of jokes, but my criticism towards him still stands.