Sm t10 tires that I actually had switched over from my Maximum Destruction truck because they fit so well underneath the Ford Raptor two part body. Now the body like, I said being two part, the back part sticks on with a couple of posts and then the front actually has velcro and a magnet system that also attaches via two posts through to the Caged assembly in the back. So if you guys want to check out more about that setup, you can check it out on my videos. This is an amazing little truck I'm gon na. Take it out today and let's do a little rip in the mud because that's what we're presented with and for all those curious you can check out the size difference between the 110 scale G made saw back that I have compared to the 18 scale from traction. Hobby it's a large difference. Thankfully, things have actually been starting to dry up around here and I thought, if I took it out, found some mud. At least we could have some fun, or at least just get outside and enjoy some fresh air and cooped up inside the shop way too long. What a good looking ride. I remember taking this to California to Palm Desert and we did a great video there. Series with Morris as well went off into to a few different trips laws. There had a great time with this truck very capable, like a king of the hill I'm, just low on the throttle right now, just enjoying the crawl Applause broken front bumper.

I just noticed it when I pulled it off. The shelf I'm gon na have to order up a new one. I got this at a place called Asia, T's online, the traction Craigs Minh, traction hobby, Craigs, Minh and the founder there's, a whole series of them just straddling across look at this it's kind of tilting. In between one tire, let raised one tire totally rubbing and then of course, the drop of the suspension on the other side and then on the back tire, of course, rubbing as well there's. So many things I love about trail crawling, not just the scale aspect, but the sounds. The sounds the power, the things that I would try with an RC truck that I would normally try with my full size, gives you a sense of freedom and allows you to either make accomplishments or absolute failures and its really kind of without any kind of recourse. I think those tire is just getting heavy Music look at it. It'S just pick it up. It'S like it's like cement I'm gon na have lots of track maintenance, that's for sure for all the mud. Videos I've done on my RC Sparx rcadventures youtube channel. Look at all this I'll have to bring the skid steer down here and just flatten everything out once it hey guys, welcome home KaBlam, you got ta eat. I could put away faster motor in here and I think I probably will, but not everything needs to be.

Like ludicrously fast to enjoy there's lots of ways to you know waterproof or mud proof, your radio control hobby products tons of tutorials on YouTube. In fact, I've been doing this for a very long time. I have how to waterproof RC videos as well lots of journeys throughout the years. Let me know right now, if you're a mud, truck guy or gal, what you know like what is your favorite brand of mud truck and I mean in full size? Is it for dodge Chevy like I want to know? What do you have a mud truck in full size, and I also want to know because a lot of commenters I got like 1600 videos on YouTube of radio control hobby fun. A lot of commenters will come and say why don't you do this in full size. Like why are you just doing it in small radio control and get a real truck, and I got ta say how many of you out there actually have full size, mud trucks and you love ripping it in the mud comment. I want to know yeah Music and I think, even if you have just one of these it's natural to want to play in the dirt and the mud, I don't know who said it. But I know it was somebody famous somebody uttered these words and it kind of struck a chord with me. A lot of people die when they're 25 they're just not buried until they're about 75.

I think playing is part of the secret of life that's. Why I've done this show for such a long time to show adults and everyone of all ages playing is fun? There'S enough stress in life? Look at all the duck! You can see how the goose prints here that pretty cool eh amazing I've had a lot of people recently say to me all you're doing is mud videos, but I got ta say after being stuck in the shop after an extended long winter. I will take outdoor RC, where I can get it looks like I got a wire dangling below it. Wouldn'T be the first time there. It is Music people often write in the comment sections as well. What is your favorite RC in your collection, because I'm known for having more of an extensive collection – and I got ta, say it's – always been the same thing and it's somewhat disappointing for viewers I'm sure to hear it sometimes did. I say all RC: some of my favorite are C's NERC that can make me smile or give me a good time for that day, that is my favorite RC they're all built for different purposes, whether I'm digging mud or out in a trail, or you know out With buddies or whatever digging gold they're, all my favorite I'm, a true RC adventurer. I am a true hobbyist that loves the radio control Hobby flying boating. All of it actually Duke love flying.

I don't do much on my channel but that's my kind of escape. I don't like to fly too much on camera I'm. More of it I like to enjoy it. Thank whatever floats your boat. Ah here's, a good spot yeah I get it all twisted up there for ya, ha ha ha. The body rub that's. Why magnets, usually aren't enough right, magnets and velcro with oversized, tires on listen something needs a little bit of cleaning and lubricating come on that's, so that's what she said. If I ever heard, one click there's only a certain amount of days that I am able to do mud videos per year and I love doing them for you thanks a lot. Hopefully, we'll see you in the next episode now get outside and have fun with RC or, if you're like me, go to the wash table and start cleaning one off. Look at that it's totally on its side I'm trying to roll it over. It refuses to do so, probably because of the larger tires boom. I got a proper smoke show for you, here's, where all my dislike this comes from. Why are you doing that to your truck cuz it's, only like a 15 dollar piece, it's, not a big deal and it's entertaining, especially at all that stink, the motor stink. Look at that? Oh she's done right there Lee nothing that and I drove all the way back from the back corner, so diet diagonal across five acres.

Oh so satisfying, shall we then to the redundant. My wash table is the bottom of a shower basin. I know you were wondering I've been in the game a long time. I know what questions get asked, but if I haven't answered your question today make sure to post it in the comment section, I do my best to read comments over time and get back to as many people as possible. Yeah. You can see there the motor. I did have the openings covered with a piece of tape, but with those size of tires and the like three cell lipo in there giving it all that power. No wonder we got a smoke show, and yes, the Keener's in there will note that I have a sound kit that I wasn't using today, not because it's not soundproof, but because they can't find a sound that I like that, suits this truck enough.