It has gps 2.7 k, cam, foldable, wi, fi, fpv and all kinds of bells and whistles man. So stick around guys. Music, all right, let’s take a good look at this thing. Man this thing has some size to. It, guys check it out. Definitely over 250 grams i’ll tell you that a lot bigger than my mini 2 for sure all right, like i said, it’s foldable, so let’s do it bottom arm is first then the top ones there’s a bottom and top check that out guys definitely has some size To it, man it’s kind of menacing check it out all right. Let’S take a look at this, so here’s the camera 2.7 k it has some dampening. You can tell and it’s tiltable with the remote, so that’s good let’s go aside here. There’S your brushless motors. Look huge huge props, too inside here and their lights, underneath the motors too great for orientation great for night flights. These light up pretty good too. In the back here you got your battery bay huge battery check that out 7.6 volts 3. 400 milliamp lipo. I want you guys to see that it slides in like this and you’re good all right. So what else is on the side? Here? You got your micro sd card slot right here, got your power button up top and you got your eachine branding right there. All right let’s see what’s on the bottom okay, so you got your uh optical flow sensor right here and you got a couple of ultrasonic sensors, these two right here and a couple lights at the bottom.

I guess they’re landing lights, so you have your dji style remote here has the little things that pop out from here, so you can hold. This thing sticks feel pretty good. These antennas i’m not sure enough i’m, not sure if they’re, real or not – and you got your lock unlock button to unlock the motors. You got your power switch right here, displays all the telemetry on the screen right here: distance height and the mode battery level, and you got your photo button here. You have your automatic takeoff and lan button up top there, and this wheel is fake. This one is for the camera to tilt up and down, and you have your light and your speed switch right here and your gps on and off button on the right side and it takes can’t. Remember two double a batteries. I think it looks pretty cool. Oh and your uh return to home button right here. I almost forgot here’s your cell phone holder at the top it’s a decent size, so here’s your dual charger. You can charge two batteries at the same time, and here is your usb type c port here and the charging cable. It also has a display when you’re charging all right so let’s just put this in, like this pretty simple. Take it out like that, all right. So you have extra props here with a screwdriver on this little package here nice and neat, and got your manual and stuff here all right, well, that’s, pretty much it guys! Can’T wait to get this thing up in the air.

Man apparently has a three to four hundred meter range and about a 23 minute flight time. So that’s a lot of time up in the air to have some fun all right, stay tuned for the flight, guys that’s, the eachine, ex3 aka mjx bugs 4w.