We dont know that for sure yet, which is exactly what we say at family reunions down in the south. Let us break down this episode, shot by shot for all the mcu easter eggs and details you missed and thanks to boxsu, for sponsoring this video more on their tasty offerings later and the best way to support new rockstars is to get our ms marvel inspired. Cosmic daydream shirt at newrockstarsmerch.com when you get this limited edition. Latest obsession youll get the added option to write in a custom shout out for our miss marvel aftershows notice how the s in the previously on screen matches the s of the ms marvel title in the comics and in the series they intentionally stylize that s to Draw the eye to it, make it clear that she isnt a miss marvel like little miss superhero, but rather miz an independent woman in control of her own life. The episode opens on kamala strutting back into her school to maces, feel so good, the course to which is bad, bad, bad, bad boy. You make me feel so good little tease of the bad bad boy, komaron, whom kamala will fall for this episode, bad bad boy with ulterior motives. She wears a save ferris button, say ferris being a scott punk band, who of course got its name from the gag and ferris buellers day off, where ferris faked being deathly ill to get out of school. Launching the save ferris campaign, while he rigged up a stereo in his bedroom, to fool his parents, similar to how kamala tried to use zuzu to trick her parents into thinking she was in her room.

She fools around with a basketball echoing andrew garfield, peter parkers post power up moves in the amazing spider man, but then she bumps into cameron knocking over her chemistry textbook, as we saw with peter and mj smooching beside their chemistry textbook, its a little on the nose. Come on wheres, the color blue and with kamalas purple color tones. There definitely is some conscious wardrobe in here, as in the miss marvel comics camaron gets hit with the same terrigen mist that kamala does transforming him into an inhuman with blue colored bioluminescence, where he can release energy blasts or transfer his energy into an object causing it To glow and to explode this episodes ending reveals comrade was targeting kamala from the very beginning in league with his mother najma, and i would not be surprised if he actually bumped into her on purpose here either to plant a tracker on her, maybe list something off Her or maybe just test her power reflexes kamala tells bruno. I tried to shrink and and fly and talk to ants and none of it worked wait. What makes you think you have ammo powers because were about charming and we look a lot younger than we are an odd to actor, paul, reds, freakish agelessness and the fact that in the mcu scott lang bypassed the blip while he was in the quantum realm making Him older on paper than he is biologically and at one point in game he did have the body of a baby and the fact that all of these mcu actors blame teenagers are several years older in real life than their characters.

Are they passed this poster with a qr code, which is also something we saw in many episodes of moon night, intentional easter egg snuck in there by the marvel studios team? Because when you scan this with your phone, it actually takes you to an issue from the 2014. Miss marvel run. Actually, this same qr code showed up in episode, 1 on the atm in bruno circle, q store and last week that code took you to miss. Marvel number one: from 2014. this week the qr code takes you to number 15 of the 2014. Ms marvel run the issue when kamala meets komron social media. Star zoe zimmer quadrupled her followers posting about her rescue by kamala on tick tock, and she brags about it. Here in the cafeteria, and then this like beautiful white light like cascaded over me, i felt this wave of calmness like i knew i was safe. Okay, i dont want to read in this too much, and you know, were all probably going to come around on zoey shes, actually much nicer than she seems right now, but the one thing we know about that hard light that saved her was that it was not The color white it had other colors in it im sorry zoe. I know you didnt mean to say it, but so he does the name night light similar to and far from home, when ned had to come up with a superhero name and came up with night monkey.

The opening titles of this episode toggle through a bunch of interesting designs, first miss marvel as brass knuckles. The period on the miz is the same shape as the starburst icon on her bengal than her car dashboard. Then a donkey kong style game and a night sky with a crescent moon, evoking the moon, knight, title imagery and then one in the style of saved by the bell kamala makes a fist. How does it feel like an idea? Come to life yeah? Another clue that kamalas powers are a form of wish fulfillment triggered by her inner desires and thoughts. Also, if this is innate to kamal khans dna, that makes it even more likely she could be an inhuman as she is in the comics, but rather than exposed to terrigen mist herself. She just may be the daughter, granddaughter and great granddaughter of inhumans inactivated by a piece of creed tech that could be what triggered the pterogenesis process. The mural by the playground that they train at was actual art created by new orleans area, artists and activists b, mike brandon, odems and then kamala gets. The idea from watching bruno play looks like the game luckys tale to use her hard light as a lily pad brunos tablet impressively tracks, kamalas vitals and is able to deduce from that that the power comes from within her not from the bengal meaning. The bengal really just unlocked the power that was already in her dna from her family ancestry and like we are wondering what that is, kamali begins to speculate.

So what am i like, asgardian or something dude? Am i related to thor? Oh, no, i didnt say any of that. Maybe while kamala is probably not an asgardian like thor, is she may be something else extraterrestrial in origin like an inhuman experiment by the alien race of the cree? She and bruno noticed some writing on her bangle kamala thinking its either arabic or maybe urdu, but from our vantage point, its not clear if they were talking about the symbols on the green bands or somewhere else on this bangle. But for reference we do know the alphabets for the cree and the scroll languages and weve also seen the written language of xendarian in the guardians of the galaxy movies, so kamala experiments with this lily padding on this hard light. She hangs on the ledge by that iron brand poster that we saw last episode this fake out with her and bruno acting like shes gon na fall off the building. Just for her to drop a few feet definitely reads like re staging of natashas death in in game with bruno playing the platonic ideal best friend clint. I assume an account of this would have been in an episode of scott langs podcast for natasha, now be on a memorial poster, an avengers con. I would hope that kamala would take a moment of silence and she eventually gets the hang of it. The shot framing her within the bolt of the neon edison sign just a cool way of showing that she is now in control of the hard light you think about it.

That is kind of what a neon sign is its light, but it but but its hard. Its hard now, of course, in order to accomplish the stunt of this shot. They had someone on a green screen set and then vfx them onto this roof, which is why that little celebratory yes at the end just looks a little weird, oh, and this edison sign by the way is a reference to the inventor that was kamala khans. First, real villain in the 2014 comics a cockatiel bird possessed with the consciousness of a clone of thomas edison, actually that cockatiel bird we saw among kamala khans drawings in the opening image of episode. 1 was also a nod to that guy, its a little too wacky of a concept probably for this show, but im so glad that they pay homage to him. This way, kamala and nakia are late to mosque services and we learn how the womens section of this mosque is less maintained. Weve got some crumbling tiles in the bathroom mold under the carpet. Less security around the womens shoe racks because poor nakia gets her shoes stolen. Maybe whoever that skrull was who stole nick furys shoes on the squirrel space station got my shoes. Scrolls might have a thing about stealing shoes, and we laugh about that. But i do think skrulls are gon na show up in the show. At least, i hope they will and my favorite detail this episode later, when kamala saves that kid from falling, we get a close up of the shoes, and what do you know it was this twerp who stole nakias shoes.

The women of this mosque have to deal with enough kid onto zoes party, which becomes a pool party, because cameron does a high jump into the pool super weird to do, even though this pool is heated because it is freaking cold outside theyre, all wearing coats, they Have these heater lamps and now poor camera is gon na, be stuck in wet clothes all night, as he leaves this pool. You can see some blue light and blue mist steaming around him. Definitely evoking that bioluminescent form from the comics actually later during kamalas fantasy sequence. She envisions herself in purple neon and comrade in blue neon, may be a nod to them, both being bioluminescent inhumans. I like how poor jealous bruno tries to subvert camerons coolness. You really belly flopped back there, man that that had to hurt, i dont think. So. I really feel the thing nice try, birdo aint gon na happen. Why? Because cameron clearly has them oddly inhuman properties to his body and kamala flirt by discussing their favorite bollywood films, referencing srk. That, of course, is the great sha rook khan, massive bollywood movie star, and they also mentioned two of his biggest titles basigar from 1993 and ddlj from 1995.. He gives her his number but again as sweet as this seems. It is too good to be true. Comrade has ulterior motives and was clearly assigned by his mother to get close to kamala bruno was right to be suspicious if things are too good to be true, they often are before kamala doesnt know that yet because she is smitten the lens dissolves into the lights.

All forming these heart shapes and then we get this adorable dance number to the runettes, be my baby and again because its my job to ruin wholesome things be my baby sung by ronnie specter produced by bill. Specter, though inspector was married to her and did horrible horrible things to her, look it up so as sweet as things seem on the surface, there is actually a dark truth behind them. Now last episode, we saw a similar fantasy sequence from kamalas perspective of her whole family, all dancing in celebration of kamala, but now notice it is only kamala dancing. As her parents watch on from the kitchen confused gala is joined only by the beautiful vibrant lights. Now filling the house, because kamalas core relationship in the series is really a dance between her and her lights. This fantasy turns to neon forms of her and cameron, drifting off in his face, joined by two astronaut: sloth babies. This transitions to kamala daydreaming at her desk and her nose suddenly glows in an analogous scenario to getting that surprise. Zit on your nose in the middle of a school day, naturally leading to nakia what a great friend handing her a tampon and by the way, i hope this was not the reason why this show was randomly rated td 14, because you really think kids younger than 14 arent, also going through this kind of thing, mr wilson tells bruno that he got into early admission at caltech, but bruno isnt sure about jumping on this opportunity.

You know that part in the movie, where someone comes in to the main character, and they say you want to be a jedi or you want to answer phones of a demanding but impossibly chic magazine editor, as before. Mr wilson only knows how to speak to these kids in movie references and in this case, star wars and the devil wears prada. But despite knowing so much about movies. Wilson is failing to acknowledge that a classic step in every protagonists journey is the refusal of the call luke skywalker rejects obi, wan kenobi initially, and only leaves tatooine once his aunt and uncle are killed until wheres brother andy, initially walks out of the interview with miranda Priestley thinking she blew the interview and tries to quit several times before. Finally deciding to take the job seriously. So bruno is at the refusal of the call stage. Let bruno have his beats so after school, comrade waits for her by his sweet ride and notice. How the sun, glares off the hood, blinding her with the light again last episode, all these lens flares, blinding lights, representing kamala, being distracted, and i love the block in here bruno blocks. That light gives her a relieving shade, trying to keep her away from this bad bad boy and shielding her from the blinding light. Also youll notice, how bruno wears a blue shirt and a red vest, which is a night to the comics. When kamala had a kid who sat behind her in class, dressed up as marty, mcfly who doodled teen wolf in his notebook cameron and kamala, chat some more about bollywood stars mines the same.

She still has a huge crush on king of senior ew concerning fairy theyre. Referring to the movies of kingo camille nanjianis character in eternals, a bollywood star who would reinvent himself as a younger generation era after era, cameron goes on to say yeah i mean it must be a generational thing, because i dont really understand how things my moms into A very important line when you consider the context that cameron may be a generational, inhuman as well their ancestors having an extraterrestrial link. Maybe najma was into kingo, knowing he is an ageless eternal, not originally from earth. Pretending she is much younger than she really is. Is something that she also does amir catches them shes komron hes, our cousin, our cousin? The ending of this episode does imply that they may actually be related, hopefully hes adopted, because otherwise, why are you hitting on her like that? Dude now ive heard from a bunch of you new rockstars viewers that you have already signed up for baksu, but for those of you unfortunate uninitiated, boxu is amazing: its a monthly subscription service that delivers premium, japanese snacks and tea pairings straight from japan to your door. They source rare snacks from all over the country and partner with family businesses to make their own signature, treats all of this curated and delivered under a new theme every month. This is a box i got this month and this months theme is midori moments, so midori means green in japanese and this box reflects the green rainy season in japan.

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It was all one big country, india, after the british system, the british left us with a mess. So the partition refers to when great britain parted ways with british india in 1947 and the subcontinent divided into india and pakistan separating the military, the civil service, railways, treasury millions of people along religious lines, muslims to pakistan, hindus to india, displacing 10 to 20 million people Causing horrible ethnic violence resulting in deaths estimated from several hundred thousand people to two million people, it was a horrible dark time, one of the worst refugee crises weve seen in human history. Yusuf explains how manipus mother was caught up in all that. A toddler on the last train out of a station and got separated from her parents. Nobody knows how a little toddler managed to get back on the train just before the train pulled out of the station. I like how amir completes this part of the story, but then yusuf turns to kamala to finish the second part of the story about how the toddler made it back to her father. She followed a trail of stars right back to her father Music. I like how theres some subtle musical chimes here like it was some cosmic magic at play in this history, a trail of stars referring to cosmic intervention, cree tech, inhumans that sana and her mother, aisha use to survive, maybe even a cree starship transporting her back to Her father trail of stars also sounds like something america chavez might have helped out with using a path of star portals to teleport santa back to her father now this would have been almost 80 years prior im, not really sure how aging works in other dimensions, like The utopian parallel, but its just worth, bringing up trail of stars.

You know, but when yusuf mentions that manivas mother disappeared, the bangle glows, a white portal opens and kamalas eyes glow purple, as they did last episode when she was transported to that other realm. In this case, a woman appears with a purple tinted face, and this is neymar bouchas character, credited as najma im thinking, also kamalas great grandmother, aisha that kamalas nani aishas daughter, said previously owned. This bangle and the purple color on her face could make her one of those purple entities from kamalas vision. I believe, all of them representing aishas other inhuman, family and kamalas broader ancestry network, but listen closely to the sound effects. Here you can hear a train whistle. There is also the sound of a train under najma in the back seat in the final shot. Both of these train sounds could be not to aisha, getting separated from sana and sanas father at that train station and aisha later helping sana find him using that trail of stars. Now later in this episode, the illuminatis will goss about aisha. My father called her a snake. She put a curse on everything she touched. I heard that she had a secret affair and took off with someone i heard she had many affairs and she had a secret family. I heard she killed. A man happened dating partition. Yes, just some hot goss, of course, but it might be rooted in truth, just from a different point of view like aisha may have had another family of inhumans, she might have killed someone in self defense and her powers back then probably were viewed as a curse Or some kind of superstition, i just love how this series grounds kamalas family history, in the partition between india and pakistan, real world history, when many lives were lost, many families were separated, and many at that point in history were ostracized as others, something that could apply Doubly to aisha as an inhuman in the 40s that would stir up these rumors and superstitions about her in that community, leading her just getting separated during the partition and letting her family go.

So they could have a normal life. Yet still an inhuman gene would have been left in the women of this family, a legacy that moniva fears as a curse feeling shame over it, but now kamala has it and it has been activated. They attend the eid festival at their mosque or eat. Elada kamala jokes, with nakia and bruno about the illuminatis, the illuminatis. Actually, they know everything we later meet them and nakias breakdown of the different groups of this community, which is just pretty interesting timing for multiverse of madness to introduce us to the 838 illuminati. I would love it if this is the illuminati of the 616 universe and here in the animated title, the a is the all seeing eye of the illuminati conspiracy theory. We also meet the mosque bros, which actually includes a cameo by bill alfalah. The co director of episode, one in episode six, then the pious boys have the same hands together image as kamalas bismala, drawing in episode 1, but notice how the hands separate to reflect that gap that nakia refers to and then the insta click has instagram labels. Like tag blast, dean, dean being a term in islam for staying devout under allah, then dodc agent, cleary interrogates, zoe youre, not the zoe zimmer, the only one. I know what you have got to be kidding me im. A big fan, wait really! Yes, everyone in the office is yeah. Cleary knows that flattery is everything to you suspects, similar to how hes able to get ned to confess his role in no way home, but of course, his tone shifts and then the uh enhanced individual tried to kill.

You aha enhanced. That was the code term that the mcu used in place of mutants back in age of ultron. In this case it seems to be a catch all term for any rogue superpowered person mutant, inhuman, super soldier hulk. Anyone beneath the tier of sam wilsons, big, three black, big three androids aliens and wizards, but then agent deaver, joins interrogation and uh. Did she have an accent of any kind? Was she latino im, sorry im supposed to say, latinx now, right, middle eastern, south asian yeah, claras expression suggests he objects to this kind of racial profiling. But then he says: lets do the tri state sweep search every temple, community, center and and mosque just be respectful. The fbi is already surveilling. Let me know that they do leave ariane moyad off screen, but you can hear in his delivery a bit of hesitation right before he says mosque, and then they include the mention of the fbi because yeah since 9 11, the fbi has been monitoring mosques in muslim Community centers all over the country, a shift from the bureaus focus on domestic terrorism in the 90s after the oklahoma city, bombings and wouldnt. You know it that white nationalism didnt go anywhere at the festival. A kid hangs from the tower, so kamala has to suit up and cosplay to save him. I love how she tries to calm him down. Do you have a favorite food ice cream pizza? Did someone say ice cream pizza? I love how the shop the vendor just got an idea for a new food to sell this guy, better, be selling ice cream pizza.

Next episode, kamala lilly pads over to him and tries to catch him, but when the hard light gives out, she has to form another landing pad saving the day we think hopping off forming another pose, just like her fantasy self did in episode, 1 copying black widow. We see a frenzy of social media posts about this rescue, also commenting on the hilarious combination of pizza and ice cream. Id love all these memes, but they include one from frogman jewels and we will see frogman and she hulk eugene patillo as that goofball in the spring loaded frog suit that he got from his father. This angle of this photo of kamala falling is from above with the hard light below her, so frogman must have been leaping over them to get this photo of this moment, doing nothing to save them. But then again we also dont know if these memes are actually in real life or just kamalas imagination and how she thinks everyone will love her because of this, probably the latter, but kamalas concentration is broken when her great grandmother appears to her. So the hard light flickers out and the kid falls again kamalas in big hand, fails to catch him, so she has to slow his fall with just more hard platforms, leading to a pretty hard landing. Oh come on kid. You already know its your angle. Kids, trying to get kamala yellow card kamala faces a drone that looks like a dark painted customized, stark drone from spider man far from home, and no way home, also cameo to multiverse madness.

Remember that that was weird now remember. The dodc and other agencies confiscated these drones, so they would be in possession of them, but they dont necessarily have full control over tonys edith software, which might be why the drones inner interface looks different than it did and far from home. Devers shows up with dodc agents armed with these handheld sonic cannons. This should look familiar to you. This is more stark tech. First seen in the 2008 hulk film, it was a stark industrys design when they used it on the virginia campus, but tony also added these to war machines, armor and civil war when he used it on wanda maximoff. These were also on the stark drones and far from home, blowing peter off of tower bridge, and we see these same guns in the she hulk trailer suggesting it is the dodc there in that show also a crazy detail in episode, one if youre looking closely looks Like there is a photo of jamila jamil on the dodcs, wanted posters in that post credits, scene, jamil, is playing the super villain titania in she hulk. So since we see these guns in the she hulk trailer, that might mean the dodc is the same agency that jennifer walters is dealing with in that series and if matt murdock dealt with the dodc and no way home its just one more way, daredevil could cross Over into she hulk its all connected kamala wrecks these drones just as effectively as peter parker did, but the sonic cannon obliterates her hard light making.

It look so brittle and i think this hard light is actually meant to look wrinkled and creased to deliberately evoke paper. Mache as if this is glowing paper mache, as kamalas powers were activated while she was wearing paper mache captain marvel cosplay, as i explained in my video, where i interviewed the directors. This form of kamalas powers is intended to be a temporary look that kamala will evolve past, and i think this hard light is really pieces of her terrigen, cocoon that shes gradually shedding off until she reaches her final form. Camerons timing is amazing, as he swoops in to pick her up, but in the back seat is a ghost kamala ive been waiting a very long time to meet you its all connected? Oh because, if najma aka, the woman from the visions is kamalas great grandmother, aisha, if shes also camerons mother, that would make cameron kamalas grandmothers, brother or half brother if he was born with a different father, but still cameron might be kamalas grand uncle thor hook up. Kamala, with an escape here, hes adopted now, of course, it is very odd that najma is still relatively young if shes her great grandmother from the 40s, she should be older right. Well, najma may instead just be a sister or cousin to miniva, who just looks a lot like their great grandmother might still be a relative that moniva left behind in pakistan who in that case, would make cameron kamalas cousin, but no, i dont think so.

Najma looks exactly the same with these visions and in those visions she wore older clothes, had an older hairstyle. So i think najma is the same person as aisha and the agelessness is because she is an inhuman, the curse that the illuminatis were talking about. Najma and kamran might be inhumans and humans are known to live two to three times longer than humans are age more slowly now i know you might say, eternals dont age at all and cameron did mention najma liked kingo movies. I just doubt that these characters would be ideal as eternals as well. There were only 10 eternals on the planet, they were synthetic aliens, they dont really reproduce or anything. I really just think najma liked kingo because she identified another ageless figure hiding in public. Of course, another possibility to consider is that najma might just be a scroll taking on the identity of ayeshas appearance. The rumors that she was a snake could come from aisha having a skrull partner that she would trade places with the way. Fury and talos have a partnership since in the comics cameron actually serves a villain called lineage. Najma here might be, this shows version of that character. It just remains to be seen whether she is truly villainous or someone whos actually trying to help her, but also we should point out carol. Danvers cosmic power up and ensuing cree transfusions left her in a state in which she didnt really age from 1995 to 2023.

So all of this might just be a symptom of cree tech and cosmic radiation, and i just think its so ironic that kamala began this episode. Joking about how like ant man, she looks younger than she really is, and now that seems to be a genetic trait that she inherited. That is everything i spotted in episode. 2 of miss marvel check me out on instagram and twitter at eavos.