I wanted a camera bag that would fit all my gadgets in one bag because im tired of looking like a pack mule, a literal pack mule with 78 bags around my shoulders, my neck and my teeth. No, i want one bag for everything, but stipulations requirements. If you will um, it had to be a backpack, because, most of the time when i fall, i fall on my face, not my back. So i wanted to protect the tech that way and of course it had to be impact resistant, and i wanted a hard shell, so i found a bag. It was delivered two days early. I got it today. It wasnt supposed to be here till wednesday. So super happy about that, and i wanted to share it with you guys. So here is a new bag, its a backpack style like i said, and you may be looking at this video going. Oh gosh heather. I really like the functionality but im, not a pink kind of person. Well, shame on you for not being a pink kind of person, but you know thats. Okay comes in other colors too, so it is called that word right there. I do not know how to pronounce it, and even if i did itd probably be wrong because im southern and i pronounce everything wrong but im thinking its mo siso, so thats the brand name so well lay it down here and ill. Let you see inside what all i have in here and note the hard shell cover there dual zipper with a little lock on it.

So i have my dji mavic mini 2 drone which im in love with my husbands, binoculars my sony alpha camera, my dji control for the drone and we have batteries for the camera. Look yall ive got an empty space. I can buy. Something else tell me what to buy um then. I also have my gopro in there and, as you heard there, these are velcro, so theyre totally adjustable um, my extra lens and theres more room, more pockets. Oh gosh, this thing is totally loaded down with pockets like im, so impressed with the pocket space, and just so you know its not hard to zip im, just holding the phone with one hand and trying to zip with the other which again yall. I am not the most coordinated person, so lots of pockets and big old, thick back straps, good, back padding and a bonus. This is actually got a place for your laptop thats, my macbook pro 13 inch in there.