MJX BUGS 2W Drone – Full Review – [Unboxing, Inspection, Flight Test, Pros & Cons] + GIVEAWAY News!

Take pleasure in my full assessment of the MJX Bugs 2W FPV GPS Drone. Get it right here https://goo.gl/ZYkMXd Discounted Wind Gauge https://goo.gl/1sRJVU A particular competitor …


  1. Hi: Nice video that covers basics and setup unlike other reviews on this quad. Question… looking to buy first gps quad. Will this work with an Apple phone and can you completely turn off GPS altogether? Also, if you have the SD card installed, does it record on the phone as well? I'm concerned about storage space on the phone but get the impression if it detects the SD card, it only display the FPV on the phone but doesn't record on the phone. Correct?

  2. Very helpful,sir as usual I just about a year behind everyone else LOL Thanks so much & have FUN!!

  3. Can we save and view the video later from the drone ?

  4. Hot to know is my mobile phone 5.4G

  5. You did such a great job on this review, I don't think I will need to read the instruction book when mine arrives. Thank you!

  6. When you’re talking about “make sure your device supports 5 GHZ” how do I check if my phone supports it and is the 5GHZ just for the phone or the WiFi and by WiFi does it have to be connected to like your house WiFi or can it be done with mobile data ?

  7. 17:40 just pointing it out, it uses 5.0Ghz FPV, not 5.8
    Not sure if there's a version of 5.8, I came only across 5.
    Amazing review, loved it

  8. Nice vid keep it up 👍

  9. Mjx bugs 2 or hubsan x4 h501ss?????

  10. I flew mine virging first trip today in Norway ! Awesome product ! 🙂 But my film did hack a little or was not smooth…stopping and starting…I wonder if it is the tf card quality or if my tf card reader is bad….when i put it in adapter and than into the reader for the computer to read it or get the data… Anyone have some suggestion about that ? The pic was good.

  11. Hey ! Very good review and like spot on describing details and good filming/ editing ! Superb and many thanx for sharing ! Thumbs up ! 🙂

  12. Hola, la distancia del FPV está dada en metros…saludos Pedro

  13. Dose it work with samsung j2 prime

  14. I have a problem. I bought my mjx Bugs a while ago but the fpv just failed in me, the wifi will not connect, if any of you have any advise please help me!!!!!

  15. Good news! Bugs Go app now available at Google play store. It is now a trusted app, no special permissions required. 😀

  16. Hello Dustin. I want to order a mjx bugs 2w drone. I live in Holland. Where can i buy one? Thank you fore the nice review. Greets Edwin.

  17. Dustin although its pretty much confirmed that the Bugs 2 is capable of flying 2 miles out, please make a video of it. there has been several vids of them online already. But I like how you make your range tests. please Dustin. Would you be able to make a vid?

  18. I don’t own a Bugs or any other quadcopter with a GPS (yet). Good to know the Bugs 2W can handle some wind. I found this tutorial video informative. https://youtu.be/o2tO9oGjrwM Cheers!

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