You welcome back to screen, crush im, ryan airy and lets talk about all of the easter eggs. References and little things that you might have missed in the second episode of ms marvel and were going to do a full breakdown of the episode plus explain the history of kamalas family, the mystery woman at the end and how all of this connects to guardians of The galaxy captain marvel and stuff that you havent even seen on screen yet, first of all, the marvel studios opening now features this shot of dr strange from multiverse of madness and the shot of moon knight. These shots were actually inserted in the last episode, but we missed them so heres, a couple other easter eggs that we missed when kamala is adjusting her outfit to hide her pelvic areas. She ties a scarf around her waist a nod to carol danvers outfit when she was the original. Ms marvel also, the cosplay costume committee wants her to add in a bit of herself into the suit. This is emulating the comics where she starts off using her powers to transform into a carol danvers look alike before she creates her own suit, and her suit in the comics is modeled off as salwer comes. This is a traditional central asian guard for women. The actor who plays her dad mohan kapoor is a popular south asian actor, but he was also the official hindi dub voice for doctor strange miranam. Had dr stephen strange: did the driving instructor look familiar to you? Maybe thats because hes mr clark from stranger things and the first words spoken by amir and youssef amir, if you dont, stop praying long enough to put some food in your mouth one day you will starve to death are the same words.

They first spoke in the comic back to episode 2.. Now the s here in the previously on matches the s in the ms marvel comics logo, and we see these touches all over. The show more recent marvel shows, like ms marvel and hawkeye have done a great job directly, including panels from comic book art, and it looks like taiko td, store, love and thunder is doing the same. This is all awesome for long time, comics fans, because for years weve had to watch the movies run away from the comics you actually go outside in these things. What would you prefer? Yellow spandex, the music in the opening is the song feels so good by mace and its because kamalas really feeling herself now that she has superpowers and is gon na, be famous, she tells bruno well, you didnt see anything. I tried to shrink and and fly and talk to ants and then, if it worked because in the comics she actually cant shrink herself. And she also says this about ant man because were about charming and we look a lot younger than we are making a joke about. The ageless immortal being who appears to mortals in the form of paul rudd. Next were introduced to her other best friend from the comics nakia. Now i think it was smart for the first episode to focus on bruno and not introduce too many other characters. It would have been overwhelming. Also, this episode is guiding the audience more into her culture and nakia gives her someone to speak to about events at the mosque.

You mean they got. Ta fix our section of this place, but the mens section is pristine, so zoe is able to leverage almost dying into gaining new subscribers in instant fame. Now she knows that kamala protected her, but she chooses to not give her credit night light. This is obviously a nod to neds fake name for spider man and far from home night night. Monkey night monkey, but also it makes me wonder, was zoe trying to protect her secret identity. Or did she just not want kamala to take attention away from her? Oh and see this guy with the headphones, his family has a reaction channel on youtube. Marvel put me in a show. I could break down the battle of new york for students in a classroom. I used to be a teacher. This is perfect casting so last episode. We saw bruno applying to get into caltech and in this episode we find out that he got in you got it the guidance, counselors name. Gabe wilson is a nod to g willow, wilson, the creator of kamala khan. He talks about the call to adventure, part of the movies and specifically mentioned star wars and a movie where meryl streep asks you to answer: phones for a high end fashion, company referencing the devil wears prada. Are you wearing the chanel boots yeah? I am now this moment. The call to adventure is the key part of any story and any screenplay. Oh man, dont talk about screenplays.

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So if you want to try out arcstudio click, the link in the description, you wont regret it. You should get writing today. Next, we go to the opening titles, which say a lot about this episode and kamalas character. First, the logo is on a knuckle duster. Then loveheart disco balls because shes about to fall for komron next, we see a dashboard, a nod to her driving in his car now notice the infinity sign a possible nod to the infinity stones. A miss marvel, lightning bolt, but also every warning sign is in red, indicating that comron has a hidden agenda that were going to talk about later on heres, a muscle arm flexing akin to the feminist icon, rosie, the river and a bunch of 8 bit bombs on A platforming ladder game like donkey kong. This is foreshadowing how later in the episode, kamala will have to create platforms to travel to the top of this tower and save this stupid kid. We see emojis in the mosque barrier, probably a nod to the girls doing insta during services, her bedroom and a font that looks like the teen comedy saved by the bell. This episode has lots of similarities to the criminally underrated, shazam movie, theres, kids figuring out the extent of powers, and also this i saved you only because you almost killed me first, you electrocuted a bus and almost killed these people, and then i caught it now we Have a few theories on kamalas powers, the bengal and how this will connect to the marvels that im going to talk about at the end of the video during the roof training, the song is called goddess by cruella and nervo appropriate since now, shes, like a goddess And can do anything theres, also a lyric, i kiss the ring, which might be a nod to her bengal theres, a poster here for a serial called iron bran, a neat play on iron man and this whole scene.

Let me go you have to. Let me go. Is a pretty hilarious version of this? Let me go. They noticed writing on the bangle, but actually dont think to go translate. It looks like arabic or i dont know. This could be a nod to the runes on mjolnir and stormbreaker, the norse runes on mjolnir read. He who wields this hammer commands the lighting and the storm, whereas stormbreakers runes basically read travel and storm because its a hammer that he uses to travel the bifrost and create thunderstorms. Now i love this entire sequence at the mosque and the eid mubarak festival it demystifies. Islam for non muslims, including myself, when theyre running through the cliques inside the mosque. I was like. Oh man, we had the exact same groups inside my church, especially the illuminantes. This scene also takes place during late afternoon. Prayers. Now muslims pray five times a day and communal praying is also encouraged. Also in places of worship like mosques or temples. You always have to take off your shoes. Why are they washing their faces and stuff? Well, mosques and some temples have you perform a wudu or a ritual washing its to purify yourself like how catholics will cleanse themselves with holy water before entering the church or i gotcha? Well, why do the boys and girls got ta sit in different places? Well, men and women are always partitioned to maintain modesty. You actually see this practiced in more traditional jewish services as well wow.

We all share so much and were all in this little blue dot called spaceship earth. Yes, we are nakia, decides shes, going to run for the mosque board and in the comics she was a social activist in the credit sequence. You can see a panel of her saying that change is here. This scene also takes dialogue directly from the comics nakia and kamala are in their saturday prayers at the mosque when kamala tells sheikh abdullah. They cant see him during the lecture and he explains the reason for the partition. The partition and the side entrance are there to preserve all our modesty and dignity in the hallway. Kamala has to correct her teacher on how to pronounce her name good morning, camilla this morning, actually, im going to need to tell you for years my name is pronounced. Kamala and a lot of people have been incorrectly correcting me on twitter that her name is pronounced, like the vice president, its not her creator g willow wilson clarified the pronunciation in a recent tweet, not that i dont ever pronounce her name wrong. I do it way too much and ive probably already done it in this video, but its pronounced kamala, its a derivative of the name, kamal meaning perfection, because her parents knew that she would be their last child. The name kamala is normally from a sanskrit origin, not arabic, hence the different pronunciations, in fact, in the comics nakia and kamala bond over their names not being used commonly in their respective ethnic groups, and here kamala says, hear the change.

The change is here and the changes her everyone which is taken directly from the panel that i mentioned earlier now, did any of you think it was weird how kamalas mom immediately agrees to let her go to zoes house for a party. Please, can i go okay? Yeah shes supposed to be grounded in big trouble. Yes, but in the last episode kamala mentions that zoes mom used to drive her to school, so her parents know their family, so shes allowed to go to zoes house at the party. Comrade jumps off the roof into a pool like russell stillwell. Now the song in this scene is keep on moving by b stew. The first line is im gon na keep on flying, which is perfect for a dude about to jump off a roof and even more perfect. If im on drugs at the party, she wears a winter flap cap that she wore in the original comics and in her earliest design sketches now. One thing im loving about teenagers in the mcu is that theyre played by actual teenagers who look their ages, not like 20 somethings who are playing teen. How do you do fellow kids? What and the most relatable teen reaction ever was kamala after she takes her first sip of alcohol, so relatable, oh, my god, right now, and this whole scene with the alcohol is also taken directly from the comics kamala asks, if theres any alcohol in the orange drink And then drinks it after being lied to its, not cool in the car she and cameron bond over their mutual love of bollywood movies.

Now bollywood is the nickname for indian movie studios, which actually produce more films every year than hollywood. They talk about bosagar and srk. Srk stands for shah rukh khan. The king of bollywood bazaagar was a 1993 hindi movie, which was his breakthrough role as a sole lead. Now the movie is about a guy seeking to avenge the fall of his family, which could be a parallel to the story that were about to see and might be foreshadowing komrons secret motivations. In this episode. They also talk about a hip hop group called the sweatshop boys who had a song in the last episode that group included res ahmed actor from rogue one and venom, and the show continues its brilliant production design choices of using the environment to show text messages. A perfect way to show that kamala sees this world through a fantastical lens and that her generation sees the world as an extension of the internet. Am i right so this komron story is playing out very similar to the comics. He was a family friend who moved back to jersey city like kamala. He was an inhuman whats, an inhuman okay, so its not that important, but ill go over it, because there will be parallels to all of this in the show. In the comics thousands of years ago, the earth was visited by the kree, who we saw in captain marvel and throughout the mcu. They experimented on some humans, giving them dormant superpowers that could be activated with a special fog called a terrigen mist.

We saw this in the inhumans and in agents of shield, so in the comics, kamala and komron are both inhumans descended from those original humans. The cree experimented on so in the comics kamran returns home befriends kamala and gives her a ride from school, but then takes her to meet this evil. Inhuman gangster called lineage. We see elements of that in this episode, except he apparently works for her great grandmother, but more on that. At the end of the video. Also, the bengal unlocks some power inside kamala. It looks like your power isnt coming from the bank its coming from within you. So in this way, shes like an inhuman and inherited powers from her great grandmother without even knowing it and the bengal works like the terrigen mist, anyways kamala gets home and does her version of the risky business song, but to the rawnettes be my baby. This whole sequence looks like a bollywood super solo extra number and this purple even matches the color of her powers. Another nod that this is the true power from inside of her and shes created it around her. In this fantasy and in the fantasy, she draws comrades who appear like he does in the comics and theyre surrounded by flying sloths kamalas favorite animal from the comics, except here theyre like cherubs in space. Then her powers manifest in unexpected ways, kind of like any teenager. Having body issues like a pimple appearing literally one second, before you asked jessica to the homecoming dance, stupid pimple, you ruined my life also, she is wearing a t shirt with an old school drawing of black widow and a replica of carol danvers military jacket, which now Includes the insignia of her logo, nakias monologue about putting on her scarf serves a couple purposes now.

It gives us a personal perspective on what its like for a young muslim woman like when i put this on, i feel like me like. I have a purpose, but also it inspires kamala to feel like herself when she puts on a bangle. So she can feel like its a part of her and not some piece of jewelry that randomly gives her a shiny nose now the scarf that nakia gives her for her date. Not a date looks like the pattern of the scarf that kamala wears in the first issue of her comics, while shes driving kamala wears aviator glasses, so she can feel like her hero carol danvers. Then she and kamran get into a deep conversation about their mutual interests and culture, which is always a great feeling. Finally, someone who speaks english, they talk about the great bollywood star, raj kingo diva, that sounds familiar thats, because its the name of kingo, one of the eternals im part of the greatest dynasty in the history of bollywood, comrade even says that his mom is a fan Of king ghost senior a hint that she is way too old to be his mother unless shes immortal or something he also name drops the great british bake off im. A huge fan of the great british bake off, which is a pretty great show. No, what jelly art would you make nude sculpture of poor hollywood? Oh, what flavor would the nipples be lime, so at family dinner we get a little bit more of the family history like why the family moved to america, so that our children could be anything that they wanted to be like becoming a superhero.

So her dad has this optimistic view of moving to america, whereas her mom always has to keep them grounded and still within the standards and expectations of their culture. So, in a lot of ways, kamala is always feeling pulled between these two cultures. Then they talk about the partition, which frankly, is a black mark on human history. Basically, while india won its independence from britain, pakistan and india were created as separate nations with pakistan, primarily being the home of the muslim population, and this resulted in an enormous refugee crisis. Violence, rapes, resettlements and thousands of people disappearing. A lot of muslims from what became the new india fled to pakistan and hindus and sikhs from what became pakistan fled to india. Then eastern pakistan broke off and became bangladesh after a protracted civil war in bangladesh, genocide in 1971.. So think of this, in the context of this show, kamalas grandmother was nearly one of these lost people until a trail of stars led her to her father, a trail of stars that was probably created by kamalas, great grandmother, aisha, who also had abilities, but from what We gather she did not always use those abilities, honorably and might have even been involved in the underworld. Now her grandmothers name sana might be a tribute to marvel comics editor sana amanot, who edited ms marvel among many other books. When kamala hears this story, her band activates and she passes out its got to be the evil eye, and her mom says a line that i think any mom in any culture would say: did you not eat anything or did you eat too much? Also notice that here on her wall, she drew herself as captain marvel foreshadowing her eventual superhero identity.

The next day, her parents show her just how jersey they are by extolling their love for bon jovi dont question, my love for the captain. Kid ill bet you any money. We will get a track from slippery win wet on this show at some point, maybe when her mom finally accepts her, for who she is, i mean living on. A prayer actually is like a perfect choice for the soundtrack of the show. Then we get to eid, which is a basically a three day. Festival that celebrates the end of ramadan ramadan is a period of fasting and prayer, so everyone makes special food for when their families and friends are invited to come over and celebrate. So one of the groups in the mosque are the illuminatis and they have this name because theyre an exclusive group, but also because they know everything you do before you even do it shes going to discover that she doesnt have a ring on her finger thats. What shes going to discover? Next we go to the department of damage control which first appeared in homecoming, but then arrested peter parker and his friends in no way home agent, cleary leans on zoe, just like he did to ned by starting off, like their friends, wait. Youre youre, not the zoe zimmer. Can we get ned a snack? Please absolutely hes been waiting here i got you. I go dude im, so sorry about that. He uses the term enhanced individual.

Like we first heard cap use in age of ultron. We have an enhanced in the field and hes being assisted by elysia. Reiner from orange is the new black. I was once a pa on a movie with her and she is the nicest woman in the world. Kamala learns that her great grandmother had a dark past. I heard she killed a man and this woman is anjali bhumani the voice of the first indian hero in overwatch, and this auntie is a staple in bollywood. Cinema shes, your mom, then kamala gets her next superhero gig saving a dumb kid dumb, kids in superhero movies are great. Like this dumb kid in superman, 2 whos chilling on the wrong side of a rail at niagara falls Music to get the kid to stop panicking. She says just calm down and think happy thoughts, a reference to peter pan, another child hero with superhuman abilities. You think of a wonderful thought, any happy little thoughts. So his response ice cream pizza ends up blowing up the internet as every photo of the rescue is intercut with a meme about ice cream pizza. After saving him, she strikes a superhero pose its a fighting, pose youre. A total poser notice that her saw where kameez is poking out of the jacket more akin to her costume from the comics, showing her evolution from carol danvers and embracing her own identity. Then she loses her concentration when she sees a vision of who, i think, is her great grandmother where she is wearing the same red clothing that was in the box that was from hernani and theres a few cool florists in the credits, including her signature flying sloths.

Her red chuck taylors her dad as the hulk and this graffiti of her first comics cover, but the big reveal from this ending is neem rabbuka shes, a legendary pakistani actress, who, i think is playing her great grandmother who is alive and like the immortal being known As paul rudd, she is unravaged by time, but why is that a grandma? Should this be some evil? Lady? Yes, but i think its her great grandmother, because the first time she appears is right after the story about the train station and we hear the sound of a train. We can also hear the train whistling in the background. At the end, when komron introduces her as his mom its lucky to be my mom, so lets assume for a moment that this is her evil, great grandmother. She would have the same cosmic energy inside of her that kamala has, but maybe without the bengal. She has no way to activate it. The bengal works like the terrigen, missed in the comics, unlocking the power that kamala inherited from her ancestors. Here it has the added bonus of embracing her familys heritage and history, while also forging a new american identity for herself very own theme. This is kind of like wanda maximoff agatha shows her that she was born as a witch with abilities, but it took the mind stone to unlock her full potential. This would also mean that kamala has a crush on her great uncle, but ive seen worse.

Maybe comrade also inherited powers, which is how he was able to jump off a ruth unscathed. Now it seems like comrade was assigned to getting close to her, because his mother knew that the bengal had been activated. She says: ive been waiting a very long time to meet you, which again makes me think that this is her great grandmother. She could be a different version of the villain lineage, who i mentioned earlier. Lineage had the ability to access all the knowledge of his ancestors, which would also tie in well with this shows themes about carrying on the memories of your culture and ancestral trauma from events like the partition. The bengal might also have some ancestral knowledge stored within it. That also connects to her great grandmother. One possibility is that her great grandmother is actually a cree soldier kind of like we saw in captain marvel and the bands would activate her powers, see the cree were big on genetic experimentation, so this would make sense. It would also connect kamala to captain marvel and give her a reason to leave earth in the sequel, so the bangle could be the mcu version of a couple of different objects in the comics. One are the quantum bands which are worn by the hero quasar. So we can protect the universe and then there are the nega bands, a cree, relic worn by captain marvel. Now these bands actually trapped him in another dimension called the negative zone, but he could trade places with the character named rick jones.

It could be that when kamala has these visions shes actually seen through the negative zone, so the theory could go like this, the cree genetically engineered soldiers to live on earth and they give them these bands that harness their power, kamalas great grandmother, turned on the cree Or abandoned her mission because she fell in love and had a family, but the cree came looking for her, so she disappeared come to think of it thats very much. The plot of captain marvel and sort of the plot of coco and also turning red. So this woman in the car could be her great grandmother or the cree villain who killed her great grandmother. Maybe aishas last act was to make sure that her daughter got on the train with one of her bangles. So you remember at this point. The cree are actually in decline, as we saw in guardians of the galaxy they just lost 100 year war with zandar, and now the skrulls are back in full force, as we saw and far from home. So these bans could actually be the key to unlocking some kind of important cree weapon that would put them back on top of the galactic pecking order, but thats just our thoughts and theories.