I really wasnt expecting all that much when i bought this one. This bag is mainly for camera equipment, but its also usable for drones. Now this bag to, in my opinion, is the best drone bag that you can buy to transport your equipment, its by a company called massiso, and let me tell you why its so great Music, so the bag comes in a variety of colors. I opted for the gray version and at 60.99 this is a fantastic value, so lets start on the outside. From top to bottom, you have a heavy duty. Handle has a mesh bottom thats. One thing i like about this bag. I, like the top handles, make them easier to carry very durable. The zippers have an interlocking type of mechanism there, where you can put a small lock for extra protection, has the hard outside my sticker there. Of course, that makes it official its supposed to be waterproof shock, proof, uh, very durable and lets flip it over to the side. You have a adjustable strap here to hang various apparatus off of and at the bottom you have a security pocket. It has a zipper that you can put your wallet or currency into. Of course, it is velcro. The whole bag is made of a heavy duty, heavy duty, nylon, type of material, its very premium feeling and flip it over to the other side, and we have a pocket here now on a lot of these bags.

These side pockets are pretty much unusable because theyre hard to get open, but with this bag it has a little strap here that you can pull it and you can pretty much fit whatever you need to in there. So thats uh an awesome feature to have so flipping it over to the back side. You have the shoulder straps that are adjustable and they are padded have the hooks here, and you can clip these in here as well for additional safety comfort, whatever you whatever have you, and one thing i thought was pretty neat about these – is that you can actually Adjust you can adjust these, so if you dont like where they sit a little bit too high, you can adjust these down now. One thing i always disliked about a lot of these bags, theyre very uncomfortable to wear for an extended period of time. Not so with this bag, because this bag has padded material on both the side and its breathable padded material on the bottom, you have a strap where you can hang it off of luggage and also have a pocket down here, which this bag has quite a few Pockets also on the back side, you have the zipper compartment where you can put your laptop in here tablet. Whatever um ive got my landing pad in there, but its pretty spacious and since its padded, you know you can uh put something in here. Not have to worry about it, so lets go ahead and open it up.

The one thing i like about this one is: it has the dual zipper, so you dont have to just use one zipper. All the way around you can do both and Music. You have more pockets, so we have a and this one ive never seen on. Another bag is that you can actually put your if youre concerned about the metal uh handles here, damaging something you can push them into this and uh its like a hideaway even more securities. You have a pocket in there. You have a mesh pocket in there same type of deal and you have plenty of space to put in your drones or cameras or what have you so i got the fpv drone in there with the controller, the charger extra battery and the goggles. Now these are all velcro and these little partitions here you can basically take them all out and adjust them. However youd like because you have your velcro on each side, so you can whatever. However, youre using this, you can tailor it to your specific needs and you have a couple of these straps which help hold everything in there. These are some of the partitions that are removable. You get quite a few of these velcro, so you can mix and match. However, you want to do it its a very lightweight bag too, which thats the best part of it. I think so like i said this is a amazing bag because of its versatility, so i would highly recommend it if you were looking for a bag of some sort to carry your drone, so thats pretty much it.

So. Thank you for watching.