So this week we have my very good friend. Please give him a round of applause and a woot woot for one who is usually our moderator. You see him in the chat, helping things run. How are you on hey, hi, everybody, im, good and so glad to be here? Thank you for having me um im sure your ratings will go extremely down from here through the roof im thinking of a howard, robin kind of dynamic today. So you kind of keep me in check, but then youll be secretly the reason that people are watching the show one will be to kind of because its going to be such a long show to pose me the questions. So i dont have to stop and take time on that reviewing them, and i will also give you the power of the pick one so as were going through the pictures. If there are any that jump out that you love, you do have the right to give a pic so feel free to kiss his butt as we go through folks, because im sure im gon na give away more than just one or two prizes tonight. In terms of our prizes, we have, let me get the first one up um. Of course this will be optional, because the first prize is specifically for nikons, ed shooters. My expert setup guide that covers the whole zed range is now live, so you can grab that its up on a launch sale for the next four days, but someone will be getting that as a prize goes through each of the different cameras how to customize them? How to set them up all of that good stuff and then something that isnt actually live yet, and i havent advertised it anywhere, but its a little soft pre sale for you guys.

I have the final release of the year and it features the one and only stephanie and wonderfully one actually was the second videographer on the production. We filmed this one, its a steampunk, themed, cosplay, art, nude, portraiture, thats, a mouthful and we hired this mansion in manhattan. I had my regular videographer, jonathan and wine came and helped us as set on second camera and expertly spraying canned aerosol gases and everything to help us get cool results so that one is up on a pre sale and it will actually go live on new years Day so i wont scroll too far on that a little bit of bombs. Fine, i guess, but it does include full nudity. So please be aware of that, and only cook through if you are in a place that is suitable now before we jump into the pictures. And yes, there are literally about 170 175 images here there would have actually been well over 200, but a lot of well not a lot but 20 or 30 people didnt rename their file didnt, make it a monochrome image didnt or sent like five images. Instead of one, which means none of them, get included so for next week your the theme being your best shot of 2021, it needs to have been shot in 2021. So when you output the image, please make sure the metadata is still attached, so that were able to verify that, but then its open topic, if it has something to do with 2021 great but otherwise just it needs to have been taken in 2021.

So a quick shout out rob kevin john david ranger ron, shawn andre richard curly, fusion, gl ben xo, hi from jamaica satellite rod, marcilano hi! Thank you all for joining us. One, slash robin he ready im ready! This is gon na, be a big show. Lets jump in if you have oh one piece of housekeeping, i will still take questions but because, even if i did one minute per photo, this is gon na be a three hour show, so itll probably be less than a minute each. I will try and focus so todays feedback will be first impressions and what i like about it, what i would suggest improving and if i can do it in 20 seconds ill, do that other housekeeping. If you have questions for me, please keep the question short and make it not something. You know philosophical and super in depth, because i cant spend five minutes answering one question. Otherwise, everyones going to be asleep so lets jump in. Where is my pictures? They are here denim, okay, so 175 pictures lets do this. First three are some monochromes that i pulled out from the steampunk shoot uh. This was before one added the amazing uh atmosphere. He was really quite good at that. I hope youve absolutely linked in with that. One sorry robin that was my career. From now on. You can see a little bit of the atmosphere here by young stephanies face, but shes shes rising above it.

You know um more of a steam punky outfit there. The wings were just because we found the wings there and it seemed kind of cool and old. Mentioning not really a steampunk vibe steampunk by the way is retro, futuristic so its set in a future world, but where everything has reverted to a mechanical kind of technology. So metal fans, these cool goggles, all of that kind of thing now. Why does it want to not give me the zoom im asking for there? We go 100 and fit excellent, so promo out of the way steampunkt soft launch in the description below lets jump. In now, i probably wont even read all the names out, but i will, if i remember adam, i think i know where this is somewhere in. I think i drove past this off route. 66.. I, like the framing of this. I dont mind that the two are kind of touching in the center. It seems like theyre kind of the smaller one is supporting the larger one. Um, no real criticisms, other than be careful. When youre pulling the blue channel down, you can get the highlighted. The kind of the edging around your shot around the other elements that arent blue, which kind of gives a halo effect, but look at that image number one im, giving it a pick adrian moss, that is a windmill Music. The leading line of the driveway is kind of lost, so it doesnt have the same impact that it would have, i think, its a nice shot.

The only thing would be try it at different times of day and see how the different light patterns might impact. The final result akiva, i really oh, actually just a thought for those of you who are staying up late on a saturday night saying we have such a long show if youre having a drink. Why dont? We turn this into a drinking game and every time i go to crop an image or say this would work better as a 4×5 you drink or in the chat. If you want to suggest a different rule, you can play along with that, but i do think this one would work and i have a bias towards four by fives, but i think this image is suited to it because whats sitting on the bottom left of frame Is doing nothing for it, its an intrusion, so a frame like that, i think, works better shot. Um alfonso! This is a really sweet shot. Id probably bring the headroom in ever so slightly and slightly from the right as well, so that counts as a crop. If youre getting into it um it probably isnt as soft and wispy as it appears here, but you sent in a really low res file. So in future please try and send a high res one, so people can see whats in there uh ellen hale. So its kind of talk about losing the forest for the trees, i like the kind of aesthetic, but its kind of it becomes too busy, even though the like your eye just dances around because theres no subject, i also think its slightly, not straight everythings, leaning slightly To the left, not just the trees, but you can see it from the bridge in the distance.

This is tempting fate and um. So this is dinner on a toilet roll, its nice, but i think youve pulled down the blacks, a lot to try and hide whatever the background was and its making the cutout around the animals look a little bit odd. I also dont really get. Why is the mouse on toilet paper feel free to just chime in? If you have any thoughts on any of these one? I dont want to objectify to just being a pretty face: yeah no problem im, just uh keeping up here: okay, okay, okay, keep being pretty um andre muir, so i think its really nicely composed the light is beautiful. I think it would make for a great background for a portrait shoot. I dont really have anything much in the way of a criticism just that. Where would you print or hang this um? I can only think of limited places that it would work, but i think its a its a nice shot and a pick um a a so the. I think this does lend itself better to coming in a bit closer with a wider angle lens, although youre already at 16, mil, maybe as a landscape, oriented one to get the whole three rows of escalators or stairs and less of the floor and the ceiling im. Not sure or maybe even just a lot more of the ceiling and none of the floor yeah, i felt the same when i was looking at it.

Maybe a landscape shot of it would have given us a better view of the staircases too yeah. Maybe you would get something out the glass ceiling of the buildings that are outside as well yeah, 101 blog. Of course, i want to hear your thoughts, send them in um, 101 blog also saying steampunk, where no one wears knickers um come on your english. You know how to spell where thats, not how you spell word um anna now. This is a very cute kitty. This is a nice uh use of monochrome. I dont know whats going on with the brown border on the edge of this frame, though i think maybe remnant of photoshop um so reminder because im sure well hit this later monochrome. It should be a single color channel, so it could be black and white or it could have just red in the frame or just blue or and red of course then can have orange and pink, and that kind of thing in it. But theres a couple of quick tests we can do if were not sure, but this to me does look monochrome its very cute. However, its also you know its hard to go to a great cat shot because theres so many cute ones, but then what makes it great? I think the focus is great. The claws are nice, but yeah a lot of ketchup yeah that does uh pick for meek. I saw it because it was a cute little kitty, so that was a pick for me immediately.

Okay, so weve got steph in the house excellent um. Now what is this anthony wilche? It kind of looks like a minecraft frame. It says that its a so its a 1280 is part of the reason, its a really small fresh frame, but then its so pixelated. It really looks like its from minecraft or something thats. What youre going for but looks odd, um anthony cool shot, super dark, sometimes really close. Ups on skin, coming through in really dark tones works great um. Here it looks like grit and grime all over the hands and uh face, but yeah um its intense. Really. I, like the really close frame, yeah thats, what i thought looking at the eyes, the gaze was really intense and i was like scary full eye, almost squishy, okay, so super cute, but okay get your glasses ready. I dont think the central composition works its um again. I know, depending on your camera, they focus better with the central focus points, but the top and left offered us nothing, really um a ref thats, a pretty cool shot of a flamingo. I love the vantage point right along the water. I would again crop it in theres um, if you, depending on your usage having it shot wide, can be helpful, but i dont know that the final image needs to be keeping the water on the bottom. Third, i think works great, so yeah. That is a pick for me yeah this.

This was a as soon as i saw. It was a pick for me because, like wow like so such an awesome shot such i dont know it just only just spoke might do – is bring it up there about point. Four of a stop um, but yeah, very nice. So if you want to get in before me one you can just you scream pick um, i mean window light female form, its kind of hard to go wrong. Only two things that jump out to me when youre shooting, with such strong, horizontal and vertical lines, shooting it from an angle rather than straight on. You get the weird kind of um perspective distortion, where things dont look straight, just because youre shooting from an angle, and then i would probably have cropped it in from the left, whether or not that is just um the edge of a blurred out curtain or the Light coming through there, i dont think that it kind of detracts from the frame aspect youve got going on by having that hotspot down the left of the shot, um Music, so the train station i mean weve got the subject in the distance. I think if you were a bit bigger, it would hold the shot together better. This puppy knows where its at on a sunday morning, a little bit jealous very cute um yeah eye contacts, great again, if its gon na be in so close, i would still probably bring it in a little from the top uh this one from ben gronfeld.

We actually won, and i had a chat before the show about whether or not this was a true uh mono, but i already checked and theres an easy way that you can check. So this obviously is kind of a spot color. If the sides have been desaturated and then the lantern has been left in, but if we, for example, grabbed the saturation and then push our aqua all the way up, you see its not making a difference to the shot. So you know the blue channel has at least been neutralized, whereas if we do that with the orange, then we have an obvious difference going on there. Having said that, i dont like spot color, just a personal thing um, but i do think the you know what i dont even know. If the composition really works, we cant read the words i and i dont really get a sense of the atmosphere of the place that it was in either sorry to be a downer but yeah its not like a an old traditional one in an incense filled room That would have all of that atmosphere, its a new plastic one that yeah it feels like the the desaturation has just been to hide mess, rather than give more atmosphere to the shot yeah, they could pull back a little bit. You can see more of where actually it is but yeah yeah, so that was 52.8 um by the way people were saying my mics a little loud, so i hope i fixed it a little bit so hopefully its okay.

Now sorry about that guys! Uh. Let me see yes, it does look a bit loud, so i just talk again. I have now pulled you down. Yes, okay, so that shouldnt be speaking. Let us know folks how that is awesome. Thank you. Thank you robin, although being kind of loud is your thing. Uh thats right robin is loud, um bettina jones, so this is some female mannequins outside of what it looks to be a korean shop based on the characters on the window and the box. Um, i mean im sure you can make a story here about its about beauty and being disposable and body image, and all of that kind of thing um. I think you could make the story better if you were down a little lower, you could probably frame out this wood on the left and have it be the mannequins and then on the right on the window. Back there, you have a woman in underwear that juxtaposition of the mannequin and the woman, i think, tells a better story, but we would need to see the woman in the background more clearly, im gon na do five more shots, then jump back and see if we Have any questions bill, aquino, some guy, getting his hands smashed to pieces? Um? Okay, i dont know what martial art it is, i think its a you know if you think about whats going on here, there probably was a whole bunch of sparring.

The selective depth of field has worked really well its all in on them. We get the two guys we get the the victims, eye contact and right in you know, right where we want. Our attention is the hand. So i think this is actually a really well put together shot that uh has no distractions and gives us all the info we need, so i dont think its an amazing black and white, but i do think its a really uh thoughtful composition. So youre getting a pick bill, but when i first looked at it i thought it from the top. It looked kind of like barack obama – and i was like wait – is that barack obama doing karate thats awesome, but then i dont think its going to think its karate, but it probably is barack obama – oh yeah, okay, so some people saying still a bit loud. So ive just dropped you by another half a db. This is all a learning process were on a journey here. Thank you for your feedback folks, thank you. Uh thats good. I, like the slate gray blue vibes. You know that kind of gunmetal gray that has the blueing to it. I think its the perfect color treatment for this kind of a shot and again the framing, is fantastic look at where all of the lines intersect with the edge of frame and how its a really thoughtful composition. Thats. Definitely a pick from me im on the wrong screen.

Where is it here its hard having fat fingers and three things to do at once? Pick um bob bob h bob! I like this one. What do you like about it? I just like to reflect. I thought this was you that other one that you saw at the beginning, that was kind of crowded. I thought that one this is similar to that, but you know in a better composition and just a reflection of it and just how the straight it is. So i liked it okay. Is that a pick from you or just some feedback? Yes, i pick for me there we go bram toll camp uh, very cool red on red, on red, on red from memory, and just so you know the process for this, especially when i have this many images before the show. In this case i did half yesterday and half this morning because it was just too many, but normally i download the images really quickly. So im sorry. But if you send me a five page, uh description, then i cant read it all in that time because im downloading them all in an hour, but i did skim brams and it said that this was done with three red yelled flashes. Let me just check here uh, it seems okay um, so i think its a a pretty cool studio shot two suggestions: one would be the ear. Cuffs are blown out um and i would probably try to get a bit more of a sheen on the metal logo.

Here or the beats on the actual cup, but thats the pick as well. Yes, exactly commercial product shot. Now we do have some boobs in this weeks episode. Folks, so please be aware: um close your eyes: okay, yes ill! I cant actually give a boo boarding, because i dont know when theyre coming um, so brian aitkens, a trio of monochrome, women, Music, very roman, like very roman sculptured like true overall, i like the posing um, i dont its its an interesting thing. The woman on the left standing uh, the lighting on her, looks softer and she has her eyes closed, which gives an overall softer vibe and her chest is open to the light. So its unshadowed, the woman on the stool, has not used powder or blotted and shes. Quite shiny, so shes got lots of hot spots, but then shes angled to the light, which makes her look more contrasty. Her shes got specular highlights on her face and darker shadows and the woman down below is kind of halfway between the two. So, despite it being uh, you know uh the same soft light source for all of them. You get quite a different vibe on each of them. So interesting pick bruce right, thats a cool shot of niagara. What was this a long lens shot? What do we talk in here? 92, mil f22, two seconds i think, thats quite cool. I would probably personally uh pull the shadows down a little, but otherwise i think its a cool shot.

Yeah very surreal, like im gon na end up with im gon na, have to go through 100 of them again. If i pick so many but anyway, um bruce ashmore monochrome. So here the brownie sepia type treatment, i think, works great with a turn of the century style image: um, oh and theres, a bunny, hey bunny! Where are you under it? I didnt realize. Okay, then youre going through the picture band, brian watkins hes, a lovely bodyscape um. I was actually just shooting bodyscapes with felicia this week. I could have included one or two of them as well. Um nicely done. The water drops is sharp from the start to the back of the image. I think the negative space in this one works really well. I dont really have a criticism on the the crop. The edges of the frame either nice shot brian well, do one more then go to questions um casey, i think its funny, because shes getting a face painted – and she looks so intense, like shes – got a game face on shes about to step onto the stage, and She needs to be in character or something um its just a little flat. I dont think theres yeah. Maybe maybe you could explore some different editing treatments on this one did we have some questions come through yet sorry, robin yeah, we got yeah. We got one uh one question so far: uh just regarding uh, black and white images, and what about uh its like do you uh? Do you feel like black and white images are coming back into vogue? I dont i feel like when i get questions like that.

To that person, black and white images were out of fashion and theyre thinking about it now, but i dont think theyve ever gone anywhere. My feed is still full of black and white images, wedding, photographers and art nude photographers and like architecture photographers, a lot of the shots are still black and white street photography, so i dont think theres anything about it being in vogue or not um. You can certainly see with 175 entrants theres a lot of people out there, shooting monochrome um people like shooting, monochrome, better well, quick stretch. If we dont have other questions, then i will get back into um. The images okay hit us. If you have questions folks, its a nice respite from the deluge of photos, actually um Music celia with kind of a blue treatment here, i just want your highlights on it. They look a little blown, but i i mean its interesting. To be honest, i most like the out of focus areas theres, something interesting going on there, no crop on that one. I dont want people to get drunk too soon. Katie webb nice take on the eiffel tower, but as i actually talk about in one of my live workshops, the eiffel towers photographs so often its difficult to get a shot that really stands out. This is a more unique composition than just standing at the top of the boulevard nice use of the clouds, but messy editing. My friend, you have tried to darken down the sky a lot, but theyre not done in between all of the lattice work.

On the the tower itself, so i think you know if youre going to enter it into a competition, do the edit properly chris matthews. This is a cute shot. I would probably just try not to have the bouquet of flowers poking out of the top of her head. She doesnt look like a vase, but it is a little distracting. Otherwise that would have for sure being a pick uh. I would probably again bring it up from the bottom right. However, her her look reminded me of the many looks i received from women in my life. It was like get get the shot and get out of my face. I dont know why, if youre here chris, can you confirm or deny another chris and a poor usps looks like worker trudging through the snow to deliver mail um its cool? I think it could do with more highlights, but other than that um yeah. Maybe try some compositions even lower to the ground, but i think this is a quite a great job. Try and sell it to usps rain, hail or shine well lose 10 percent of your mail um. Another chris chris is representing tonight um very fit woman. Um only thing would be just do it exactly would be maybe having the top of the cap visible with a little separation uh. But i do like the little hint of a smile there and then the the popping out of the swoosh im gon na give that a peek im just gon na double pick.

If i pick it twice, though it unpicks the first one, i was about to say one im moving quick, but please feel free to speak over me if you want to add anything because otherwise, im just going to keep going because after three or four hours, no Ones going to be watching this chris chris represent thats, her fourth chris okay, so im giving a picture just to the name chris now um. This reminds me of, like i reckon around there theres some mafia bodies buried theres, something about this. It looks like an old clubhouse for a yeah, a gang or something um. I dont know what it is about it, but i really quite like it um. I would like to see some variations in the angle shooting through there to maybe show a little more direction of the building. We dont need quite so much on the left, so maybe you could fill it up a little bit more with the front of the building, but i like it christon and another chris and some more boobs and some more six packs um. So this is quite nice. I mean the it can be difficult, so this is shot with a reasonably hard light so having the hair in it directly lit like this. Its going to blow out before we get the rest of the body actually lit, but i do like the the shaping effect it has, especially on the abs and the navel.

The hard light gives great form to those um yeah on a shot like this, where its just kind of a floating torso, you could always adjust the angle. It doesnt have to be the angle that they were actually standing. We just got five dollars from long rider. Yeah supporting member of the community ever. Thank you very kind, one. I think after youtubes cut thats about 3.50 thats. Yours, you go buy yourself, a bagel after im, gon na retire thats it its all good straight to the roth ira um another chris. You guys are killing it um yeah, i dont think the watermark adds much, but i dont mind people adding watermarks. I would have preferred a high res shot as per the instructions on the page um the building is cool, but then the modern agriculture trellis vines on the right and then what looks to be a turnpike on the left kind of ruined the atmosphere of the shot For me now come on, why are you doing this sometimes lightroom likes to do this and just mess with me dale shelton um? This looks like a quinceanera. I dont know if im saying that right but uh like a sweet, 16 yeah, something like that um is it 16 13, something as well quinceaneras the 15 yeah 15 years old um with a kind of a little pixie lamp um. I think youve probably tried to bring the tones of the dress down and its kind of missed a little bit here, because that hot spot, unless shes got some magic dust, has fallen from her thing onto her dress.

I think its working well, but i think you could bring down the exposure on this tree in the background, because that looks quite distracting from your off camera. Flash thats gone past her its also lit that tree. So i would just with a quick brush. You could darken that down really easily definitely has a fairytale taste to it. I like that about that. Indeed, birkin production says: why judge the photos thats rude? Everyone has their own taste in photography, yes, but this is a photo review where people have entered their shots. Asking me for their feedback, so i dont think its rude um and for everyone else. I say this every week, but please do give your thoughts on the photos in the conversation, so we can have a chat. This is about you know, getting other peoples opinion on your work. Doesnt mean you have to agree with it, but um external feedback, um dalton. Now this is some little ducky, birdie birds, bird birds. I actually really like the patterns in the water at the back. More than anything else is that real, it looks like its been added its um. It looks like the patterns you get on the beach after theres been animals wandering around um. I dont think the birds are dominant enough in the shot, damien williams shes, certainly dominant enough. Ah, you know sometimes the i dont know about its theres so little in focus its cute, but i i feel like maybe its the lens, maybe its the technique you went for, but its just so soft and wispy um, which i guess is there an after effect In a light room where they soften it up possibly its hard to tell um a lot of potential, maybe the things that we could fix on this one easily is not cropping off the left hand bringing the shot across.

Then you would also get that uh thing in the top left out of the shot dan berkovitz, thats, quite lovely nice use of all the undulating lines um and i like the off center horizon as well: uh, dan cabanock, so its i can see the appeal its Moody and whatnot, but i i mean its too dark its got, no highlights its got a lot more um atmosphere. If you yeah bring up the exposure, bring up the contrast or something like that. Um then now im not sure dan, but have you ended a shot of this lovely lady before maybe this is your partner um, its a nice shot, um, not seeing the whole series. You know i eye contact is often good, but this is a nice sweet candid moment um. I, like the transition of light to dark thats alternating in the foreground, and background cool you type like youre in that movie hackers from the 90s. Sorry wasnt that loud, danny um youve ended some great shows danny. Oh okay charge your glasses. What do you think? Four by five gon na crap itd be a four by five hey to my second cup of coffee. For the morning me i like her position. I, like her, pose. I like the angle of light on her. I just think that its not quite there something about the the vantage point. What do we hear? The reasonably wide angle lens doesnt tell me probably a bit further back with a slightly longer lens.

I think would work better danny g, that is a cute puppy and thats. What im talking about with eye contact. This looks like a dog that has just given you a guided walking tour of some small town and its come to that time. Where now its asking for tips, if in gratuities, if you enjoyed the walking tour full eye contact very cute dog, i actually quite like it. The ear on the edge of frame. Doesnt bother me too much in here. The eyes right in the center actually works quite well, because it is all about eye contact, nice, yeah, that dogs tearing to your soul, oh and then heres a nice little follow up to that one. A beautiful woman staring right into your soul from darren melrose um. I think ive got to give that a peek. It uh, if you can say its a pick for me too, take a look at the crop here. Talking about the rule of thirds, just look how it the shot has so much power and presence. Her eyes are on the intersection of thirds, and her chin is like her face is fully framed within those thirds. So a really good use of that technique, whether intentional or not it does add to the the intensity. Did i already pick it now im picking it again there we go darren, sharrick, thats, odd. I dont know what is going on with that its super pixelated. It looks like its been had 32 different filters, applied to it.

Uh im sure a beautiful and beloved image, but uh. This is one what we call the tourist view having the butt at the camera rather than the face or the more interesting part of the animal, and i just cant get away from the editing treatment its not to my taste, dave, lust and heres. Another one. Look at this were getting all of these intense eye contact um. If we bring that down, i think were going to have it again, even more intense um, yeah thats funny thats cool. I like it. I like this one theres like a lot of like emotion in it, is that a pick from you yeah pick for me: um henning, free tv, pretty sweet um again. This looks like somewhere that you roll through on your way along route: 66. um. I, like the treatment on this one, the the lines all work. Well, i think you could bring it in a little from the right. The edge of that tree is not adding anything, and you can still keep your original aspect ratio that i think is instantly a cleaner composition. Nice one though, and im giving it a pick. Um david r. This looks like grapefruit fanta sold in indonesia thats, like 40 sugar um, its cool. I like that the bubbles are all in sharp focus, but theres not really enough here to hold me. But i do like that. You went with a single color channel rather than black and white.

I thought we would actually have more of these kind – dave, barker, sorry, david barker um, so on this kind of shot, i can see why you have not why youve left the eyes right in the center of the frame you dont want to crop off the head. Uh, i would like to see maybe a little bit more light and you could add it easily enough with a brush just to add some highlights to the hair so that we get some detail from the top part of the frame so that it kind of balances It out, otherwise you run the risk of it being almost becoming negative space because of the low exposure david colton. Thats kind of this is the kind of shot that monochrome is made for right. Personally, i think its been over sharpened, but i do i like the shot thats, the kind of clouds that would get you to run out of your house to go, take a shot, um nice. Is it a peek? Is it a pick? Is it a pick? Yeah people not from me, you monster david, a begging, nun, um theres, certainly a lot of potential in a shot like this. I think it looks really low res, but its actually not. I think its a bit out of focus and maybe a bit of slow, shutter speed now one two hundred so i dont know – is the bag in focus. Is the bag in focus there because thats? What i was wondering, i think it seems out of focus, but the back seems to be in focus.

I think yeah it could be uh, but it also all just looks a bit wispy for iso 200 thats surprising, it looks maybe its just been darkened down. Um theres potential there keep working the shot in a moment like that. Oh david stevens, thats, nice. I think, if youre going to not if youre like almost getting the bottom of the dress, but not i would bring it up and have it be. You know quite intentional: you could bring the top in oops the top in a little bit as well and really bringing us in on the pool. I think thats a bit stronger um but thats a pick pick pic dennis uh, even though you have some highlights in this one. I would probably still like to see the mid tone highlights lifted a little for a bit more contrast there um, but nice shot. I would probably also bring it in uh its hard. It would be easier to do if, when i was there, if i was there shooting it, but i wouldnt want to crop it this far, but basically to get it in on the the waterfall and the trees in the distance, rather than the ones on the left. This looks like some kind of a shelby cobra replica kit, car um, so its a nice shot um. I would work a bit harder on your panning if you want to get that effect. This looks like it wasnt that slow, but its still, not quite in sharp focus and the background isnt interesting enough to be still there and im just realizing that we are partly covering the car.

So let me move that across a little bit, so people at home can see it, and i will pop this back out so that they can on future images too um yeah thanks for entering diane. So now lets go back and is this going to look? Okay, um deep brata kind of a hdr thing going on here, also a bit over sharpened. I feel like the exposure could be lifted on this one, but i really like the perspective on this um yeah theyre fringing on this, that you know from trying to separate out the the sky, doesnt quite work, but thats a pick as well. I think that works pretty well um, doug, moore uh, so an abandoned old lets have a ford or something looks like what are the original ones, um, Music, so definitely an interesting subject, but i think, shot at the wrong time of day the hype, its just too Patchy light: if you waited until the light softened out, then you might get a really um a really interesting one um. You find something like that. Sorry one what i said, i wonder where you find something like that in the forest thats awesome, uh geopierson was just saying that the wedding dress was completely blown out. I just checked the histogram. It was not, it could just be the youtube compression um doug. Oh im such a nerd first thing that jumps out at me is all the sensor dust that youve got thats a really quick fix.

So i can count one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine 10, 11. 12. 13, 14 sensor dust spot. So i would clone those out throw a little contrast in here and then i think you would have an absolute stunner of a shot um if we thats too far there. What do you think of that as a quick and cheerful edit from oh? What just happened? I did not tell it to put that preset on so thats where the quick little adjustments are made and then thats where we started out. I think a quick little touch up and youve got something really really special there douglas just um, get rid of that sense of dust but ill. Give that a peek too. The shooting process is, in my opinion, the hardest and most important one. The editing is easy to work on now that youve got the frame um douglas poonsell, its a little bear bear um. I like that, the claws the best on this one um i mean its a cute subject its just its such a simple frame. Theres not really anything to hold attention on it, and i wonder if actually being monochrome on this one doesnt work if this image isnt so suited to it, because i think the the warm textures and colors in this wood be better in color. What do you think yeah? I like his look, though hes like uh, take the shot. Man just leave me alone.

Im just walking here. Im going to get some salmon bro come on leave me alone. Yeah come on bro leave me alone. I dont think this is a monochrome, my friend, although i am a fan of the old af lens, so we obviously have the yellow channel here on the foot marker, but this looks like its got blue through it. So let me see if i bring the blue saturation down, you see that thats, a monochrome or, if you left the blue in but then took the yellow channel all the way down now thats a monochrome because its just the blue but thats. Unfortunately, not a monochrome image that you entered um, enrique dont, be like that. Come on dont be like that one youre better than that um the. I think this has potential, but maybe its not the quiet angle, on her all stacked up its a little hard to get a sense of everything, maybe shooting along her body uh, would work a little bit better. She could be holding that son. Thatd have been so much better um if theres, anyone in the house right now, i would love uh an extra cup of coffee, its um, its gon na be a long day. Eric uh, i think, if youre gon na go for a shot like this, get it actually symmetrical or get it well off symmetrical. This looks like trying to get it symmetrical, but not quite um, and then it uh its gon na need something in editing its just a little flat as it is so.

You could touch up the symmetricality, but youre gon na lose a lot of the frame to get it to like that um. Okay. Now he is a gentleman who needs a longer lens its an interesting frame, but i think your subject is a little too little in it um. I wonder what pakoi means, if that? Well, the words above her actually mean something i think, theres an interesting frame here. But maybe, if you had your subject sitting on this edge or standing right on this edge, then they could take a more dominant place in the frame. But still we could appreciate the frame that youve got there uh. Well, i didnt even notice. There was a person there until you just mentioned it: oh my god, well bunnies under cars or women in abandoned warehouses, its a special talent that i have um, frank tardiff. Hmm, i think its something to do with the way the shadows are processed on this one. It just makes the water look really dirty and grimy and stuff um yeah. I can see the appeal, but i think its just too busy um and its frozen yeah. Maybe, but i mean that the frame i think is too busy fred venezia. So this looks like you, so i have to say, as someone who shoots, art nude portraits uh. Two pet peeves outdoors is the train track. Cliche and indoors is the sitting on the toilet cliche, but if youre gon na do a train track shot and hopefully super carefully, because these look like tracks that are still being used.

This is a pretty nice way to put together the whole frame. The leading line goes straight to her, the costume and the bag, and everything is, you know, period accurate. I think thats a nicely put together, one im, giving you a pick and assuming you did that in a super safe way: frederick turner, uh, the undulating hills of tuscany or something Music, um dont know if its the color treatment or the the way its been desaturated. But it it all, i dont know it doesnt look quite right. I think this one would actually look better as just a simple black and white um its like a miniature. Actually, you look like a miniature um thats, true what that means. Um yeah! I think it works better as a black and white personally um gary elle thats, an interesting perspective on a dandelion uh, maybe get a macro lens, and if it were parts of what were in sharp focus, i think that could be a really interesting one. Now i have my ac on so that my camera doesnt overheat by being on for hours but im actually starting to freeze um, guy and mendez um. You look. I like the beam of light and get your glasses ready. I just think theres way too much negative space on this unless youre doing a shoot for the cover of incense monthly. I dont think we need so much. I can see that is kind. You wanted that as a diagonal shadow line coming through there, but i actually think, like this kind of a final frame, actually makes for a more interesting image than having so much empty space, um the lads out for a drink.

What country do you think this is one? This is an amber shop? Is it europe im going to say thats, austria? Anyone tell me is that austria um? What is that um? Thank you um. I think the Music. The concept is good here, having the people silhouetted, the rainy street, the high contrast, but its a little busy behind them, depending on whats behind you as a photographer in this shot, i feel like that could be the more interesting aspect. The only really interesting part of the city in the distance for me is the sculptures on top of the building on the left. Oh denmark, its denmark thats, where its at its a rainy day in denmark, okay, gilbert suave – and this is certainly a suave shot. I think the color treatment on this really fits. I think the framing is quite good. Um yeah its a class shot. I think its underexposed but glass shot pick when i see the marble or commercial, so theyre marlboro magazine ads. Does it yeah smokings, bad and cool um, graham ellis? I guess the vignette has been added here to make it look more ye aldi, worldy um. I dont know im not sure why crop off the side of the tombstone and kind of have part of the words cropped out and if you wanted to make it more oldy worldy then take a look at the texture. Slider there roland thats, a pic thats. Quite a nice one, it kind of with my ocd a bit to be.

Not quite, i think, if you framed it, either direction. So you made it not at all symmetrical like Music. That kind of a frame works quite well or if you went the other way to try and make it closer to symmetrical but yeah. I really like, i think, the crop i just did on it. I really like im going to give myself a pick, um thats, a pick for me too. So yes, well for me. Thank you. Bro, yes, for you in burton doesnt have interest for me. Im sorry youve been did some great stuff in the past, but the patchy light uh its monochrome, thanks to the probably the color of the lights that were on location. I just dont think theres enough visual interest in the shot for this ingle thats, a beautiful vista. I think your your main interest is quite a bit further into the shot i dont. You know. People often talk about landscapes, need a foreground middle ground and background. I dont think thats always true, and the foreground doesnt have to be right. Whats right in front of your feet, i dont think thats the most interesting uh part of the shot, i think, probably in like that is thats, not the right crop but like that, i think thats, where all of the interest is in your shot. Um ira, you know this area dont you want. This is in new yorks thats, where you live thats, where i used to live.

Hows new york, uh lets jump out for a second dirty. Tell me about new york. Im miss it, but i mostly miss the people. Like you tell me about new york, its coming its coming back to life, you know, thankfully, things are open and uh. Everybody started to go out and do their things now, so its starting to slowly come back to life and thats a good thing, because a lot of people you know were missing that uh that new york aura um, so yeah its nice. So far, good! Please stay safe. I want to come back, yes um. We miss you. Oh thank you for speaking on behalf of the population upgrade in new york. Now this shot from ira look. I think the composition is kind of spot on except cropping the flag at the top cropping the womans foot at the bottom, but your positioning frame is good but like the earlier shot of the eiffel tower, this is shot 500 or 10 000 times a day by People you have to do something spectacular if you want this shot to really stand out, otherwise youre competing against every other shot of the brooklyn bridge that ive seen before, and in that case i dont think it has the wow factor – um. Yes, james gamble, so thats quite cool um. It does work with the monochrome treatment, the feathers, so the feathers make the composition kind of hard having them out on kind of a 45 degree angle helps you fill up that space.

So if she twisted her little head piece but then also the hand placement in terms of a pose and her leg position for the modesty also works. But, oh sorry to ruin your grey border. I think actually coming up here to get rid of the hand and elbow so that it doesnt look accidentally cropped off. Then we get you see that with the lines we have her eye and her breasts both on intersecting thirds and i think that maybe works better um james forrest, that is um phallic um. I like it well all right wrong timing, but i, like it um im gon na give that a peek for juans like um. Yes, please! I, if you wanted to emphasize it more closer with a wide angle lens. Well, do it for you um, im, not sure about the full central composition, im, not sure that theres enough interest to keep me there um, i think, lower to the ground. You might get a more interesting composition. Oh jan! Congratulations on your tiny baby. Um cute shot id probably try to put the focus right on the babys hair rather than on their fingers, but other than that i mean i, these kind of shots again, like the other kids shot being wispy and whatnot is kind of the point of it. But i do think it doesnt have to be shot completely wide open and i probably wouldnt have pulled the shadows down quite so much.

It feels um a little gritty for this kind of a shot, but i do like it. Congratulations, um nah pig and the kitty cat its a kitty cat and its nicely composed, and i do like the the contrast there. Its still, i dont think its better than our previous kitty cat playing with the toy im going to do three more shots, and then i see questions coming through all from the same people, um jay hissy. This looks like some fun, four guys having a drink on the back of their truck um, but it looks like a snapshot actually five guys and theres one guy just hiding. Are they the guys who own the burger restaurant thats, pretty cool, um, jeff vanest? I guess this is a selfie of you standing in several different places and taking photos in a long exposure. Unfortunately, no shooting data to know, but i guess at least 30 seconds looks like somebody waiting at a starbucks up there um, i wonder which airport is this see you soon anyway, um yeah, i quite like it. If you were standing still a little longer, then especially on these two, i think it would uh be more evident whats going on um, but yeah cool and i got ta reward peoples, creativity, so thats a pic. I dont remember how many more photos i said so. Im gon na do it after this one. Well, look at the questions jerry dalton. This is the therapist um covered bridge, wispy, sepia, two old lads walking and talking and whittling wood and talking about days gone by, i get the editing, uh inspiration.

I still dont personally really like it um the reverse, vignette um i dont feel like the atmosphere of the shot makes it feel like thats, a an authentic edit on it personally um, but i can see where youre going with it, and that really is just a Matter of personal taste, thats, not a uh like like 90 of what im saying today, its just personal opinion um. I think my cats just knocked something down, but yeah um im going to now switch my headphones in an act of magic. So then this one can continue being charged. Whilst i hear in this one so uh did you have questions for me juan before i look at the ones that i had texted uh. No, not currently i just want so somebody had asked a question about. Is your opinion on the iso and the z9, but i posted a link there of you doing the z9 review, which i think you mentioned all those things in there. Oh youre, charming uh, yes, john, so i wouldnt be interested to know who, in the chat, is considering or put in an order for the z9, and when do you expect to get it come through? Uh nikon announced in the last couple of days that shipping will start on december 24th instead of the 15th, which uh i dont know. If 15th was ever official but thats what b, h and adorama had listed, but apparently it will start on the 24th.

So a select few will have a very nice christmas surprise. I guess, but theyve also announced like they have for all of their big launches in the past three years or so that demand has exceeded their expectations, and in this case i actually believe it and that they dont they wont even be able to satisfy those people Who ordered on the first day of orders, so thats unfortunate about the z9 high uh iso ive only used because its not out yet pre production firmware? So i cant really comment. I dont know if it will change about one in three times. There is an obvious difference with new firmware, maybe one in four um, but i really dont know, but i would say similar to the z7 mark ii, its not uh, significantly forward its all the other areas, its funny. If you have 10 metrics that you measure something by and six of them are like supernova leagues, ahead of where theyve been before three are better, but you know just a an evolution and then one is the same. People get pissy about the one i its kind of funny uh mr panther says: steph looks different tonight: yeah whats, your new skincare regime, steph um, a very disturbing one. I should say sorry guys. I know um. Oh mr panther asks who was also saying that you look a bit different tonight. Steph um is one a photographer. If so, what kind of photographer i dont want to put words in your mouth, but not a professional photographer, but you do shoot what? How would you characterize your photography, i used to do more events and portraits and like i did also like well be a part of the portrait shoots for like schools and doing their yearbook.