These guys have kindly sent me this. You can see its really nicely packaged well get inside in just a second. Without further ado lets get inside the box and later on in this video, well take this drone for a test flight to see how good it is. Music lets take a look at the batteries. First of all, because you get two in this pack. Theres a fly more combo. If you press this button hold it, it shows you the battery level. So these batteries give you about 25 minutes of flight time in the real world, youre, probably going to get a little bit less than that. Moving on to the drone itself, youll see its foldable and on the side here it tells you which arms to extend. First, you can see the little motors that are brushless here on the top, with the little props stuck on them on the front. Here there is a gimbal guard protecting the 4k camera. Now this is actually a two axis camera. What that means is the camera can stabilize in two directions up and down and then left and right, its called picture now so its a good looking drone and its well built on the side here guys you can see where the slot is for the sd card. It needs a class 10 card coming around the other side. Here, youll see the battery slot at the back. You can see theres some vision, sensors on the bottom.

What these do is allow the drone to hover at its set altitude and its called optical flow. Alright, so moving on to the transmitter underneath youve got some little handles to help hold on on the top. Here is the holder for the phone just grab: it yank it upwards this little slot here for the phone to sit in and then you can adjust this for different size, phones, theres an led screen here, and it shows you all the information about the drone. I wanted to explain a little bit about the video transmission signal from the drone to the controller and the fpv feed now to the controller its using a 2.4 gigahertz signal, however, to the phone its using a 5 gigahertz video feed signal. The thing is guys in all honesty: it doesnt really matter what the top range of the drone is, because legally in the uk, youre only allowed to fly it within your eyesight unless you have a spotter with you and remember guys, each time we turn this drone On its going to need a compass calibration its easy to, do you just pick the drone up once you switched it on and rotate it around three times 360 degrees, the transmitter will beat when its done. You can see. The drone itself is quite small. Its compact, you can fold this away. Take it on trips away with you, get some really cracking footage now. One thing i want to mention is guys therell be a link in the description box.

If you want to pick one of these up its not affiliated to me in any way, i get no kickback from it, but the link is there Music before we go and fly this for the very first time guys were going to download the x drone app, Which is written here on the box, its available for apple and android lets go whoa all right guys. It is flight day for this drone were going to test it out today, see how good it is ill put. The altitude angel map on the left hand side just here and the flight conditions here on the right right lets, enter the app on the phone. There we go, weve got the live feed for the camera, start recording on there. For us i can see theres 13 satellites watching us lets start recording to initiate the takeoff sequence were going to press the lock button. The props has spun up then im going to press the button on the back here to make it take off automatically Music. Look at that look how smooth and steady that is its just staying in position its not flying away its holding its altitude. Okay! Well, just leave it there hovering! You can see what its seeing on the screen right there and rotate the gimbal down Music there. We are all the way down there, hello, Music, so guys that the transmitter is here on the floor. Theres, the drone all the way in the sky ill try and give you a close up of how far away this thing is there.

It is look at that and its just staying there, what a fantastic piece of kit Music, i mean it flies really nicely. This really really nicely its so simple to fly Music and from what i can see. The video footage is really stable. What im going to try next is the return to home function, so im going to press this button here and see if the drone comes home to us. Drone is now moving its coming towards us and it should land where it took off from right around here somewhere, and here it comes now guys. Its gon na land, where it took off from perfectly, should slow down excellent awesome bit of kit and well land it down one more time by itself. That is so clever. All right lets switch the battery out and well go for some more footage Music. So i thought there may be quite a few things to cover in this review today, but you know what i think the video review speaks volumes. The fpv coverage was really good. The gps and map system worked great. The battery life was really good. The app seemed to work. Okay, the range was good. The motors on the drone are nice and powerful. The led on the controller is easily visible in daylight. The camera quality isnt bad at all. For this price point, and overall i think its a cracking package. Okay, so thats pretty handy when the battery starts to become low, it tells you at the top of the screen and on the actual controller as well, you can see the battery level for the drone.

Look how quickly this thing flies. A couple of observations about this drone, one its super easy to fly and two the battery life lasts a long time.