You might have noticed in some of my recent videos that ive had some pretty cool aerial shots and uh. That is thanks to this dji mavic air ii, its um, an amazingly easy thing to fly. I i bought a cheap drone just to try out and uh. I crashed it a couple times smacked it into a wall and anyways. I couldnt ever get it. I couldnt ever get it to actually do any real um video, the other one. It was cheap. It was cheap, though it was like 100 bucks, this ones a lot more than that um, this ones about 600 on amazon, but what it comes with is it comes with comes with this. The drone itself, which you see has a it, has a 4k video camera on it that uh has its own gimbal, so it can do really nice uh, steady, steady, video, uh, well youve, seen it youve seen the video its its very steady and youll see more Of that video in a minute but um, so it comes with battery heres. The battery comes with the drone itself, does come with some uh extra blades and then heres the controller it comes comes with now. You can hook this to android phone or you can hook this to an iphone. I think its really meant for an iphone, but it works fine. I i using android um. I would id recommend having having a uh if youre really gon na get into it.

Have a phone thats just dedicated to it, and not your personal phone that you use because its annoying when youre trying to fly the thing and facebook messenger is going off or you get a text message or somebody calls or anything happens on your phone while youre Trying to fly its kind of annoying so heres the controller you plug it into your phone here and then just it comes with. It actually comes with usb cords uh for pretty much um any device youre gon na plug it into it, has usbc mini usb and, of course, lightning for uh for iphone. So it also comes with heres the charger for the battery, and so you charge the controller charge the controller with the usb uh. It also comes with extra joysticks which stick in the bottom here it did not come with this case. It did not come with this battery. I bought the case uh and i bought an extra battery for it. The battery life on it is about 30 minutes, which is which is surprisingly a lot. It has a got a little sd card mini sd card slot. In the side – and it does have its own internal memory as well, so you can record without the little card, but i like the card because i can just pop the card out pop it into a computer, its you know its a lot easier. It uh also does come with a little cover for the gimbal so that it keeps it keeps it safe, while youre storing it so yeah see just like that and then to uh fold this guy up that helps you put the osd cover back it just folds Up like this and pull those guys in and fold this in and fold this in now they say: if you get one of these, they say to not store it with batteries that are full, so dont dont charge these guys up and then store them.

These are, and you can check the charge just by pressing the button you can see. This ones only got one little light on it, so its almost dead and then this one is also one light – is almost dead, so thats the way youre supposed to store them. Uh long term thats the way youre supposed to storm. I just keep them like that. I know what im gon na use that i dont just you know say: oh, i need to go fly the drone.