If you got no idea what im talking about murder drones is made by the same creators of meta runner, sunset, paradise and everything glorious on the smg4 channel. If you are new around here, make sure you leave a like and subscribe, it helps out the channel a lot and lets me know you enjoyed the video spoilers ahead. If you havent watched the murder drones pilot because ill be breaking down everything that happened along with my thoughts on this episode for people who need a quick reminder or are just not pottered about watching the pilot murder drones is about worker robots, who became sentient after Humans wiped themselves out just to make this clear. The planet we see in this episode is not earth just a place. Humans have inhabited the company that made them didnt like that. The bots started their own lives and sent out the murder drones to well murder them. The remaining worker robots make a life for themselves by hiding under ice and snow, protected by doors, good door, good door, the main protagonist uzi, an angsty teen robot that doesnt want to be a coward anymore, decides to rebel against her father and defeat the drones. She goes looking for the final piece to a railgun, but comes across a drone. Uzi successfully defeats the drone, but immediately gets reassembled again because of this, the drone suffers some errors and cant. Remember the last few hours of his life and thinks uzi is also drone.

This guys name is n and i already freaking love this character. Hes like a mix of dewey duck and jay. As expected, hes treated like the runt of the litter, someone who is useless and weak compared to the others and eventually gets his memories back and follows. Uzi back to the robots hideout, this results in some of the bots being killed and an awkward moment between uzi and her dad and begins to feel sorry for her and realizes they arent so different. After all, he also starts to question what the companys plan is. After all, the worker bots are dead. This leads for his portrayal against v and j theres an epic battle. Everyone is saved theres another moment between uzi and her dad and thats murder drones. The pilot was brilliant and has set up everything pretty well. It introduces us to the main characters, potential relationships, the overall story and alluring to future plot points. Its the perfect balance between storytelling and humor. Its animation style is way more dark than the others and includes a lot more detail when it comes to the atmosphere and the characters movements. Comparing this to the other series on glitch, it is way too early to tell whether this could be better than both sunset paradise and metal runner. What i will say is that this has huge potential and i cant wait to see what has to come. If you did enjoy this video, please do leave a like and subscribe if you havent already and share with a friend who also might like this content, i make a bunch of videos just like this one, so check them out too thanks for watching and ill see.