Look how weird this is these. These props are like they are actually the new doll. Foldable props today with me, i've got josh aka, bald man, fpv and also joining us is shawn. Aka let's fly rc sean. What do you think of floppy proppies? I think they're dumb. What have you even flown them? Have you flown them yet no complete bias and you just think they laundry they're not into it. You know they're flaccid, i mean who wants glass? Can you say that another reason why i hate these things? Did you think they came yeah? I thought they came assembled. What i got to put them together. Look at this. How do they even go together? There'S, no instructions got a top hub and a bottom hub, so just fill up either half of it. I don't think it matters. I don't know if it's popo, then the the top one is the one right now it threw everything at this it's it's foldable it's poking it's cool it's. Is it a gimmick? I don't know how much these things cost. Are they more expensive than a regular prop, because i would assume they'd be more expensive all right? If you only break one blade in the crash, and you only have to change one, i guess it could be fair. How long did that take that took about three minutes to put all four together? This is wrong. Is it wrong? Did i mess up? Oh, i did mess up.

Oh my gosh Music. Oh, this is kind of uh hard. Oh yeah, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa whoa. We don't do hand catching, i always catch it, that's the first time. You know how i got this injury on my finger, slamming it in the car door, but it could have been from a hand catch. It could have been all right, so this flight is gon na, be to show that these props do in fact work. Did they even work, because we don't even know if they work yet Music? I don't know sean either he's good at flying or these props rip. I don't, i don't, know Music, oh he's, going backwards. Oh oh! Oh! I think you're gon na hit this it's a nice name Music. How does it work, though, boom Music, so Music, all right? There you have it they do. They do fly um. This kind of disproves what i was thinking that they wouldn't get as nicked up this one's, pretty that's from turtle moting though that's just from the turtle mode, so like right now, with this broken prop, would you would you replace it like just a single blade so, Like would you do this now or would you just wait till you get home and then it's faster to just swipe? If you've got the time you can repair it, maybe it's somebody else's turn to fly. Hey i'll fix my props. While somebody else is flying you're really selling these props, why do you like them, Music, okay? So what what should i give him for? He'S in blindfold hold up one finger for the floppy crappies two fingers for the normal.

There goes nothing which do you think you're flying i don't know it has a weird sound to it i'm kind of thinking it might be. The foldy floppy props, oh this, but it feels fine. Oh in the tree, oh yeah, oh yeah come on i'm still alive. All right, battery's dead, okay, land, it keep your goggles on all right, yeah don't be looking don't, be cheating, keep those goggles Music. I don't know it kind of feels the same. Can you tell everything the sound, not really i don't know. Let me see if uh let's get some full throttle stuff and see what happens yeah there was that one you're down, i don't, know what happened yeah. His pops are all bent closing my eyes, so i don't see if the props are folding or not. If he's seeing me bend them back, that's, probably giving it away, am i good okay, oh cool Music, all right, i don't know i i guess you got ta what's. Your final answer all right. I'Ll say that these are probably the floppy props, because i feel like i've got a lot of vibration now, but i mean i guess, if i hit that hard with my props i'd have vibration too. So final answer yep you're committing this is the floppy props. These were the regular props, no way you're lying. Why couldn't you turtle mode on your normal props, which are supposed to be superior that's right? The props were bent.

Oh, it was bent. Your props were bad, so that's why i was over there, but i thought that was going to give it away because you're going to see me bending i closed my eyes when you did oh wow that's integrity. I'M. Glad you did that because i think that would have given it away. While i was bending it. I was like i really didn't know the difference as the floppy ones and just two of those the regular ones. Oh, you know what that's actually a good idea, because then in a crash we'll see if the floppies break more or something you know what i'm saying trying to knife edge between the brick wall. Let me try to do that trick that i always screw up on this. Okay, there you go, you crashed it let's see just from that one. They all seem pretty much fine yeah. You need to crash more Music. What do we got here? Give us a walk through every prop here. I don't want to say it. I don't want to admit it. The dow props are in better shape than the v2s's. This one's bent that way. We got this one's missing. This is now a four inch prop and these while they are mangled, they still look like they're in the right. They should look like the fly just run. Well, you have actual experience with folding props, folding blades, technically, because your helicopter blades fold right and we filmed that before and nothing nothing flies.

It flies. So i don't know if it's going to apply here or not, but there's a reason that blades on a helicopter full and they're not rigid, and the reason. Why is because it puts less stress on the rotor head because, as you spin it up, if it's allowed to lag behind a little bit and then catch up, that's gon na put less stress on the rotor head. I don't know if that's gon na apply or not that's, just a little tidbit, for you guys that i've picked up, but it may make the quad fly a little smoother Music josh. What are you about to try out? We make mistakes in the hobby right. We plug stuff in backwards. We saw this stuff up backwards, but what happens if you put on a blade backwards, leading edge, leading edge wrong way? Music, it has no power that one prop isn't making any power. So then the other ones are just going to reduce their power to match it so that it doesn't just wig out well let's, see full throttle it's more just making noise than actually going anywhere. So it does fly but you're going to know right away. Do you have them on one side, then yeah they're, interesting, yeah we've got the folds on this side and what's funny is that the folds actually have been wearing better than the hq's? No well that's. What i would expect these are going to be more durable because they can just move out of the way.

I thought they'd be lesser, but i'm going to have little side failure. Would you rather have to switch your props more often to not have to put these things together? I don't know man, i don't know if we find out that there's merit to this. If you keep the price fair and have him pre assembled, i think that makes it a lot easier choice to make Music Music Music all right. So what does everybody think about? Folding props? I think they're cool and all, but i think i'll wait for v2, maybe or at least if they came pre assembled, it would put it on a more level playing field. I feel like at least the assembly is definitely a downside. For me i was flying both. I did think that they were a little smoother for me. I felt like i was getting less prop wash with these, but you also might i may have planted that seed in your mind with the leaves. Another big advantage is transportability that you can fold it down to this is very nice. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments just the future either way. I thought it was really cool to try something new and if you guys like trying something i'm taking this as an opportunity to plug quad box. If you don't know what quad box is it's a monthly subscription box where you get quad stuff in a box. So for the quad box for june 2020, you are getting a set you're in three sets.

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