The first homo sapien was first to say first in one of my recent videos and thus was a shout out. So congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a review of a neat new drone. This is the mjx mg1 folding gps, camera drone. Now, before i go into the review, i just want to go into a little bit background of mjx and and their drones ive, always liked. Mgx drones even way way back when they put out the x 400 little brush motor sport drone. That was a heck of a lot of fun. I loved that drone. I wished. I still had to tell you the truth, but its long gone but anyways lets get to this drone uh. This particular drone is. It has been an evolving evolution of drones, uh for mjx um. They started out with uh in the camera. Drones well, theyve had other camera drones, but the the ones that i kind of liked and actually were pretty impressive in their performance, was the mjx bugs 12 and the bugs 20. um. Bugs 12 was a drone, similar and very somewhat similar to the old fam 3s and the bugs 20 was a folding drone similar. I guess they were trying to come up with something similar to the old mavic. So theyre, always i im going to stop the comparison right here. Okay, i know there are people out there going to be comparing this to dji drones. Okay, keep in mind, this is not a dji okay.

This is the next step down. Okay, what you can get for about a couple hundred bucks is what im, showing you here folks and actually its not too bad. Now talking about the bucks 20, the old bucks 20 and the bugs 12, i like those drones. Okay, i still like those drones actually gave those to very close friends and family those two drones, because i was so impressed with them. But what was special about those drones is, they had true 4k cameras and i could reproduce uh video in 4k at 30 frames per second or in 1080p at 60 frames per second, and it was stabilized video. Now it was not mechanically stabilized, so you threw it at a two or three axis gimbal. It was electronically stabilized, which means that it had an on board image processor that would automatically stabilize that video to produce a very nice video okay, even though the drawing would drone would be bouncing around. You had a very nice steady image from that drone again. At 44k, 30 frames per second or 1080p at 60 frames per second now, the problem with the bugs 12 and the bugs 20. Even though you had that image stabilization, the problem was, if you were crabbing into the wind and the drone is tilted like this. Your video would be tilted also, it would be stable, but it would be tilted. Okay, that was the problem and mjx went back to the drawing board and said: okay, how can we correct that problem and what they did was they came out with a previous drone to this was the bugs 16.

um its much bigger drone than this? It was about twice the size, its still out there theyre still selling it a little close to 12 twice the size of this, and also quite also twice the weight of this. The uh bug 16, i believe, was 612 grams. This particular drone weighs only 379 grams. Now, its still not below that 250 level, where you you can get away without registering this does require registration, but the improvement that they put into those two drones. Is it still had that electronic image stabilization, but now it has stabilized gimbals. The bugs 16 has a three axis stabilized gimbal and this particular drone the next one down this is. The mg1 has only a two axis: stabilized gimbal, but still with two axis stabilization with onboard electronic image stabilization processor, i expect to see very stable video out of this and nice level. Video im hoping well see when we go out and fly this and then, if we got any wind and its crabbing into the wind tilting lets see if we actually get stable and level video from this particular drone and im, hoping that were going to see that Im pretty sure we are because ive already tried this going over. The gutters of my house checking my uh gutter cleaning. It worked pretty darn. Well, okay, okay thats enough of the background. There lets go into the drone itself. Now it is a folding drone, as you can see here, for portability and being a folding drone also and to keeping with its portability.

It does come with a very nice carrying case for the drone, its batteries extra batteries. This will hold two extra batteries here and uh other accessories that you can put up here on the carrying case. Okay, theres no strap on it, its a handle carrying case, but its reasonably sized small carrying case to carry the drone and its accessories. Now um i mentioned it is a gps drone. It has gps glonass folks for a very, very accurate fix. On top of that, it has an optical flow system on board here for flying without gps. When you want to hold the, if you want to fly indoors or even fly outdoors and hold the drone stable, you can do such without doing the compass dance, which i normally do or is compass calibration. You can just get it in the air. Take a quick, quick picture or video and put it on the ground again. The disadvantage of using the optical flow flying only is that you do not have return to home and landing capability, as you have with a gps but uh. Looking at this optical flow system, it appears to also have infrared backup on both sides of this of the optical flow sensor. So im not sure if these are it looks like an infrared sensor. It doesnt say anything about it, but it does look like infrared backup, sensors that are included with that optical flow system. Okay, i mentioned gps glonass for and with that gps glonass, you get automatic return to home and landing on command.

If you press the button on the controller or if you lose signal from the controller, the drone will automatically fly back and land where it took off from and also on, uh loss or low battery. It will also automatically return to homeland. So you have three cases where this thing it makes it hard to lose. This particular drone. Okay, now i mentioned it does have it weighs 372 grams and being that its above 250 grams, it does require registration in most countries. Additionally, it has that camera which those countries require camera. This also requires registration for that purpose, also because it has its own onboard camera. Now it is a brushless motor drum, which means we have improved durability and longevity of these motors with this brushless motor system also uh improved power from these particular motors uh brushless motors are more powerful than brushed motor drones. Other things about it. The range on this is predicted to get out to 450 meters fpv video range that youd be able to view on your camera and up to 600 meters of control range with the controller. Now this does not have the capability, some other drones have of going out. Kilometers in flight, you know many miles or several miles away or whatever keep in mind that a lot of countries thats not legal, to do. Okay, folks, so 600 meters in most countries. This is just what you need. Okay, you do not need to be flying.

Kilometers away that will get you into trouble. Folks be careful doing that so um. I used to do that at the desert out in the open desert. I didnt go at kilometers id go out about 600 meters. As far as i could see the drone and thats what you need to do, folks keep your drone within visual uh sight distance, so you can see it while youre flying it. Okay, you go any further go out of sight. You know youre flying too far. Keep that in mind now this is powered by a 7.7 volt unusual voltage um wipe a battery at 29.50 milliamp per hour. This is supposed to give you, i believe, about yeah 25 minutes of flight time well see if it actually does that. I have been surprised in the past. Mgx drones do usually fly as long as they theyre advertised, but well see. If this one does too now the battery is charged using a type c. Usb cable, okay, through a wall charger, do not charge this through your your usb cable on your computer. It will take days to charge this particular battery. You need at least a two amp wall. Charger recommended two amp oil charger to charge this battery in a reasonable amount of time and reasonable im saying from an empty battery will take about four hours to charge this particular battery. You also might want to consider if you are considering this drone purchasing additional batteries at the time of purchase of the drone theyll be bundled with the drone you try to buy these separately.

Some countries give you problems, especially international shipping, because of international shipping of lipo batteries, if you buy at a time to purchase, theyll bundle it and include it in the box with a drone to get around some of those restrictions. Uh mention the range lets talk about the camera system. Okay, again, this has a two axis mechanical gimbal with up down control, also remote control, so this will automatically right itself right or left and up or down for up or down movement of the drone um. Additionally, in combination with that again, as i mentioned previously, this has an onboard processor for electronic image stabilization to further improve the stabilizer stabilization in that uh video. So this should actually should prove nice results again, i will see when we take it out into the field. Im hoping it will produce spectacular results but well see: okay um. I mentioned its 4k camera and thats um. It itll take video at 3840 by 2160 pixels at 30 frames per second and records that video directly to an onboard micro sd card. Now i recommend a class 10 card or better. In fact, they have a little thing here, werent telling you you want class 10 at least class 10 or better and up to 128 gigabyte size cards. So this can hold those uh high capacity cards too. So keep that in mind, folks, with that um, it also is capable of taking video at 1080p at 60 frames per second along with photos.

Now the photos of this from this drone are frame grabs um. I believe theyre 4k frame grabs at uh again 3840 by 2160 pixels, so those are going to be frame grabs of the video um one of the things about it. I mentioned the sd card. Lets talk about the controller before we move on. This is its controller. It actually is a nice controller, its the mjx standard style controller. You have the uh arming switch here, and this also, i forgot to mention is that you can also select mode 1 or mode 2 and ill show you how to do that here shortly. This button here is for taking photos. This button here is for automatic takeoff and automatic landings. The scroll wheel here is for nothing its its stuck in place. You cant use that one its not meant to be used its just an extra if they ever expand on this controller. To use it for other features, uh, which they havent done yet, but they will someday. Probably it has that ability um. This button here is for rates increasing the pitch on the drone to speed it up or slow it down, and the scroll wheel here does something this: if you scroll to the left, it pitches up the lens of the camera, and if you scroll to the right, It pitches down the lens of the camera, so you can look down so look up, look down and this is your phone holder, where you put your phone and hold it in place additional buttons on this.

This is your photo button. You press that a quick press of that and well take a photo and store it onto the card or the camera or a long press of this, and the drone will start and stop video with a long press. This button here is for return to home and landing, and this button here again is for arming the drone. You press a quick press of this button and the motors will start spinning and then you can take off by either getting this automatic, hitting this automatic takeoff button or pushing up on the throttle. Stick, and this is your power button here and on the right lets. Mention this and stress this: this is your gps on off switch. You can turn off the gps if you want to fly in optical flow mode or if your your drone is in extreme condition, where its spinning around toilet, pulling and its high up and you its going to crash to get out of that condition. Turn off the gps and fly it home manually. If you ever see your drone spinning like this folks, you need to land immediately and redo the compass calibration and ill show you how to do such out in the field, but lets go over. This does have a telemetry screen, which is a good thing to have, especially if youre flying out of fpv range. You can still get distance and height to the drone height of the drone, along with signal reception of the controller and the wi fi uh.

Other things you have the battery power of the both the drone and battery power lets see if its focusing battery power of the controller, it tells you your gps status, whether the gps is on or off, along with a number of satellites being received. Remember if youre flying gps never fly with less than seven satellites, the more the better. I always stay for at least 10 or 11 satellites before i consider taking off and also, if were in a lower high rate, high, lower high speed, in other words, and also, if were in motor mode mode, 1 or mode 2 controller right now. I have it set to mode two, which means the throttle is on the right, but i can switch it to mode one to put the throttle on the im. Sorry, the throttle is on the left remote too, but i can switch it to mode one to put the throttle on the right and its real easy to do ill. Show you how you press and hold this unlock button while simultaneously turning on the controller. Now this also puts it into bind mode if you ever have problems binding the controller right now, its looking for the signal from the drone to re bind it, but also. This is how you go into bind mode to switch to mode one and to do that. After you go into buy mode by holding that button down and turning on the controller, you press and hold the return to home button until it switches, and we should be in mode one now and to check it – they turn off.

No, it didnt do it. I probably didnt: do it fast enough lets, try it again, okay and then hold this button down come on there. We go mode, one thats, how you do it folks, so you got ta, do it more and to make sure its in mode one turn it off and turn it on, and now it stays in mode one. Now i want to switch it back to bow two im gon na. Do that again turn it on hold this button down and now its back in mode two, so you can switch between mode one and mode two with this controller, okay, thats. A controller lets talk about the app. This is a drone that requires 802.11 ac wi fi. Okay, i always stress before purchasing this drone and other drones that are similar to this, that use 802.11 ac wi fi. First, verify that your phone and the camera see 802.11 ac wi fi, not everybody has such a phone. Okay, newer phones have it older phones, might not okay, so before purchasing see if your phone has eight or 2.11 ac and a way to do, that is simply do a google search of your phones model name along with the terms 802.11 and the term specifications and See if 802.11 ac shows up in the search results in that case now, with that 802.11 ac, wi fi um, we are able to use the app for this, and the app name of this hold on is.

I forgot the name: oh x, drone app, okay were able to use the x drone app with this particular drone and with the x drone app, we can view the fpv video from the drone directly onto your phone again wed, be able to view it at approximately 450 meters maximum. Additionally, we have advanced flight modes using that of circle position, follow me and waypoints okay, so we can use any one of those three type of flight modes and ill demonstrate them again when we go out in the field. Also with this, we have camera adjustments in the parameters of the the app and with those camera adjustments, we can adjust brightness saturation special effects, adjust the iso from 100 to 1600 or set it to automatic if we want – and we can also adjust the white balance Of the camera additionally theres a video adjustments we can put on this, we can switch between 4k again at 30 frames per second and 1080p at 60 frames per second, and additionally gives you memory information of your camera. You know whats its max memory and how much has already been used. We can check that on the um in the app and also gimbal calibration, we can adjust the level of the gimbal in the settings of the app okay, a lot of drones. Dont you do that thats something good theres, something special about this particular drone, so that is the mjx mg1. Actually, im kind of impressed with this lower drone and well see if its impressive, when we take it out into the field but lets take it out into the field folks and see how it flies so hope you enjoy this flight good morning, quadcopter 101 here and Welcome to pleasant ridge, community park and a beautiful day here.

Well, this is about as beautiful beautiful gets here in erie pennsylvania this time of year i was hoping for blue skies and low wind day, but aint gon na happen here folks, until maybe april. Okay, so were gon na fly the mg1 today um, okay, to start this up, we need to press and hold the button on the back here until the lights, all the way, light up and hear the chirping of the escs, and you put it on a flat Level surface like so, and then you turn on the controller, and you can verify that the control is connected because youll see battery full battery signals on both the controller and on the drum, so we are connect now. The first thing we need to do is do that compass calibration and to do that is to bring both sticks down and to the right and hold them there and the lights on the back should start flashing rapidly lets see if its true. Actually, we already got gps uh hold on lets. Try that again, okay well be rounding to the right. Until you hear a beep, i heard the beat we should be flashing now were flashing and you rotate three times horizontally. Two three: now you dont get chirps warning. You when its done, then you go three times. I believe its nose up three times nose up rotating until that light in the back stops flashing, i believe, and we got solid light, so compass calibration is completed now.

The first thing i want to demonstrate here: first: i need to connect to the wi fi and thats emitting a wi fi signal on five gigahertz. So i am going to open my settings and my phone and connect to the wi fi settings. Then im going to open up the x drone app for this so hold on folks. Okay, we are connected to the drone um. The first thing were going to do is fly uh with optical flow system. Right now, weve got 17. Satellites were good for gps flight, but im going to turn off the gps system, because i want to demonstrate this thing flying with optical flow, and before that i want to check the camera too. Camera settings are well, i guess theyre, okay, how about that white balance? Im going to keep automatic white balance on too, even though its a cloudy day hold on lets, see we got cloudy. Yeah lets, try, cloudy and but and white balance for cloudy. I dont, like okay, were going back to auto, oh because i got it set to 1600. I want auto default or auto iso sensitivity, so auto iso on a cloudy day, and actually it does look pretty good, at least on my screen. Okay, so lets get to the air in optical flow. Gps is off pressing the arm button and gps mode is off. I know that to the air and lets see how the optical flow is working on this little bit breezy day, well, its holding its position.

I dont want to get in the view of the camera, bring it down a little lower with the optical flow say. How do you like my jacket today, folks, okay, we are not recording yet because i want to take a photo and were going to take a quick photo im going to demonstrate the photos. Theres one picture heres, another picture yeah. This is the big reason for optical flow. You can get up and take a quick photo. So niagara falls is in the background. Although you cant fly around niagara falls, so thats optical flow system lets land it now folks, i press the lan button. There we go into the put it back on the pad now. This time lets turn on that gps, gps is on. Now again we got 17 satellites. We should be good to good to fly. I want to set that as the headless mode direction, because i want to demonstrate how this mode later, although i dont think this has headless mode, just occurred to me or does it oh yeah, no thats returned home. Okay. Sorry now lets start the motors again before we start the motors lets start the video camera this time pressing and holding the video button. Video camera is recording by the way. Folks. If this drone does not like your card, say you got a card. This drone just doesnt like you, will not get a wi fi signal. I want to mention that before we take off, because i discovered that the hard way i thought i had a broken drone, it just didnt like that sd card, okay, arming the motors and auto takeoff this time.

Okay, we are in gps mode lets, see how our gps, lock is. What im looking for folks is any toilet bowl effect, seeing a little bit of rotation, but not much. Okay, lets go up higher and see if we can see lake erie well, take it up to about 30 meters going up higher. How high are we 11 meters, 13 meters, 16 meters, 25 meters, 26, 28, 29. 30 meters, 30 meters, up from there lets just do a slow, rotate around the area. First, showing you the camera, with a slow rotate on this cloudy day, yeah im. Sorry, i apologize. I wish we had sunny days here in erie but, like i said, those are rare this time of year, just showing the dynamic about or another balance of the camera here, im seeing a little bit of shadow there, but rotating finishing the rotate coming back again and From there, pointing at straight at the road lets, fly toward the road so pushing forward and hitting that bound rather fast drone as compared to the uh, its predecessor from mjx pop it there. Let him go and im seeing rotation, okay coming out of gps mode. We need to do the compass calibration again, so im gon na bring it back im bringing this back manually folks. I turned the gps off and remember folks to do that. Push forward to give it forward motion and if the drones flying to the left, to rotate left and if its moving to the right, rotate right, itll bring it right back toward you like im doing right now, so yeah we had some rotation there.

We need to do a compass calibration again im flying manually in optical flow mode. So again you see rotation like that, and i saw rotation. We need to redo the compass calibration hows that optical flow working here, so yeah working reasonably well, bringing it forward here getting trying to land it on the pad. Again i got to do automatic landing because i go up a bit higher. I do manual landing the motors dont shut off and die. Okay again, we need to redo that compass calibration this time im going to do it and demonstrate how to do it using the app okay. First lets. Stop that video recording pressing and holding this button here. Video recording stopped and then in the upper right corner click that gear icon and um first off. I want to check this too and then were going to go to status sensor status on the right and were going to hit that calibration buttons start calibration, got ta get the rubber band out of the way okay were doing calibration. Now it wants me to do the horizontal first lets. Do that again, and has it switched the vertical? Yet yes, it is. I need to do the vertical now vertical until it says, were done were done. Okay, the app says were done so lets. Try that again, folks, this time ill manually fly it straight out there again im looking for rotation. Turning the gps back on gps is on arming the motors taking the air or actually starting the video camera again.

Video camera started this time im going to give a throttle now. Last time i did see some rotation at takeoff right now: im not seeing any more rotation, so i think were good now so going up and out and what rate am i in by the way im seeing rotation again, stopping the video or stopping the gps again And bringing it back in so thats the second time i saw rotation so yeah its a good thing that you can turn off the gps. With some of these drones, you cant do that, but you need to do that im going to redo the compass calibration. One more time landing Music, yeah thats, what i get for pulling back on the stick and stopping the video recording. Okay, one more time, compass calibration to the right were doing it with the controller rotating rotating rotating rotating rotating. This time im going to go nose down, nose down rotation. I was doing those up nope. This fixes it there light is solid. We should be good, so, okay, third, try here this area, im, worried, theres, uh, buried pipes or something underneath here causing the problem, because ive had problems like this out here before with gps drones, but turn the gps back on um. Maybe this time ill do the compass calibration with the gps turned on lets. Do it one more time with the gps turned on that might have been the problem too folks i had the gps turned off.

Okay, vertical rotation. Nose down gps is turned on this time, hoping that corrects the problem. Okay, stepping back starting the video recording this time, ill, press, yeah, im gon na start using this controller as usual, starting the motors giving a throttle got ta watch that uh this time. Im hoping well whats going on here, we had some wind hit, it lets go out buying again up and on again slowly getting hit by wind, taking the edge of the field. Well, it looks like its working this time im not seeing the so rotations, hoping that fixed it. Let go of the stick. Lets see what happens there? Does it stay steady, yeah, its steady up there this time, okay, um so apparently, youve got to have the gps turned on when youre doing those compass calibrations folks, i did not know that okay from there lets do an automatic return to home and landing pressing. The return to home button lets see how the return to home works, and i apologize to mjx and you folks out there for not realizing that you needed gps turned on to do the compass calibration. So remember that, okay, what else do i want to do today? Right now also, i believe, im flying in in 4k mode find out when we land here, because i did want to demonstrate the cameras 4k and then we want to switch to 1080p and im going to stop the because i dont want to land in the grass.

Here and see, if i can stop it by pressing the lit return, the home button – and yes, you can okay from there lets land it again, because i want to switch to um 1080p 60 frames per second, i cant get it to land on that pad Laughter. So, okay, while we are here this time, lets hit that uh camera um three squiggly lines below the camera, let me start turn off. The video recording first lets see what we were recording in what mode? Okay, we got that set lets go down the video settings. Yeah, we were recording 1080p 60 frames per second that thats. What i want to fly today, um i i need to demonstrate the 4k. I understand that so this is going to be a 4k flight, this time um and its going to be a short flight around the area um. I am going to upload this video separately so that you folks can see what the 4k camera looks like uh. When you know this, drone is recording in 4k, but this with this review here its going to be downgraded to 1080p 60 frames per second. But i will upload a separate video of the video from the the drone uh directly to youtube straight from the sd card. So starting the video camera and taking off again and take off and this time lets just fly around the field. This is its 4k camera folks. Let me stop it there for a second.

What rate am i in okay, where the rates beginner rate, i was in higher rate, okay, now im in beginner rate, i was going boy that things fast, but its fast, because i had it in high rate, but this is its 4k. Camera lets go a bit higher, just circling around the field, im climbing higher, showing the camera in 4k and from there lets turn to the right. This time, im going to fly back manually toward me turning to the right until the movement stops. That means its coming back toward me right about there and this time lets descend as its coming back. Video looks stable on my screen. I dont know how well it is on yeah in the recording well find out here, im going to rotate to the left a bit coming back its being bounced around folks, but theres, a wind up there, good wind, but its coming back and thats 4k, bring it In okay and i want to land on the pad again, one more time, nice and stable. Now now that i did the compass calibration in uh gps mode, i did not know that folks, you had to be in gps mode to do this compass calibration. I should have known that thats kind of silly to me. Okay lets lets land. The drone uh im gon na bring it over here over the the pad and hitting land. We got the pat the pad there. We go okay, so thats the 4k camera.

Turning off the video recording and going back to 1080p 60 frames per second, so 1080p 60 frames per second and now im back in the mode that i like to use. I dont like to use 4k folks. It really is difficult to edit videos in 4k, with my computer, my laptop, i know i need a new laptop but thats. The way it is okay lets demonstrate the advanced flight modes. Now: okay, starting the video camera again, video cameras recording automatic takeoff while starting the motors, then automatic takeoff and first thing were going gon na do is follow me. Everybody likes to see follow me so on the left side of the your screen there theres four here. Actually, let me stick up the cameras too, but on the left side of the screen, theres four boxes, click that and then select im gon na step back a bit. I know you need about 30 meters, but ill hit. Follow me slide and not enough yeah. I need i know i need about 30 meters or so whats. It say follow me. The drones stay the relative distance from the float. Okay, we got to go up a bit higher too and sliding, and there we go yeah. You got to be about 20 meters away and follow me is activated. Lets see how follow me works. What type of follow me do we got? First off it is a dji style being pulled on a string, but its working.

It definitely is working lets, walk toward it and see if, when it notices me walking toward it, if it does at all there, we go now its moving back. Let me lower the camera lens too, so you see me so thats follow me. I know a drone that people are comparing this to. That does not have follow me, so a 300 drone. This ones got follow me, though, and it seems to work lets, try over this way. Yeah and its dji style so except the 300 dji style does not have follow me. Keep that in mind folks. So, okay, thats, follow me next thing were going to. Try is circle position so clicking that box again. Those three lets turn off. Follow me. Click point of interest and point of his interest has been activated. Now i got to set the 15 meter circle its going to rotate around what 15 meters was from nose of the drone which would be right about here. I guess lets raise up the camera too lets see up. Is there so theres the circle position on this and its working rather nicely hello over there syncing up the camera again so that circle position lets come out of that and what was the third one waypoints lets see if we can do weight points uh for waypoints, I want to go up a bit higher, no thats, headless mode. Yeah lets do the headless mode coming over here. The reason i want to do headless mode first, okay, which way is forward thats for it headless mode, so were gon na go over here, lower the camera gimbal.

Let me get in the view and we are still recording okay, go up a bit higher and were gon na. Do it up and away folks so pushing back and giving throttle up and away. I like up in a ways: theyre, cool, okay, so thats headless mode. Thats what you can do with endless mode folks, you also can do right left pans with headless mode lets come out of it. Now headless mode is deactivated, pushing forward. It should come back toward me. No, its not so headless mode is not deactivated. So pulling back. Im pulling back on the stick to bring it back to me because headless modes still on so thats a feat, uh fault of the app im sure theyll fix that at mjx, so im bringing it right there, stopping it again lets take headless mode. Okay, i turned it off by turning clicking that headless mode button, one more time and then just closing it. So i had those modes working um how about waypoints wheres those waypoints on this thing, uh clicking the box again, huh, maybe im wrong. Maybe this does not have waypoints folks, because i didnt see it. There lets click on that map. There we go lets go. Take a geo view. Lets see here, whats the map there. It is in the lower right corner, headless boat, im going to click the left. One there im going to zoom in a bit now thats, not what i want to do lets clear all those deletes.

I want to zoom in zoom in zoom, in zoom, in zoom, in notice that i dont have any um view. Okay or no uh view of the map, so thats some issue with this, but lets hit that again and pick pick a point im going to pick one point. First, i want to see how this works so lets go up a bit higher and then were going to hit submit. Please yep lets see what how far away that point is because i have no idea. Okay, so thats thats close so lets turn it around toward me again. So now i have an idea of the distance of these waypoints. So let me click. Another point. Lets see well go behind me right about here. Actually, i got ta hit this again and then there and then well, go back behind me there. There one more come on doing this with this rubber band thing here, clicking the tracker again and lets try that one so behind me over here over here over there and over there. This will be a short flight, im, hoping and hitting submit and start the map start the track. So i see it do it go into the first waypoint im, keeping them relatively close lets go into the second wave plate since i dont have a map. I dont know how far away or where these waypoints are its at the second waypoint. Turning and going to the third waypoint and turning and going to the fourth way point how many waypoints i got five and going to the last waypoint, so those are waypoints.

Waypoints. Do work actually lets come back to that im, seeing a little bit of toilet bowl there, but lets turn it around. So we did the waypoints. We did circle b. Follow me one other thing i want to do is bring it back over again and lower the gimbal. All the way thats, not lowering as low as itll go lets, see, find the picture yep and do a rocket. Oh, my heads coming off thats a rocket. I can still see me okay, reason to gimble up whats, that yellow saying the battery were low batteries, so that means were probably got a geocache or not geocache. I used to do geocaching, but lets go back down again. Folks, probably got a 30 meter geofence and lets verify that. Oh no theres, no geofence, so be careful folks. This one does not have a geofence on low battery, probably hasnt returned home, but when you see that yellow start to think about staying close in for the remainder of the flight okay, so what have we learned folks? What have we learned? Dorothy first off lets flick. This up, sync: it up, um, yeah, weve, learned about making sure gps is on. When you do the geo kit or compass calibration um. Follow me works. Dji style found me like being pulled on a string. Uh circle position works well, waypoints works, but you dont. I you dont get the map okay of the local area. I guess you should download it, but first the way to do that.

Folks is uh when you go before you go out to where youre going to fly, uh open the app and try to go into the area where youre going to be youre planning to fly uh in the google maps of the app uh. While its connected to your home, wi, fi and the way by doing that, it will uh upload or download the map data from your uh into your phone into its cache so that you can actually use it while youre out flying right. Now i forgot to do that when i came out here so thats. Why were not seeing map data syncing it up one more time, um other things we learned, you know sd card. If you dont see wi fi from the drone, it doesnt like your sd card. So replace your sd card and um, you should be able wi fi. Let me move it up a bit higher its holding its position rather well here, so that little uh. I think that optical flow system also comes into play well with the gps when youre close to the ground, unless youve got problems with the compass like we saw in the beginning there, when i did the compass calibration without in optical flow mode, dont do that um Its a rather fast drone and high speed rate whats our battery power right now, by the way, this is where two two battery so on my two bars. So we probably still got a lot of flight time left here.

One thing about the um wi fi im, seeing a lot of breakup. You know a lot of frozen frames in the wi fi uh youre, probably seeing that too and in the recording. Let me get out of the way here in case this thing goes: flying back to its home position: um the wi fi a little bit laggy a little bit laggy, and also it freezes uh somewhat. So keep that in mind too. Okay, so thats it. Let me stop the video recording one more time and start it again. One more time. If itll take okay took a photo, i guess you could take a photo while youre recording too okay syncing up the cameras, one more time for the remainder of the flight lets. Just uh fly around the area, although well keep it kind of close, because that battery is getting low just showing the camera at 1080p. 60 frames per second well fly it until its battery says it. Dont want to fly anymore. Turning to the right, getting bounced a bit up there from the wind, well do figure eights overhead its, not very loud drone at all, because its, i guess its because its weight is low. You know the thing about heavier drones like that 650 gram, one when they get that heavy. It really frosts the air to keep it in the air. You know theres a lot of energy going into the air, and those larger drones tend to be rather loud and you dont want loud drones, especially around the drone phobic public.

Well, that ones hitting it good now coming down again so thats its camera quick flight around the area, yeah, okay, thats, a low rate now lets switch to high rate. Oh no, i hit automatic landing the rate buttons on the right here i wont let you switch. Oh there we go, you got ta, hold it down. Okay, this is high rate. Lets see what it does in high rate im trying to burn out the battery. This will lower the battery power quickly. I dont want to do that. We want to see see what a flight time is: okay, so thats high rate go back to low rate back to low rate and again lets practice that manual flying that i told you about okay, remember now. If i push forward notice how this drone is moving to the left so to bring it back toward me, all i got to do is turn to the left until that movement stops keep turning keep pushing forward, keep turning to the left until the movement stops, and Then let go and itll more or less come back toward you, okay, a little bit more to the left. Similarly, if the drone is pointed to the right in any direction say like so, and we push forward, we notice right movement so to bring it back toward us. All we got to do is keep turning until the movement stops, keep turning and keep pushing forward until the movement stops and then its coming back toward us, so thats how you manually fly a drone folks and maintain orientation.

You just observe its movement like i did there. Okay, if you dont see any movement, just keep turning the drone and pushing forward until you do see movement. You know for those who say what, if its flying directly away from you, well thats, what you do you just keep turning the drone until you see movement and then uh act accordingly, you know if its moving to the right turn right and bring it back towards. You, if its moving to the left, turn left and itll, bring it back toward you thats a easy tip to remember very important tip, though for beginner pilots that dont know that. So this is the drone we are close to the pad here, its pretty stable. I want to get a thumbnail like that showing the drone lets lets. Try it this way here with the sudden at my back and the wide open fields behind me, bring it and the winds coming up again: Music, so 12, a bit higher lets raise that gimbal up a bit higher, so Music, so thats, the mjx mg1, not a Bad little drone, i got ta admit: okay um. It has that uh electronic image, stabilization, okay, theres its returned to home and low battery electronic image stabilization, along with a two axis gimbal, to give very steady video im, hoping very steady. I havent seen it yet. The recording so lets stop that recording. Give me my give it my final thoughts and recording has stopped.

Let me turn this controller off too, because thats thats the thats going to keep beeping here, so that is the mjx mg1 notice. How that stable notice that gimbal is shaking like crazy in my shaky hands with all the coffee i had this morning, but the video is very steady, very steady indeed, okay, so not a bad bad drone. Let me do this. The sync up, my lips. There is a delay about a half second delay, so im doing that just to uh sync up the camera so that mjx mg1 not a bad drum hope. You enjoyed this flight, its quadcopter 101 signing out hi quadcopter 101. Here again, hey! If you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel its real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that bell button right. Next to the subscribe button that way you get notified when i release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first, shout out so give it a try.