Its kind of my go to drone for something compact – and this is the mavic 3 cine, which is a little bit bigger, but gives me more capability, and today dji has announced this thing, which is the m30t. Now this actually isnt designed for cinematography, even though i kind of wish it was its designed for first responders public safety, maybe accident reconstruction to open up roads, faster, basically important stuff that i honestly dont know that much about i mean im, just a youtuber but uh Dji sponsored this video, so i still get to play with the cool now. Let me start off by showing you the insane zoom lens thats on here, and i have to know somebody thats, a huge huge fan of super telephoto lenses. Music. What do you think that is, this is nasty bro little bit bigger than your mavic right, just a little bit theres. Actually, this map online that will show you all these rescue missions where drones, helped save peoples, lives, kind of crazy, stuff yeah. This is insane: how much do you think thats worth in your hands im going to guess 15 000.. I actually, honestly, i dont know, but its probably a lot. I like how you just already knew how to unfold it and everything. Can you guess how you turned it on yeah? I can guess. Let me try. Let me try just like your mavic air tube thats. Exactly the same, are you curious about what this thing can do? Well, im also curious about the controller im sure the controller looks different right, geez yeah, its pretty familiar huh, but youve got more buttons because a lot of people apparently use these with gloves.

It feels really rugged yeah like a little pink yeah. It feels really good that beacon is bright and theres certain times where this is a requirement, and it has to be visible from three miles away. Can frank figure out how to take off? Are you a little intimidated right now find something so big see how it says: zoom right here, you press that and its gon na zoom in on us nice, even more yeah, no way ill quickly. Switch you back to the wide angle, and now you can look around and see that looks like something that little tiny green square is where youre going to zoom into. Is that insane zoom boom isnt that crazy dont, you guys feel like, were the swat team like investigating some shady stuff yeah, see this thing on the top left right here. Yes, hit that a range finder, so that is 869 feet away. What do you think so far i like it, you want one. No, i want two, you havent even seen the coolest part, yet oh nice, that is heat, vision, thermal thermal all right, so im here, trying to convince carrie that we need to buy one of these. If the dogs happen to get lost in the middle of the woods at night, how would we ever find them carried? All i know is if the girls ever did get lost, and you had this drone yeah, your ass, better find them. It is kind of nice that the propellers kind of sit up a little bit, so you can take off from uneven ground Music.

Oh check that out like if she was trying to hide behind a tree or something play hide and seek with me and then ill. Just whip this out right now the thermal isnt as obvious, because the ground is not that different from your temperature. So if i was searching for the dogs during the daytime, id probably just be able to just use the regular camera and the zoom, but as soon as it cools off like early morning or night time, then everything else is dark, except for whatever is warm. So it becomes very obvious. I definitely feel like im in mission, if possible, you know hop into the zoom right here so thats the 20x zoom. But oh, my god, oh whoa, oh crap, i got too excited whoa. That was cool. You want to see the wide angle boom isnt that crazy go back, go back thats, so neat holy crap also check out this minimum focus distance with the zoom lens ready, and here we go. Oh wow thats some good detail right there. Apparently they need it because they need to be able to see like the fine details of wires or frame things, or i dont know things that are not safe yeah. Why dont? We have a zoom lens like this in any of our cinemas. We want it over here, too, inspire people who are here waiting. Another feature that i thought was really cool is a mode called hi res right here, so you see how this grid appears so lets just say: we need this area here very highly detailed.

What this is going to do is take a photo with the zoom lens in each one of these boxes, so the amount of photos and the amount of time its going to take is going to change based on the size of the area. Lets go with this, so this isnt going to work on like a moving object, but this will show you a grid and then you click onto each box to get a close up look now. There is a panoramic mode which will stitch the photo for you and this isnt, just your standard left to right panoramic photo. This is like everything below panoramic, which is really cool, so im gon na go have a fruit snack. While we wait for this actually im scared, i dont have any free snacks. I really wish i did, though i really use one right now so check this out. Look at that. I wonder if google street view will ever do something like this. You know you have the street view and then you have the air view im just kidding dont. Do that with this thing, how many lives do you think we saved on that flight? I dont know quite a few im not trying to brag but im kind of a hero, its also nice, to be able to hot swap so instead of having to power down and reacquire gps every time you boot back up, you can take one out at a Time put this new one in swap out the other one few seconds: we are ready to go back up in the air.

Now this controller lasts a really long time, but same can be done as well see it has an internal battery, so it stays on when you pull off the battery and put the new one in. You know how youre supposed to have insulation in your attic and behind the walls and all well theres a few areas over there where were doing work in the attic and we remove the insulation and check that out. Can you guess, will parts that dont have insulation im actually shocked at how much of a difference that insulation makes see? If i draw this box around that area, its going to tell me the warmest temperature and the coolest temperature and the uninsulated parts are a solid 5 degrees, cooler, its letting all the heat out. So there you go, insulation actually works and, as you can see, this works as an excellent stun. Finder too oh theres, more parts of insulation missing right there, but also we can see instantly which directions the beams are running too, which is nice. Where is it like? Right around here yeah now there are other things that normal people like us can use it for like check in to see how well cooked your burrito is. We are also using it to check the circulation of our hands and feet and carry has no circulation in her feet. Look at that its just completely gone. I already knew that. But now you really believe me.

Another cool thing is lets say this is the command center and i have several of these flying around. I can access the operation from right here in the comfort of my very own room, so from here i can see the position of the drone where its looking now the other drones do also need to be connected to wi fi or a hotspot theres. Also, the option to completely disconnect the drone from the internet, like if youre a secret agent and youre doing some high security stuff, its kind of like airplane mode of the drone. But if its more of a collaborative project – and you dont need that high security flight hub is awesome, i can go ahead and select a point of interest here and on the drones controller, we can see that it appears there and we can say, hey look at That point and it centers it right there, and even from here i can open up drone view and see the feed live, which is really cool and make it also bigger or smaller. Is there someone flying fpv over there? What really yeah fdd is really cool its like the small world, where you know if you fly fbv and you meet somebody that flies fpv its like. Oh hey, were immediately friends, theyre flying right there, its always a question of where the pilot is youre. Looking for someone wearing goggles, mr potato yo, are you flying? I finally found who is flying the fpv whats, your name, my names, earl earl.

All right did you notice. It was me through the goggles or no afterwards. I didnt because i crashed over here and then i saw somebody walking towards the drone and i thought somebody was gon na grab it. Oh, oh, so its down youre trying to recover it right now. Oh, we should try to get it. Then this is half of what fpv is its just kind of going live. Where is it good to meet you, man yeah, i know thats it i found him carries the one that spotted you first, because shes got the eagle eyes were gon na add in the sound effect every time kerry spots, something you fly with, like the dji digital System, i do right, i do but youve never flown a regular mavic. Never what never! Honestly! I couldnt tell you what this is, how many total sensors does it have so every side, including the top back sides and theres an fpv camera right here as well, so that you can always see which direction is forward so im trying to tell carrie that we Really need one of these for when the dogs get lost, tell you what it looks. Expensive, saving a life is priceless, see you get that line right there. Saving a line is priced for a dogs life exactly carrie thinks the dogs life is more important. It can look in pretty much every direction so as we, you know, walk around it, its detecting us in the distance and all that wow does it feel weird, just not flying fpv and not having the goggles not at all easy huh compared to what youre used To very easy whats the range on something like this: oh you could get really far, but technically you need to be line of sight unless you have certain waivers.

This green light means that this controller is in command of the aircraft, but lets say you have multiple controllers like i want to be all the way over there. You could be here taken off with this, and i could have my second controller. Go all the way over there and he could take control of it exactly and you can just daisy chain it and i guess for pipeline inspections. Thats common, like ive, never had a real job, so i dont really know. I just exist in a world where everything just happens to work like i plug in something into the wall. I have electricity all of a sudden so right now this is the fpv mode, so youre, literally just looking at with the aircraft seats, which is what youre familiar with right. Your camera is locked onto the quad itself and it also tells us our wind speed, which is just useful information to know now were going to go ahead and switch over to our main camera right here. So you get to look around off down left right. Yeah. You have to look at the propeller, so if youre having trouble finding a specific spot, you can double tap on your thing and itll center. It on that object right there. So lets say we want to look at that smoke stack right there now. This is the fun part check that out wow thats, an amazing picture right amazing that smoke stack is over.

There is that smokestack thats, what its called yeah again ive, never had a real job right now were recording simultaneously four feeds, so we have what youre seeing on the controller going on here. We also have the wide angle, and we also have the thermal as well as the telephoto, so theyre all recording at once. That thing just sits there 20 mile plus winds. It would just be locked yeah, because its top speed is, i believe, about 50, but you can fly it at winds around 30.. Something like that. So, even if its 30 mile per hour winds, then you still have a 50 mile per hour capability out of it. So if youre flying it towards a headwind, you still get 20 miles per hour towards it yeah. The thing is just rock solid yeah, so i could actually change the type of ir between a couple of different looks. You know, depending on what youre trying to do, and what temperatures youre, trying to read right and apparently theres a slight variation in actual temperature. So you have to actually take into account what material it is and if its metal, it might emit more. But this is actually pretty close, as is if your tolerance is for measuring temperatures exact. Then theres, like post processing software, you can run it through and if youre looking for something in particular like a fire or something like that, you can basically say hey. Let me know if you see anything at this temperature and itll beep at you, amazing, so whats the voltage on it.

Now you look at voltages for your fpvs, but this just kind of gives you this timer up top like about 16 minutes 34 seconds. Its definitely easier flying this than your fpv valve. You dont, have to know how many volts per cell you should be tracking and all that stuff before it drops out of the sky yeah exactly flight time on something like this. Looking at 40 minutes flight time 37 minute hover time, so if youre flying the drone uh, you actually can elongate the battery life versus a hover removable antenna. So if you want to run your antennas to the top of a roof of a command vehicle or command center, you could and then the drone itself has an ip55 rating. If you have rain in the forecast, you know, like you said, usually like almost move. The shoot to tomorrow, obviously, if someones lost you cant, necessarily move the search to the next day. So the drone has the ip55 rating which protects it from dust and other debris, but it also includes water, ip54 rating as well, so our first remote controller with a weather rating as well. Sam, have you ever seen a thermal camera before only in the movies? Okay. Would you be down to run in a field pretend youre lost, so different departments, depending on their needs, might get different attachments and yeah yeah? So some are using spotlights a lot. Some might use speakers a lot. I think we even have a spotlight speaker combo.

You know thats what i want two for one sale, some people in search and rescue communicate with the victim with the microphone be on the controller. Yeah should be able to speak into the controller that is so cool ive always wanted to just be able to fly up to people and talk to them. You got to check out the zoom on this thing cabin so that green box is showing what were looking at huh and then switch over to zoom camera. Oh snap, this would be a great home security system, dude thats for sure you could check if the taco man is there say hi, jose, Laughter, well, thats, why you got to get the speaker if there was a certain location? Maybe this poll is falling down in a storm or on a search and rescue mention and its a point of interest that we want to come back and look at drop, a pin with this pin button and then youll see it actually appears on the the screen. There so youre essentially dropping a gps point with a height and saying i want to look at that later. We could move the the camera around look at something else and then you say hey. I want to look at that pin again, so it brings you back to the pin you dropped on screen right now we could cook eggs on it. If we wanted to oh man anyways, we have to go and return the drone back to dji now but uh.

What do you think are we gon na get ourselves? One uh? I think we need to remodel the bathrooms first and then maybe we can talk about it. Okay, thats fair its funny, because theres a story that actually popped up on carries feed where a dog got rescued by a drone right yeah. Just a few days ago, the dog got lost, i think, while they were hiking and they were able to find it using a drone. But that is all thanks for hanging out with us in another video, and we will see you guys later and tag time, what stranded dog lured to safety by sausage dangling from a drone.