here’s the case. They always send it to you in a nice looking case here, and i don’t know if you can actually see by the size here. But this is a big drone that’s my hand over the drone uh. You know you think of it as uh. A bugs drone is a smaller drone and it’s, not it’s a pretty big one and there he goes with the with the tractor behind us we’re filming in a public park. So that’s cool, hey i’m gon na show you how that uh, how that tractor works now they’re doing some uh aerating out at the park today. So it looks like we’re gon na be able to give you uh uh kind of a look at it that’s. One of the things when you’re making these videos out at a public park uh. This is the kind of thing you expect so it’s kind of cool, see if we can move the camera around here, so you can see how that aerator works and you guys thought this was just a drone channel, pretty slick setup. Okay back to the mjx bug. 16, so uh. This was sent to me uh by mjxrc, and i appreciate it so here’s the drone uh fully unfolded and, like i said, it’s a big guy and these front arms fold down uh, but it what’s interesting. Is it folds similar to a pair of nfe, and let me show you that so these front arms uh, simply they all just fold out right, so the rear arms, then the front arms but uh i’m gon na say that this drone is twice as big as A pair of adafi and twice as heavy too, this is not a a lightweight drone and, as you can see, i haven’t even taken all the stickers and everything off of it.

Yet so we’re going to do that. Obviously, pre flight but let’s take a look at the at the gimbal, so you can see it pull the sticker off the bottom here. So the gimbal cover just basically slides on, but it hooks at the front, the back and the sides. So you kind of have to squeeze in and squeeze a few different directions to get it off so but it’s good that protects the gimbal. So, as you can see, i haven’t even taken the uh. The uh cover off the lens yet but we’ll do that. The little piece of plastic that’s on there, but it is a three axis gimbal it it will work in the roll axis, the pitch axis and the yaw axis so uh i’m, anxious to see how that works. Uh it. It does use an sd card there’s the sd card slot right there, uh and they’re, saying fat32 is what it says in the instructions, so that kind of leads me to believe that you’re going to want to use a 32 gigabyte card now because it’s 4k. I would use a u3 rated card at the very least class 10, but i would suggest a u3 rated card and if you use like a 64 gigabyte or something you’re going to want to partition it and then format to fat32 but uh. But you know, while we’re on that subject, let me just read you some of the uh specifications for this guy.

I made some notes so that i could uh get it right here. So this is the bug 16 pro and they’re saying it weighs 612 grams. So again, that’s not a lightweight drone, that’s that’s, pretty good size uh. It does of course say that it’s got gps. It doesn’t say here whether it’s glown ass or just gps, and maybe baidu – i i don’t know, but it is for sure, a gps drone, uh they’re, saying a transmission distance of 600 meters, it’s. Not going to be that. I can just tell you that right off the bat, if we get a couple hundred meters in this class of drone, i think that’s, good and i’ll show you in a little bit the controller just uses two double a batteries. That’S going to kind of tell you that it’s not going to be a drone with with a huge range on it, but it does uh require 5g wi fi. So you need to make sure your phone has that it will transmit back to your phone fpv and 720p, so that should give you a pretty good, clear, fpv picture back to your phone uh, but it is a 4k uh. Eis. Eis stands for electronic image. Stabilization photo size is 4k 3840 by 2160 and video resolution is the same 3840×2860 4k video. It says it has a a 50 megabit transmission rate, which that’s pretty good for a drone in this class, again 32 fat32 uh file system, so that you’re going to want to format that video card to fat32 frame rate uh in 4k is 30 frames per.

Second. If you’re shooting in 1080p, it will go up to 60 frames per second, a lot of people don’t need any more than 1080p, and so then you could shoot in 60 frames per second uses. The h.264 codec it’s saying here, they’re asking for a class 10 or above card and they’re saying it will support up to 128 gigabyte card. Now to me that means either you’re going to have to partition that card to format to fat32, or maybe it will accept x, fat format, but you just are going to have to try that to see. I think uh battery is a 3200 milliamp battery lipo battery. You know i’m looking i printed the specifications out of the manual and i’m looking and i am not seeing anywhere that it says how long flight time is but i’m kind of thinking i read on the box. I think it said 25 minutes. Don’T quote me on that. But honestly, if you get uh 15 to 18 minutes out of a battery that’s going to be pretty good and i think we’d be satisfied with that, they will say maximum speed of 40 kilometers an hour. So what that’s, roughly 30 miles an hour or so so that’s pretty good that’s, pretty quick. So the main thing is: what are we looking for in this drone we’re looking for a drone that will give us good stabilized video footage. That, in fact, is why you buy a camera drone uh, the big, the other big selling point for this drone is that it is a bargain drone right it.

It i’ve sought it advertised on banggood for 249.99, something like that let’s just say: 250 bucks. Hopefully they come out with some discount codes. If they could get this thing closer to 200 bucks, it really would be a steal if you’re somebody that’s just trying to decide if you want to start out and and fly a gps stabilized camera drone i’m saying that this one might be a pretty good place To start now, we’re not going to know that until we get it up in the air here and check out that video for ourselves. So some of the other features of the bug 16 pro is that it does have downward facing sensors to give you that optical flow right. There i’m, assuming one of those, is a camera and the others are time of flight sensors and then also there is an led light here, for i guess that would be for lighting up the ground. If you were filming inside and in low light situations that then helps the uh. The optical flow sensor see what it’s doing okay let’s take a quick look at the rc uh for the bugs 16. Pro it’s got a couple of handles on the bottom here, which is kind of handy and then, unfortunately, it just uses double a batteries. So two double a batteries are: what power, the transmitter that tells you that you’re gon na have you know limited range that’s, not a lot of power for the transmitter there’s, some better news, though, with regard to the antennas, let me turn that around and hopefully you Can see there is actually a wire going up into this one, so it is a working antenna and that will help with uh range yeah.

You pull this all the way out and then move it up and and your phone fits in there so i’m going to suggest when you have a larger phone. Like me, you’re going to point the antenna down and it fits in there but i’m going to tell you take your case off because i don’t know if you can see on the side here, that’s kind of tenuous the way it holds it in there, a smaller Phone would probably work better. This is uh an iphone max, so it’s a little bit bigger phone. Okay, i took my phone off, so i could show you the controls on the back here. So this is your gimbal tilt uh. It would be, on the right hand, side, uh, and then this is the speed control plus. It also will turn on the the light on the bottom of the drone and i’m, not sure if that’s, a sh which one’s a short press and which one’s a long press but we’ll figure that out and this drone right here is your take off and landing Button there’s a wheel here but it’s locked it doesn’t, do anything then, on the side of the drone, you can put it in atti mode. If you want down for no gps, i would suggest always leaving it on in gps that’s. The way i fly and then on the front of the drone, a short press right here on the left side to take a picture.

This is return to home on the other side, uh hold that button down and put the drone into return to home. This is the on off switch for the rc, and this button is to unlock the motors and then, of course, you got. The gimbal sticks. Let’S turn it on here. Real quick, i don’t know if you’ll be able to see the screen, but it’s got pretty good. Telemetry on the screen there so we’ll get it fired up, uh here and we’ll. Let you take a look at that here’s, a look at the drone all folded out in all of its glory, and you know what i say: we quit messing around let’s get this bird in the air. Okay, let’s get this guy fired up. The first thing you do is turn on the rc and you want to put the rc in pairing mode, so you hold down the lock button and turn it on, and that puts the drone in pairing mode and you can see the the i don’t know you Can’T see it on the telemetry there or not, but those on the sides, there’s movement up and down on those bars and now let’s turn on the drone. And so the drone gave us a or excuse me. The rc gave us a beep there and then you can see those little on the telemetry. I don’t know if you guys can see it, but on on the side there they stopped moving.

The bars stopped moving and i can see uh the picture of the drone. This battery is full the picture of the rc. Its battery is full, so we know we’re connected. So the next thing that we have to do is do some calibrations, so the drone is already in compass calibration mode, so we’re going to do three turns counterclockwise horizontally and three turns vertically and then vertical and we have solid lights on the drone. And so we know we’re calibrated now the next thing i started a screen recording here. The next thing i need to do is make sure we’re connected to the drone and wi fi, so i’m going into wi fi here. Maybe so the next thing you’re going to want to do is make sure the drone is connected to your phone via wi fi, so we’re going to go into settings and go into wi fi, and i am looking for drone 4g i’m going to say that’s it. So i’m clicking on drone 4g. Hopefully there’s, not somebody else out here with a wi, fi, drone and it’s connected. So we should be good. The app for this drone is the mrc pro app, so let’s turn that on now, and that takes us to the start. To the beginning, screen and we’re in english, we’re going to click start and uh, we are it’s gotten beginners instructions. There we’ve seen those already so yeah let’s. Look at that we’re all hooked up, we’ve got uh fpv view.

So let’s take a look in settings here, but in camera settings and see yeah, so we’re set up in 4k 30 frames per second already and electronics. Image stabilization is on uh i’ve got everything uh in auto here i’m, going to leave it all in auto and uh and and we’ll call that good uh and then this next one is cash. So and then you can format your your card. I’M gon na leave that alone. My card is already formatted. Let’S, take a look and click on that gear, icon. On the top there and uh flight altitude. We need to yeah we’re going to have to adjust that up to uh. We want to be able to get our full i’m going to set it at a little under that 116 meters. That way, you know you’re, underneath the the maximum flight distance we’re going to move that all the way up to max and according to this uh that’s 200 meters, so it’s not going to let you go more than 200 meters orbit. We can set that we’re going to try that orbit. So let’s set that guy. Maybe we moved that up to 30 that’s plenty that’s. We don’t want to go that much let’s put it at 20 and uh return to home altitude set at 15 i’m gon na set it way higher than that. In fact, we’ll let’s move it up to like 40 meters and oh, i can see you can even do a calibration here on this page.

If you want so that’s good to know, if you missed the calibration before you fired up the app you can do it here too uh. This i’m sure is some kind of gimbal adjustment, but that’s all in chinese, so i’m, not gon na touch it uh and uh yeah. This is flight log from some other flights that i’ve done with uh some other uh drones, so yeah. I think we’re good to go there. Uh let’s see update i’m gon na click on that let’s see what happens yeah. So what that was was saving the settings that we just made and that’s kind of what i thought that meant, and i see we’re in high speed mode let’s see if we can uh change that on the controller here and that might have just turned on the Light, let me hold that down yeah it’s still showing in high speed mode. So oh no now that’s that put it in low speed mode, okay, good! I want to start off in low speed, so i don’t see any reason why we can’t take off i’m going to start recording now. So i just clicked on the i clicked on the app to start recording. Let me get out of the way, so you can see it take off i’m going to tilt the the gopro down a little bit, so you get a better look at it and uh. Now, normally you arm the motors here but i’m going to try just the take off button on the app and see what happens yeah.

No, so you do. You got ta arm the motors first, so we’re gon na click take off uh right here on the uh on the controller. This button unlock. Excuse me and that’ll start up the motors, and we got nothing one more time and i don’t know why. That’S, not unlocking the motors there we go, it just took another shot, just a short press did it so then we’re going to hit take off on the app and we swipe and then that’s, not looking too bad it’s holding about a meter off the ground. Maybe a little bit more it’s moving around a little bit, we got some wind today i forgot to pull up uav forecast, it’s sinking a little bit there. I think you guys can see that on camera i’m going to manually it’s about i don’t – know pretty low to the ground here, a couple feet off the ground i’m going to bring it up manually and we’re going to yawn around and again we’re in in what They call tripod mode and uh let’s, bring it over here and boy. I’Ll tell you what the the controls in this low mode are pretty slow but that’s, okay, and that little green thing you see on the front of the gimbal is just an inspection sticker. I didn’t take that off, but it looks pretty good on fpv i mean the drone is moving around a little bit. I will say that i think we probably should put it in high speed mode, because i’m telling you this low speed is, is pretty uh pretty low, so i’m holding the button down yeah and then that put it in high speed mode.

You can see that on the app so uh, so let’s bring it in just a little bit, yeah it’s much more responsive in high speed. So i think, unless you want to go really slow high speed is what you’re going to want to be in let’s uh let’s see if we can rock it back and forth there, and you can see that gimbal in action and then let’s move it back. A little bit you can see the gimbal dip move it forward. You can see the gimbal pick up a little, so i mean it seems to be pretty stable in flight. Let me see if i can drop the gimbal down there. We go that was pretty smooth. So let’s do our let’s do our usual dronie here and and we’ll go back a little ways and we’ll test return to home, make sure it knows where its home is so reverse and up now, and that was a pretty quick up there and boy i’ll tell You what i did a lot of cross coupling on that uh on that one kind of getting used to the controls fairly sensitive on that on that yaw control. So you know it’s just something you’ll have to get used to, but uh. Let me let me pick up the camera here. Real, quick and yeah cx no signal in it. It said it was going to go into return there and we’re out 64 meters and it already had a signal problem, so that’s uh that’s, probably not a great sign – and i am seeing you know, looks to me.

Let me drop the camera just a little. Well. It’S pretty sensitive there i was trying to get to that rule of thirds. We’Ll go up a little higher okay, so i mean, if i’m looking at the horizon, it might be just a little bit tilted there it’s, not horrible, though i’ve seen i’ve seen much worse. So i’m, going to head the drone out boy that yaw is quick, yeah pretty sensitive uh. I don’t know how far i dare take this guy because, like i said it, 62 meters, we already had man, this yaw’s, yeah and we’re, already getting uh control, or we already got a a loss of signal. So let’s let’s move out a little bit and uh boy it. This thing goes pretty fast yeah i mean we were up to uh uh over 11 meters per second there. So that’s about i don’t, know 24 miles an hour or so so that’s pretty quick. So let’s turn it around again. I’M. I really don’t want to get too far away from us. Hey. Let me show you take a look at that: gosh darn it guys this yaw is i’m struggling with control and yeah moving the drone around. We kind of lost signal there, but i was just going to show you they’re doing some work on the uh on the basketball courts there. I don’t know what they’re doing, but they’re definitely doing some work, so let’s go ahead and hit return to home ourselves and, like i said, we’re about we’re out about a little over 100 meters and we’re intermittently.

Losing signal with the drone. So let’s hit return to home and yeah so it’s going up to its return to home height i’m. Trying to remember what i set that out, was it 30 or 40 meters i don’t. Remember, must been 40 meters let’s see it’s rising i’m watching the drone rise. Yeah we set it at about 40 meters and it’s. It does not change its orientation and it’s just moving sideways back to us, that’s, okay, it’s, coming back and that’s the main thing and let’s just see where that drone is coming down at here. You know when you’re watching it come down. It’S, always a little scary, because you wonder how far off it is let’s uh see. If we can drop that gimbal yeah we can. I think i can control that gimbal on the well sort of i was trying to control the gimbal on the on the screen there, but there you can see us there and this gimbal will only look down 70 degrees. It won’t look 90 degrees down. Let’S pick it back up as we come down and i’m just going to go ahead and let it land – and you guys, are going to see it on screen here i mean it’s a few feet off of the uh of the of the landing pad. There. I mean i’m gon na, say that’s three or four feet off so that’s uh well within what you would expect. Okay, let’s go ahead and take off again and uh just to take this guy out and just let’s just fly it around a little so again, we’re going to unlock the the props by pressing this unlock this lock button on the controller and they fired right up And then we’re going to hit take off on the app slide it and there there.

It goes. Let’S, just uh let’s just head straight out, and i just headed straight forward to see just how stable this guy would be with the ground and it’s it’s holding its height. Just fine let’s uh let’s move it around. Let’S just fly it around here, a little bit and i’m i’m at full throttle with the drone, and let me tell you this guy’s, a this guy’s a flyer and it it tilts right forward. So uh so i’ll quit i’ll quit making you dizzy here and and let’s go let’s grab some altitude. I just wanted to see how well it would stay above the uh above the ground and i’m really anxious to look at the uh at the video off the sd card on this guy. It looks pretty good on the on the screen here. I notice i’m not getting a a map down below so i don’t know if i needed to cache a map. First, i mean i’m connected via cell so i’m, not sure let’s. Click on that map, real, quick, just to see and yeah, i don’t know – maybe no. We got a map here, so that’s, good, okay, uh, so let’s go back to uh. It was just zoomed in pretty quick, so let’s go back, let’s see how far if we can get out here to the corner of the park and remember we were out about uh a hundred. I think a 160 meter 100, maybe a little over 100 meters and we were losing signal.

Let’S, uh let’s grab some altitude here, because altitude helps you get signal. We can go up about 40 meters, no problem and yeah out here on the corner, and this is a look that you guys have seen before we’re down to about three quarters battery on the uh on the drone. So i am gon na stop. Recording now and we’re gon na see if we can take a picture so i’m doing that on the app i’m gon na stop recording and it wants to access so we’re going to say yes and we lost signal. Yeah we’re losing signal a little bit so i’m. Going to take a picture here, real, quick and it says, photo taken successfully. Let me i’m going to yaw the other way just to tad and it’s still taking controls. Oh man, i’m telling you this yaw is so sensitive, it’s, really hard and there’s just a little bit of lag in the controls here. That makes it tough but uh, but let’s go ahead and take another picture here. Real quick and the drone is it’s kind of moving around it’s kind of yawning around on its own and it’s. Saying no signal well yeah, so is it returning yeah? The drone is coming back that’s. What was going on there? It lost signal enough that the drone’s coming back so i started recording again and like i said it holds that vector so let’s see if we can cancel that yeah, so it that took it out of it.

So as soon as i i hit uh return to home on the controller and that canceled it so that’s good to know, and there i’m definitely seeing a little bit of a qriket horizon uh. You know that’s it’s, it’s, not horrible, but but that’s not great, and this this price range of a drone i mean i don’t know if you can expect much more than that and uh yeah not connected it says and it’s not that far away from us i’m Hoping to see that green come back at the top and it’s not i’m holding the controller up. You know: it’s, weird it’s, taking i’m watching the drone and it’s taking controls it’s just that i don’t have fpv that’s interesting, so that makes it tough uh to can’t. See so i’m i’m disappointed in that i’ll be honest with you uh if, if you’re this close to the drone and you’re losing fpv that’s a problem, okay, let’s bring it down and i’m gon na, bring it back to us and see if we can regain fpv And i’m, just going in reverse with the drone. So this is definitely a drone that you absolutely are not going to want to lose sight of, and i am i am full down on the stick. Yeah now it’s coming down yeah i mean we’re we’re really close and we uh we’ve lost all uh fpv connection there. We got it back. Look at that. Okay, so i mean we were less than i’m going to say 20 meters away from the drone to get that back so that’s disappointing.

So i guess that’s. What i’m going to tell you is that is going to be the weak point of this drone is, that is, is you’re just not going to get a lot of range. Now i am in an urban environment here, where i’m moving back out, where i was because i wanted to get up here and take some pictures uh. You guys have seen me take pictures out here before and you know, we’ve got a good connection now. It’S kind of weird that we lost that fpv and we’re out even further now we’re at about 150 meters. So i i’m going to stop recording again and i’m going to take a picture, and i see the drone drifts a little bit even when you’re trying to hover let’s take one more picture: okay and we’re going to start recording again and let me turn it around. How much batter have we got here? We’Re still, according to the controller and the app about three quarters battery so i’m, yawning around i’m kind of getting used to the yaw a little bit, let’s let’s drop that gimbal just a tad. Maybe i was going: oh boy, yeah there’s a tad isn’t, it yeah. So there again uh. You know we lost fpv. So as you turn the drone, it changes the orientation of the antennas and i lost fpv. So that’s not good. So the drone is just uh hovering there. Let me see, i can see the drone, so i think i can fly it back towards us.

Yeah, okay, i’ve got it coming back to us here and we’ll see if we can get fpv back that’s a problem. I i’ve always uh. Like i said i, i spend a lot of time, uh bragging about mjx, but this is not you know and again we’re in an urban environment here, but you should be able to do better than that. Yeah. Okay, so we got it back and uh, so we can go back out. Let’S uh pick that gimbal up just a tad whoop that’s the wrong way. I always get confused on the gimbal wheel on this guy trying to get to that rule of thirds and again we’re, seeing a little bit of a crooked horizon there, but let’s uh let’s move it sideways, and i wanted to get you a look at that uh At the uh, what they’re doing over there wow holy cow, yeah it’s, just that yaw control and you got just enough uh lag in fpv that it it’s this tough. But i wanted to kind of get you a look at what these guys are doing over here and you know we’re getting pretty good flight time. I mean you know. If you look at the uh at least the battery meter and again, the drone drifts a little bit even we’re in full hover i’m, completely off the sticks and you’re, seeing the drone drift just a little okay, i’m trying to yaw to the left – and you know I don’t know if it’s lag and fpv or whatnot here it comes and there we go so i’m standing under that tree over there, and you see the guy with the aerating machine.

Let’S bring this thing back to us. In fact, we’re going to stay out of that guy’s way, we are going to make sure he is all the way by us. So won’t hurt us to fly it around here, a little i’m going to grab some more altitude and yar around and let’s let’s see. If we can look down again and see where our tractor is at here there, he is so i’m gon na see. If i can kind of uh move around i’m trying boy yeah yeah, i was trying – and you know i lost uh – i lost fpv, so that is a classic situation. What i was trying to do was i was trying to do an arch around that tractor and get you a look at him, but we had so much lag in fpv that the drone moved around before i could even see it, so it just makes it impossible To get a shot when that happens so that’s something you’re gon na have to bear in mind this time and and again, i’m i’m really disappointed. I’Ll, be honest with you. I uh i’ve spent a lot of time uh talking about how much i like mgx drones, and there again, we just lost signal in the drone – is 44 meters away from us and it came back so yeah let’s, uh let’s turn it around here yeah. Let me uh see if i can yeah you know, trying to there again that lag again: i’m trying to control the gimbal and there’s enough lag that you just you don’t even know you just don’t know where the gimbal is at yeah.

I don’t know guys. I wish i could i wish i could tell you here: i’m i’m holding there we go and then all of a sudden it’ll take it yeah and then see it just jumped ahead there, so it’s just a guessing game yeah. I don’t know i’m. Sorry about that. I i had hoped for better. I mean the drone i i i it’s it’s it’s, definitely pretty powerful. I mean how fast are we going here? Almost 11 meters per second a little over that’s, pretty quick, so let’s stop right there and let’s see if we can turn around again we’re out uh, almost 150 146 meters let’s see if we can turn around and as the antenna changes yeah we lose signal. Oh no, we got it back, okay, so that’s good. Let me see if i can drop the camera and we did okay and again it was kind of a guessing game, but we did it and then again uh yeah, so it just dropped some more. Even after i let go and we lost some signal again yeah. You know that gimbal is moved about three different times since i uh since i uh at last adjusted the wheel. So that tells you man, i mean it. I it’s just i just got to be honest with you: it’s just impossible to uh it’s impossible to fly like this. You can’t this uh looking straight at the camera now. This is extremely disappointing to me that that we don’t have better fpv control with this drone, because you know you see me trying to fly it and i’m not very far away and if you can’t get a good, reliable picture of what you’re looking at it’s just Impossible so there i just tried to move the gimbal up and you can see me i’ll hold the they get the button and supposedly yeah there we go.

That was going the wrong way, but you saw how long it took how much lag there was so let’s see. If we can pick it up – and you saw me touch it – you saw the thing finally move, one more time scroll and then we finally see some movement yeah. I mean that just makes it. It just makes it almost impossible to uh to fly the drone you’re. Just not going to get a shot, and if you know that i mean you can see my fpv jerking around there, so uh, you know uh we still and and i’m, not sure. If i trust the battery meter here, uh we’ve been flying for uh, uh and recording, although uh yeah, now it’s kind of catching up. I was looking at even the recording time on the screen seemed like it kind of stuck there, and it still says we got three quarters of a battery, and now it went down to half and okay. When this drone gets to half battery, it restricts you to uh 100 meters, distance and 30 meters high, which we’re already closer than that so anyway, let’s let’s bring it down here a little bit and it even says so on the screen there. Let me see if i can drop the camera and again it’s, just so hard i’m gon na back it off here, just a little and there you can see me standing down there yeah and see i was trying.

I was trying to do an arch around okay. I’M gon na see, if i put it in to tripod mode if that helps so holding down, and i think we got a beep there. So i think that put us in tripod mode i’m going to go full, reverse and see yeah, and it did that really slowed down our speed so i’m, looking i’m looking up at the drone and i’m going to see, if i can do a circle manual circle With it – and i and i kind of can but but the fpv is still so jerky that there’s no way that if you were looking at a point of interest, that that would work – and you know i’m, using an iphone 11 pro max. So you know this drop. This uh phone is plenty powerful enough that we shouldn’t have a problem: uh, okay, uh, let’s, uh let’s, just test that uh. It says it shouldn’t go out more than 100 meters, so i’m going to back it up here and boy. Is it slow, it’s, moving, so slow, yeah and and that gimble wheel always confuses me when i think i’m going up i’m going down one thing about it when you’re in slow mode, you got time to make those adjustments, so we are out 70 meters and it Should stop at 100 meters and i have eyes on the drone so i’m not worried about losing signal. I can see right where it’s at and yeah it stopped and look at that it turned around and well it didn’t turn around.

I saw it do something, but it definitely stopped there. So i am full stick forward. Well, it won’t it won’t go any further than that, so let’s go backwards. Yeah and it’ll come back to us. So 88 meters, it says: it’ll go 100 meters and we’re up 31 meters high right now, uh and it’s coming back let’s let’s see if we can go up i’m throttling up yeah and it won’t go any higher than that. So that definitely slows you down. Okay, we’re gon na it’s, just too slow in that mode, so i’m gon na go back into high speed mode and yawn around here and yeah. I can tell it’s in high speed mode again and let’s, bring it down and bring it on in here and we’ll. Just try uh one more time. Another return to home here in a second let’s. Just let’s just fly it in here real quick. So you guys can see how quick it is, and it is quick boy i’ll tell you it doesn’t put the brakes on very fast, though so, if you’re getting near an object, uh um, just fair warning and now it’s dropping so i don’t know if yeah, no, Maybe that was just it: uh naturally dropping there so i’m gon na bring it down it’s easier for me to bring the drone down than it is to uh than it is to try and drop the gimbal uh. That does not appear to be connected to the internet, use cellular data yeah, of course uh.

Okay, so uh let’s go full reverse here, so full reverse and i’m watching the drone to make sure yeah and that you know the optical flow is working. It’S staying it’s. Staying above the ground and i’m kicking it up there and we’re out over 100 meters and it should be bringing it back so let’s go ahead and let’s click return to home. So i clicked return to home and is it ascending, yeah, it’s, ascending yeah and now now it’s telling us seriously low battery so it’s coming back and let’s see how close it gets so it’s kind of weird. So what i’m going to tell, as you tell you, when you’re, judging that battery uh judge it on the terms the the the the first half of it lasts a lot longer than the bottom half that’s. What i’m going to tell you and i’m going to say when it goes into that low battery, where it restricts your distance, pay attention to that because i’m going to see if i can lower the gimbal look at that i’m, actually getting the gimbal lower and i’m Holding the the remote straight up so it’s, looking straight up at the drone and it’s pointed directly away from us and it’s coming down in the grass here i moved the drone a little bit forward manually there, okay let’s see if we can stop that beeping and We can’t that must be low battery beeping there’s, probably only one way to stop that beeping and that is to uh, maybe turn off.

The drone let’s try that okay, the drone is off hey that stopped the beeping. Okay, so i’ll tell you what i’ve got another battery uh. Let me fire this guy back up and we’ll try a little nervous but we’ll try some of the intelligent flight modes and and see what it’ll do and it looks like we’re, good we’re in sport, mode and it’s all connected up. That’S awesome, we’ve got 18 satellites. Everything’S looking good so far, so let’s go ahead and let’s go ahead and fire this guy up and we’re going to do that. Well, i see they’re testing sprinklers here, hopefully that won’t get to where i’m at here. So i am going to uh hit the unlock button on the controller there. It goes yep, it’s, fired him up and then let’s just do a manual take up i’m going to push up on the left stick and there we go that’s the easy way to do that and there again there’s the drone let’s start recording. Hopefully i can remember to turn that off uh next time and uh let’s go up and back. Let me fly the drone out there aways i’m, trying to get a good straight, droney and again the camera. I didn’t point the camera far enough down let’s. Try that there i got a little better control of the uh of the camera. This time, okay, i am going to grab the gopro and take it with me and we’re going to walk out there.

Uh into the field accidentally hit the unlock button on the uh on the drone. That was a little scary. You sure wouldn’t want to uh. You sure wouldn’t want to kill those motors with the drone that high i was messing with the gopro and accidentally hit the unlock button on the controller so i’m bringing the drone down here and we will try and orbit, and i can’t remember exactly how this guy Does an orbit but we’re going to find out. You know when you fly as many of these uh some of these uh. You know i’m going to call them. You know they’re right on the cusp of toy grade to hobby grade drones. Some people would call them toy grade. You know i’m saying it’s a little bit more than that, but i’m going to get the drone right above me, and hopefully you guys can see that on the gopro and boy there’s, a bunch of bumblebees, i don’t know if you guys can see it it’s on The gopro it’s surrounded by bees they’re going nuts trying to attack it up there that’s kind of interesting, okay, so i’m, going to go into the app here and we’re going to hit orbit flight. So let’s click on orbit flight and uh let’s see what it does. Yeah and it just started its orbit, and i don’t know if you guys can see it, but there are bumble bees just following that thing: around they’re, following it around its orbit i’m, not i i’m hoping that is showing uh on the on the app here.

But uh but they’re just continuing to uh to follow it and it’s doing it. It’S doing a really nice orbit here doing a nice clean orbit and uh yeah, so so it’s gon na start its orbit from wherever you uh, wherever you have it at so let’s see if we can shut that off we’re going to go back into that menu Click on that again and yeah, it stopped okay, so let’s bring it down. Let’S bring the drone down a little and boy i’ll. Tell you what let’s see if we can get up closer to the drone here and you can see, i don’t know if they’re wasps or bees or what, but they do not like that drone makes me not want to get too close to the drone. Okay, so we’re gon na do follow me. I don’t know if i want to do follow me with all those uh bugs looking at it. Yeah let’s pick that camera up. I i always push the the wheel the same the wrong way. Okay, so let’s go back into that menu and this is going to be a gps uh. Follow me and uh i’m a little concerned, i’m gon na grab a little more altitude and uh. Then we’re gon na swipe and yeah let’s, walk and is the drone following me: yeah it is and those bees uh lost interest, so uh holding the camera up here. Hopefully it’s catching it. Let me i’m going to drop the gimbal down.

Sorry there we go that’s a little better and let’s walk around here, a little bit and hopefully uh i’ll catch this so it’s doing you know the gps follow me is working great good job on mjx yeah and it even tells us follow me in the top. There, so you know, when i’m doing this i’m kind of uh running the camera and and the controls at the same time, so let’s stop that and uh. We will uh i’m gon na put the uh the drone up in a holding mode up here point it back to home and i’m gon na walk back to my uh i’m gon na walk back to my home base and uh we’ll see if we can do A waypoint mission see if i can fly the drone forward here, and we can pointed towards our tree boy that yaw is sensitive towards the tree. That we’re set up under here i’m going to say that part of it was successful. It did a good orbit and it did a good follow me, hey i’m walking across here, and i just want to show you guys what that aerator is doing. So we saw that aerator. This is how he’s aerating the ground here. Yeah just thought, you’d be interested. Okay, i’ve got the gopro uh set back up here and i’m gon na try a waypoint mission i’m going to bring this guy back towards us here and we’ve got it up there high enough that it’s out of the way and uh to click on that bottom.

In the bottom, uh uh right hand, side, and i am squeezing look. We can see where the drone is i’m squeezing the park down here. So we can kind of get an overview of the park so i’m going to click on that little button and i’m gon na go point and we’re gon na make some waypoints here and the last one right in front of us and uh. We are going to click, then. If you look in the bottom of the right right there again we’re going to click submit there we go. I thought i had it there there. It took it: okay, sorry that yeah success, so it should fall. Yeah it’s. Turning around and it’s, flying to its first waypoint and we’re, going to leave it i’m watching the drone on screen here now this is working great. This is probably the way to fly this drone. Let me see if i can pick up the camera again. I always point it the wrong way. There we go okay, so we got the camera. We got basically the rule of thirds and i’m. Seeing in my little picture here, even the you know, it looks like it’s even a fairly decent horizon uh. So yeah i mean it’s it’s uh it’s, following this waypoint mission perfectly and we lost signal there for a second but but that’s, okay and the waypoints seem to be accurate, as per the map. I’M. Like i said i’m watching, the drone i’ve got the drone uh in my sights and it’s executing this waypoint mission perfectly that’s, probably how you’re gon na get your best uh your best video with this guy and it’s moving right along, i mean it’s, not messing around.

So yeah we’re going uh. I see it’s up to seven meters per second eight meters per second there going to that next waypoint yeah. Then it slows down to get to the next one and then it’s headed to number five here. This is the last one. Well, shoot that worked really good. That worked awesome. Okay, so let’s let’s. Try that again and let’s try the other uh version of it where you track, and i think that’s just going to be me, drawing a picture yeah let’s see if it’ll do that. Look at that: okay, that’s, quite a mission there let’s hit submit yeah there, we go swipe, succeeded and that is uh. There’S 14 points on that one and it’s kind of a a little bit of a spiral but that’s. Just drawing that picture with your finger – and i mean the drone – is uh it’s executing it perfectly, and i like the way it kind of sets the different points. Uh there on the map, huh that’s, pretty handy, that’s, pretty cool, and you know i i’m, seeing that that we’re, occasionally losing depending on which way the drone’s facing we’re losing signal with the with the controller or at least with the fpv, for sure. In fact, that’s. One thing i’ve noticed is that often, even when we lose contact with fpv, we still have control with the remote control, so the drone still responds to controls. Problem is when you don’t have fpv.

Often you don’t know which way the drone’s pointing and particularly, if it’s, off in the distance it’s. You know you can look at the lights on the drone to see which light you can see but and like right now, it’s it’s, showing that it’s uh. You know we’re not out there that far and 150 meters and uh no signal. So then we got signal back here and now. It’S going to take a hard turn, go to waypoint 11. and yeah. Once we complete this uh waypoint mission, we’ve kind of demonstrated uh both ways to do that: we’ll just hit a return to home and let’s just see how close this guy gets to home. I i’m getting a big kick out of this waypoint that’s kind of one of the best features of this guy that i can see. I mean it works perfectly and it’s going to go to its last waypoint right now. Boom and it’s just gon na stop right. There, okay let’s, go back into the full screen here and let’s go ahead and hit return to home. Let’S, try uh return to home. I i think, if i hit the bottom, when it would land in place, i think if i hit the top one on the app here, it should return to home. So let’s. Try that yeah confirm drone will return to its home point then land on the ground. So here it comes and we’ve got an aircraft fairly low, but he is way above us, i’m gon na, say he’s only five or six hundred feet high above us, but uh way higher than our drone is and what’s interesting about this drone.

I wonder yeah you can yaw it. You can yacht when it’s returning to home that’s me on and around so that’s that’s good to know again, let’s see how close it gets here to the uh to the home point. I just want to make sure it doesn’t hit a tree or something i’m going to yaw the drone around to where it’s pointed where i’m standing and it kind of stopped there for a second. But now it’s resumed its descent it’s going to be pretty close here. Guys, i just wanted to make sure it wasn’t going to hit the tree we’re next to you should be able to uh yeah. You should be able to see that on the gopro now and yeah it’s not far off. Is it there? We go right next to the right next to the pad, okay, this time i’m, going to remember to close out that video file. So i clicked and it’s giving me an error. Okay, so i don’t know what that’s about but let’s let’s, just very quickly before i shut off the drone we’re going to start video again and turn it off so starting and one two three turning it off. So i don’t know what that error was, but uh often if you have a file that doesn’t close out. If you start another video and shut it off, it’ll close out all the files. So i don’t know if that worked or not, but i’ll find out when i take a look at the sd card.

In any case, let’s get everything shut down here and we’ll. Do our conclusion get you another look boy i’m telling you uh i’ll. Let you guys get a look at the uh aerator here, but uh. Remember what i told you about the bees that were following this guy around uh. Look at all the uh pieces of bees all over this drone and man on the on the props, especially uh. That makes me sad. I don’t i don’t like herding bees, but in any case let’s shut it down and we’re just going to hold the button down and there we’re off: hey: okay, guys the mjx bug 16. uh, so uh i’ve got really mixed emotions after flying this guy uh. I think the video is gon na be pretty good. I didn’t see any jello on fpv and the 720p looked good on fpv and of course we were shooting in 4k, so it ought to look pretty darn good. I did see a little bit of a tilted horizon at this price point. You know that may or may not be acceptable again. 250 bucks i’ll tell you. What was unacceptable, though, is the uh. The video transmission back to my iphone 11 pro max was really choppy and uh. We would lose that transmission uh, not very far away, roughly 100 meters away or a little bit more, sometimes even less. You saw where we lost uh fpv. It would tell us not connected at the top, and then you know, then you just can’t control.

The drone you can’t see, which way the camera is pointing and etc. Uh control signals seem to be pretty good. I mean i felt like i always had the drone in control and of course i was pretty near kept it pretty near in the park here, so it was it’s a big drone. So it was easy enough to see, but i guess what i’m saying is, if it’s out there a ways you know you’re, relying on the the red lights on the front and the green light on the back to know whether it’s pointed away from you when it’s That far away, sometimes that can be hard to tell and you just kind of have to experiment around a little to see which way it’s coming so that’s a problem, because the reason you buy a camera drone is to get some good shots. And i was trying to to do some manual orbits like around the tractor and stuff here, and i just couldn’t do it. I. I could look up at the drone and i could kind of see it and do it, but you have to be able to look at that fpv and see what your camera is looking at and it just didn’t work, so uh mjx, that’s that’s a disappointment for Me uh other than that it performed well now what what it did really good was. We went out there and we did an orbit with it, and i can’t remember what i had that orbit distance set at whether it was 20 meters or 30 meters, but i think it was 20 meters.

It did a perfect orbit just fine and by the way, wherever you’re at when it starts. I couldn’t remember some drones. You have to center them over the top of you and then they’ll back off this one just starts in orbit where it’s at so you kind of have to judge how far away it is from you and start that orbit. If you want to be in the middle of the orbit and then we tried the gps follow me, and that worked just just great. It followed me just fine, so without any drama at all, that was fine, then the other thing that was really fun uh was the waypoint missions. We tried both kinds where you just set the points and then, where you just draw the points and and the drone uh executed them perfectly. I will say, while it was on those missions uh, it was going in and out of control and fpv on on my drone on my phone so again, there’s that control issue and that’s uh that’s a problem but i’m telling you for uh 250 dollars and if You can find it on sale closer to 200 uh it’s it’s worthwhile, because i think it takes pretty good video and understand. This is just my experience with my iphone. An android phone might work a little bit differently. You do have to have a 5g wi fi phone, which my iphone is so maybe i’ll i’ve got a google pixel 3.

Maybe one of these days i’ll take this guy out and i’ll. Try it with that phone and see if i have a different experience, but so i guess that’s about it for the mjx bug 16 pro. This is marcus crawford with the idaho quadcopter channel out and if you like this kind of content, please consider subscribing to my channel most of all, i really do appreciate you taking the time to look at this video and, of course, we will see on the next One and yeah the mjx bugs 16 pro and yeah. It does have a few bugs on it right now.