Welcome everyone to murder drones. It finally happened. Finally, glitch productions, smg4 and lime uh. I think this guy is called uh lime. Vickers came together to make amazing show, which is the third series on glitch productions. First, it was meta runner. It was all it was funny thing as fun fact: meta runner was first uploaded on smg4 channel. Then they decided to make a new channel called glitch and therefore uploading all the episodes there all the episodes, and then they finished those series. They created the news after that the new series called sunset paradise. We reacted to all of this and now were on the murder. Drones part lets: go murder, drones, pilot im, looking forward for this one, looking serious, looking serious looking how its going to turn out seeing that the first episode is 26 minutes thats a long long episode so get your popcorns get your snacks, coca cola and stuff like That lets start make sure to subscribe. This channel subscribe there. They are production, glitch productions lets go booting up exposition. We are worker drones, worker drones, robots, helping humans, mine exoplanets for our interstellar parents, nice jc, jensen, jc, jensen, its jc jensen in space, but its not like. We revolted and killed all humans or anything. What happened? The wedding planet, core collapse. They handled that just fine. All by themselves, its fine just planet, core collapse, thats all fine, ouch, thats gon na – be a big hit planet core.

How did they even reach that place in reality? You cannot reach that its too hot there. Any metal can melt there. They, oh, like a skeleton with biological life wiped from nice. We found it pretty easy to pick up where they left off. Oh really, we finally had a future. How did they make babies, untrained neural network? How do they have babies, robots think about it? Oh shoot. What happened? Our parent company didnt exactly love the concept of runaway ai? Aha, so they made something for that, so the people didnt like their drones having their own like life, so they made murder drones. Aha, fatal error, oh shoot calculate most probability to live. Theres murder drones lets go thats a nice introduction, though thats nice story, though so people screwed up somehow screwed up the for the past core, while those things build. A spire of corpses hide under the ice behind three stupid doors, really waiting for an inciting incident anyway. Thats, why my project is this sick as hell railgun? So not the vibe easy morons, it doesnt work, yet it doesnt work yet shes stronger. Are you allowed that in class, though uzi? The homework was a word problem about buying watermelons really, and this magnetically amplified photon converger doesnt count no plus represents a teacher baggage, was only worth two points on the rubric, and is it supposed to be that color, oh shoot? They broke it. What hurts head shoulders legs chest come on.

Barter, dont, have feelings: murder dont, have feelings, my god classic toxic masculinity, chad thats, never going to end up problematic. Oh wow, i, like the sound like twin twitch, oozy im, an angsty teen fad bite me: Music, crippling daddy issues, hilarious. What are you in for testosterone too hard that can happen? Awesome awesome. Those bandages look pretty badass. Oh you gross. I hate that you said that blushing because hell railgun nonsense, thats super. There are still murder drones out there tonight to get the last spare part. I need to save the world with it and earn my dads respect and stuff. Oh really, but mostly the world dont die lol. He said didnt dont die lol, doesnt your dad make awesome doors, so we dont have to uh. Do that scary sounding emotionally repressed stuff, you just said no more feedback on my repression. Today, no im! Sorry! I didnt think fighting fight me fight man im not mad at you by the way, just generally hormonal, oh my god, its all fine thats sweet how the planet works. Now here i am boom thats, how you wake up, dude, hes kind of fun, hes gon na have his own personality. I got ta, say door master key lets go need to be careful. I got ta say i i like the idea that people didnt like the ai working in the world, so they may created murder drones to go on the planet and destroy the normal or ai robots, thats, pretty crazy.

And where might you be off to um sneaking out to make out with my boyfriend that i definitely have make out Laughter seriously, though? Okay, okay, you caught me, i need to measure the exterior hydraulic mechanisms of door, one because thats the project im working on. Oh really, oh, really, the door old land belt. I want to join the wdf and hide behind doors like cowards, while playing cards and stuff. Well, we dont just play cards. Oh really come on. Can you grab a fresh pack? We literally only play cards so much that the numbers have faded. Oh my god, sup! Well the doors blocked, build doors, so good good door, good door, theres no need to go wrong with the guy. This is here the wrench i used to tighten bolts on my first door. Prototypes – oh, really put your mother out of her misery, so he protected the entire society from this. Through these doors, neat therapy is fun guys. My daughter is into doors amazing, its a door. What the heck shes gon na be outside for a bit to examine the exterior of door, one your door, specific destiny awaits uh, wow. Okay, just gon na leave then cause this works. So weirdly well, uh go doors that worked out. They grow up so fast. The mustache is fake Music. She made it out alive there. We go thats kind of easy right. Do not enter hey theyre outside they. She did it.

Drones, theres murder drones all around it. Oh, he was killed right next to the door. Then thats high there dude. I got ta say thats, pretty epic, that drive the graphics. The visuals, though i got ta, say thats not so far from the door, though i got ta, say whats next haha the core, oh close, call destroyed. Well, it worked though he knows lets go, oh shoot. The weapon is away now thats, sad, oh, the battle lets go oh and they said pirating. All that anime was useless. Oh its gon na hurt, though oh its gon na definitely hurt dude target, lock, thats a strong power explosion. I got ta, say recharging. 30 minutes. The head got destroyed, bro holy hell, suck on that dad, hey thats, if you thought thats enough. Well, not really Music. Oh my god. Could you just slap me with that arm? Thats weird holy crap. It talks yeah, sorry its just my uh. It kind of hurts. Oh really, are you new to our squad youre a little uh short for a disassembly drone, disassembly drone? He was about to kill her im kind of the leader of the squad in this city. Oh really, everyone tells me im useless and terrible. Oh no im not supposed to tell you that part biscuits well. Honesty is the best policy. I also cant seem to remember the past three hours of my life, ah but im sure thatll sort itself out.

Remember you were away wiped uh huh, i uh. I have to go stuck yourself just pop it in your mouth, our saliva neutralizes, the nanites really because id be constantly disassembling, my thats weird, and by our saliva you mean disassembly drone right, hey lets go in that landing pod over there sure i love doing anything. Sure, oh thats, weird im open to new things. I guess we are never talking about this open to new things. Consider it uh repressed! Uh! You mentioned other members of her squad. Are they coming back soon? Oh yeah? Oh shoot. I know it paused it! Okay! There. We go youll, love them. Amazing, oh shes, crazy, destroyed, Laughter, ah yandere right there. I still feel nothing. Oh thats, crazy, so v uh, i heard this planet wide. Toxic death storm is supposed to be especially inhospitable. Tonight. Oh god, who are you? Who are you no worries im in, but a whole letter is a lot to remember so, obviously, a lot of mutual respect there. Of course, i actually kind of have a crush on her. You cant tell her oh shoot, then theres jay, our leader, aha jay, youre worthless. Oh, i, like the hairstyle of this character, kill you myself, jays awesome, hey! Let me give you the tour outside of the corps wall. Thingies and here are the thingies. This isnt just a landing pod. This is a spaceship. This could get us off the planet more of a one use missile.

They never taught us how to land. Oh really, uh uh, the worker drones. We could work with them to fix this. Instead of all the murder which uh, why are we doing that again other than ingesting their warm sweet oil? To avoid overheating? Oh shoot? I guess i just want to be useful. I was given a job and i always want to try my best and look at all the respect, its gotten. You n, you really think the company isnt going to dispose of you once all the workers are dead. True, my you sure are rebellious its kind of exciting, but not as fun as uh. Following the rules, the rules – hey theyre back yo idiot, get out here. Oh no aint good thing. She saw her thats it Music. What happened here? Synergistic liability here must have tripped and knocked himself offline more on box hello. You really think the company isnt going to dispose of you once all the workers. The memory is remembered, youre dead, what the heck rebooting! Oh, oh, you know, i left an extremely dangerous weapon at excuse outside literally so insanely suspicious. I know right hes there. Oh gosh darn it im waiting until my loving wife and kids hear about this. Oh didnt work dude the door aint gon na hold forever hey fellas deal me in. I love rummy, wait! No im going to murder. Everyone reject, oh shoot, thats bad Music, oh dude! He killed him Music well, thats bad.

My name allowed so far. So im just letting you know he destroyed them so badly. Does he eat them or what the heck is wrong. With him, 30 minutes passed. Imagine the entire society is in danger now. Oh, what have you done is that his father, oh im, sorry, i really enjoyed our time together, but i cant have you shooting v with that thing fight me dad get down. You led a murder drone here my beautiful doors. Now is so not the time i messed up in the same way im about to fix it move dad. Ah dad point and shoot trust me: do it dude Music, the doors aint gon na work forever? Oh hes leaving his own daughter here. Really, oh my god. What the coward remember, these ventilation shafts can easily get us around this last door, lowest body count eats a missile. Oh no theyre, gon na kill everyone. The companys gon na love this with this colony white, well make top team this quarter for sure. Oh, you know what that means: granted Music, nice jazz jens in the pant come on uh. You know not that i cant wait to keep murdering all these uh, maybe not so actually different from us worker drones. But just out of curiosity, do we actually uh know what the company plans weird true excuse me? Okay, so a worker earlier might have suggested that they could fix up our landing pod to uh, escape the planet and stuff which oh thats a bad thing.

But it is kind of making me question weird. Our pods were only one way in the first place, because you know i get the feeling the company doesnt, actually love, robots and, like we might be robots. Ive made a terrible mistake, its cool. How immediately i can tell no way buddy questioning the company you just. Finally gave me the excuse: what to kill him virus thats why the company sent us. I hate to see you corrupted as well thanks jay always looking out for me, but at the same time, thats kind of sad that happened to him. Ah biscuits im. Sorry i ruined your card game then made you have an awkward moment with your dad. I made you rebel, like an angsty teen, which got you killed. True, you also trying to kill me so morality calls this a draw thats sad. This happened honestly for the record that was the lamest heel face turn in history. True thats supposed to be you switching sides, i dont know rebellious is a lot harder than it looks thanks for showing me the ropes nah, no, you just killed a bunch of people. Idiot thats super fair. I screwed up in the same way youre about to fix it shes gon na hit off him. I love doing me literally about to die. Oh no theres gon na be a lot of them dead now thats kind of they sad our evacuation spot. But if we build a quick door, not really kidding me youre, the wdf right defend, we cant theyre useless.

Why even put that conventionally attractive male down lets? Go youre sometimes kind of mean to me, and i wish you werent just some constructive criticism. Nice lets freaking go dude, traitor well, circle back after i right size, your existence, okay, which one do you want jay, please, too bad. Good luck lets go! Oh shoot that got very good thing lets go fight, it is Music. Oh shoot in the system assured true, very good, high quality Music into your freaking eye, thats, a slice right there. Oh definitely hurting a lot. Lets go system error, oh frick! They can do this thing. Oh thats, pretty crazy though i got ta say nice battle, though i got ta, say im so so sorry have fun. Repressing this got destroyed. Youve got a lot of cuts for a barely sentient. Toaster ive had prey fight back before best monologue, ever mp3, Music, one more buzzword and ill. Do it definitely that for sure what about the girl, then the other one holy hell that was insane lets: go huh, no n, im an angsty, rebellious, disassembly drone. Now, oh, no, the father up it accidentally. You chose to leave me for dead instead of just freaking, believing in me thats, not even an edgy, teen, hyperbole, thats bad ill, save you the trouble dad. I banish myself lets go ann. Everyone here can bite me nice to meet you, mr roosey. Oh we up dude you up big time. Bro number one dad screw you bruh, he left her daughter died.

Dude. I joined you. If the sun didnt kill me hope, youre having an important character. The sun can kill him what cant wait to murder all humans classic robot stuff. I hope theyre sitting pretty there on earth because were coming for them. Oh shes, changing Laughter, Music, well shoot thats supposed to be earth, theres a lot more pods coming their way. Theres a lot more pods coming bro, oh shoot, lime, vickers. What a nice show my god bro honestly im loving this so much so far, bruh im into murder drones. So much at this point, dude thats, absolutely mind boggling and somebody help these murder drones. Wait. Wait! Wait wait. What do they say? What i say there, somebody how these murder drones are making me type the credits? Oh my god, damn what an awesome! I really love it. It looks so cool, then its so awesome, im, absolutely like im loving it. So much awesome showed it top top top notch. Anyways lets hope you enjoy the selection check out lime, vickers, the creator of the show very talented person and yeah um yeah, just in general hope you enjoyed this. I really ive really enjoyed it its so awesome. I really love the personalities, the humor, the acting the drama, the tragedy dude their awesomeness everything, dude anyways, lets. Hope you enjoy. This reaction check out, uh lime, vickers check out glitch and yeah hope you enjoyed. This ration leave a like share.

This video karen lets check out the second episode im curious, how much its going to be each other for reasons like murder drones, our show about our show about cute little robots that murder each other for reasons i dont know why anyways less hope you enjoyed be Cool stay awesome thanks for watching, and i just had my eye ouch that freaking hurt oh yeah. There we go.