We watched we had early access from disney plus, so we watched episodes one and two uh. So the way were gon na break. This up were gon na, do no spoilers and were gon na, do episode one and then talk about it and then well do a break and well even give you episode two right here: no spoilers take another little break and and talk uh spoilers at the end Of the video so um on the whole, what did i think about this series? Well, i thought it was good. Surprisingly good. I i enjoyed it. It was a very uh, creative quirky um. It feels very much a comic book property very close to the comic books. Uh, in terms of you, know the flamboyance and the and the high school and and being a kid looking up to your heroes. What would it be like in an actual world where there are real heroes, and and in that sense, um and – and i think in at that it succeeds now um, they definitely change kamala khans power. So from what i know, kamala khan is one of the stretchy ones right, but here her powers are more cosmic and have to do with a bracelet uh that has come from her family um. But everything else is pretty much on point and theyve done a tremendous job at keeping it uh true to the character other than the power. So she is a pakistani uh muslim, superhero, the first um and they actually got um a lot of uh writers were pakistani.

Uh, indian uh really diverse uh cast and crew uh, that included um directors, adil, l, arbi and bilal fala. These are uh a kind of a duo that did bad boys for life. The third installment in that bad boys franchise, which i liked i thought it had momentum and and creativity – and you see that come through here in the episodes it has momentum, it has creativity, um id, say the only thing kind of holding it back so far. For me is its reliance on the tropes like, like weve, seen this a bunch. You know this story: weve seen it with spider man, its so close as you can see to that kind of stuff, but other than that, its its wonderful to see a diverse and theres nothing wrong. I know this show is going to get a lot of hate. Uh and that may be because shes, a muslim superhero or some people are going to be. This is forced diversity. There is nothing wrong with having a diverse superhero, especially taking lead and for for young pakistanis or or muslims or really any ethnicity, to look up to to see somebody that they recognize um and the show actually dives in. I didnt expect it to kind of dive into some of the religion, uh and and the uh tackling issues of things that are maybe wrong in the religion or or you know, the the women have like a shittier kind of side of the mosque.

I had no idea if thats a if thats, really a thing and the men have all the good stuff, um and and stuff like that, so i didnt expect it to kind of take on some of those issues i expected to take on the high school stuff, Where shes kind of bullied and looked as and at an outcast so far its kind of doing a good job of that and as far as her powers go since i was never a big fan of miss marvel or kamala khan in the comics um. I dont really care that her powers arent changed. In fact the stretchiest part probably would have looked ridiculous, would look stupid, um, even reed im, not a big fan of it and final f or f, fantastic, four final fantasy um. So the fact that they go cosmic is a okay with me. I would rather have cosmic powers myself than stretchy powers, so so i like thats, cooler, um, yeah, so and and so far uh. The visuals are impressive uh i like the music, um and so im enjoying it, so i think its a solid debut. What do you guys think? I think this is average television for me um, its very tropey. I dont know if its just me being tired of superheroes its like we get this little cut and pace as i go shes a superhero now and she has to deal with this identity also being in high school, and for me, these two episodes just average.

Unfortunately, we were kind of there yeah theyre, just like fine ill watch it, but its nothing. I would seek out so you dont hate it, but you dont think its impressive, no, okay, no yeah! I i think that what i was worried about when i saw the the trailers for this is that even in the trailers it looked super stylish and it is, and it looked uh you know pretty accurate and all the other things i mean theres people are working Really hard on this um, but its not for me this isnt, the kind of thing that, like ive, never the whole. You know the fan of the superheroes becoming the superhero kind of storyline, never really resonated with me, even when we watched shazam thats, not like thats a weak part of the story for me and i think thats this. This doesnt do shazam like shazam. Does it better and spider man? Is it better and all these other ones do it better, and so these first two episodes it looks solid. I know people are gon na love it. I also know people are gon na hate it for, like ridiculous reasons, um its more like. I recognize its very well made again, really great music and great great style. I theres only one or two things like thats ridiculous. She never would have had that in her bag with her at this thing, but other than that, its just like okay, this is there but its nothing.

It was just not the target yeah. I think that, because its so close to origin stories of other characters that weve seen you know spider man and shazam um. But i am a fan of those stories and i think thats why im pretty dispositioned to kind of like a little more, because i grew up loving superman, just dressing up like superman wanting to go to conventions and just run around and – and she reminds me of That and thats why and and thankfully kamala khan, the actress that plays her iman velani whos also pakistani canadian, does a fantastic job. I think she is a great actress and and really conveys a lot of these emotions. She she goes on. She daydreams a lot and then, when shes has a crush on a boy shes, she does the dancing and the things and and they change the lighting and its its. You know, whimsical um and i think its its its kind of well done in that sense. But the the fact that you know were hitting story beats that weve hit so many times before and so youre getting a little bit of that, and i was hoping that there would be something a little different now if youve, if youve not seen some of these Origin stories or youre coming in as a new fan of comics, maybe as a as a little girl or muslim or pakistani, and you want some and youre not familiar with all this combat uh comic book, knowledge and tropes.

This is gon na really resonate with you, but because weve seen it done a ton of times. I think it loses a little bit of that uniqueness and sparkle. Now the directors do their best to try to you know, add some image uh visual flares. This is not a boring lifetime movie where the the shots are static. The shots are dynamic. They do this cool graffiti stuff that follows they text each other and you get this uh. The texts appear on like uh the concrete or the its really close, its clever and its visually pleasing. I didnt hate watching it. I was didnt want to turn it off. I thought it was entertaining but stuff that i had seen before and i think the actors are kind of hauling it up with uh uh imans performance. I really like her father, her father mohan kapoor, as yusuf khan. Her fathers funny likable guy, her mother is curmudgeon and, and just like so like restricted like really like. She wants to go to the avengers con and shes, like youre gon na go to a party its like what. How is it a party and shes like trying to make her out as shes like doing things she shouldnt be doing its like your daughter is telling you your daughters like a good kid and then shes, oh youre, skimpy outfit? Have you seen her outfits, like a motorcycle jacket? How is that skimpy? You know, and but i can kind of see it from the perspective of maybe a muslim family, that their sensibilities are different right where they say well, no, you shouldnt be going out and do doing that and to be honest, the muslim family in this series is Really americanized, you know they love bon jovi.

They go to concerts and stuff. So the fact that they theyre trying to do both like have their cake and eat it too and say. Well, no, you cant do that, because thats uh youre youre being uh ashamed to our family or youre youre being too outlandish just like, but you went to john. You know yeah slippery and these sexual jokes and stuff like what are you in this other line? And he said hes like yeah, we came to america, so you kids could be whatever you want, except for you kamala. You cannot go to you come on. I was like what the you cant go to, that you could tell thats that a weakness in the writing work. They developed the uh the conflict where they dont want to let her go, and so she sneaks out and then, but by episode, yeah anyways its and so so that kind of stuff kind of brings it down a little bit for me, uh. If you were gon na go that way, then why arent they like the fundamentalist or more restrictive about that kind of stuff, and i guess they are being disney, but but there theres some to be said: youre right, theres, some to be said or overprotective parents, whether Youre muslim, whether youre american, whether youre british theres, going to be some overprotective parents and her mother definitely fits that bill um, but again, a great actress with her mother too. So i believe all this uh shes got a best friend, and you can see this coming from a mile away right, whats gon na happen with the best friend and hes, a guy, so hes a male best friend with the female and and hes with her always Theyre doing things together, she shares her secret with him theyre training, but then a new boy comes to school jealousys afoot.

So we got a love triangle here and we got oh you know. Maybe you should be with the guy. Whos always been with you rather than this. Oh, it loses three points on that episode, well, im im on board now its like, but like as soon as we get to that its like yeah. So i think i think it starts strong and well get to there. So so lets go with final verdict or we already uh final verdicts for the first episode. For me, its gon na be a five uh. I really do like the acting that theyre doing the act. The actors are doing a great job, but everything else is very tropey kind of run of the mill thing. Uh yeah, i do like the animations and stuff but, like i said before, you said it before done better yeah. I was hoping they would do like some kind of twist or something on this take, but the twist i think, is supposed to be the bracelet right. I mean its not her powers. Why do they change their powers? I dont understand. Well, i guess well talk about in spoilers, but it kind of is. It says it kind of says it in the end, but yeah its a fly for me: its average okay, um, im thinking, like average or barely above average. I really do think that theres a lot of style in this uh and even for someone who is not you know a 16 year old girl or who does not like you know the fans becoming superhero stories like me, like i didnt hate it.

I think this is better than a lot of like some of the crap that we have been watching, so i think im gon na go with the six. I do think that the the directors i mean im gon na give them the point because it does have so much style. I was theres theres scenes where theyre, especially in the text messaging or im, watching the scenes like thats, really cool, yeah, thats, really cool. So, for me, it gets that lit just just barely above average um, but i just dont think that this is kind of reminds me of what is that a diary of a wimpy kid. He has like a little uh yeah hes got a program and like theres a lot of things, thats, the one that i liked on netflix uh, the family um. Oh the roberts, the robot one right, yeah, the robot. I know, god, i got a bad memory. All right, but anyway its got that kind of visual style to it, and i, like that, im pretty dispositioned i like it um so thats, thats cool alex just said six out of ten. He said im not a little girl im, not a little girl, but you wont hate it so theres your other points. It could go from six to seven if youre a girl, eight, if you, if you do like coming um, hero, fanboy kind of thing, um, yeah and so me im at about a seven.

I thought the first episode was the strongest and, and it starts solid um. I kind of came in like i dont care about this, but i think it was fun enough and whimsical enough and and and enough humor and upbeatness and and charm that it kind of won me over now well get to to episode two but thats, basically how It goes so let me real quick dive into um some of the details on episode one. So if you dont want any spoilers uh, then stay away and then well go into episode two. So details of episode, one we start off. I like the animation too. Let me say that i love the the animation. I love the paper, mache style stuff that weve seen in other films like spider, man and stuff. They continue that here she fantasizes about captain marvel whos the best hero according to her its like thats, fine, thats, fine. But i know some people are like im. Turning this off it bree larson brooker its like im, not that im, not your favorite right, its her favorite and people gon na have favorites, so she of course glorifies her and says: oh, she did all this cool stuff, um shes a typical 16 year old. You know she fails her driving test uh, not typical. She feels it horribly by slamming into the back, never done that yeah of of her uh instructors car she ruins her instructors. Car uh.

We get the scene of her going to school. You can clearly tell shes an outcast, and this is real. I mean i ive seen it with my own eyes. You know if youre muslim, if youre uh look different, you know automatically youre part of a different clique or youre youre youre out ostracized. It happens, and so i i identify with that, and i see it and im wondering how this show is going to continue it. Is it going to be, you know the trophy thing: are they going to play it up so far? I mean i thought it was just just the right amount right: um shes got a quirky principal counselor dude, mr wilson, who is i dont, know hes quite a character and hes like giving her advice and stuff and and uh basically telling her look. You youre not paying attention in class. You, you got your head in the clouds youre just doing all this stuff. You need to focus on her studies, while not focusing shes, not even focusing thats thats me, basically right um and then at home. She gets a box and im like. Ah, this is gon na, be her thing and it is its her grandma or something sent her uh, all these like trinkets and and and dresses and things from the old school um, and she ends up looking at the circling. Oh thats cool um, then we cut two. I think pakistani bazaar markets out there and uh shes like trying on you, know traditional dresses and stuff, but you can clearly tell that shes not about all this.

She just wants to be a kid wants to have fun with a friend bruno and her friend bruno. Is this like gadgeteer, guy and hes been her best best buddy forever and hes cool cool, a nice guy, um hes? He helps her. Family has dinner with her family. All the time even creates a zuzu like i guess this is marvel, universe is alexa, or so he sets it up for them, and these these gizmos and his family, her family likes them. So thats going to set up the love triangle right. Why dont you go with him, hes a nice kid, so she she hes like ask your mom to you know. Obviously, if you failed your driving test, youre not going to be able to do the car we cant get there. So ask your mom to take you shes like no. My mom is like darth vader its not. This is not gon na work and eventually she asks and she asks at the worst time – and i thought her argument was strong and shes, trying to turn it into an educational shes trying to rope her her is her brother or cousin into it, or something her Brother, the guy with the bigger beard, yeah brother, um and ultimately her parents, her parents say no, i think her dad was maybe into it a little bit but her mom says no um and so then thats when you get the texting with the creative like she Said no and its like on the walls and thing and – and it kind of saves time right because we dont need to see – and i dont see it so just boring to look at a cell phone screens, and so she said no um and thats.

When, anyway, we get to see her parents, are, they try to say, look her. Parents are not that bad because they burst in, i mean her mom comes up and then her dad bursts into the room dressed as hulk, and they wanted her to go as like a pakistani version of hulk or something yeah mini hulk, big hulk and minnie big Hulk and mini hulk, but they have like traditional, like garbon and stuff and shes like thats, not its not even a thing and shes built a really awesome costume and if she would show her parents, she hides a costume and shed show her parents and her parents Would be like wow thats pretty well done, but you know she tries to hide it and its good just gone. She made her dad cry because shes a he that man coated himself in green and hes like im gon na go disagree with that. Like its. Like look, i dont dad. I love you, but i want to do everything with you. This is my thing i want to go with me and my friend you got ta got ta call and its like im, okay with yeah yeah its great, but please just not not right now, yeah im, not a because i dont want you to go. I just wan na turn cool exactly forever, but anyways uh. They say no, then okay! Well, if youre not going with your father, youre not going with it and then they turn into bad guys right and shes like and youre, not going in this skimpy outfit its.

Like this cant be out for you, this is so stupid, but anyways um. Then they get to kind of one of the heart of the show and the message of the show she says its its, not really the brown girls from jersey that that you see saving the world and uh. You know its true, you know for the longest time you dont, you dont, really see anything. You dont see a hero like that from, for you know, in the 30s and 20s 40s moving up, yeah were starting to get it now, and i think opening up the world to have more diverse characters is great, and her friend bruno is a is a fantastic Uh friend, because hes like look, if you want to save the world, you can save the world, you will save the world, you know and and do what you want to do and find your voice, and so it works there, um and its nice. He makes her some gloves and leds and they play fight on the roof. Theyre kids theyre 15 16 year olds, so she lives its its the part that works um, and then she comes up with this ridiculous plan. They do cartoons on it, but its like. So over the top and ridiculous, but i i was, i still enjoyed it but um and i think they said something real quickly. I think i missed it. Yeah do captain marvel, but do something pakistani or something she had to have to put your own flare.

Okay, flare thats what it was, so she because she needs some flair. She remembers the bracelet, so she runs upstairs. She grabs the bracelet and she puts it on uh. Oh, no! No no shes about shes gon na put it on like theres weird happening in the house, and then she just puts it in the bag and waits to put it on so uh. In the little fantasy thing, shes wearing a badass. You know captain marvel suit. Thats. All perfect and she jumps out the window does flips and and then, when shes actually doing the plan she seems like fails and uh the branch breaks off man. She must weigh a ton if the that was our huge branch in fellaini, he would have crushed her. It would have crushed her yeah, but its still funny and uh. They missed the bus they missed all like they were gon na jump their bikes and hit the bus. They werent really gon na. Do that, but you know so they finally get there and its awesome. Its a collection of like minded people – i love conventions, we go to conventions all the time. Well, before the pandemic and uh, you know its having fun its like. I kept thinking god her mom is such a curmudgeon and like if she would show her some footage of a previous, its not a party where were drinking alcohol and its just people hanging out. But she doesnt do that because forced drama or whatever yeah anyways um.

They have a con, they have the um captain marvel uh, cosplay competition and shes shes rushing and puts on her outfit forgets the gloves. I thought that was going to be an important plot point, but it wasnt. She forgets the gloves in the bathroom and she puts on the bracelet and then thats when it activates her powers at first. I thought it was just the bracelet, but they make sure later on, in the episode its coming from within its coming from you see a little image of her. I dont know how this kid has the ipad that can uh thats. Why hes going to cal tech ive got this dude made that one oh okay, yeah yeah, thats, pretty sweet and source, and then she actually accidentally sends out some. I dont know what to call these cr crystal projectiles, cosmetic, crystals and uh. Everybody thinks its part of the show and shes breaking and theyre having a good time, even though theyre in danger into getting running over by ant mans, head and um, and then one of her friends from school, not really her friend. But the popular girl from school shows up in the skimpy. You know how shes, like im gon na lose. If, if this girl and everybodys like getting all the attention, shes the popular girl uh, but when she puts on on and does this man shes the favorite? Because its like what the this person put some thought into their costume and has all these special effects – um, but unfortunately shes breaking stuff and it breaks like this hammer and thors, hammer comes and slams into the girl yeah, but it killed her right there.

That was a boys dead blood everywhere. We just watched the voice, so yeah thats a different. My man ill give that ill, give her a few extra points and then blow the with the all right, anyways um, so she breaks stuff and but she ends up saving uh, the girl and the girls like thankful. But of course, when she goes back to school, the girl has used this for instagram likes and popularity, making up stories and stuff and uh. You know her mom is upset because when she gets home, her mom was waiting the whole time. So, of course you got this and shes like do you want to be good or cosmic head in the clouds type person, and i was like lady seriously like you – live in the universe where the avengers and heroes exist and cosmic exists and they saved your life. They saved the entire world, you have no respect for that. You dont think that theyre good, you know, and so she thinks that these are two different things. This is dumb and shes like whatever and then and then kamala lays on her bed and shes like cosmic. She chooses cosmic and its getting great music and i think its a great muslim superhero example. An introduction here and, like i said, theres nothing wrong with diverse arrows and you know many people are probably going to hate on it simply for for it being that, but but i also understand the point of view that it could have been better.

It uses a lot of tropes um its you know, weve seen it before a lot uh and they kind of cover that up or mask it with upbeat fun, comic book, visuals and things and yeah. So, even if the part with the parents is a little annoying, so i i went again 7 out of ten on it. Just just to remind you so now uh were going into episode two. What did you think of episode? Two alex? I liked it less than the first one. I think that we fell into the same trap that we often do with disney or just some characters in general, where the good, in this case the bad guys, are cartoon characters and theyre. Wildly ridiculous and i hate them and whatever goodwill that you had before, where i was rounding up, i am now rounding down because it is so if youre writing this for 16 year old kids, 16 year old kids are not imbeciles. Some of them are uh, but theyre, not all imbeciles and you dont have to write characters as if your entire audience is stupid and then the second. We got these cartoon fbi agents. Yes, showing up. I had to look this up because they were so annoying its the united states department of damage control because i was like. Are they cops that kept writing cops yeah like what the is this them? Okay, so uh? I liked it less than the first one still has all the charm, its still stylistic the storys progressing as much a little bit more happens this one though the first episode was a little slow, this ones a little slow.

I dont know how many episodes this is. I really wish we would be getting like ramping up a little bit. I guess were kind of getting there now, especially towards the end of the end of this one but um i dont know yeah and and this uh this is early uh. This doesnt come out to june 15th. Well, have this episode uh up uh, you know june a around eighth, so um were were going ahead further. So what do you think of the episode this one is still coasting by its still average for me uh. I didnt really like the whole fbi. Things like they didnt. Even give you a good reason. Why theyre, just like all right this there now we have to go, get her because were the bad guys joe, it is why uh ddc simply referred to damage control. A government agency set up with the aid of stark industries in order to clean up after battles with superheroes so dc. It appeared again to clean up after the delhi grocery store blah blah blah blah blah. So i guess, because she put peoples, lives in danger and shes wrecking, and is this damage control theyre coming into either arrest or questioner right now i wouldnt go so as far to be like these guys as a piece of because you know they they theyre bad Guys, theyre not necessarily bad guys, they want to. You, know, capture and talk to her now if they capture her and theyre like okay, again im going to kill you or were going to imprison you forever, then yeah.

I agree with that, but right now they just want to talk to her shes a little kid shes. Like i dont look im running yeah. What would you do like just send out the drones chase them down and theyre like pulling up show up with a drone? Youre right, i put guns on you yeah yeah, and then you that youre right, thats so stupid and after the girl says the girl says no thats, not what happened she saved me. Have you never dealt with a a new hero before like theyre ignorant? This happens. All the time ive seen at least four movies, where we have this during the testimony shes like no, she saved me thats, not what happens like. No, she try to do something thats. What alex was talking about this is overly. Why are you doing this yeah? So yeah yeah trope um and i totally agree with yall on that. This episode was uh, less good uh i wanted to like. I wanted to like it and but but when, when the the quirkiness is up and the upbeat and charm is up in the first episode, they dial that down and they increase the tropes. You know its like: no, no, no, no, no dont do that. Do this and and uh of course, we dont yet have um a villain, a bad guy. I mean we weve got the stupid the ones we dont want this, this comp organization. Hopefully they will step aside as the series develops and well get something else more interesting, but if its them the whole time, then yeah im already rolling my eyes as you can see it, and this is gon na lose footing with me real, quick, uh, so yeah, I like this one far less lets: go uh final verdicts on episode, two uh um; okay, so this one like i said i i got ta goodwill like the style of the episode one uh, and i think that you you got it right.

I think they dialed down the style and are they up to the cringe, and i just think that its not bad tv and i think its going to resonate with people. I am not that person. This is not the show for me, so i think its average tv. I think this is this – is a five and im worried about the trend, because i see this one also foreshadows other things: love triangle, things bad guys being ridiculous cartoon government entities. I dont give a about and other forced drama and if those things end up happening, i can see myself not just being. You know, im okay with this show, but i can actually see myself not liking. This show if it continues to go in this direction. Yeah. Okay yeah. For me, its gon na be a five uh theyre doing everything uh by the numbers, theyre playing it super safe, theyre, not really doing anything like to make this stand out, so its just bare average tv, except for the cartoony stuff right. Well, yeah, thats. The only thing thats what i give yeah, we saw it. I was like okay, yeah, its its five out of ten yep and alex was six five. Okay um. What did i give this? I gave this one a six out of ten, its its its worse than the debut im starting to get a little worried and well talk about. Why, here in in the details of the episode um, but essentially what they said, theres some good elements in it heres some good elements that i didnt think that they would do they kind of tackle some of the mosques stuff.

The the the muslim americans, like its dont, be scared of this religion. They have uh gatherings and and and votes and and theyre gon na do the subplot, where its like um they vote on somebody for the direction of the council for on the council right. You know they theyre trying to demystify stuff for people that you know have prejudices against this and theres prejudices within theyre, showing that the men seem to have more the better stuff than the women. So i like that theyre shedding light on then and bringing that forward and because its all done, uh by people by muslims, by pakistanis and and indians and british pakistanis. I feel like theres theres realism in there now it out. If, if i dont know because im ignorant of all this stuff im like that word for that ritual – or this thing this you know im like – is that legit and so far, i think its legit, because its coming from writers who really care and theyre trying to Do uh justice of the the first uh muslim, uh superhero, so getting into the details of episode two then we start off with a popular girl getting popular. I i thought she was having a dream in the beginning, because, when shes in school shes like cool all of a sudden shes like cool – but i think thats supposed to be like the confidence that you get like yep, i am special.

I have the power so shes, like you, know, doing stuff and being cool and she overhears the popular girls. Oh, that was hard light. You know shes shes, low level and or she tries to keep a low profile like she knows her or something like that and shes like smiling and shes, like no its more. Like a you know, low rent captain marvel because shes wearing that costume and shes like thank you. You know, because she really likes captain marvel thats, not an insult to her um. Then we get the scene of her testing. The powers weve seen this so many times before you know on the rooftops of theyre in jersey, not well wait. Where was spider man queens, uh, queens yeah, so you know weve seen it before and to be honest, theyre powers, and all that, like i dont like them, yet i im not. You know she creates what she creates platforms. She can throw the platform discs um and then she has visions and she could stretch so she she can, i think, its. I guess its supposed to be like dc power ring but well well see in in future episodes like if she can will constructs or if shes, just cosmic stretches with platforms. I dont know anyways um. So then, then we cut to the mosque stuff uh, a la akbar. They go to the mosque. They they see that the womens side kind of sucks and its falling apart.

They need improvements, uh the shoe their shoes constantly are stalling and womens shoes are expensive and they shes ever satisfied. Thats a 20 second pair thats. Is that what they said? You are bad with money. Lady, like you, are real bad with him. Hes, like god, damn you know, ive been robbed 21 times, but you know what its it cant happen to me. 22 times lets bring some shitty shoes in so theyre tackling religious conventions and traditionalism, whether its right or wrong and and so thats. Why she is spurred on to uh try to get on this council to change stuff, but her uh theres, like an uncle or something that everybody loves and hes way the favorite. Since you know it seems like all the power lies with the men and shes gon na really need to work her ass off to try to win this uh vote. So theres a subplot developing there um her mom heres the thing. Then she has no repercussions shes. Just not on restriction, so she literally does goes against what her mom goes to the party and theres supposed to be a a family where its like how dont go dont, be scary. Dont do stuff with them telling you and theres no repercussions. In fact, there theres! No repercussions that her mom lets her go to an actual party, the second time which is drinking and like that doesnt make any sense. Well, the plot has to happen.

I know right and i wish they didnt. Do it like that, god dang it anyways um. So she meets a boy, the new boys there, the new boy is, there weve seen him before in the high school. He shows up and hes hot and they do the outline around him when he comes out of the pool so its like whats. That movie fast times and uh, but again, though he did a belly flop that would have oh, he did it, but he looked like he did a belly flop because he looked like it hurt. I dont think you remember joe. He was doing the spinning as he hit the thing. It would be funny if it was a belly flop, hes trying to look badass, yeah yeah, it comes out and they they do. The cartoon outlines on them and – and you can tell its a media, crush um and yeah. Her friend bruno notices this, and here we go here. We go im gon na. Do it minus three points. Uh here comes here comes the cops uh. Oh everybody, scatter and the dude is all like and hes a nice guy and and hes like all right follow me. I got a car everybody, and so i have a clown car. Not an 95 of us can fit in theyre doing. I know theyre theyre doing a um theyre, making it clear that yeah hes the hot guy but hes, not a hot guy right, because he even remembers brunos.

No, he doesnt. He purposely remembers everybodys name except for bruno. He calls him brad bread or something um, but he seems all right, but a lot of it is very convenient. Why is he singling her out? He wants to. You know give her lessons and theyre immediate hes making his as if he is liking her, but well we see here at the end of the episode, a little bit more oh forgot, to tell you at the end of episode, one after the credits. There is something you have to wait a long time to get to it and its the bureau, the stupid bureau that gets a hold of the all the viral videos and says all right bring her in. I forgot to mention that anyways. Do you use any force necessary yeah? The guy has to warn the chick, hey check every temple, every mosque, but be respectful. You know, unlike last time when you were a dick, the fbi is already keeping tabs on them, yeah um, and then we get a little bit of a friends, uh backstory here, which uh lets see. If i can get a friend, um, nakia, nakia, kamalas, close friend um, the one whos running for uh council, she uh kind of explains her backstory. I think she wasnt originally a muslim, but she converted and her parents kind of look at her different and when kamalas like going through some stuff, its like shes, like i understand like you know, and then they they bond over that, and i think it was kamala That actually got her to join her mosque and come to church with her um, and so they they talk about that and thats interesting because its like okay, so maybe well, learn a little bit more from that uh and then bruno is called into the office from Mr wilson, he gets this cali internship and he kind of tries to blow it off because he wants to be hanging around with kamala.

He likes her and hes. Like. Can i give you an answer later somebodys like no. This is youre the main character you go now, and so i guess, were either hes gon na accept that or theres gon na be some conflict and yeah anyways. Then we could do a family dinner, and so we get some some stuff. You know i i dont know anything about. You know pakistan and the partition, and so we get some of that story here. Um apparently most every pakistani family um. You know if youre going back in the generations have some kind of partition story uh and what happened with. Basically, the british left a mess um, and so we get a little bit of that in this series, i like how it touches on it: uh doesnt it doesnt shy away from it and uh the mom, though they tie in she wants to know. Kamala wants to know what the hell. This thing is more about it and when she goes to talk with her mom, her mom does not want to talk about. Isha is who its from its not from her grandmas like from her grandmas sister or grandmas mom, or something i dont, know uh, but isha brought shame upon the family and she doesnt want to talk about it. So then thats when we get our scene of you know the they love bon. Jovi uh, theyre kind of progressive, and you know hes having a wedding, her brothers, getting there her brothers getting married and they want to get married to some bon jovi song um.

Then theyre at a gathering and some kind of carnival or something where all of the congregation is is at and so her friends trying to uh hand out flyers shes talking with the the vendor there, the food, because thats how you get to people is you do The food and its true and and then but then she goes and manipulates kamalas father kind of up. I thought because he was being really respectful. Hes, like shes, like you, realize, im running hes like yes, but my friend is running too and hes. My best friend and shes, like yeah, but im im your daughters, best friend and im a woman, and you need to vote for me and hes like and shes like youre, going to crush our hopes and dreams and hes like and then his friends like what the Man were best friends right. Are they really best friends? I dont know, maybe not, but i was like jesus christ. You manipulated a little too much there anyways here, heres the cop scene, and then we start to take a dump when the cops are like you know, or she no im. Sorry, i took way too big of a jump. So at this function a kid almost killed. Dumbass kid is taking more instagram pictures and falls out and holds on to um. You know some curtains and she springs into action. Apparently she had she had her costume costume in her backpack, because i didnt even see a backpack just in case, so she ran all the way home.

Put the costume on and youve ran all the way did you know this movement super speed officer, no super speed, magic happens off screen. Remember right: it happened in obi, wan yeah so ill allow it. So then she comes in and shes talking to the kid shes doing her superhero thing shes doing a good job on and she saves him and hey until we realize that its kind of in her head shes daydreaming about all the adoration that shes gon na get And all the likes on instagram and it kind of her up shes a vision of like some woman we havent seen before we dont know if its her grandmother or if its an evil woman, this might be, she might have tie into or she disappeared and shes. Trying to get out of this cosmic realm – or something is my my interpretation, but that distracts her and all of her uh powers, kind of start falling apart. The kid falls and she starts shooting certain. The kids are calmer simpson and bright hearts his ankle or something raise his ankles like yeah, so anyways that that sucks and then so then she takes off because then thats, when the drones show up in the alley its like really its like. This is how youre going to approach somebody whos trying to help and attack drones attack, attacked, and then they got guns that are already drawn its like what the so yeah were doing the trophy thing and then even more trophy things.

You like jumps over them and all they have to really do is go like this and go around the truck, but in this time they they hold so that the car rolls up and its her new crush um come whats, his name cameron, cameron, camron or something They get in this his car and drives off and the cops go around theyre like where did this get underneath? Meanwhile, the car is still going thats like really yeah like you could see the car coming and it stopped. What are you doing, yeah, but wait a minute im, still forgetting something hold on? When does she get captured by the cops she never does she never does who gets captured by the cops? No, no one! No, the uh. Are you talking about the the popular cops? The popular girl thats, who it is she just came in for normal questions, yeah, so yeah uh, the popular girl, gets captured by the cops. The cops are pressing her and, and then they say the stupidest are you latina and she goes oh, i should say latinx its like that is so stupid, dont, say: latinx all right, im, giving everybody permission to dont, not say latinx. It offends me if you say land next, no one asked anyone to say: latinx, okay, stop giving power to stupid ass people that just said now, youre gon na do this its like. No its the latino latina is fine. You dont need to do latinx, but shes.

All saying it like you know, in a you know, this mean and dismissive way its like look, you people im supposed to say because you people like jesus christ and and and even if somebody did ask, i want you to do the atlanta next, its like theyre, Not worth listening to, if they would shame you in in otherwise youre not supposed to do that its stupid, so you could say latina and latino joe says so: anyways um so yeah. These cops are so like over. The top evil is like yeah, youre gon na tell everybody that she wanted to hurt you, even though shes like but shes trying to save me. No no were trying to kill you. Why are you doing this? No youre supposed to be damage, control arresting? Is there a registration? Are we in the middle of marvel civil war? I thought that already ended. I dont know whats going on anyways um. Then i like the scene where, when shes trying to gather votes, she does this click, so theres even clicks in a mosque right and they do the cartoon almost like theyre in high school theres, the uh pious ones, theres, the muslim bros theres, the illumina aunties, and They know everything, so she goes there to talk to him and thats when she learns more about isha that you know the she brought shame on the family. She killed a man accused of killing a man and so shes 50 feet tall and fangs and flames coming from her hair, its like all right thats when the little kid starts falling out of the mosque.

Okay, i got it right. Anyways um she escapes and cameron shows up to shave her save her in his car with his mother. In the back and shes like i have been waiting to meet you cam ron. So is this the villain of the season? Will she have her own bracelet um? Not that good, not that great of a hook for me to wait a week im, not really anticipating the next episode. Oh yeah, we have to wait a long time. We have to wait a long time and im like man um im, not all that excited im excited whats insane like for the boys for obi wan, even obi wan, im more excited for them, because i want to be more and see how they handle darth vader. Less okay, anyways, so yeah i mean overall, its solid, like alex, says, maybe not really for me, but i can its not bad yet, but it has the potential. I can smell bad. I can just smell it smell the bat. The is that popcorn is that love triangle, but is it can can? Are we just against love triangles period if theyre done poorly like this one seems to be yeah, ive seen them more its great and youre like oh yeah, this makes total sense, and then i see it where its like. Oh, this is uh, not very good kind of like your cop riding thats, also not very good, so yeah all right.

Well, thats it thats our review of miss marvel episode, one and two an all right start that that uh were kind of sensing. Some some problems in coming, but hopefully they they stick the landing. So after those directors uh, they also got in some uh other director thats going to do the next two episodes so hopefully um they are able to do do justice, uh, charming, Music, chenoy uh is gon na. Do two and um shes a pakistani canadian, um and mira. Menon is gon na do another two and that ones an indian american director famous for fargos bang, et cetera, so theres theyre, going to do kind of rotating directors and well see if the style uh maintains or what happens in the future, all right guys. Thank you.