You got this third person that’s. All that matters is, if you see it, i could see you actually run only two bolts you weren’t kidding. Oh did i knock you out yeah. What is up guys? Welcome back to the channel it’s currently the weekend before rampage, i wasn’t planning on flying, but we have someone in town that i’ve been meaning to link up with so we’re finally going to make it happen: i’m, with brickwall i’m with bad company and we’re at this Sick ass parking garage – i flew here once i did a one pack, you might recognize this spot, but i’ve never actually made an edit. So hopefully we can get one today and i just got a message: look that’s who’s showing up right there. Mr steely’s 15 minutes out so this is gon na be sick. I can’t wait Music, oh i’m, so dizzy from that it wasn’t super fast dude. It looks so fast from my angle. You were mopping, you weren’t, even adjusting at all. You were like in a spot where you’re just locked at the perfect axis: oh it’s, so sick tree it’s a little tight in there, but it’s sick. I like how there’s so many like doors and stuff wow. How am i on this roof? What the? What like? Canopy yeah they can. Oh, i see at least you’re right in the edge grab it, but it looks like Music, oh it’s, like wedged, underneath it yeah that’s, so good all right, so we got some field.

Repairs going happens like that. Sometimes you can’t, you never know what to expect with drones, but it’s. My turn and we’ll see what happens: Music first, Music, church, Music, foreign, Music, uh, Music, hi Applause, forever; Music Applause, all right, so we’re, gon na end it at this spot. I got like a couple packs in but i’m scared to fly because one by one everyone went down so we’re gon na just kind of hang out for a bit and then meet back up at a nighttime spot. So this should be sick, here’s, the steed she’s. Still alive, i only got one gopro working right now, but the drone’s fine, so just got ta, make it through the night, all right so it’s night time now we just hit another spot. This spot is sick. We got a big parking garage. We got some neon lights and we’re getting some ripping in it: Music, matt, damon, nuts that’s. What this pocket is for right here, i don’t know if i can see it right next to you: oh dji, digital that might work Music, all right, i’m ready. If you guys are okay, so i’m gon na record um wait i’m, not ready my controller’s off all right now, i’m good! Are you ready, let’s head there? Oh, i just got here. I see you first i’m trying to land on it. Oh a little bunk it’s! So slippery i’m gon na come beside you. Is it moving Music, this upper levels? One wait, i lost you.

I went to the lower level one. Oh, i see you uh i’m at the upper one. Now, okay, you see the one that’s over there. This one will for sure move this one’s light. The thing is it’s going to be like when he just did the ball. You just got to keep your drone on and like that i’m on it are you one too yeah, i’m. Looking i’m, looking at you? Oh i’m, looking at you, oh no you’re, gon na get started Music, see if you can get me doing a power loop, all right, i’m. Looking that way, oh we seen something Laughter someone’s in the comments it’s gon na, be like you better. You didn’t disarm. I know i hate that the it’s, like obvious this is i mean i might be able to disarm, it’s a piece of paper. Oh, oh, it would be really hard to disarm all right, let’s see what about oh, you hit it. I hit it, but what if we like i’m trying to it, won’t move all right. Oh all, right here here watch it i’m gon na try to hit a good one that didn’t move it. That was a hard hit, moved a little it’s like wobbling whoa. Still nothing, though, that thing is solid. Oh you survived yeah. I had to do a little roll to make sure let’s see. How are you you’re, like yeah? I didn’t want to the second time i tried to do it like to the side like like that.

That was a hard hit it’s, not moving at all. I think it’s so hard mounted. I think it’s got like a stiff yeah. Oh, i just think we just oh yeah. Probably i look down and you’re below me. Oh you’re, on it i’m about to land beside you, oh i’m, on it right. Next to you. Oh, it fell off slide over a little. Oh here, i’ll slide over to the left, hey homie! What you doing there! Oh turn keep turning perfect that’s tight i’d say i’ve, never seen someone else in it. Yeah my hands are off my hands off the controller. Oh you’re, coming towards me: oh no hands on controller again anything else cool in here here: hey let’s! Go to that the dive you were talking about on the staircase. Oh the tone, so you’re saying go under this railing. All right so are you. Are you out on the side i’m inside the parking garage, oh you’re, on the outside, so yeah? I was thinking, maybe like. Oh on that side. Oh god, oh dude kick! Flip i’m, above you don’t, go up all right i’m on the right coming in sideways and corkscrewing down. Yeah all the way through yeah, all right, i’m gon na hit that right now all right hit it i’m gon na watch it from the outside we’ve, never watched it outside. Damn corkscrew got it. It was easier to keep going than to try to stop. I got ta come back, my battery’s dead.

What i don’t even see that i’m not even halfway it’s a 4s life – oh i’m, at 13, 7. How about now, i’m following you? Oh you got close on that wall. Yeah let’s, get it better. I, like i wasn’t stuck in one axis. If you know what i mean, i was adjusting yeah i’m ready Music, oh right into the wall, i’m down one sec. I took it way too wide i’m turtling down multiple stairs. Oh all, right, i’m! Back up i’m, on the top floor, all right i’m behind you, yeah dude. I am on your ass he’s, a gay Applause there’s like this kind. I fell off the side where Applause. Oh, i see, i see like an actual sign, left or right side. I’M. On i’m on the pole, not the sign yeah, not the so it doesn’t count all right, we’re like at the entrance way on the left side by the stars. If you’re gon na enter from the street, all right – oh you just planned on me, are you on my gopro yeah i’m? Still, there i’m, balancing it so we’re inside, but like right when you enter you’ll, see us we’re around with, like a top of a handicap. Looking sign oh he’s on my gopro, i don’t know if that’s ever happened before it looks sick from my eagle, oh someone’s, behind you watching i don’t know where brick is. I think i see brick walking in the parking lot in the background.

In my drone view, oh, i think i saved it. Oh you’re on me. I see your leg yeah we’re on it. You got this third person that’s. All that matters is, if you see it, i could see you actually run. Only two bolts you weren’t kidding. Oh, did i knock you out yeah that i’m on the pole above us? Oh, i dropped through it yeah. Let me try to go on you. You just went straight on the gopro that’s. Probably the easiest way like the way. I was because oh you’re, actually on the pole, i’m gon na, send it though don’t kill that endangered species – oh did you go down? Oh did i hit you. Did i go down too hard? I think mine was easier to lock in because well not no, where i was locked in because i was on the pole and i was oh, my gopro’s dead i’m coming in i’m at 12, volts 11 volts 10 volts, my gopro might have turned off. Oh no it’s on stay on gopro stay on going up two all right. This time i didn’t up so you’re you’re near the discovery you’re near that sign still yeah like i want to slide down and look to the side and look at each other. I think we actually can i’ll be on the left, all right, i’m gon na track off you i’m ready. When you are. Oh, we hit each other. Oh with the flip.

That was sick. We were fi, oh Music, oh you went over me. Oh that time i bashed it hard. He said: oh, oh there’s, a wire in the middle. I almost just hit it on the big one, all right, yeah that was sick. I was like locked on you pretty good. Where are you dude? I was hauling s we’re sliding down this like first floor that you see like the hill, like big sliding it’s, all right, ready. I’M going. Oh, you came under me yeah as i did a flip out of it. You went shooting under me. I think that was you. Oh, it might have been you oh yeah. It was aaron, it wasn’t you all right, i’m ready ready going. Oh all three of us at the end. Yes, i start to lose speed. Once i hit the like the goal, the um drain gaps is this all our last pack dab. I got that oh Music, wait. We could probably get you let’s fix them Music. I think i’m gon na oh you’re, do chopping each other yeah. Sorry i was trying to turtle you out. I don’t want to up your, though you think if i just do a full speed up, i’ll flip him. What if i put my back end under it, because my front won’t go under? Oh sorry, all right! I’M! Just you up now, i think you’re, better, all right one more go! One more! Go one more go! Oh my god yeah! I think we’re both stuck dude all right later, dude, my battery’s dead, i’m at 12, 9.

12, 3, 11. 10. 11.. All right guys! So i’m gon na end it here tonight was epic. We did so much fun, stuff, it’s, so fun flying with other people, especially when you can do crazy stuff, like we did today they’re up here, we we were all running into each other non stop. Did i chop you up too terrible, nothing, crazy, it’s, just my antennas, oh yeah, i don’t yeah.