It is minus nine degrees celsius and thats what its like in fahrenheit its pretty cold out today. So i have these. I call them the elmer fudd earmuffs watch this with this here ball cap and, if i put on these ear, muffs hang on cool. It keeps my head nice and warm with the breeze, but doesnt it remind you of like elmer fudd anyways. So today, im out here with the mg1: can you see that there it is right there ill, take it out of the box and show you what you get inside inside the box? You get this really nice carrying case. It is a low budget drone and it is designed for beginners people just getting into the hobby, so they give you some nice stuff if youre a beginner just to get you started and you can see here inside the case. I have a drone. Mine came with two batteries and a controller with a display. Now this is a foldable drone. You can see. Ive unfolded it here and you can put a micro sd card in it to record videos and photos as well. They record on your phone. So if you dont have a micro sd card its fine up front, it does have a two axis gimbal with electronic image stabilization. So everything should stay. Quite stable were going to see that here in this video, as im filming, you do have sensors on the bottom. Like optical flow, as well as two other sensors, that are there just to tell how high the drone is off the ground so with the optical flow sensor, it means you can fly this indoors as well as outdoors.

Now i have to mention something all of these low cost budget drones are usually not made to fly in winter because they dont test them in the winter. So when i fly these drones in the winter, they dont do very well, but i think this might do well because it is an mj xrc product and their products are usually pretty good for beginner drones. So were going to see how it does out here. The last thing to tell you is with the included battery you get 25 minutes of flight time, thats whats rated and for flight distance using the controller and your phone youll get about. Oh on a really good day, if youre out someplace, where theres no humans around youll get about a thousand meters, but as soon as you get some interference, uh youll get a lot less than that. So i dont expect it to go super far, but were gon na try it today. Okay, were all set to fly. First thing i am gon na do is take off my gloves because theyre a little too bulky for what i need to do to manipulate everything here. I have to bring out thinner gloves, so i have these other ones. Theyre not very warm because ive cut the fingers out, but were gon na use these here you can see them in the gopro. First thing we have to do is turn on the drone, so its two pushes one short one long and the back will light up and it makes a noise and just put it down on the ground, make certain your arms are folded out as far as possible.

Next turn on our remote: it should connect automatically if your remote doesnt connect, then you have to do the binding process. The binding process is pretty simple, uh, the very first time you fly this you hold down the red button on the remote and then turn on the power on your remote at the same time, and it will cause the controller and the drone to bind together ive Already done that, so there they bind it together, thats what those two beeps. I hope you heard that uh thats what that was for so youll know. Everything is working as if, on your controller, you can see a picture of the drone with the battery status and a picture of the controller with the battery status also make sure on your remote that your switch on the side is on gps on, because youre outdoors, When you fly indoors turn it gps off the fly indoors its that simple guys next thing you have to do is this compass calibration and it just means pick up your drone and spin it three times once twice three times uh you can do four or five. If you want and then i think you put the nose up or down ill try up and then spin it again three times or four times, however many times you want and then just plop it on the ground, youll know youve done it correctly. If the green light on the back goes solid, next thing, youre gon na do is take your two joysticks pull them straight down and over to the left, like this blink, blink and theres the left, and what happens is the light should flash on the back there? I see it going and thats just a gyro calibration on my little display here.

It says i have 10 satellites, so this things pretty much ready to fly next thing i have to do is just connect my phone to it. Now you connect your phone to the wi fi of the drone before you start the app. So let me just show you you can see on my phone if its recording it says im connected to drone 4g, which is this thing here so now that im connected. I can go and open the app all right, so my app is over here called x, drone ill tap on that and there i see a picture of my controller. Let me get that out of the way. Everythings ready to fly were all set to go ill. Just show you the settings on here just in case youre not familiar with them, so you have settings up here. You can see that i have all these beginner mode settings and you have defaults. Youll have to adjust those for your flight style. Ive maxed most of mine out and as for your camera settings its right here below the record button and there we go, you can see, i could take a photo. These are my camera settings for photo and then down here i have video size im going to record at 4k. Cache frames ill leave that, as it is use memory thats my memory card inside gyroscope, all this other good stuff. Everything is good there, so were good to go all right now to fly the drone, its pretty simple im, just going to stand back away so theres a little red button on your controller press it once it spins up and then push your left joystick up to Take off there we go and there it is nice and stable in the air, which is nice to see on a very cold day, all right just to show you the camera on here, heres my big green body, uh walking in the frame sideways.

Do you see that here ill just turn around so thats what it looks like woohoo, my fingers are cold. Its uh recording at 4k 30 frames per second theres ice everywhere, holy crap whoa holy. Oh, my god. This is going to be dangerous, all right, so uh. This should be an interesting video, so ive got it right now in tripod mode. This is tripod mode. It says it will fly slow, very quiet, very quiet here. Let me bring that back to me its in tripod mode, so it turns very slow as well and there we come over. It does have a sport mode on here and theres a little button here, im going to press it, it should go with the sport. It should tell me on my screen: there we go top left. It says sport so lets just put it this way and lets see it go in sport mode here this would be the fastest mode there we go thats fast mode. If it comes back to me this time, its going to come back really fast, im going to take it up, so it misses the sign and everything the yaw is much faster in sport mode im used to flying in sparta. So there we go. My mouse is kind of frozen, so if i mispronounce words thats thats what happens so let me get out front here and show you some of the features we got to warm up my hands.

So if i press over on the upper left, you can see. I have a follow me point of interest in headless mode im going to show you follow me on point of interest so and follow me. I believe these have to be up in the air. They use a gps, follow so its going to follow the gps. In my phone so ill just get it away up. There then, its up to you to turn this dial over on this side of the controller, to put the camera down on yourself, so lets see ill, just move it down nice and slow, and there i am right there all right. So let me hit follow me and see what happens it says slide. Drone should go in the follow me its looking for the gps in my phone and as i turn it ill, just put my arms out. So it shows up not touching any controls or anything lets see what happens so. It should be following me now im going to walk underneath this soccer uh goal post thing, the whole net theres no net on it and uh yeah. So you know just keeps on following me as it goes, i could walk under trees, everything else and, of course i can go sideways and its got to follow me sideways as well. It will just adjust itself to try to get to the side or behind me now. One thing i want to see is im going to bring it down.

You can see it coming down here, im, bringing it way down to the ground. I dont know so. The sensors are telling it its low to the ground, so ive got it down there and im going to walk and see. If it follows me this way i dont know if it will. Oh, it does. Okay lets see if it comes around im running around in a circle. Is it following me in the circle? Oh, am i confusing it? Am i confusing it lets go this way see if i got it going this way. Oh im, looking at my screen just seeing if im still in there, yeah its getting messed up im going all over the place all right, but i do feel warmer now. After doing that, little jog lets go into the orbit ill. Put the camera on me and ill go to point of interest. Point of interest. Is you just fly this drone to something that you want to orbit so im gon na? Have it orbit me because im the only exciting thing out in this winter wonderland, so there we go. I hit the slide button and it starts orbiting. So my radius, when i set it in the settings, i put it really far out quite a few meters. So you get this big orbit. I find if you go farther away its smoother. I dont know if you can change the speed, let me try it so im going to use the left.

Joystick anything happen, nope nope. The only thing i can do, i think, is uh change the height yeah. I can change light. Okay, so lets bring it down. This should be a cool video. I get really low. Lets bring the camera up. Oh, i dont want to hit the ground, but how does that look? You just see the snow whizzing by thats about as low as it can go. The sensors on the bottom are telling it not to go any lower and uh yeah check that out. How does that look? Matt? Oh theres, a drift coming up! Oh, who went over that? Oh thats, pretty cool! Okay! I got ta, stop that because its thats pretty wild, that is wild. Look at that thing! Go okay! I got ta stop it hang on wheres. The stop button on this thing there we go just hit it again and it stops well. I almost landed it alright. The next thing i want to try is photos. So let me just stop the video record and snap a photo theres supposed to be 4k photos out of this thing. There is a slider on the screen. I just noticed it shows blue and green. So if you click on blue it should move the uh yeah. It moves the gimbal down to look all the way down down down. You can do that by on the remote. I guess its designed in case you dont use the remote and youre just using your phone instead and there ill bring it back up.

Nothing exciting there. Its a very beginner drone, so what im going to do now is im going to fly it way down there and well just see how it does a little bit for range. So uh here we go, enjoy some video from this baby ill. Take it up, ive got it in sport mode, so i can fly it at the fastest speed and let me get close to it and zoom it straight up. Here we go five. Four three two one see ya: baby Music distance 514.. So ive hit the return to home having it come back, so as it comes back, i see it up there. It has to land way over on the landing pad so well use this to see how close it comes back to the landing pad as well. So im walking over to my landing pad, i should be able to look up and see the drone and there she is coming down Music coming down coming down its pretty good and she lands down there nicely nice all right. The next thing to show you really quickly is what you get in the box when you buy this drone check it out, heres the box. Your drone comes in and inside this box, youll find your carry case and inside the carry case, youll find everything you need. The drone with battery has a total takeoff weight of 373 grams and speaking of batteries. My drone came with two batteries.

The included controller. Has a nice display easy to read buttons and a built in holder for your phone to power. The controller two double a batteries are required. Additional accessories include spare props, a usb cable, a micro, phillips, screwdriver, a user manual and a quick start guide. So my final thoughts on this drone well its an entry level drone, in other words, a drone. That is probably the first drone you would buy as someone just getting into drones. You dont want to spend a lot of money, but you want something reasonable, thats going to perform. Okay, and this performs okay, its very limited in what it could do. You saw the features that were out here, but for a beginner, those are perfect to get. You started and have a lot of fun, but at least it does record at 4k 30 frames per second, it does take photos at 4k and youve seen the video in the photos. So you know i havent seen the video or the photos yet, but youve seen it and you can decide yourself if the video or the photos look pleasing to your eyes. As for the price, i asked mjxrc hey. What do you sell this for because theyre the guys who sent this to me and they said we dont – set the price thats up to people who sell the drone, so i had to look around the internet to find out who sells it. I found it on banggood and banggood gave me a discount code, but i do not know the final price because it changes for every country, so the links are below go check out.

The link below here, someplace and theres, a discount code put that in on banggood on checkout, see what the price is hey. You dont have to buy it, but at least youll see what the final price is. So alright guys hope you enjoyed this review. If you did, please give it a thumbs up with my frozen thumb, and i will catch you in future reviews with many more drones and other rc products out and having fun in the snow till then catch.