Did i really say all that yeah and now its this week and its time for you to deliver you better? Have some major lasers look theyre watching dont mess this up, welcome back to the military, humvee electric vehicle conversion. Im super surprised. I didnt know this until yesterday, but japan actually made their own imitation military humvee. It was manufactured by toyota and this is real. It was called the mega cruiser it had the same transmission tunnel about the same size and even had portal axles down by the tires and im sure the mega cruiser was pretty great, with its 280 pound feet of torque, but thats still gon na be peanuts compared To the over 800 pound feet of torque that my electric humvees gon na have today were gon na mount that electric motor, along with all the drivetrain components, should be pretty fun. Lets get started. Music Applause, Music, weve drawn up motor mounts for all of my electric vehicle components in a free program called fusion 360. taking measurements of the hummer frame and trying to use as many bolt holes as possible from the previous components that we removed earlier. Because the less we have to change the quicker and easier it is to get things mounted, but how do we take those computer designs and transition them into reality? The answer is with lasers, Music, Music. You thought i was joking huh right now, im inside of a giant industrial laser from a company called oshkot, which conveniently is very close to where i live.

This thing behind me is a 10 kilowatt laser, which means there are over 10 000 watts of light, focusing power that can slice through over inch thick slabs of metal pretty easily. This video is not sponsored, i just think its pretty fascinating and im going to show you how it works. I can take my motor mount designs, throw them on the website and have them cut and sent to me the very next day it makes prototyping projects like what were doing pretty simple and pretty quick were talking 3.3 million times stronger than your little laser pointer at Home one example of how all this works is: we have a model of a tesla cyber truck right here. You know laser cut right out of metal. We can take this design, throw it on oshkos website pick which metal we want. Like brass stainless, steel, aluminum were gon na, go with stainless steel since thats, what the cyber truck is actually made of and in less time than youve spent listening to me talk the laser has finished, cutting it out can box it up and ship it to your House, the very next day, like i said, makes prototyping pretty quick and easy. If you want a laser cut cyber truck of your very own, i will have the design for this down in the video description for free. All you have to do is pay for the cutting and the shipping and, of course, youll have to bend it into shape yourself now lets get to the big stuff, my motor mounts Music.

I decided to go with 304 stainless steel for my motor mounts since thats. What the tesla electric cyber truck is made from and its just you know a little shinier than regular steel, so itll match all of my electric components. The aesthetic aspect of stainless is kind of cool. Luckily, ash cut keeps a lot of material on hand, so i can pick pretty much any metal that i want to for my motor mounts. Itll make more sense how all these pieces get assembled in just a second Music Music. As you can see, the laser is cutting out flat sheets of metal, but in order to make our metal mounts a little more structural, we can add some bins and ash cut has a machine that does this as well. The piece youre looking at here is the motor shelf Music, and this piece is going to help support the motor from behind the laser gets directed through a fiber optic cable to the head of the machine where it gets focused onto the surface of the metal. In a super fine line, the laser is capable of cutting through one inch thick pieces of steel and aluminum. The head of the cutting machine accelerates at 1.8 gs, which is about the same force that you would get in an f1 race car. It gets a lot of work done really fast. The nice thing for me is that my motor mounts are relatively small and ash cut.

Isnt charging me for the full sheet of metal, since they can divide out the pieces of metal and reuse. The straps, which is a win win for everyone. One of the reasons stainless steel is used. A lot in medical equipment is because it doesnt rust and it also doesnt become brittle in super cold temperatures. So if, for whatever reason, i was driving my hummer around on mars, where it is super cold, my motor mounts would be just fine. The finishing machine takes the stainless steel and suctions it to the rubberized belt kind of like a reverse air hockey table and slides it through a belt sander, along with a couple pairs of drum sanders, which deburr the sharp edges and give kind of a clean finish To the metal we cut hexagons into the platform for the inverter. This decreases the weight of the metal while not decreasing too much of the strength. Then we make our way over to the press. Brake Music. The press brake is a massive machine that can bend full sheets of metal with the force of about 150 tons. If youre american thats about the weight of 60 ford f 150s were bending the metal for multiple reasons, one we need it to fit. The shape of the hummer and two bent metal has more strength than just flat metal Music, with everything laser cut, cleaned off and bent its time to install it in the hummer so welding. This up is kind of fun were using stainless steel.

So when its underneath, the truck itll always stay shiny because stainless steel doesnt rust and were using something called tig welding to put it all together, Music with tig welding, we have a couple different steps. We have the electrode here the grounding clamp which is attached by metal table and the electrode take a look at this. The electrode has a tungsten tip and its called a non consumable electrode, which means that we can add any amount of filler material that we want because, as the arc is generated between the electrode and the stainless steel plate, the temperature gets hotter than the surface of The sun, which melts the stainless steel rod, i have onto the stainless steel and creates a bond between the two materials tig welding, which is what this is, is much more difficult than mig welding, which is the type of welding that has the wire feed. And all you do is press a trigger and youre basically done with this set up theres a lot more variables to control one. You have to control how fast youre, feeding the filler rod in and two theres a foot pedal that you have to press to control. The amperage or how hot it gets in order to get a good arc. The tungsten needs to be ground down to a super sharp point which is probably hard to see on camera, but it just makes a more controllable weld. So this is going to be the plate that the inverter sits on in the front of the humvee and since theres, nothing structural, going on with this.

I think im going to try a few wells myself, Music, so not too shabby. I do think im gon na stick to uh, just the cosmetic welds, though joining up the ev torque box, with the uqm electric motor im using molybdenum grease, which is a super extreme temperature resistant grease which allows the spline shaft to enter into the torque box and Mate smoothly because the tolerances are so tight if theres, not some kind of lubricant between the two, it makes the insertion fairly difficult. Stainless comes in a lot of different finishes. This is called a mill finish, which is what it looks like straight out of the mill and as weve been welding. You can see its kind of discolored a little bit. The discoloration is oxide from the heat of the welder Music, but once we take a wire brush to it or a wire wheel, it can take that color right back to the mill finish that it had before. We are taking special care to use a brush made out of stainless for this procedure, because if we were to use a regular brush, it might leave little bits of steel inside of the stainless and that would rust and were trying to avoid that some welders are Able to control the color coming off of the weld and they make some super cool pieces of art with it. But since we are just making motor mounts were going to keep everything the same color so remember how i said everything needs to be rubber isolated.

We have these little bushings that are just going to sit right inside of here on this motor mount, and this is what the frame is going to connect to and support the motor to keep it rubber isolated. Now, for this one, okay Applause, so we ended up getting the torque box attached to the uqm 220 plus it was a very difficult experience. I didnt film a lot of it, but we did reach out to the manufacturer and they are going to change some things with this junction, so hopefully no one else has to go through the same things. We did either way. This is still the best matchup since peanut butter and jelly, and we are going to throw it in the humvee Music is and there we have it. The motor is in place. We have the rubber bushing on this side and this side to keep it from tilting. Left and right, and then we have the rubber mount here to keep it from tilting forward and backward and its a pretty low profile too. You can see all the way through the doghouse, but my favorite thing is over here. This is about eye level where i will be driving and inside the doghouse, which im hoping to make kind of like a clear covering. I can see everything in action because, as we know, transparent technology is the best technology now lets get the inverter in place. Remember, thats whats going to change our dc power from the batteries into ac that the motor can use.

So we did cut the hexagon pattern in here to save weight, but also just because it looks cool kind of like my jerry rig knife link down in the description and the reason we have an ac motor instead of a dc motor is because, with ac, we Can use it as a generator when were going downhill and put power back into the batteries pretty cool, so the inverter is now in place with a stainless steel mount we have the motor and torque box in place with their stainless steel mount. The only thing we have left is the transfer case, which does the four wheel drive and its stainless mount Music. Oh youre impressive about this. So here underneath the humvee, we have the old transmission mount. That was sitting where the transmission would sit on top of and were going to reuse those same four bolts for our transfer case. But we do need to drill two more holes on each side, because our new stainless mount has four holes on each one: Music Applause, its interesting, that the original bolts come from the outside of the frame and stick through. But our bolts are going to go through the inside of the frame and rest between the body and the frame of the humvee. It is pretty easy to take the body off of the frame and by easy i mean i think, its like six bolts. So it would be easier if we came in from the outside, like am general, did way back in the day, but i think well be just fine going the opposite direction: Music, the shifter for the atlas transfer case isnt a park or drive situation, its more of A high and low you know four wheel drive and not four wheel, drive situation, theres two shifters one controls the rear wheels and one controls the front wheels, independent front and rear controls are pretty fun and ill have to show you more.

You know when this thing gets rolling, but once i have the shifting cable situated at the base of the transfer case route it in a circle up around top and insert it into the bottom of the shifters, then i can get the cable screwed into the bottom Of the shifters and were good to go, this is a temporary setup. At the moment. I do want to laser cut a stainless steel plate for the top, but at least now we can see that everything is working. The forward, reverse and neutral shifter will probably be more of a button here on the dashboard. One thing to keep in mind as well is that the atlas transfer case is a synchronized unit, meaning it wont always be able to shift if the hummer isnt moving. Sometimes it takes the wheels spinning just a tiny bit to get the gears to line up, so it shifts into place. Speaking of rolling, let me show you the drive shafts the drive. Shafts are what connect the motor to the transfer case and the transfer case to the differentials without them were not rolling anywhere. So, if you remember from the teardown video, these are the drive shafts that i ripped out of the old humvee. You know all those parts over there. This is the one that went from the transmission to the rear differential to run the rear tires, and this one went from the transfer case to the front differential to run the front tires.

Now, look at the size comparison with my new drive shafts. These had to be custom designed because of the massive torque that my electric drive unit is outputting, bigger shafts for a higher workload. Inside of the? U joint, which are these little guys here. We have to be a little bit careful to make sure these never fall off, because if this falls off and hits the ground each of these little needle bearings could go everywhere, which would be hard to clean up and restack inside well have about 815 pound feet Of torque coming off of the torque box, and this should be able to handle it and its not just the peak torque its that its instant, its ready to go right off of the bat with the electric motor with regular diesel or gas powered engines. It takes a while to build up that torque and the drive shafts dont have to be as big because they dont have to be immediately ready to take it all. The parts that connect the drive shafts to the components are called yokes that allow for a little bit of angle adjustment and can just bolt together. I like this shot from underneath the hummer we have both the tires the front differential. Then we have our electric motor here with the drive shafts heading to the transfer case. The transfer case can let the power flow out through the rear differential to the rear, tires for rear wheel drive or it can send power to the front differential for front wheel.

Drive or all four at the same time for four wheel drive, my electric military humvee should be able to handle anything that gets thrown its direction. I think my view from the drivers seat is gon na be pretty sweet, especially if i get that clear. Doghouse cover built with the driveline done were making good progress. I think in the next video were gon na. Do the 12 volt system, which is what powers you know the headlights, the power steering pump all of the basic accessories that dont need the high voltage when we start working with the high voltage. Things are going to get a little more intense, huge thanks to oshkut. For laser cutting all of my motor mounts, if you want your very own cyber truck, i will leave a link for this down in the description. The design itself is free and ill leave instructions for the rest ill put the design for the baby cyber truck down. In the video description, as well with the code, i include itll be about 20 bucks to print and ship, the small one and about 60 dollars to print and ship. The big one right now, oshkosh is only shipping inside of the usa hit that subscribe button.