I think this is mostly a father's job right here when there are seen with your kid is to go on flip our seas, more than likely at the farthest point of wherever you're driving. Looking good whoa, I like the new paint job dirt. Alright, so we know everybody is well in lockdown right now: hello, YouTube land. We want to say hi from the RC spark studio. Do a family slash parenting, video here, and we know that with the us, a Coppola, the child Online Privacy Protection Act. We are not allowed to show Morris on camera until he's, 13 years old, basically Morris you're, represented now by your hand, say hi Applause, Music. Ah, both trucks represented right here Morris. I think this is a good match. What do you think I've got my xmax, and what do you call yours the moment exactly: we're ready to rock and roll I've got a test. Lipo on the inside of my truck Morris. Has half that 4s lipo both of these machines are monsters mom? Are you going to film for us in the background yeah, I just seen big snow lamps of you. Can you go up the hill? Oh, nice, Music Applause, even that little fella, buddy, Music Applause Applause, the recovery there you go buddy, oh that's, nice. My fault that you're over there. Oh my gosh, sorry I'm. In your way, Music, Music, Laughter, Laughter Laughter. Are you ready again, Music Laughter, no chicken, but his kinky drives better than I do? I can't believe really get his amount of two wheel driving on two on one sighs Morris.

Have you ever hit this jump before? No, I have not. Are you excited we're still bringing it to the piece sure it's, fine, we're, just learning how to jump, I'll kind of go halfway, slow and then speed up at the end like this so slow and then speed up 1. 2. 3, like that, but you don't want to stay on the throttle. You have to hit the throttle and then you have to let off when you're in the air ready good luck, Laughter, Music, Oh Andy! Oh my god! There goes desire, got ta. Leave that tire out of the way. Thank you Oh over. He goes I gotcha pal. I sent Jim up there, so she can have a good time. She'S up on the drivers stand right now, that's the first time driving the xmax with paddle tires, and it is a boss. Indeed, 8's LIFO continues just to pull in all that mud. Little Moe in the mow max both of these trucks, taking a beating yes Morris, running a 5000 for a swipe. Oh, we have not charged this entire episode and, of course, you guys don't see everything so he's just been running me to same set of batteries. 6700. Nice job guys Laughter nailed me are seen as the family. I love it. Those paddle tires are absolute monstrous beasts. They fling so much mud every time. I do one of these videos, everybody who watches needs a shower, including my camera, Music, there's, Mama's, Big Finish right.

There reverse shitty, get it in the mud, mama yeah right in the middle let's, see if you can fling some water all the way over the camera. Three two one go there. It is it's slippery guys thanks a lot for joining us. Please leave a like click or a comment for our family outing today, and we will see you in the next episode of rcadventures guys good luck on your jump in three two one go into the kind of rain yeah that's, the best kind of Bashan video mud With family, oh, oh nice right here he looked and it looked awesome and we're gon na go into the pond, let's see if we so as parents. What is our suggestion to other parents that want to RC with their kid surprise, spray them with water? Tolerance be prepared to carry the RC all the time. Heavy, waterlogged RC and it's gon na be as full mud as possible, because Rochas lethal they're gon na say they don't want to carry it back right, moe yeah! You just know that he's out descriptive video moe. You gon na come clean. Your RC, I didn't think so.