Weve got a new release from mjx. We got the v1 mini drone so start out by looking at the box, guys were in the first look at the v1 mini drone right there. Weve got some specs up here: foldable hd camera. This ones got 4k pictures 1080 video. According to what i was seeing in the specs circle fly and high speed rotation advertised on the box there. What else we got here? Ive got the two battery model by the way right there theres your app youre going to need qr code. The m drone app is what youre going to need to use the camera on this. One start by having a quick flip through the manual here, and it looks like everything you need to know is going to be in here how to set up the drone for flight, how to charge the battery all the functions of the transmitter. So yeah well laid out manual. Everything you need to know to get this drone in the air is in here, as well as the qr code again to download that m drone app that youll need to access the camera with this model. All right now we did get a little baggie in there lets, dump that out and see what we got so weve got two props two spare props right there, little mini screwdriver to change out those props weve got four prop guards. So if youre new to flying drones and youre gon na fly this one indoors, probably best to put those prop guards on and weve got a usb charging cable so that end into a standard usb outlet.

The other end here, micro, usb, will plug into the battery and well pull in the batteries right now, ive got the two battery model, its also available with one battery or three batteries and right. There is where youre gon na plug in the charger to charge these batteries up all right. So looking at these batteries, guys just noticed right now that these are a high voltage. One cell battery a standard battery one cell battery is going to be 3.7 volt. Well, these ones are listed at 3.85 volts, so these are a high voltage lipo battery and they are 730 milliamp hours. So a decent sized battery being high voltage uh thinking, we might get a little bit more punch out of this drone when we get it out for a test plate. So looking forward to that, these are proprietary. Obviously, to this drone and looks like weve got a little button on top there to uh disengage the battery once its uh mounted into the drone, so well push that in here it snaps into place and well have a closer look at this drone momentarily. But lets pull in the transmitter so its a decent sized transmitter. The sticks, theyre okay, ive, had better ive had worse theyre kind of theyre, not the greatest, but theyre, not the worst, so theyre all right open that up. We do get a decent sized phone holder. There power button, everythings self explanatory on this one. It does take three a batteries to power this one up so right there that switch its labeled high low, so weve got two speeds: high speed, low speed, so you just slide it over for high speed slide.

It back for low speed, weve got our photo button right. There short press for pictures, long press for video down here, weve got our headless mode and our trim mode, so short press to go into headless mode, long press well holding it. You can adjust the trim with your right stick here to get that drone hovering just right now. This is obviously an altitude hold drone, so its gon na hold this position in the air, and you can tell that by the left. Stick here being spring loaded is gon na center that throttle when you let go of it so right here this button down here guys one key takeoff and landing and up here weve got, i believe, weve got short press for orbit mode and long press to go Into a high speed spin so well be trying that out when we get it out for its uh first flight and right here, this dial is non functioning and that is it for the buttons looks like right there. You can see the flashing green lights that we possibly have uh transmitter battery indicator with those four led lights there, so full battery being four lights, lit up and im thinking as that battery gets lower, we should see less lights. All right were gon na turn. That off and well pair it to the drone momentarily all right. So weve got the v1 here. A little mini drone camera drone right away. You can see weve got to manually, adjust the camera on this one, so straight down to 90 degrees and straight forward on that now the arms.

When we unfold them, they do lock into place and they do lock into place when theyre shut. They are somewhat spring loaded and yeah, so youre not going to have to worry when youre flying this one about the arms. If you got them fully out, theyre going to stay fully out all right power button on the bottom right here, guys now: theres, no micro sd slot. So that means all our footage is going to be going through that app onto our smart device, our phone, whatever we choose to choose to use to uh, operate that camera well be uh. Saving the photos onto our device now showed you right here, Music, that little tab there you push and it just locks into place like that, hear that click youre good to go now you can see the brush motors there, so these are going to be gear, driven The way theyre situated in the arms here, theyre going to have an additional gear in there to spin spin the props there uh other than that guys, not very heavy. This is definitely gon na come in well. Under the 250 gram uh regulation limit there for uh having to register a drone in some countries, so were just going to zero it out here, im just going to check with the battery in were coming in at 73 grams, so we have got very light drone Here so we have no issues. This one dont have to worry about, registering it um its good to go just fly it.

Basically, wherever you want looks like weve got some extended landing gears on the front there. Nothing really on the back lets push that power button. All right im getting nothing there guys i havent powered this one up yet so maybe weve got a dead battery or just maybe its, not seated, properly. Okay, we got nothing there, so maybe that battery is just completely dead. Lets try the other battery Music. There we go that one powered up, so you can see. We got that red light flashing there on the bottom, and i dont see any other lights on this drone. Currently, im gon na turn on the transmitter and we should be able to go up and down there we go see those flashing, green lights went solid. The red light on the bottom went solid. That is it for leds on this one, so this battery is well, hopefully its not uh, not wrecked, hopefully its just low and were gon na have to charge it so most likely ill just charge that up and we should be fine. Like i said, i hadnt powered this one up yet literally just put the batteries into the transmitter for the first time so decent looking a little drone here guys we got the bugs logo on the top there. Now one thing ive gotten with all my other bugs drones, but we didnt get it with this. One was a a decal sheet, so thats kind of odd used to seeing a deckle sheet with them, but were not getting that with uh.

This model um really not much else to to look at guys. Folding props screwdriver was supplied so that we could take that little center screw out right there. If we want to change those props out, they are clearly labeled a and b. So you can uh put the proper prop onto the proper arm of the drone there, and you can see the spares are also labeled its labeled a now other than that guys. Theres some cool features with this drone. Its got the circle fly it like orbit mode. Its also got toss and fly, so we can toss it up in the air and its going to uh. The motors are going to engage and youre going to be able to start flying, and you can also use the one key take off button right there and probably manual as well all right guys. So once youve powered up the drone and youre ready to access that camera, youre going to want to go into your wi fi settings and connect to the fpv10838 wi fi and once youre connected to that you can head over to the mdrone app and right there. You can see it says connected so were going to enter device. If you need to change that language, its up there on the right hand corner your gallery, and they also got your help and thats kind of cool its going to go over all the functions of the app right here.

So you can get yourself familiar with the app just from hitting the help button there and lets enter the device. So there we go. Weve got the camera now very narrow field of view on this one. You can see right there. I believe we have a 50 degree field of view, so that is very narrow, but camera quality looks decent. I dont expect much from the video we might be able to get some half decent pictures and thats typical with these toy grade drones with cameras youre, typically not going to get a decent video, its going to be pretty shaky theres. No video stabilization on this one. No electronic image stabilization, so the quality of the video is going to be probably not great usable. Its more of a gimmick just to have some fun with the camera, though, might be a bit better. Youll have a better chance of getting some half decent photos as long as youre a calm day and youve got it dialed in its all trimmed up and its hovering nice. You should be able to get some half decent photos so guys with the v1 here youre gon na get around 12 minutes of flight time per battery thats decent amount of flight time. With this one theyre advertising 50 meters of range with a max altitude of 15 meters. Personally, i think those are great numbers. You dont need to take a little drone like this out any further than 50 meters and to have that altitude capped at 15 meters, thats uh thats smart.

I think this is going to be set up perfect for a little backyard flyer park, flyer its not going to handle the wind too well, and to have that uh height limited to 15 meters. I think thats going to help you uh stay in the calmer conditions. Ideally so you dont have any issues with this drone being carried away being only 73 grams, its not that heavy but thats about it. For this one guys not much more, we can see at the bench here and not much more to review. So hopefully the weather is going to cooperate in the next day or two well have this out for his first flight, so keep an eye out for that, but for right now you like this video, make sure you big thumbs up.