You remember the song fly me to the moon and exactly. This is what can happen with today’s stock, with all the information gathered in one article, in the link into the description and in the comments. But let me tell you how excited i am because this industry is so brand new that you know not many people thinking about it yet, okay, but soon you will see all their products all around the cities and metropoles of the whole world. Yes, i’m. Talking about e v t o l. This stands for electrical vertical takeoff landing, and i think this is really the future. Okay, now think about it. Uh we have things like uber. We have things like tesla, but something in the middle right. I mean there’s still, traffic airspace is quite empty. If you think about it, i mean, if you’re, just looking into the sky there’s, not much going on, at least in the lower attitude, and therefore i think that you know flying taxis is something very big. Okay, but not only for taxis and passenger traffic, but also think about uh logistics or other transportation methods that are needed to send things from a to b, in a very, very condensed, traffic situation. Okay, so i think this is really really interesting and not only it’s like let’s, say new, because helicopters are there for many many years right. But what makes this electrical version better. So, first of all, it’s safer it’s way safer.

It can be charged so it’s, more environment friendly. They can be built in the other way and so on. But let me show you what today’s company is actually building here’s a small Music clip Music. So, as you can see, astro a aerospace is in the game. Not only will filo some kind of nice presentations, but with a prototype you know ready to go, and i think that if you’re looking into the market and other reasons why the stock and company is interesting, then you get to know okay, there’s really potential in this. Okay, let’s let’s dive into the top reasons, according to this article that you find in in the link into the description why this company is quite interesting. So, first of all the you know, the market for this kind of vehicles is will be huge. Okay, it will be approximately a 1.5 trillion dollar market by 2014.. As we know, huge markets like electric vehicles or mobile phones, smartphones, are always gathered by many many many many many participants, and even if you have like a small piece like five percent two percent one percent of this huge market, then obviously you know the company can Be worth much much more and then morgan stanley says, for example, investment in autonomous flying aircraft is accelerating, with implications for the future of passenger travel, military or defense applications and freight and package transportation. So, as you can see here what i said in the beginning, not only for passenger transportation, but many many other options as well, that you can make business and a dime off okay, then you can see also here the huge opportunity, because astro aerospace is worth only About 65 million dollars – and we will go into their chart in a second, but if you are seeing the median valuation of this kind of companies, we talked about this german company as well.

You see that they are way undervalued at this point, because the median is about 5.2 billion dollars guys, and there is many many other options as well, that they are just announced: a definitive agreement to acquire horizon aircraft and so on and so forth. So there’s a lot of reasons that you can find here and let’s dive now to the stock chart and let’s see what the stock is actually doing. All right let’s look into the stock of astra aero space, okay, a cool name by the way i like it let’s. We look first into the market cap because in the article it was mentioned, 65 it’s now actually, as of this recording, around 21 million uh us dollars and uh. The interesting part is that we are talking here about the penny stock. Okay, any price below five dollars per stock is officially a penny stock. So why i’m saying this? Because penny stocks have the tendency to either go very, very parabolic high and, on the other side, have also the huge risk to go down so very, very volatile, because the company is so small and the volume is so small, so that’s. Why? I just be sure that you are aware of that that the stock can go from one day to another, minus 10 and in in a matter of days or a matter of one day, 10x right, that’s, the beauty about the stocks and this type of opportunities. And here you can see what actually happened so here back in january 2021 uh we went from 23 cents all up to almost 650, so huge huge winnings here.

If you would uh, you know be on board already now. This kind of movements are usually happening when, for example, there’s a big announcement right, for example, uh. This company will be soon hopefully added to the nasdaq as well, which would uh bring a lot of new investors as well so interesting setup here. But let’s have a look, so the 52 weeks range is from uh three dollar cents to seven point thirty four dollars. So as you can see huge huge, huge, almost uh, you know 200 fold that you can achieve here. This is just ridiculous, so this is the opportunity here and then you can see that the overall stock since, like the overall market uh, went down from the beginning of this year. Uh towards you know, leaving a little bit of valuation on the table. But if you’re looking into the last couple of days, you can see that around you know, may 13 may 14 with about two dollars and 20 cents. We got a kind of bottom and it seems that now it’s picking up and it could now. You know, depending on the overall market as well, have you know a bounce back? You know so that’s just here the opportunity in the stock chart that i see you can see nicely here that you know since april. There is like a downturn, but then you know it seems to found a bottom uh here and the last time it did it and went from about 267 to 360.

. Okay, so interesting. If this is something that we will see here as well, then there’s still a room to grow on the short term and again, on the long term, guys it’s a it’s, a bet on flying vehicles in cities for transportation, a fully electric. And if you think this is the future, then this is a company for you and you can start your research now and let’s let’s dive now into the last category, which is the conclusion of this vlog. So, as always guys make sure to make your own research for this kind of companies – okay, this is just like an incentive for you to look into those companies and, if you like it, you can buy it if you don’t, like it, don’t buy it as always. Make sure this is not financial advice at any point of time. Okay, but, however, i want to summarize what we know. Okay, this company is, you know, it’s a very, very small company in a very, very potential future market. They have already a prototype that is working and they are actually doing all the right steps. In my opinion, in my research to have a real standing in this industry – and i think that you know to create this kind of prototypes – is a kind of let’s say the easier task then going to the mass production will be the harder part, and there will Be the question if this is the right team – and i think you know with this what i saw is very, very high potential and and think about it.

You know the company is so low in value and the median companies are so much more worth in the billions versus a couple of millions that you know it’s it’s, sometimes worth the moonshot right, it’s really sometimes really worth the moonshot. So is it the stock that will go to the moon time, will tell? Is it a company that will survive time will tell? But what i really like is to invest into this future companies. Okay, these future industries, because i always liked this crazy inventors. This crazy, you know people and entrepreneurs it went into after this future related services and products, because it’s just fun to see okay, they have so many ways to pivot their product later on that it’s way easier than you know, investing in a big company that you Know need to prove themselves and as soon as there’s, just a slight sign of reduced revenue, then the stock just absolutely dumped.