MJX Bugs 2 SE Drone Review

Bugs 2 SE Drone Pricing & Specs: https://amzn.to/2TDzXQp Drones beneficial by Prepared Set Drone: https://www.amazon.com/store/readysetdrone The MJX …


  1. Love this drone but I'm trying to get video recorded to my TF Card, anyone know the trick? No new files are showing up on my card after flight, just to the phone. Manual is a little lacking.

  2. Good morning dear, can you tell me, what remote distance from the fpv wifi to the drone? the company reported 500m of wifi is true?

  3. I don't understand how your Sub Count is high and your views are low..

  4. Ready Set Drone, now to try the other features of the SE. Way points, follow me , circle me. I have the B2W, a nice flyer and a good camera.

  5. Thanks for the vedio!! Awesome R.S.D!!!

  6. thanks for the review. What i missed is comparison of flight time and difference in controller and fpv range.

  7. Which is the best mjx bugs drone?

  8. So you would recommend this one or the Hubsan H501S? Just your personal opnion please. Thanks a lot and keep on! Your review are very cool.

  9. Basics first please… distance, flight time… price, use.. competitors…. pros and cons…… geez

  10. Like if you think ready set drone is the best

  11. Thanks Kelly real fine review all the Bugs Drones seem to work very well. Thanks Again

  12. Awesome video! Love it! Thank you for sharing!

  13. Awesome review Kelly!!

  14. Good review! Do you plan on doing a review on the Autel Evo?

  15. just was notified yesterday mine was shipped…i have a mavic pro but like my small collection of bugs ;)…saw it in the box when you did a different review so have been waiting for your review to pop up..lol…thanks for posting…Nova Scotia Canada here

  16. I don't really see where the hardware should differ from the "normal" Bugs 2 W

  17. Nice Kelly. Great drone for the beginner. Thanks for sharing

  18. Pretty sweet little drone to be just a toy one love the videos keep up the awesome content always in thoughts and prayers your friend Keith from Asheville North Carolina hope you have a great holiday

  19. Great review Kelly I’d definitely use this to train a new flyer as well.

  20. Good price for what looks like a fun drone to fly. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Nice review. Always enjoy seeing other drones.

  22. This drone as follow me and waypoint n orbit mode

  23. I understand its a “Toy” drone but for $216 ….! And that really bad camera …. ! And 5hrs charging for ~15min flight ….! NO Thanx…

    i think to get a DJI Spark for $299 is much better to invest on proper drones.
    Its good for beginners but still i prefer a spark or even 2nd hand dji …at leat u can have GREAT video and photo quality with all the great features they have…

    Thanx for the review 👍🏼

  24. Well done Kelly, hope you guys had a great Turkey Day.

  25. did you say what kind of range it has, maybe i missed that ?

  26. Fun review!! Nice camera work of kelly talking!! Awesome zilver drone! Cool design! Thanks for sharing!!

  27. Hey Kelly, nice test and review of the SD edition. The Bugs drone flew very well and stable. Very nice beginner drone, I’ll be looking into one for my oldest grandson. Really like the aerial footage in this video, nicely done! Thanks Kelly!

  28. Great video! This looks like a drone right up my alley. Is it as quiet as it seemed in your video. If so, most impressive!

  29. Kelly, that’s a sweet little drone. I’ve heard a lot of great things about the Bugs series of drones. This one is one I may have to get for myself or maybe my wife. Thanks for the great review. Also wish you best of success on Spinup. Maybe next year I’ll be able to get down there.

  30. Great review Kelly. Looks like they didn’t change much form the original bugs2, just the colour and the camera unless they changed some internal components we can’t see. Not really a drone form me, I prefer my Spark, but a good drone for someone just getting into the hobby or a practice flying drone.

  31. ok I have to say the cuts to the second angle is pointless unless its a close up of the drone itself all the cinematic motions and angles are pointless

  32. 😂😂… more used to… i love it! Hey! great show ya'll! Shout out to your pro camera man who is obviously going unnoticed! Great work on the edits too!

  33. It would make more sense to have it work as FPV than to try and have high resolution unstabalized.

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