We are looking at an akardi with 90 pace with 90 dribbling 92 shooting 76 passing with the 84 physicals as well, and he is a 5 foot, 11 player with four star skill moves and a four star weak foot. The only thing you could really argue against on this screen is the work rates yes high medium, especially in that strike position would have 100 been better, but we are gon na have to deal with the medium medium. Now, when it comes down to the chem stall, ive gone for the engine, listen the engine cams down, i would say, is perfect for this card. The other camera, so you could possibly go for, is the hawk cam style simply because of the long shots right, youre. Giving this guy the extra pay still youre, giving this guy extra physicals, which is gon na, be nice, but i would say, not necessary, but the main reason you are giving this guy. The hawk is because of the long shots giving this guy a stupid amount of long shots with a stupid amount of shot. Power is always gon na, be nice, with shooting its just with how hes dribbling stats are with how good, like the balance, the reactions, the ball control, the dribbling and the composure. The one thing i dont want him to be: let down by is the agility so giving this guy the engine cam so giving him 85 agility will be really really nice to work with with the other dribbling stats and keep in mind with the engine.

Chem stole youre still upgrading this guys pace, hes still getting at 96 acceleration with 94 sprint speed boost its just. The only thing you arent touching is the shooting and the physicals now im gon na be honest. The shooting looks more than enough, like 99 attacking positioning 96, finishing 94 shot power, 80 long, shots 94 volleys with a 91 penalties as well, and on top of that, with the outside foot, shot trait its like. You could argue about the long shots, but you know for a fact. This guy inside the box is most likely going to be very, very clinical, now hes, passing ability its looking like your average striker pass. Ive said that, in how many reviews now where the passing is ju, the short passing sorry is just amazing its just the long passing is absolutely dreadful, its just with a cardi. He actually has got 90 vision with a 68 long passing. So i reckon the long passing wont act like 68. I reckon it will act like a bit. You know better lets say its just. It still wont be very, very consistent and the physicals 99 jumping with 95 heading accuracy, keep in mind hes a 5 foot 11 player so were not talking about like a 5 foot 8 strike here now were talking about a striker. Thats got a good amount of height to his game, so yeah 99, jumping 95 heading accuracy is incredible with the power header trait, and he also has got 82 stamina with 90 strength and 70.

Aggression would have liked the aggression to be slightly better but hey. It is what it is that 90 strength, especially in that striker position lets just say: hes going to be causing defenders a little bit of an issue. Now when it comes down to the links come on man, leonardo messi gets a hyperlink with him. You got mbappe getting a strong link. You got neymar getting a strong link. You got players like gilson martins, gwen doozy, getting weak links. Youve got a strong link with kampembe a strong link with marquinhos theres too many too many good links with this guy. So yeah. The links are absolutely incredible. Now, when it comes down to positions, i am going to be playing icardi in one position and one position only and it is gon na – be that strike position in a four four two formation so lets get into the games and lets see how good this card Is gon na be pass it over to gwen doozy? Can i get the driven pass? I can good touch and turn oh wow green times as well. Okay, all right its if its off kick off so keep that in mind. But what was those touches, and what was that turn? That was an incredible incredible turn. Yes, we did green time it with that weaker foot and yeah it did fly into the back of the net. Lets give him a drone pass again lets see how he takes a touchdown.

That is a good touch that is oh, my okay, okay, power, shot across oh caleb navas ends up saving that that dribbling, though all those like quick little touches. Hmm, you know what i mean. Hmm give me that passing option well played. Can i get that first time pass? I can go with that turn will roll as well. You know what we might as well give it a go: okay, a decent lung shot. It got hit with a lot of power. You can clearly tell its just uh kayla navas. That was just an easy save for him wasnt it. The thing is right: he has got like decent long shots, its nothing amazing its 80s. So we have to give him a go time to time. We cant be scared of it. You know im gon na turn here there you go, give it to him. Well, roll that nice turns you see those touches. Can i get the finish as well? Okay, hold up hold up a second. What is this dribbling with 85 agility to a card? I will tell you guys right like right now. I was not expecting him to feel that good on the ball give that into early into the inside im, just going to try to use his pace here to maybe get around company, keep it going, keep it going ooh. No, i couldnt get that instant touch. You know what that low key could have been a penalty, but that was really nice pace for him play the first time there you go touch turn.

Should we go from this hard angle? Oh my god. Oh, if that went in, if that went in especially the fact that he used these outside foot shot right there. Oh, that was close. I want to see if our card is actually going to make that run there yeah hes, not trying to make it like an aggressive run there, which i probably like and bappe, definitely definitely would, and that is definitely questionable, definitely questionable, because i want him to make That run there, so i can just go for like a through ball in behind that around here, nice well played and bappy im going to hit that towards the near post, and we actually end up missing the opportunity we scored, what both goals. I believe it is on that week. I felt, but this time we end up missing it play that frugal. There you go, keep it going just pull roll this. I might just use these pace. There you go. Is there going to be a pass? Theres always going to be a pass and vape is going to give you the option and its a guaranteed goal picked out a little bit go for a fake shot through nice, acceleration fight for it. No, i want to like eat like a quick bounce there to see if i can walk away of a goal. It was great acceleration, though, through the gap. Oh, my just driven past this year, there you go good, touch and turn as well.

Nice little bull. Roll! Look at that well, roll again keep going bro look at hes dribbling, i i know i overdid it. I know i overdid it, but hes dribbling feels incredible. I feel like its that unique body type with a combination with those kind of dribbling stats that make him feel that good, like. I was not expecting him to be able to turn that fast well played mbappe and they still run as well great strength. Unbelievable strength can i go for the finesse shot. I dont know why i went for the finisher im going to be honest, the financial at that kind of angle, especially inside the box, its never really really going to work out, but the one thing i really liked there was the strength. Did you see? Kampembe? Do a falling over animation once he got any contact onto a cardi play like good dummy. Can i play that early? I can good touch as well. Great acceleration. Keep it going nice ball. Roll were gon na, go for it green time. Can i get a rebound again what whats happening today? Why are we just consistently getting rebounds? It was a good long shot, a very good long shot hes. Just it was a bear save clearly he is definitely one of those players that loves to come short like. I rarely see him making a run in behind unless it is wide open. Exactly like that. What is that for finish by the way non time? Didnt even bother – and it goes top bins with that amount of power im gon na see if i can just get him to run in behind thats a good turn and bappy use your pace now great touch well, roll round a keeper.

Take it very calm. It was kind of a weird animation right with uh kayla navas. I believe it is. It looked like for a second. He was actually gon na get there, but yeah the ball around the keeper. Guaranteeing us that goal right there and uh weve got another rage quit how many rage quit. Is that look? How deep a card is actually dropping? Just to give me a passing option like look at him, hes right there sitting right next to me, can i go for a shot there? I can, but it gets blocked. I dont know if i like that i dont, like my striker, dropping all the way to like a cdn position just to give me a passing option, i kind of want them up there ready, so they can take a touch, turn and obviously score. A goal. Lets see what we can do off a corner, though smack it towards the near post. He is up against virgil van dyke, its gon na be tough, wait, wins it 5, foot, 11, 99, jumping and obviously an amazing heading accuracy with the power header tray as well. Get that kapu nice good hit just drew him past that overtone bappy quickly pass that down. I might just use his pacey yeah thats, perfect pop the shot across goal, its always going to go in thats like a guaranteed goal for cardi, and this guys paused as well. Theres no shot right, theres, no way this guys making people rage thats a good run of gwen doozy.

Can i get that all the way up there? I kind of can thats a good tackle fake shot for wood, perfect, well roll. The keeper! No way did you see the second animation noir: did there and thats not even a corner, either come on ea lets test out hes long passing. I want to see how this is gon na. Actually do i mean vinnie is literally wide open right. So if that part, doesnt really work out, i would have to kind of question it look. How deep hes actually came as well. Good touch, really good touch. I wanted to go for an outside foot shot there, but i didnt really get the angle. The dribbling on this card, though, has really really surprised me. I didnt think it was going to be anywhere near as good as it actually is. Get a ball. Kapoor well played around a really good press touch and turn i tried to use his pace. There. Didnt really work out. We get very lucky, were gon na go for the finesse shot with the four star weak foot. It was a good animation because its slightly off target, i might just run with kapoor a little bit here. I feel like its going to be very unexpected. Kapoor uses strength pretty well as well. Good turn, really good turn and water finish side netting. The keeper has no chance, is he through on goal? He might actually be throwing goal there.

He does well with the strength and what no? No, no! No. What did i just witness from the keeper ive, never seen that and how we havent finished. That kind of annoys me flick it up, click it over flick. Imagine imagine i just tried it. We had to try it after that. What is that hes going to make that run there? He is actually going to make that run. Thats a very good run. Good scoop turn as well good, driven pass very good german pass. You can clearly tell the 95 short passing is coming into play. I dont think he screwed up a single short pass. I played play that extra pass shield him off. Nice go for it green goal. Hes, shooting is incredible, a stronger foot. It flies into the back of the net, the weak foot – i must admit i have missed some opportunities, but the majority of the time you can tell theres a lot of power behind the shot there. You go hes, seeing it or not. Apparently not i tried to go football. He i dont even know what i was doing. Im gon na be honest. I took a few touches. I tried to do skill moves. It didnt really work out. I said why not lets go for the shot he used, these outside foot shot trait and it flies in like that. So it is time to review and we ended up playing five games of acardi.

We actually scored nine goals and we also came out with two assists as well. Incredible generally incredible. Well, the one thing that i thought was gon na: let this car down was the agility right, but the thing is with a unique body type with a combination of the other driven stats. Trust me he does not feel like he has 85 agility. It makes it feel like he has 90 plus. I was so happy with how he felt on the ball. The shooting ability theres, no doubt about it. His long shots are disappointing right and i understand some people want to go for the hawk cam style. Im telling you guys right now, though, go for the engine, especially of how he felt today. I definitely do recommend the engine, its just the shooting ability, its always going to, let you down because it isnt going to be the most consistent thing. One thing i will tell you guys, though, dont be scared to go for it, its still 80 long shots. It still has got 94 shot power as well. So it will go in time to time its just its not going to go in every single time, but lets talk about the shots inside the box. Come on come on man, the shots inside the box is clinical. He places it into the corner. The power is stupid, stupid every single time as well. There definitely was certain occasions, though he could have done a little bit better with that four star: weak foot, but thats a four star, weak fight at the end of the day right its gon na be good.

The majority of the time, but then youre gon na get like one or two opportunities where the shot goes down, the middle or the shot even misses the whole target. Thats. Just how a four star weak foot is, this year, so yeah the shooting inside the box. Beautiful pace wise actually better than what i expected it to be, and the thing is as well that i really did enjoy is the combination he uses with the 90 strength with the pace. What he does is, he gets in front of players like varane, gets in front of players like kempen bay as well, and then he uses that 90 strength to hold them off, and it just allows me to continue running in a straight line and it doesnt allow Them to really get around me so yeah, the 90 strength with the pace was solid and the jumping ability is the last thing were going to be talking about. We all know, according being 5 foot 11., he isnt going to be a player that out headers uh showdown, sulei showdown pk or even a virgil van dyke, its not going to happen right. But if he matches up against someone with a similar height like a marquinhos essay or even even a kampembe lets, say right, he will out headed him with the 99 jumping, and i can tell you guys right now, especially with that power header trait, with 95 heading Accuracy, its gon na be a bullet of a header.

Now, if we are talking about the price of this card 235k on xbox and 210k on playstation, its a bargain theres, no way me playing this its a bargain. It really is its very, very good pricing, especially with the links you get with them, links to mbappe links to leonardo messi, hyperlink with messi. You get a link with a neymar as well its unreal generally unreal, so yeah 230k definitely definitely worth it now. The thing that i definitely would say, im disappointed in is the movement i dont really like his movement, its okay straight up, okay, but its nothing special. He comes way way too often. I can tell you guys right now: it would have been so much better with high medium work crates than it is with media medium. I feel like he drops way too much into like a sentiment position when he is a striker. I wanted to stay up there. So i can go for that, touch, go for that turn and go for the instant shot, so i can go ahead and score goals its just. There is a lot of occasions where he comes short, but keep in mind if a gap is wide open thats when he will decide to make a run into it. Now, if i am comparing him comparing them to one person and one person only, i would say benzema because i feel, like the majority of people have benzema in their team right now.

So i would say: akadi wins on dribbling arcade also wins on passing ability. Because of how good a short passing is. I wouldnt even, i would even say your cardi wins on the shooting ability and the physicals as well. I feel like the only thing benzema has over this accardi card is pace because you have to put the hunter kemps doll on bens ma, but this is the thing right. The movement on benzema in that striking position with the high low work crate is the reason i would still go for benzema over this card right here. Benzemas movement in that striking position is incredible. Genuinely incredible and the movement i saw from mccarty it isnt anything top tier. He likes to come through way way too often so yeah for me, flashback benzema still over this a cardi card. Now, where would the cicada cod go in the attackers t list a plus? I wouldnt put him in the s t because of that movement, but he 100 is an a plus card.