This afternoon we are going to be watching drum corps, no drama: okay, d, r, o n e. What is it drone drone course corpse: okay, a little nervous. Oh, my god, violet images contains violent images. Applause, whoa, look at those muscles, wow wow holy smoke. I know it doesnt, look like lovely little spencer, who are those ladies Music whos, this dude wow. I dont even recognize that person, Music ollies, really good. I have to admit this is pretty good im. Just im, sorry, im shocked, im surprised its kind of like a scary movie: jesus Music, oh my god. Oh Music. This face was melting. Oh thats, my boy, oh Laughter, Applause. That was pretty good. I thought i was watching a movie thats fabulous. No, it was very good. Can you quickly read this? Just you can hold the phone. You can read it if you want archbirds new album lee the future lead. The future bleed. The future comes out october 29th. On season of nist records, stay tech, stay tack, stay cat, stay tech.