Nothing makes me more PROUD, then being a Dad! To watch my young son have a good time fills my heart with joy! A little time in the backyard can make a lifetime memory for the both of us. You know, I'm still learning how to be a Dad even though I have been at it now for 5.5 years. They say "anyone can be a Father, but it takes a lot of work to be a Dad".. and I must say, the lessons continue everyday. For both of us! There is nothing more that I love than spending time with my little man.. showing him the ropes, and letting him have enough freedom to become who he is destined to be.

It doesnt take much to construct a backyard trail park.. as I mention in this film I have made smaller ones. Here is an example video: … (Maurice was only 6 Months old then!) How far he has come in 5 years of being around this hobby. Cherish every moment they say.. I think these videos show that we certainly do as best we can to do JUST THAT!!

WE WOULD LIKE YOU TO LEAVE A COMMENT for Maurice!! Let him know how good he is doing.. so in future years when he looks through these archives.. he will see we got his back!


It doesn't take much to be a good Dad.. just have an understanding that kids are people to..

Listen, Encourage.. Teach, and allow them to teach you too…

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