So this one comes with obviously the robot vacuum. You got a remote uh instruction manual, quick, start guide. Uh, you get a couple of spare side brushes and a spare hepa filter, as well as a spare filter sponge and of course, you get the charging dock as well as the wall adapter to supply power to the charging dock. Now, taking a look at the robot vacuum itself, it’s a pretty typical design similar to most of the robot vacuums in this class, and i would consider this to be the budget class. This is on the under 200 classes, a lot of robot vacuums in this class. So we have um – basically your bumper here in the front so as it’s going around the room, it bumps into objects, will change directions after it hits an object or a wall on the underside. Here you have your two side, brushes that constantly spin and draw in the dirt and dust into the main uh area where the brush the main brush is – and this actually spins around here. The suction power is 1800 pa, so it’s pretty decent uh for this clasp, and then you get your dust bin here on the bottom and just release the dustbin by pressing down on this latch comes out, and then you can just pop open the lid like this. You can see it’s pretty dusty i’ve been using this for about a week now and uh maintenance on this is pretty simple.

So if anything gets clogged in here or stuck inside the main brushes, you can just pop this a little lid off here and then this comes out and you can clean up this area in case anything gets stuck and, of course the bottom here is pretty standard. You have your two wheels as well as your direction, changing wheel here and it’s on some shocks, so it can go over various objects. You know like low objects, like uh rugs mats, that kind of stuff as well as you know, if you wan na vacuum up hardwood floors, just gon na work on this totally fine, and the only thing is that sometimes, if you’re, if it goes over an object, That’S kind of loose it doesn’t stick to the ground like a towel, for example, or any kind of object, that’s um not really fixed to the ground. It can cause the robot vacuum to get stuck and in which case it will require manual intervention to get it unstuck. So this vacuum does have smart app support for your smartphone and you can enable the wi fi by powering up the vacuum first and then pressing and holding the bumper in and holding the power button and that’ll turn on the wi fi. And then you can basically pair it up to your network. However, i wasn’t able to get this to work on my network, because this particular robot vacuum only works with 2.4 gigahertz wi fi networks and the one i have in in my wi fi router.

Only just 5.8 gigahertz, so i was unfortunately unable to test any of the stuff in the smartphone app now. Supposedly, you can connect this to your um, google assistant and amazon. Alexa, basically give you voice, commands to start and stop cleaning um, which you can do with remote. I’Ll show you that here in a second, you also get some additional information like battery charge and also access the different functions, but you can also access all those functions via the remote anyway. Now the other thing that the app can show you is the internal map that is built by the robot vacuum, as it goes around a room and bumps into objects it. It develops an internal map, so it kind of kind of knows where it’s already cleaned and where it needs to clean and the app can show you that but of course, i’m not sure how useful that is for you visually. You can see. What’S been done. I suppose, but if you let the vacuum complete its cycle in a room and assuming it doesn’t get stuck anywhere it will. It basically will cover the entire room, using basically a smart algorithm within inside the computer, that will determine uh where it needs to actually clean the room and where and where what actually hasn’t been done. So you can just uh. Just if you don’t have the app it’s, not a big deal, you can just uh, basically trust that the vacuum does go through the whole room and it will eventually figure out where it needs to go and we’ll get the job done now.

You can pretty much operate the entire vacuum with just the remote itself. You don’t really need the app at all, and i wasn’t using this for like a week and without the app and had no problems using this. You can’t actually do manual control here with these uh this little jog dial, but the whole point of this is to have this automated, so you know it’s kind of pointless to do manual cleaning here. Basically, you just turn on uh this little home button. Here it will basically send the robot vacuum back to the charger and it actually has able to figure it out. Now it does say in the manual that you need to have one meter of space to each side and have a certain amount of clearance. Now my house is pretty small: couldn’t find a adequately inadequate space to put it with enough space on the side. So sometimes it had a hard time finding the charger and going back about about half time it was. It was fine, but my house is so small that i basically would just turn it on get it going and then uh when i was done, i would just manually put the robot vacuum back on the charger if it needs to be charged. So, as you see here in the remote there’s, a couple of different functions like wall cleaning, so basically just crawl along the side of the wall and clean that section, uh there’s spot cleaning.

It just goes around in a spiral and a circle, and one section of spot cleans that one section there’s a turbo button that will basically increase the suction power from level one two and three. So if you want to do more deep cleaning on carpet with more a lot of dirt that’s in there any more suction power, you can increase the suction power. With this button here, obviously the more suction power you use, the lower the battery life so on the lowest setting uh you get two hours of battery life and on the highest setting. I was getting about an hour of battery life. Now the full go button here, as you can see, if you hit that it’s just two times cleaning, so basically what it does is. It will go through, go through a room and just basically go over and over and over in that one room until the battery needs charging it’ll charge up and then once once the battery is charged up. It will do that room again. So if there’s a certain room that you want cleaned, it might take a long time, of course, because you have to wait a while, i think it’s, like three hours to charge the battery. You can basically press this button and it will clean the room twice now. Overall, you know it pretty much worked as i expected. I i found that it did get stuck here and there on occasion it does actually talk to you and will give you some like a verbal indication that it’s stuck and eventually it’ll just power down it won’t.

Actually, just keep on staying stuck with and draining the battery completely it’ll, eventually figure out. Oh it’s stuck and then give you an audible warning and then tight and then basically shut itself down. So if you happen to not be in the room, if it gets stuck, it will automatically shut itself down after a certain amount of time, but for the most part it i found it worked very well it it. You know if you, if you’re going to use this as your primary vacuum, you probably want to go for something a lot higher end and the i would recommend something in the 400 to 500 range with a lot more power. This is mainly going to be good for sucking up like dust and hair. Smaller debris doesn’t it doesn’t, quite capture everything. Obviously, a manual vacuum would, with a lot more suction. Power is going to capture everything, so this is more or less for, like um sort of maintenance, uh and keeping the the the floor dust free and actually surprising how much dust this thing actually picks up, and you have to actually pretty much empty it after uh. One or time one or two times using it, because it does fill up the dustbin pretty quickly, so yeah it’s kind of shocking. How much dust there is actually in a house well that you can’t really see, and this thing, if you just basically put it on a schedule in the app um you can just have it.

You know automatically clean a certain time, a time of day, maybe every day, and that could help keep your. You know keep the house clean in terms of in terms of maintenance level and then maybe once a week you can manually go through and do all your cleaning uh uh in terms of like uh, more and more deeper cleaning for the areas you have to actually Need it, so how does this compare to some of the other ones in the same class? You know this is 160 on amazon right now, with a 20 coupon so 140, as of today um, it has 1800 pa of suction power. Now, the one in this same category that that amazon calls the amazon choice for the robot vacuums is 150 uh no coupon is made by yuffie and that one only has 1300 pa of suction powers. So you know it’s uh, not not as much suction power but pretty similar features and about ten dollars more and that one is apparently the amazon choice. I don’t know i’m, not really sure how that one compares to this one, because i haven’t actually used it. Just looking at the specs, you know on a sort of a cursory level. It just seemed like this. One is a little bit better value because it has more power and actually cost about ten dollars less so yeah. Overall, i i say i would recommend this now. If you have a same situation with the wi fi network, that i’m in where you only have five point gigahertz, and you want to be able to use the smartphone app, then this is probably not gon na work for you, you’re gon na wan na have some.

I want to go for a different model that can actually use 5.8 hertz. For me, it wasn’t a big deal. You know uh. I could pretty much do everything with the remote and the whole point of this is to basically set it and forget it. You know i would just press basically press the button and off it would go and start cleaning and then, when it’s done it will just go back to the chargers. So i thought overall, that would that worked out pretty well for me anyway. A full disclosure here musu did send me this vacuum for review. They did not pay me for this review and they just are seeing this video the first time that you guys are seeing it without any editorial input from them. It’S just my opinion and my opinion. Only anyway, it’s gon na do for this video.