The ukraine drone has destroyed russias armored boats, big ukraine hit after moscow sinking thats the latest its its big big news. Coming in on the 68th day of russian invasion of ukraine, ukrainians ministry of defense has released a video of ukraine drone bombing russian boats in the black sea. My colleague, vishnu show, has more on this well weve, been saying now for a while, as also experts around the world, that drone warfare has really defined or redefined the nature of warfare. We are seeing that in this ukraine conflict, the latest footage that you actually see and lets have it up on our screens. Right now is of a ukrainian drone thought to be a turkish built, beretta drone, destroying two russian patrol boats. They could be separate strikes. The video has been patched together, but lets have this up full screen, because this really does show a startling image of what drones can actually do. These are raptor class patrol boats operated by the russians. They were operating about. Four of these patrol boats, which were deployed before the invasion – these are very high speed boats. They are relatively heavily armored for for their size and armed for their size, and they are meant for coastal bye. Bye.