Yet exactly like my butts nice and sick im, gon na kill, mario Music is Music. I messed up in the same way im about to fix it. I really enjoyed our time together. Im, sorry, murder, drones, huh, well, thats, um, yeah, thats, a title all right and apparently this um. This is the next glitch show huh thats um thats, interesting that their next show is about killer robots. Yeah makes sense, especially after sunset paradise, which was such a happy show. You you go make something like this yeah makes, makes sense. That is the proper evolution from a nice. Happy show to a show about murder, makes sense now ive known about this, show for a while, because i sold the teaser trailer and let me tell you it was uh yeah. It was something all right, not a bad, something. No, no! No! He was a great something and i was honestly surprised to see the glitch logo right after him like wait, wait! What glitch is producing this that cat penis? This is way too dark and stylized for glitch huts, that cant be glitz wouldnt make something dark like this. I mean im not saying they wouldnt its just it. Just doesnt seem like they would, especially after meta runner and sunset paradise, which im not saying those shows were, you know completely happy because they did get dark, but it wasnt as dark as this wow. It was like killer angel robot things like jesus christ, wow, and it seemed like there was some effort put into it now.

Im, not saying they didnt put any effort into meta runner or sunset paradise. Oh no, im not saying that at all its just well theyre. I mean theyre theyre, not like the best like visually looking shows. I mean theyre theyre, very distinct, art styles, but you know theyre not. You know crazy, like murder drones over here, like jesus christ like wow thats. That is something that that is some tim burton right. There and i love it – i absolutely love it so yeah im im honestly really excited for this, and hopefully hopefully this is a good glitch, show now im, not saying sunset, paradise and meta runner, bad its just those shows are somewhat mediocre, with meta runner being the Better show because that actually has an interesting plot and actually really really good season finales, while sunset paradise is kind of boring and just lackluster. In just honestly, disappointing to watch yeah, i was like really really bored watching sunset paradise, which is why i took a lot of breaks on that show because i just was not interested, but this this intrigues me hopefully hopefully its good, but you know theres a chance. It could, just you know, be mediocre because its glitch and i dont – i dont – have much confidence in glitch, but this this seems like something that could work but anyways guys. I am finally gon na, be taking a look at the trailer for murder, drones and honestly.

I i was originally gon na skip out on this trailer, but people just kept requesting me to react to this, which was interesting to see because i i didnt think anyone would care if i skipped out on this, but no people, people seen the karen wanted to See my reaction to this so im like hey what the hell i i mean i i guess there must be something in here that people want me to see so yeah this this. This should be interesting, so anyways guys lets lets, go ahead and watch old murder drones yeah. I i hope i can see some killing three two one lets go: oh, what a dramatic intro, oh wow, thats, thats, definitely dark and scary. All right. We are worker drones. How are you autonomous robots, helping humans, mine exoplanets? Oh that sounds like a miserable existence, killed all humans or anything? Oh you guys didnt do that classic trouble. They handled that just fine all by themselves. Oh, i see the humans killed themselves, yeah classic humans, always making dumb decisions. Clever excuse me, but i got ta say just just look at this: the style, the animation its incredible. Well, i widened it away with that arm holy crap, yes, im serial designation, n yeah. I didnt ask for your name, kids. I want to try my best thats, not true. Everyone tells me im useless and terrible. Well, they say that and it must be true. Oh hes, a murderer isnt that a twist, but i mean, if you told me this was glitch huh.

I i i wouldnt, believe you because look at this this. I really enjoyed our time. This is not glitch damn, but it looks good wow this. This is definitely my interest october 29th, okay, okay, wow, wow, youre um. You youre telling me glitch made this seriously. Youre youre actually telling me glitch made this. They they they made this. This looks too good to be glitch. Wait way too good. Would you stylize way too polished way too cinematic? It did this dont look like glitch and youre telling me they made this wow great job, glitch, really really good job like wow, just wow wow that Music, i was wow – i mean the story could be, but still the style and the animation its its its too Good just wow i mean at first i was kind of expecting it to be a 2d show, but still looks really great in 3d, like them actually being robots, um looks pretty good, like i have nothing else to say other than praise its just. It just looks good wow, just wow yeah interesting, so this is a potlictic world pop pop that lifted now apoca i cant, i cant see words right now, apothectic i like you, you know what im trying to say at this point. So basically, all the humans are dead and now its just love with these robots and these killer robots or the murder drones. Oh yeah wow, what a scary name, but god damn are those things scary.

Like look little flying angel robot demon things holy, i dont really know why they want to kill the good drones, but theyre theyre doing it but seems like they found a good killer drone, so hes most likely going to be good but yeah. This intrigues me this very much intrigues me so yeah anyways guys, i guess thats it for me. So thank you all for watching. Please like subscribe and, of course, im gon na see you all next time goodbye, buddy goodbye, yup, murder, drones cant, wait to see some murder. I mean there better, be some murder in this, because that id ask what theyre advertising to me.