The reason you fly a drone like this is look shots like that. Oh my gosh, that was pretty nice little sun glare, shot nice and smooth panning. Yes, it is so now, when i switch from left to right right to left, i at least on my phone feed don’t notice, any rocking at all. That is a really good digital image. Stabilization built into that camera. Wow, hey we’ve been having a really good time on the channel lately with some big powerful rc’s. You know 500 rc planes and cool little high tech, slow flyers that float around like a butterfly we’ve, been having a blast with rc planes, it’s time to mix things up just a little bit. This is an rc drone in this case and believe it or not. Since we started doing drones again recently on the channel, this is probably the most highly requested drone to be featured on the channel. So if you guys left a comment down in the comments section of any of our drone videos, your input heavily weighs what we do on the channel. So this is the bugs 20 eis. It is a 4k nice looking camera drone and you guys really heavily requested. This thing so we ordered it, got one for the channel and now we’re gon na fly it and see how it does. Let you know if it’s worth your hard earned money or not now, look you guys know me. I love a good case and i’m going to show you the drone we’re going to talk about it.

We’Re going to fly it here in just a minute, but just a little word of advice. Banggood sometimes will ship their drones and other rc things in a plastic case, and i took my knife excitedly and i just sliced right into it, and i got a big gash there. In my nice case, a little shipping tape or something we’ll uh we’ll fix that. But just if you order this and you get the case – which i love the case by the way don’t cut it open, don’t cut it open. Before we take a look at the drone, i want to say a massive thanks to the sponsor of today’s video. This is leading edge, supplements, severe clear it’s, an energy supplement designed by a full scale pilot for other pilots, be it full scale or rc guys, a huge thanks to them for sponsoring this video. We have an awesome coupon code to save 15 exclusive to our channel down in the description box below before i fly this drone. I wanted to let you guys know about this before you fly whatever you’re flying here’s the drone itself. I i really like the look of it and i think my expectations because it’s not a folding arm camera drone. This is just a little bit higher than those that do have folding arms. I feel like, if they’re going, to sacrifice those folding arms, then maybe we should have a slight increase in quality somewhere else.

One thing to note is we did get the setup with two batteries. I love that you can get two or three batteries with these. If you want to uh charges via usb – and i only charged one so we’re gon na – do one full flight for you today here at the field. The thing that i don’t like about this drone is that the props don’t fold now you gain efficiency. When your props don’t fold most of the time, however, if you want this to go back in that awesome little case, you’ve got to take the props off and there’s two screws holding each prop on it’s extremely easy to do that. But i think that you probably wouldn’t want to do that every single time, so this drone ex exceptionally from the others. You might leave it out of the case and then, if you’re going to travel somewhere or store it for a while. You then use the case. So for me that would be important to know so i passed that on to you guys a couple things to note here before we take off. First and foremost, please give this video a like. If you’ve made it this far into the video, you must like drones or us or something so please, like this video, it just helps us know hey. We want to put more drones on the channel so hit like for us. Also there’s. This big thing going around this is like a public service announcement to everybody in the rc industry.

This is us supporting all youtubers, including ourselves. For some reason, there are tons of people stealing our content and other youtubers content, making cheap false lying advertisements about stuff using video of our face and our products and stuff saying like hey here’s. This hundred dollar rc car. But then they show us driving in arma that’s, like a 350 car we’ve seen the ad too that’s like a 1999 monster truck, and it shows it pulling a big full vehicle, obviously that’s too good to be true and it’s a false lying ad. The thing that you can do as a viewer to help us and all other content creators is, if you see one of those ads using stealing someone else’s copyrighted content, you can get a hold of them directly with a link to that ad. We then have the power to be able to take that down, but only with that link. No, what you need to do is report the ad to whatever platform you’re on and click the ad like 500 times, if it’s sponsored like a sponsored ad on facebook, because every time you click that it’s costing them money and the faster you click it. The sooner they’re going to run out of money, it does help click. It there’s a lot of that going on another youtuber reached out to me right before we came out to film this video, so i thought i should let everybody know it’s me driving the arma right now: that’s that’s, the big popular one yeah so just help us.

We can take that down with your help. Okay, the calibration process was easy, just like all bugs drones as soon as you turn it on you spin it around a couple times and it’s calibrated so down and out to start the motors, possibly no that’s, the lock. You have a one key, take off and lock that yeah, so i press the lock button, that’s right and then i’ll press the auto, take off nice and smooth silky, smooth it’s way, far away from limbs than what it looks like on my camera. It looks like it’s about to hit. You know. I don’t encourage you guys to take off under a tree ever that’s what we did here, um just it’s, just a few scraggly limbs. We just did that because it’s a little bit flat there so wanted to give that space a shot. So as always, what i tend to do is start off our video and not really move a whole lot. We just do what we call a hover test for about 30 seconds to a minute, or so we want to see how smooth the footage is on the camera. Also is the drone acting normal? Is any wind knocking it around? You should always do this on a maiden. You don’t want to just take off and see how high it’ll go or how far it’ll go. You want to make sure all the props are screwed in properly and stuff. So now one thing i like about this drone is with the remote on the transmitter.

I have a little knob and i’m using that knob right now to nice and smoothly adjust the camera angle now it’s, not the best i’ve seen in the world, but it’s far from the worst. I would say this is well above average on how smooth that is. A lot of them, they go, click, click, click, click, click, beep, beep, beep, beep beep, and they have intervals rather than a smooth transition like that. So that’s, really nice. Okay, everything that i’m. Seeing so far, i like a lot and i’ve put it in tripod mode. So it’ll be smoother and slower, it starts off actually in sport mode. So that’s one thing which i usually don’t do i usually don’t change things when i uh take off a drone. I like it to be a hundred percent default, but i’ve learned that a gps camera drone. I prefer almost always this tripod mode, because it’s much smoother footage now, just like a recent holy stone drone that we had on the channel that had really nice digital image. Stabilization, this drone abby, is glancing down. Now too also has really good video image, stabilization that’s cool. So this is why you guys we took our short break from doing drones when we did, because there were no improvements being made. In fact, things were just junk junk junk junk now we’re, seeing these giant improvements in drones, where not one drone, but two or three drones now have this great image stabilization that just works, and it works so well.

I’M, just filming that tree there and i like it, i like seeing these improvements in our drones. The reason you fly a drone like this is look shots like that. Oh my gosh, that was pretty nice little sun glare, shot nice and smooth panning. You fly a gps drone in my opinion, for a nice silky smooth shot. Also, i should point out this seems to have really great range, so we’re at 100 meters already i’m just going to point it back and show you it’s, actually 98 meters but i’m. Just rolling up about to that tree is about 100 meters and abby, and i are at the top of that hill about in the center of the screen. You can’t even see us. In other words, you know we can we’re always maintaining line of sight on the drone. I can see you in real life, but not on my camera. Well, that’s fine i’m gon na fly up above the tree line, helping you out and then we’re gon na fly out a little farther let’s get it. I just want it to be in a good position that i’m familiar with so i’m. Actually gon na fly a little closer, but because things are going well with this drone there, you go i’m gon na fly it the way i like to fly a gps drone and that’s kind of using it to explore a little bit right. We’Re gon na go check out the field that’s across the tree line here and the creek there’s a creek below us, and now i use the drone to go check out the field over here, all of which we have total permission to fly at so let’s check.

It out we’ve had a drone. An off brand drone i’ll say fly out this far before, and it did very very well this one. I want to see if we can get about the same distance, because the camera on this one, even though we don’t have an actual physical gimbal, as you guys can see, happy check that out, silky smooth, still silky silky, smooth, so let’s angle, the camera down some. We want to see the mowing patterns of the tractor. We can angle up get a little of that sun, but i like to angle down just a little bit and it kind of brightens up the trees. You can see a little more where you’re going so we’re over 100 meters now, which is extremely impressive, very very, very good, i’m. Very happy with that. We have a lock of 16 satellites and just look at that sun glare. Look at that that’s awesome! The hill looks cool 130 meters. Every meter that adds on to this distance is just helping this drone’s case more significantly, it’s awesome too, because we’re only flying this with this radio on two double a batteries so it’s not like. We have some giant behemoth powerhouse behind this look at this abby. We are up to 165 meters, that’s cool we’re, nearing the edge of the field, which is not very common for us to do on an off brand drone. The nice thing about this, too, is if we lose uh signal or anything it should just return right back to home.

Now the downside is we took off under a tree, so that’s, not good. You don’t want to take off under a tree. For that reason, uh really that’s a big good reason not to there are 200 meters. Abby, of course, still has line of sight with our zoom lens on the camera, but 200 meters out and rock solid edge of the field. This is way better than i was expecting. I was not expecting this range on this drone wow wow, wow, wow, that’s, cool that’s, really good. Oh there you go so there when i turned around it said not connected. So what we’re going to do now is just start to fly back we’re just going. The video signal has has cut out so we’re going to just start flying back until, hopefully that pops back in, we may have a cut here. This is just a boring shot where i’m in slow tripod mode coming back to us, so it’s, just really slowly coming back okay, what i’m going to do to try to speed it up is press return to home return to home drone, sometimes even if you’re in Tripod and you set uh return to home, it’ll come much faster. It goes to sport mode and that’s what’s happening yeah. I can hear the remote it’s just about kicking in there. It is okay, and i stopped it because, right before we hit that tree, we just don’t have our camera. So, unfortunately, once we lost our camera there, the camera’s back so we’re back 100 back.

I don’t know why it needed to be so close to get the video signal back, but it is so i’m just going to drop it down some lower that camera. So we can see what’s going on here, so you know what i’m going to just say within reason. You know we may be able to push further distance some some days in some flights, but that’s 200 meters i’ll put the conversion on screen, but i think that’s really good for a drone of this price point and expectations. That is awesome. That’S, really really really good. Really good so now the focus is for me there’s your range test, i like to know camera quality image, stabilization we’ll test a little bit on sport, mode and yeah. I think we have a solid winner on our hands right now. Okay, now i know we have digital zoom. I don’t know if it’ll work, while we’re recording or if it has to be turned off ugly mug. Oh you’re, fine, you’re, fine, yeah, so right now, it’s grayed out, oh wow. That was really cool. I pulled up there. There there it’s working now, what you guys are seeing might only work um for the for the live phone view that we have but check that out. Have you seen our digital zoom now i press the negative sign and it zooms out that’s cool okay, so it works. It goes into it says, 50, but to me that looked like about two times, zoom right, it didn’t seem like that big of a deal can we switch to high low uh in the air or yep hold it there you go.

Oh should wait a second now. It says sport, okay, let’s, let’s, test sport mode and see how fast this goes compared to tripod mode, that’s way faster way faster. We can cover a lot more ground and you know what look at the look at the video feed it’s actually still really smooth for a drone that doesn’t have an actual physical gimbal, and i think we can get it to go faster if we turn gps off. So what i want to do is i’ll get it closer to us flying back nice and fast. This is a really good drone, really good drone, which i was hoping it would be, because we had we’re sacrificing folding arms and folding props. So i was hoping the quality would be there. Okay. So now what i’m gon na do see when you have gps mode on the drone? Will just hover in place fly itself even in wind, we have wind picking up, but now i have this little switch. I can turn off on the side of my radio. Gps is off so it should start drifting in the wind a little bit and it is, but will it fly any faster now i don’t think so. I think it’s about the same speed. Why would you want to turn gps off well on a drone like this? I don’t i don’t, really know. I don’t really know i’m just going to go back to gps on, because you just have a lot more functionality with gps on it holds it rock solid.

So gps is on, but it did work really easily. This is one of my favorite tests to do too let’s get it closer and abby is going to i’ll leave it in sport mode. For this one. For the more extreme example you you record the drone rock solid you guys watch down here in the corner where the video feed is. You can see how smooth it is so remember, we’re in sport mode, and we just have digital image stabilization. You can see a little rocking, but it’s not too bad. The only time you cannotice it on on here is when i go from left to right or right to left. Okay, let’s go back to tripod mode, okay, it’s, switching there’s tripod low speed. Is it any smoother? Yes, it is so now, when i switch from left to right right to left, i at least on my phone feed don’t notice, any rocking at all. That is a really good digital image, stabilization built into that camera, wow, so there’s gimbals on that camera to help keep it smooth. Okay, can you get a nice tight shot on that camera, Music, okay, there’s little rubber grommets? I think i said gimbals rubber grommets is what i was going for and then watch the camera on. There see how smooth it is aiming down, that’s straight down and then aiming back up was a nice smooth transition. I did not know what to expect with this drone, but i knew i knew being highly requested.

What we either had was a drone that other people were praising and they wanted to hear an honest review or they wanted to see. Is it truly as good as everyone else was making it look, and it seems to be a really awesome drone. Look at that that’s, a really good, like droning right there. We put a nice memory card in here too, so it should be recording something to the memory card as well as our phone screen recording the other day, someone said wow your phone recording doesn’t seem that impressive. Like the resolution, i think it’s in what 720p or something yeah that’s, just you chalk, that up to iphone’s default uh phone recorder it’s. This is just i mean even dji when you have it on your phone. It doesn’t look as good as what it does on a memory card it’s just the live feed yeah. So you have to bear that in mind. What you guys are seeing on the phone is: a live video feed back to the phone if you’re new to drones don’t hold that against it, because this is this is well above normal what you would normally see on a on a gps drone. This is crazy. This is so crazy, we’re, just gon na see if we can get some low to the ground more cinematic shots under the tree, like we did with that holy stone drone. So the only thing that i’m, seeing so far that i don’t like about this drone personally, is the props.

I really wish you could um. I wish the props would just stay on. You know to fit it in the case it’s like it’s, a combination of the props with the case that was just such a beautiful shot. I just don’t like the idea of having to take those props on and off there we go there’s our low battery, which is really good timing. That’S a long flight too i’ve got you at 14 minutes, that’s really good and it comes with two batteries. So that is about a half hour of flying on the batteries that are included, so i think it’s really good. This is just a good setup, i’m, so happy to see these improvements being made on drones. Wow. I don’t want the return to home to take over because it could then go into those tree branches. So what i’m going to do is just manually fly up here past our case and our energy drink and set it down nice and easy right where we took off, because it was nice and level i like this spot, but i don’t think i’m going to do That again, because if return to home kicked in it could fly into that tree, so we’re just going to land it nice and smooth and abby, and i will have to keep finding a good spot to fly, what a really good camera quality a really good range. I am impressed well there you go to those of you that were waiting for our impressions of the bugs 20 eis.

We give it two massive thumbs up. You get the approval from us that had really good range. Exceptional camera quality, in my opinion, go like this. That 4k camera baby Laughter. Okay with that with the sun behind me, you can really see it. It’S, fine, sorry, that’s, fine uh! You know i’m not going to say this is the perfect drone, because it’s not i have yet to find the perfect drone. Even our mavic has its issues at times right uh. This drone, though, has got to be one of the best i’ve flown in its price category. What it’s missing, in my opinion, are either folding, props and or folding arms and or a bigger case. Okay, i love it i’m, so distracted every time. Every word it’s, like okay it’s, like little steam rings coming out of your mouth, it’s beautiful, you can’t, see it in real life. So i’m excited to see this myself. I can’t either, but somehow the camera with the sun amazing. I can see it. I can see it: okay, it’s the sun, i think, with the reflection of it and it’s hilarious, oh so, destroyed in the video uh. I i really like this drone is what i’m getting at, but i you know to me it’s annoying. I want to put my drone back in the case now now as soon as it’s landed right until i get it back home but i’m not going to, because i got to take eight screws out to do that now.

If it was just me and abby, she would sit here and wait on me, but we got a little baby girl. You know ready to play and run and scream and stuff, so everything has to be in a bit of a hurry these days. So for that reason you know i do wish this had just folding arms and folding props or a bigger case. Like i said, everything else was amazing. I wasn’t expecting that range on it. You know i’m sure we could have gone farther, because when i lost the video signal it just, i still had connection on my radio. I just lost the video signal until it came back, it was because we rotated back around toward us could have gone a little farther but i’m very happy with 200 meters. You really don’t want to go much farther than that. If you want to maintain line of sight, which i highly encourage most of the time you do it’s just a an awesome, win and we’ll have a link in the description box below, of course, there’s a lot of features about this drone that i didn’t test. Then i don’t really intend to we. We don’t really need to use those. I i for our channel okay, it’s it’s kind of like i just want to fly the drone. The way i like to fly it i don’t need to do the touching all the gps. Waypoints i’m sure it works. The the circle me function.

I’M sure it works. If you want to do that, what you guys really need to know, at least from us is: will the drone fly the way we like to fly it? Will it function on the most basic level because let’s face it most of the drones that had hit our channel in the past can’t even get past the most basic functional level? So you know you got to get that approval rating from us before you can move on to the other things, and i think that 90 of drone users are gon na fly like the way we did today, if not just letting it hover there and get that Cool shot and pan around something slowly manually, but there are other functions in here that we’re not really covering, and i guess this is too a complaint for us which could be for you too. If you’re like us – and you don’t, have unlimited money and you put your phone in a case to protect your way too expensive, overpriced phones, then it usually doesn’t fit in this included little thing: it’s a cool concept because it does fold down into the radio and Then the antennas also fold down they snap in place and then the handle folds down and all that goes into your case, which i love. But the one thing that is missing is i’m, the whole flight balancing abby’s phone because we use her iphone and it’s. Not a defender case anymore, you guys it’s the smaller of the cases right, so her phone’s, just balancing here or something on this the whole time.

So i’ve got to be very careful about that. Just if, if, if mjx is watching anyone that manufactures this at all, i love the idea of this. If you have a small phone or a really small case, but make it make it bigger, just make it for bigger phones and bigger cases, that’s really i i don’t even have the plus size, yeah that’s, just saying it’s, just a sized phone it doesn’t fit. So, hey home run drone if you like, mjx drones, you’re just getting into the drone scene. You know you don’t need one that folds down to be the size of the radio if you’re, okay, with the slightly larger size of the drone, and you like having performance over silly things like folding arms and folding props. This is a seriously good drone, especially for the price so, like i said, we’ll have a link to the description box below all the good stuff’s linked down there and just hey great day, happy flying beautiful blue skies, a successful drone. We can come home and say we actually have a successful good drone on our hands for all that goodness and everything going on in our lives. I think the big guy upstairs. I also want to say a massive massive thank you to our patreon supporters, because you help us capture this amazing breath. Whatever abby’s seeing um, we can capture your hair that needs cut that’s whisping over your ears right now.

I need a haircut so bad, maybe that’s. What our patrons should pay for is our hair. I cut your hair that’s. Why you look like that? Thank you patrons. You allow us to be brutally honest to the point where we’ve killed some relationships with some companies out there just know that if you’ve seen companies on our channel before and they’re, not there anymore, emotional rc excuse me just the weather these days. It’S, just making me not feel so good there’s, a good reason for that. That doesn’t mean that we can’t feature those things on our channel, though. So if you want some brutally honest input brutally honest, let us know the product that you want to see and we may pick one up so there’s always a reason for it guys there’s, always a reason. Uh we’ll have another good drone there. There have been a few this year so far, we’ll have another good drone video popping up right about now.