I have uh another sub 250 gram drone to show you today uh. This is the uh mjx bugs 19 holding the box up to the camera here uh. So what youre gon na see on this guy is uh, that it is a sub 250 gram, uh drone theyre, saying a single axis, gimbal, what they mean by that is it you can move it up and down, although there really isnt a gimbal on it, uh And it is a a gps uh quad, so it will hold itself in space. What i found is mjx, usually typically does a pretty good job on these kind of quads. They typically are very easy to set up easy to get in the air and fly well now. What im going to tell you about this one in particular, is because it does not have a gimbal on the camera youre not going to get stabilized video with it. The video will be shaky, but what were looking for at the very least, is not a lot of jello in the video and were looking for a quad that flies decently flies well and that holds itself in space well and i suspect, thats. What well see. As i said, usually, mjx does a really good job on on these kind of drones, and you would consider this a starter drone, its around 150 bucks, so think about that half price of say a dji mini se. Now, if youre really looking for decent quality video, you absolutely need to grab that dji mini sc.

If you just want a quad that you want to fly around the park with and so forth, and are not so much worried about video quality, this might be the one for you and, of course, not very long range. So anyway, let me get it out of the box and well show it to you. So, as is uh typical of mjx and some of these uh, quite frankly, id call them bargain price drones. They give you a pretty darn good case to carry the thing around. Let me open it up here, so you can see so uh. There is the the drone. Ive got a couple of batteries and the controller and im not going to dig everything out. But what im going to tell you is up here, theres, a really good manual and what i like again about mjx. Is they give you a big, clear, easy to read manual uh theres, some extra props and theres, the ubiquitous screwdriver and usb a to usb c cable in there and mjx always gives you some decals too, but lets uh lets quit messing around with that and lets Actually, pull the drone out and take a look at it, so the drone itself, as youll notice, looks very much suspiciously like a dji mini drone. No doubt the the styling is was definitely inspired by the dji minis, even if you look at the side etc. The battery does load from the back here and yeah.

We can pull this out. I dont remember what milliamp yeah its an 1820 milliamp lithium polymer battery, so lets plug that guy back in and it has the the usual lights up there and the power button on the back. Uh and again, i want to show you this gimbal uh. While the gimbal is mounted on silicone mounts it really doesnt uh, it doesnt move other than from the app you can. You can move the and, i believe from the app yeah. You can move the camera up and down and, as you can see, i havent taken the lens cover off of it. Yet the piece of plastic – and of course i will before we fly uh and oh, i meant to mention here it does have uh downward facing sensors. It has a pinhole optical flow sensor and it has a couple of time of flight sensors. So this thing ought to be pretty stable, uh and so im anxious to see how stable it hovers, etc. So uh, you know, i guess uh its worth mentioning that it is a brushless motor drone. Although thats almost a given nowadays youre going to get a brushless motor product and then and then typical, folding propellers as well – and they do give you some extra props and they give you a screwdriver. So you can remove those screws and and put new new props on if need be. Hopefully you dont need to do that and then the the rc itself – and this is the first time ive opened this guy up.

As you can see, it still has the stickers on it and im going to tell you im looking at this antenna right here, and it does have a wire in it. That tells me thats functional this one would be on the right side when youre holding it facing you theres nothing in there, theres no wire, so essentially thats. Just there for looks uh, i guess its for symmetry. I suppose lets look at the back here first. So if we pull these handles down – and those are just handles to hang on to – this – is a a double a battery remote control, which is going to tell you that youre going to have limited power with the remote, usually the ones where they put an internal Uh lithium battery inside you get a little more power with the remote, but so so well see how this one works upside is you have one functional antenna downside in my opinion, is that its a double a battery? So then, looking at the front here uh this button right here with the red padlock on there is to lock and unlock the motors. This is the on off switch for the drone uh. This is for taking pictures, and i think you double press it for video ill have to double check on that, and this is return to home on the other side here on the right hand, side and then, of course, the usual gimbals and and ill pull that Off but you do have a full functional, uh uh lcd display under there.

That gives you a lot of good information, so uh. I i its amazing how you get that on some of these cheaper drones and some of the higher priced drones. You dont, but it really is handy. It gives you a lot of good information and then on the back here. This one is going to change your your speed of the drone, and this is going to this scroll wheel. Right here is going to adjust your uh. The angle of the camera, so you can point the camera up and down now this one yeah this one, as i thought, is just its just there for looks it doesnt move, and this this button right here is for land in place, take off end line in Place so once you unlock the the the propellers with this button, youd hit this button right here and its going to take off or if you were out someplace and you just wanted to land hit that button and it would land in place. If the drone is already in flight, one more thing here on the side of the controller youve got the gps on and off now you you would turn that off if youre flying inside your house and then youre just using those downward facing sensors to tell the Drone how far it is off the ground, et cetera, but for the most part, im going to recommend always ill any time. Youre outdoors leave that leave that one up and uh yeah – i guess thats about it – lets uh lets quit messing around and lets get this drone in the air.

Okay, one of the things i neglected to show you earlier is how the uh your phone hooks up or connects to the controller and its on top here. That piece pulls out, so you have to have the antenna kind of folded down kind of behind your mobile device, but just wanted to show you that so the other thing were going to do now is you have to bind the controller to the drone, and let Me show you how to do that. What you do is uh. When you turn on the controller, you hold down the lock button, which is you know, the red padlock there hold it down and then turn the controller on, and that puts it in binding mode and then were going to turn on the drone. And we should hear a beep and theyll bind yeah, so you heard that beep almost instantly so its bound now so thats good, so im gon na cycle, everything back off uh just to make sure that were that everythings good, so were gon na turn off the Drone and turn off the controller, but we know were bound now. Okay, lets do our calibrations before we take off were going to do a gyro calibration and a magnetic calibration or some people call it a compass calibration. I often call it a compass calibration lets fire up. The drone first got four lights on you hear it beep im gon na set it down on a flat spot lets turn on the controller, and we are immediately connected and im going to go down and to the left with the joysticks and thatll put it into Gyro calibration mode – and i can see that because ive got a little blinking yeah and it just was on for a second and off so we have a successful calibration.

We had a little blinking drone up in the corner of the led screen. I might have said lcd earlier its an led screen and now were going to do the compass calibration so im going to go down and to the right, and you hear it beeping and i can see that little drone blinking again pick the drone up and were Going to spin it three times, one two, three counterclockwise in the horizontal position then were going to put head down and vertical and go three times again, theres one a little more awkward doing it. This way to and three and weve got a solid green light on the back. That tells us were calibrated uh. I also i dont know if youre going to be able to see it, but the light is off on the controller here. So we know were good. The app that were going to use is the mrc pro app and there is a qr code in the manual. If you need to find that. But you should be able to find that in both app stores for android and ios lets fire that up and it immediately were in english. Already. It gives us a start page so were going to click on that introduction, and i kind of like this page, because, if youve not flown an mj x drone before this gives you all the low down on the app so were going to click to get through.

That and it says not connected, let me get my antenna down here. Do you can normally please say? Okay, so i you know what i didnt do. Is i didnt uh i didnt uh hook it up to my uh wi fi on my phone, so were gon na go. Do that right now and it and it whats cool? Is it told us it needed to do that so were gon na go into wi fi and we are going to look for the drone in there. It says drone and it connected. That was a step that i forgot and the app prompted me to do it. Thats, what i like about mjx drones is they do that so now lets go back into the app and look at that weve got weve got fpv kudos to mjx man that that is awesome uh. I see it looks to me like its still loading maps, etc. Uh but uh lets go into the uh max flight altitude were going to move that up for sure all the way to our well 117 thats plenty flight distance. Well put it up to 200 meters, because let me tell you this isnt, a drone that youre going to want to go further than that. If we try out the orbit, lets move that up to about 10 meters or so return to home altitude. We want it higher than that lets put it. I dont know im gon na im gon na move it up to close to 30 meters just to be on the safe side.

Theres 29 so were going to leave it at that and if you didnt do the gyro and geo calibration its right here on the app as you can see, next tab, gps status is good its telling us everythings ready to go. Let me look at that again. What did that say? So, oh yeah, so this is flight logs, okay, so thats from different mjx drones that ive flown before so so thats cool uh. So maybe it was asking for an update that uh that im not exactly sure what was going on there, but lets click on the little on the camera right before the below the little red dot the camera menu. We want to go in 4k. We want to get the best we can get and lets look at the whoops. Sorry about that lets. Click on the next one down uh so were gon na put were kind of a its kind of a hazy day. So gosh im im gon na put im gon na put sunny day on there. Although the sun is the the sun is out theres, really, no clouds so were going to leave right that, where everything where it is on the factory setting there and cache frame number, i dont know im going to leave that alone memory. I need to put a memory card in the drone, so im glad that they reminded me so just to show you. The memory card goes right. There i put in a sandisk and its asking for a class 10 s micro, sd card again thats.

One thing i like about mjx is they make everything so user friendly, so yeah were going to format the card click? Yes, there and uh were gon na click, use cellular data so im, assuming that we are uh that were all formatted and ready to go. Uh lets click on the on the red dot and lets start recording, and it is its giving me the countdown. So it tells me that its recording so again with this drone to uh to to power on the motors youre going to push this uh, this red padlock down here and we got a couple beeps. Let me try that again, maybe just a quick press. I never know if its a quick press or a long press lets do a quick press yeah, and that did it that fired him up and then were gon na hit right here this button and it should take off and it does. Let me uh pick the camera up here, just a little and the drone is moving around a little bit. Okay, we got im gon na land this baby and we had a uh. We had a nice little crash there, so that circular motion that you saw was indicative of a geomagnetic issue. So uh. Let me grab the drone and well well do another calibration, but it you saw it was out of control. It was moving around there all over the place and, like i said when you see that circular motion, thats uh, indicative of a drone needing a compass calibration so were going to try this again.

So the drone is is not hurt at all. It folded up an arm a little bit, but you can see a little bit of grass on it, but thats why you do these kind of flights over soft grass like this, let me im going to stop recording im going to cycle the power on everything were Going to go through the calibrations again, maybe well do the calibrations on the app this time and see if that helps lets go back to this start now lets see. I didnt mean to do that. Sorry about that. I meant to go into the menu and right down here were going to do the gyro calibration first, its sitting on the ground. Okay, it went. It was green and then changed again. So now lets do the geomagnetic, which is the compass calibration on the app im going to click on that and its beeping. So and also i dont know if youre going to see it, but the the light is off on the on the controller. Here the little blinking drone up in the corner of the led screen so lets go ahead and start recording again so weve started. Recording lets unlock the motors quick push, lets take off one more time and lets see how it does thats well, look at that. It immediately starts moving around so im moving it out away from us and look at it. Yeah we got a problem im bringing the drone down.

We did another crash, landing, dont know whats going on there. Uh yeah and i said you got ta have some. We had 17 satellites, it says you got to have a minimum of seven, so i dont know uh heres what ill tell you, what im gon na do im going to shut everything down lets take the drone kind of more in the middle of the park here. Im kind of close to some stuff here i hear the drone the motors are still running on the drone. There, okay got it shut down, stop recording. Let me go pick it up and well try this one more time: hey, okay, the bugs 19 is not cooperating. We had a couple of situations where it went into a very quick toilet, bowl situation where the drone was moving. In a circular motion, i had to hold the stick down and essentially crash landed in the grass. The drone is not hurt, but obviously you cant fly a drone like that, so i moved out further out into the park here. Theres less things in the way i dont have to worry so much about people being around tells you. I dont trust this drone now. So uh were gon na. Try it again: uh were gon na fire up, the drone were gon na, go through the calibrations again and uh and well see well see what happens this time. So let me turn on the drone again and by the way uh.

I had my gopro locked up on me, uh, so froze up on me, so i dont know how much of that last uh loss of control. You saw with the drone but uh, but i should be able to show you uh with what i had on the screen recorder uh, to have shown you that. But we had again. We had two essentially rotary situations with the drone that were bad enough, that i just had to pull the stick down and let it crash land into the grass so were going to try that one more time lets turn on the controller and it immediately hooks up And then were going to go both sticks to to do a geo calibration. Both sticks down and im just going to hold the drone level and were going to push the sticks down and to the to the left. Well, i need both hands to do that. So im going to set this guy down okay down into the left and im, not getting the little uh, usually the the it will blink up in the corner. There a little picture of a drone on the on the led screen and they didnt get that. But lets go ahead and do the compass calibration so thats going to be down and to the right and thats in compass calibration. Now there you heard it beep and the little light is blinking there. So you can see the light blinking on the back of the drone were going to go three times.

Uh you know lets go lets go clockwise this time i went counterclockwise last time, its one two three and then were going to point the head down and theres one theres two and i see the light stopped blinking theres three, so that rear light stopped blinking and That tells us that the calibration is done also the little uh. The little icon of the drone blinking is gone off of the controller here so lets uh lets go ahead and fire everything up again, im going to start a screen recording, as we usually do then were going to go into the app again yeah. I want to make sure that i didnt have the app already open so its the mrc pro again. That takes us to that home screen were gon na go start next, Music and uh. You know weve got good fpv again. We have 15 satellites. Weve got a good connection, lets uh, start recording and were going to hit the unlock button again. Thats, the red padlock and the motors have started up. Lets lets go take off on the app and Applause better. This time lets just let it hover there for a second, its moving in a little bit of a circular motion, but way better. Although its getting bigger yeah look at it that that little circular motion is getting bigger and bigger im gon na move it out a little ways, yeah see its just continuing to get bigger Music yeah.

I dont know what to say so. Im gon na see, if i can bring it down, put it in landing mode, and you saw the drone flop over there again uh. I dont know what to say guys it just its not taking a calibration and uh. You know were away from theres no metal out here, theres, nothing that would affect this guy so well. Try it again im just going to leave everything on, including recording and im going to do it on the app here so were going to go into the app were going to click on geomagnetic calibration, and you heard it blink and so well go back to counter Clockwise locate rotation this time, two three head down one two, three and again weve got a solid light, nothing but fun, and the light is out on the on the controller so again were going to unlock the motors hit, take off on the controller – and you know Its looking okay, yeah theres, oh now, its its starting to move a little bit see. I dont trust it now so im gon na. Let it sit there and hover for a little while i dont know we might have it now huh. What do you think lets hope? So i i think we might uh. We might finally have got a successful calibration. Okay, so so im bringing it around lets uh yeah! So there im using the scroll wheel to adjust the uh the the angle of the camera and lets do our usual dronie.

I think we got. It now looks like its good now. I dont know why we had so much trouble getting that thing to calibrate but uh fourth times a charm, i guess so reverse and up wow, and i can tell you that that it is a it is a fairly powerful drone. It took right off and you can see as soon as i let off the throttle there. You can see theres no gimbal on this drone so and lets see. We are up about 27 meters. High were out about 90 meters thats pretty good and we got good, solid fpv, so lets just fly it around a little bit here, first and again. Well, let me pick up that i dont know the thing is as soon as i pick up. The camera lets go the other way there so lets. Try ive got the camera kind of about halfway there, so lets go ahead and ease into the throttle and youll see it dip down and thats. You know one of the situations where you dont have a gimbal uh. You know you, you dont, you just dont have as much uh. The camera is not going to be stable, but i can tell you what i see here on fpv looks good and i can see i had my antenna crossed so thats thats, even thats, even a better sign that the drone has good control. Lets go a little further out to that corner.

Uh, you know were about lets, go out towards the flagpole and uh yeah were out about 86 meters that direction and everythings good, so yeah man, you know so far, so good guys. I wish i could tell you why we had so much trouble getting that calibration, but the drone is drone is flying great here. So lets see what speed mode were in here thats this button here on the controller lets hold it down, thats. Okay, so i think it was in high speed mode, so now it should be in low speed. Lets, go full, stick forward and see what kind of speed we get: yeah, thats, low, speed mode and thats what youre going to want to use. I think if you, if you expect to get some good uh, and that was me yawing it and boy that was a quick yaw. I was just trying to give it a little bit of stick there. So you have to be pretty ginger on the stick, but let me tell you uh for all the problems we had getting the guy the thing in the air, its flying great, now, uh. I want to get out into the corner here and we are going to point towards uh the the costco over there, and you guys have seen this many times in the past. And i like taking pictures because you can compare it to other drones and you can see the drone moving around and thats why that picture is moving around were completely off the sticks and were 137 meters away.

We got good fpv good, strong signal with the drone. So lets stop recording and then im going to hit the picture button were going to take a picture, so we took a photo there and lets uh. Give it just a second and we will start recording again. So i started recording and were going to turn around. Were going to go to the other end of the park and again im going to go im going to go full throttle forward and lets see what our top speed is. So full throttle forward and im going to adjust the yaw here im going to try and adjust it just a little get. It pointed the other way so yeah about 6 meters per second 6.2 meters per second thats about you know roughly around 15 miles an hour. So thats pretty darn good thats, again thats in low speed mode and im telling you low speed mode, is the one youre going to want to use if youre trying to get some good uh pictures, although, like again video youre going to get this kind of uh Jiggly video with this drone, although and thats me letting off the throttle there, what what you dont see and youll see it stabilize here, but what what im encouraged about is ive got really good, uh fpv on the drone, and you can see it kind of moving Around there and thats the drone moving around because that the the camera is not stabilized, so were going to point back the other.

Oh, i went just a little too far get it back, pointed this direction and then were going to go back into high speed mode and lets see what itll do so im going to hold down that that button on the controller here see, we got two beeps That tells us were in high speed mode again im going to point. The thing back here keeps wanting to move kind of move that direction a little bit and, in fact, im gon na well thats a well ill. Tell you the yaw is really sensitive. Okay, so were gon na go full stick forward now and youre. Just gon na see grass here for a second and uh lets, see how fast we can get it up to seven eight meters per second nine meters per second and look at that: wow, nine and a half meters per second thats uh, thats and im watching the Drone above me, man, its moving right along thats, pretty darn good, so nine and a half meters per second thats about i dont, know 22 miles an hour or so and were going to see the sky. Here i let off the throttle and without without a stabilized gimbal were gon na see the sky. So you know, whats kind of interesting here is uh that we we didnt have you know we dont have uh any uh issues with uh uh, with with any fpv problems, any control issues with regard to power of the controller.

Again, this guy just uses double a batteries uh, so man, i im so tempted to go across the street there, but with the issue that we had with uh with the uh, with with the toilet bowling and the compass earlier im, just not going to do that Were going to stay right here in the park, so lets go back the other way. Let me im going to drop the camera down just a little and well get a picture on the other end of the park there. So full stick forward. Youre going to see grass as the drone picks up speed here and its because the drone is pitched forward. Its going right above me now im watching it its uh its pitched forward at a pretty good little angle there and get ready for skye. I saw the guy in the mower, so i didnt want to go over the top of him there and there you see him lets move sideways a little bit so as soon as i so thats me, banking, the drone to its left and look at look at How it thats pretty cool isnt it and now as soon as i let off and thats what you get when you dont have a stabilized gimbal so lets. Let the drone stabilize here a little bit im going to move forward. I want to get out into the corner there and in fact, were going to put it in low speed mode here again.

One beep that tells us were in low speed mode and yeah, even and i just looking at the uh at the led screen here on the controller, and it actually is telling me that its in low speed mode so im trying to move it over here. I want to position yeah. Oh we did. We just had our first signal loss. Oh now we got it back. Okay and im pointed directly at the drone. So so we did have a little signal loss there at about 144 meters. You know honestly thats great. This is not a drone that youre going to fly very darn, far thats for sure, so lets wait for it to settle down here. Yeah. Now we got another yeah a little bit of an issue with the signal looks like the drone yeah its settling down. Now. Here now, okay, im going to bring it back towards us a little see if i can get that signal back a little bit more reliably. Okay lets just stop right there and let the drone settle down here and im going to move a little bit to the left thats about right. Let the drone settle down were going to take a picture so im going to stop recording as soon as the drone settles down and gets good and flat here, uh thats, probably pretty good lets, take a picture there. It says taking photos successfully so ill. Give the drone in just a second to settle down im looking at the bottom here lets demonstrate the zoom.

Now this drone does have zoom on it im going to start, recording and im going to move at the bottom of the screen. You see that little blue dot im going to move it to the right. Well, i was going to try and do that yeah there we go yeah well thats 40 times thats thats 11 times so youre going to see thats going to look really pixelated. So lets move that back down to normal, but that is there. If you want it. Basically all that does is crop the sensor, so you know it. I dont know how useful it is, but i just wanted to show you that it is there. So tell you what i think what we should do now is uh yeah, okay, its we lost signal again, so i can tell you that this part of the park, i have seen signal interference there before so it doesnt surprise me lets see yeah. You know what i do have control as soon as i pull back on the stick, even though its telling us we dont have signal ive got control of the drone there. We got green back again uh. You know i was going to suggest that we try uh return to home uh, but but lets go ahead and let the drone uh im looking at the battery on the drone. You know it looks like its at three quarters: weve been flying for quite a while. I i quite sure its probably more drained than that, but but well see how it does theyre starting up the mowers here.

I may be in their way here, doggone it so we may have to uh. We may have to do something different here, well see what they do. Okay, let me drop that camera down, see im just trying to see if i can even im im uh struggling to even find myself there. I am okay, so lets move the drone forward and again uh. We are just in normal mode here or low speed mode. I guess youd call it and the drone is coming right back to us. So i can say really the only loss of signal issues we had is right there in that one corner of the park: okay, im reducing altitude, so youll see the camera move around quite a bit. Lets lets bring it over the top of us or actually im, not exactly sure bring the drone down were 10 meters away. I dont know exactly how the orbit works on this guy. I cannot remember, we set it to 10 meters. I believe lets do an orbit flight and i think itll just start in an orbit and it is yeah, thats, perfect and so the drone is doing an orbit and i am not at the center of it but uh. But you can see what the drones doing ill move to the center here and well drop that well drop the camera down. So you can see how accurate that orbit is so ill just stand here in the center and and give you a give you a shot at how accurate that is, and god is great, thats perfect.

You know we had a rough start with this guy uh, but boy i mean i i cant complain uh after that everything seems to be working great, so uh, so lets go ahead and get out of there. If i can remember how to do that, im gon na click back into that and hit that button again and yeah. It stopped right there low battery, so lets fly it out and lets do a a a return to home. Let me pick up the camera and i always forget which way to turn that scroll wheel lets pick up. The camera fly it out of ways so its a ways away from us and then were going to hit return to home lets, see lets do that were going to do that on the controller here, and it took it immediately. No, maybe not oh yeah, its coming back, okay, its just not telling me on the screen, oh yeah! If i look at the the return to home button, turned green and were just gon na let this guy land where it may. Let me see if i can point the camera down yeah i can get yeah. I can get almost way down its gon na, be pretty darn accurate, its going to land in the grass its not going to hurt it a bit Applause and its thinking about it, because it sees. Is this a good place to land or not? Let me pick that camera back up.

Okay, yeah! You can see the grass there im gon na stop recording okay, let me uh. Let me swap out the battery here real, quick and well. Try the follow me function. Okay, i cheated there little guy a little bit guys. I did what you call a hot swap i just didnt shut off the controller or the app. I just turned off the drone swapped the battery turned the drone back on lets. Uh lets see, we got look. We got fpv so i think were good uh, okay, so im going to start, recording and lets take off again and lets see uh lets see how we do uh so unlock the motors and hit that button. You know the drone is good. I dont know why we had so much trouble there earlier with the geo calibration, but its steady as a rock now so im going to move it out and uh were going to try the follow me function. Okie dokie, im going to drop the camera down here. A little bit uh get it looking at me in the center of frame and then were going to go thats a little bit off and were in low speed mode. I just double checked that lets go follow function and its going to follow gps, sometimes thatll make these drones go crazy and its doing good ive had uh ive had drones when you put them in the uh. Follow me function have all kinds of problems, but it is its its uh.

It seems to be following me, yeah, so as im walking around uh yeah its its its its working great okay, wow one more down, ah thats impressive, its doing a great gps. Follow me – and you know what its keeping me relatively in center frame. One of the problems typically with gps follow me is that it wont keep you in center of frame. So usually you need an optical. Follow me to do that. So lets get out of that. The only other trick you saw there is headless mode and and were not going to mess with that i mean i guess yeah i mean i headless mode if youre in non gps form. What that does is, as the drone goes away from you. If you pull the stack back, itll retrace and come right back to where the con, where towards the direction that it came from uh so anyway, i just think we should uh. We should fly it around here, a little bit more im starting to get some confidence back in this guy lets pick it up where we can go higher than that Music thats me dropping the camera down im going to put it into high speed mode here again. Im going to hit hold down this button on the right side of the controller, well hear two beeps and on the on the uh led screen, it says hi on the speed mode there. This is great its uh, its doing fine, so lets go straight forward here.

Let me pick that oops. I went the wrong way im trying to pick the camera up, so i can see where im going here and im going to go out here. A ways make sure my antenna is pointed right at the drone and yeah were theres. No cars there so were good to go yeah and we got out there about 250 meters and it went into uh its saying tx returns. So im going to hit return to home on the app and lets see if it comes back to us, it looks like it is on the uh thats me dropping the camera yeah its coming back so uh. My intention there was to go. You know to go across the uh over into the empty field over there and we got about 250 meters and they say that uh. I i think, im trying to remember what it says in the specs what the range on this is supposed to be. But trust me on a drone like this thats plenty youre not going to want to be going that far with this guy, so uh lets take it out of return to home. We got plenty of battery here, so i want to fly it around just a little bit more and im, trying to pick up the the gimbal lets. Uh lets go towards the edge of the park. Well, make a couple of more runs from one end of the park to the other here and maybe take a couple pictures and then well call it good and that you saw me let off the throttle there well yaw.

The drone around again were in high speed mode, so youre going to see a lot of movement with this camera youre just going to see, however, the drone pitches youre going to see it on the camera, so full stick forward now and, of course, were seeing grass And i noticed that it, you know it can be the dirt if you look up at the drone, sometimes its hard to get it to get the the head pointed exactly forward, but not bad, but look at that speed there, almost nine meters per second right there. Man, oh man, thats moving along pretty good thats about 22 miles an hour so thats about you know thats, maybe not quite what the dji mini se will do, but pretty close okay were going to stop right. There youre going to see some sky and uh lets. Uh were gon na were gon na bank uh to the drones right and youre gon na see the world go kind of sideways for a second, then im gon na let off and youll see it move back the other way and then lets yaw around and uh. I just want to show im doing that, just to show you the movements of the camera and uh okay lets lets go lets go uh just to the other corner of the park here. Let me see if i can center that a little bit better yeah. We we just had a little signal loss.

There got it back, so im going to start moving the drone forward and – and you can see were just on the other side of the mower hes got. His hood up must be something wrong with the mower there and thats me trying to adjust the heading of the drone without a lot of luck but yeah. We had like 9.1 meters per second there for a little bit and the drone is right over the top of me now or basically a little bit and let off the throttle right now were going to see sky. Look at that okie dokie lets uh lets bring it back towards us and uh lets lets uh im im in full, reverse now so thats. Why youre seeing sky and im dropping altitude as i go so ive got the drone stopped and turned around and im dropping altitude fast? You can see me there trying to get it pointed towards me and were going to take some pictures well. Uh. Well. Take some pictures here: kind of uh uh, quadcopter 101 style. He always gets pictures of uh of his tie. Dye shirts, i dont have a tie. Dye shirt, yeah weve got a uh, a uh hawk flying above us, and he was looking at that drone. It was funny watching him, you could tell he was taking a look at it, hes going. What is that in my territory? Okay, lets bring this guy in close, and let me tell you it is stable right now it is really stable.

You know what, before we take, that picture im going to put it back into low mode holding down that button. One beep and its still in high mode lets, try that again there now its in low mode and uh lets uh lets turn the drone lets lets. Try some low speed flight. You know whats funny was when that hawk flew over all the seagulls disappeared now theyre back so so lets try out the optical flow lets, get this guy down low and im going to go full stick forward now, and you know what its holding itself well lets. Do a little figure – eight! Oh yeah! I told you its holding itself well, as i was doing that figure. Eight it hit the ground. Yeah it shut down. The back props, okay, were going to take off again here, were going to keep filming, were going to take off again and were going to try this again. So what that tells you is dont, fly it too low to the ground thats. What im telling you? Okay lets uh unlock the motors and lets go ahead and take off and its giving us that seven satellite warning again but weve got 15 satellites, so were good. So lets try that a little bit higher off the ground were a meter off the ground. Lets go a little higher says two meters lets lets, try it at that height and lets see what it does. Okay, full stick forward and again were in normal mode, and let me do a little kind of a figure eight here and i guess i can see the drone lowering im im looking at the drone Music kind of bringing it back towards us behind the camera that Doesnt, do you guys much good, but youll see the video from the drone Music? So you can see it there lets bring it in a little closer here and lets see.

If we can do a lets, see if we can do a manual orbit so a little bit of a manual orbit there – and i see the drone lowering it keeps getting low well ill, stop there. I dont want it to hit the ground again, but you see, then it picks back up uh. Hopefully you saw that on the gopro uh, i guess what im going to tell you is the the the downward facing time of flight sensor and the optical flow sensor. They work but theyre not perfect on this guy. So just keep that in mind. Lets uh lets grab some out a little bit of altitude and uh lets move. The drone back were going to go clear back here, aways pulling away from us and then were going to do were going to do a return to home. Okay were about nine meters. Height lets hit return to home. Lets. Try it this time on the app hitting that button, we got the slider and it is returning. It should rise to its return to home height, but you know what it does. Well, maybe it doesnt appear to be well no, its not going to its return to home height. It just came back at where the height that we had it at so maybe i wasnt far enough away uh, you know lets try that again because im curious that is important, that we know whether that works correctly or not, and i think we set it trying To remember where we set it at im, going to go im going to fly the drone out further out into the corner of the park here, got it a ways from us here and were going to stop it right there and lets look in the uh in The settings yeah – you cant, touch it while its while its in flight.

The drone is 53 meters away. So that should be plenty lets, go a little further lets. Take it out a little further and i think we had returned to homestead at like 25 meters, something like that. Okay, so lets stop right. There were 88 meters away were going to hit return to home on the controller, and it says returning and its just returning at its and its height. So what im going to tell you is uh. This drone is not going to ascend. So if you hit return to home, whatever height you have it set out, is what its going to come home and in fact we are getting pretty severe toilet bowling. Here now i mean bad okay, im gon na shut off return to home and see if it settles the drone down Music and it did uh so just be careful with return to home. Well, its still moving around a little bit lets bring the drone down its almost directly. Above me, its moving around here guys, Music were gon na. Do a crash landing here folks, Music im trying to pull it back so im pulling im pulling back on the stick. Im im trying to do a controlled crash here, guys well its kind of settling down now look at you can see it moving around im going to bring it forward, look its settling down, but let me tell you what it was out of control there when i, When it was in that return to home mode it, it was doing that big circular motion and look its stabilized now so were good uh.

So we were able to bring it back under control. That was interesting. Im telling you that drone, it was completely out of control there and – and i thought, okay, if i take it out and return to home, will it calm down and it kind of did, but it was still moving in circles and you still see it moving around A little bit but anyway lets uh lets lets see if we can bring it forward here, a little bit im im im a little reticent to get it too close thats got to be pretty close to that uh to the uh to the landing pad and see. Im trying to get it over, but it keeps moving back. Look at that. Okay, pull back a little bit im just going to pull down on the stick we may or may not hit the pad were right in front of the pad dokie. Hopefully, you saw that on the camera yeah you did uh okay, im going to stop recording youre, always going to want to remember to stop recording on these uh bargain price drones. Otherwise you could corrupt a file and you could lose that file. So let me get everything shut down and well do a conclusion: hey, okay! I was out there in the field getting ready to do the conclusion. Well, i was part way through the conclusion and the gopro shut down because of heat. So we walked back here by the picnic canopy and well start over again, so the little bugs 19 you know its a intended to be a mavic mini clone, styling, very similar, etc.

Obviously, uh doesnt have a gimbal on the camera, so youre not going to get the stabilized footage, as you already saw, however, uh. What i was hoping for was a drone that flew perfectly and that had decent enough video without jello, etc. It looked okay on the fpv screen to me. I cant tell for certain until i look at the video off of the sd card here and well see if its jello free, but its definitely wiggling around. As the drone moves but items of concern, you saw how i struggled to get a compass calibration on the drone on the fourth time we finally got a decent calibration and – and i moved out there in the field just to make sure uh that we, you know Were away from things, so it wouldnt run into something. We literally did some crash landings with it to get it back on the ground, which is the problem. With that i mean it immediately started some big out of control circles. So the only thing you can do is pull down on the stick or you could shut off the motors. I suppose both sticks in and down and it would just kill the motors and it would stop. However, we did get it on the ground and the fourth time we got a decent calibration and it seemed pretty stable, flew it around. I was impressed with the speed. I was impressed with the control signal. Obviously, a drone of this caliber, you dont, expect it to go a kilometer and a half im going to say this guy was pretty good out to a couple hundred meters.

You had pretty good signal and so its not intended to fly any further than that. So i was happy with that. Uh, the other item of concern came when we put it into return to home at the last time and again it went into just a huge circular motion and was out of control. I was not in control of the drone, so i took it out of return to home mode, its kind of stabilized a little bit. I had some stick control again. I might. What i was trying to do then was move it in front of the camera. So hey, if it was going to crash at least you guys, could see it right, so we got it in front of the camera and it finally it gradually. I kept messing with the controls, moving it back and forth and it finally settled down – and i got control of the drone again uh, so thats a concern youre just not going to have confidence in the product if you have those kind of situations. So what im going to say is probably do not use return to home on the drone. If you can avoid it. The other thing we noticed is it didnt go up to the return to home height that we preset it just came back and its at its normal height, and i think the last one we did. I dont know we were out there over 60 meters or so so it certainly should have risen up to return to home height and it didnt do it so so im not sure what to say about that.

But return to home is a pretty iffy situation. With this guy, so i would stay away from it for for that reason, i would also warn you to be extra careful in any of the intelligent flight modes, the orbit mode and the follow me mode. I have seen those on some other bargain drones kind of send the drone into a tizzy. So im just telling you be aware of that, be careful uh, but other than that you know the drone flew pretty good. I didnt see a lot of lag uh. I felt that you know i felt like i had good control of it other than the times that i just spoke about earlier uh, so yeah like i said, i got mixed emotions uh. You know at 150 bucks for this guy man, you know double it. Spend 299 and get a dji mini sc, and then you have just a rock solid platform uh. You know there are other drones closer to this price category that that might be a little bit better. I i just honestly, i expect better from mgx ive had pretty good luck with some njx products in the past uh, so yeah im, just not exactly sure what to say there uh but uh. In any case, it is what it is and – and you guys saw it along with me – so uh well leave it at that. I i will leave a uh banggood sent me this drone for a review, so i will leave a purchase, link, uh down below uh and, and you know, im gon na im, not gon na im.

Certainly not gon na. Not tell you not to buy this drone, but i i struggle to give it a recommendation as well. So i guess what im telling you is its im kind of middle of the road you guys saw my experience with it so make your purchase decision based on what you saw there uh. You know if you feel like you, can deal with those kind of things. I had fun flying it. I got to tell you that so yeah anyway thats about it enough jibber jabbering, as my friend ron brown, says, uh so uh. This is marcus crawford with the idaho quadcopter channel out and if you like this kind of content, please consider subscribing to my channel. Most of all, i appreciate you taking the time to look at this video and yeah, of course, well well see on the next one. The mjx bugs 19, its kind of a dji mini clone, has a lot of features on it.