I will be showing you guys the package i received today and yes, it is something new something i’ve never had before a drone. Yes, i’m very excited about this i’ve been talking about this, since i don’t know when i first went to walmart and i’ll put a picture of the drone that i saw in walmart. This made me excited. I was like, oh, i should get a drone, but then i was thinking about getting a gopro camera and then i was like i don’t know, so i will be unboxing. My drone, for you guys on the other side, is my address and stuff, but i guess i can just block that out and show you guys, like the package like how i received it. Something blue here, okay, so i’m – very excited to open it up. For you guys, but first i want to show you guys all the drones that i was looking at at first and why i came up to the conclusion of getting this wrong. So if you guys just bear with me here, um the first drone that i saw that i wanted was the skark park mini drone. Now this is a portable rc, quad copter for kids and beginners. So it is good to get like a beginner drone, but then i’m, like i don’t, know, because i really like quality. I like camera quality. When i was looking for a drone, i wanted three things. I wanted efficiency.

I wanted it to follow me and i also wanted it to go up high in the air or something now. A lot of people was telling me to invest in the mac um, the mini mac, i think that’s. What it’s called i can’t remember: um, but that’s very expensive and i’m, just a beginner, so no so number two we had another one that i looked on aliexpress for now. This was called the e, a sheen e520 wi fi fpv with 4k 1080p. Now, when you want to record videos, you have to put it in either hd, which is high definition or 1080. um. So what i found was that if you order things from aliexpress, it might say it’s in 4k or 1080, but when you receive it, you get it and it’s in 720p. So i didn’t trust aliexpress for today, but i normally trust aliexpress, but not for technology. So then i was on youtube and i found someone that was um. That was like talking about the drones and stuff and i think they call him captain or someone. I forgot his youtube name, but it’s called bugs three pro, so i was like hmm. I could look into that, but then um, because he also reviews the video. So what he does is he reviews the drone and then he also tested it out on his video. So i looked at the test and i’m like um that’s, not a good camera quality.

So then, the final, the final one that i um thought of that i mean that i saw was the mjx b20 eis, with 4k 5g wifi, adjustable camera optical flow positioning 20 to 22 minutes flight time. Well. Well, well, boys looks like we got a mexican standoff. Guess again, we’ve got a sniper train on your position. Nice try but i’ve had an unmanned drone on that sniper’s ass. This whole time you mean the unmanned drone or hacker just took over a lot of the um drones that i saw were like 14 minutes. 10 minutes this could stay up in the air for 22 minutes that’s, a good investment for a drone, brushless rc quadcopter, drone rtf and two batteries in the bag. Now, when you get this um, you either can buy the box or you can buy a bag. I got the bag, i didn’t get the box because it was going to be more and you know we want inexpensive quality products for this. So in my channel i like to review quality efficiency, all that good stuff. So without further ado, let’s stop talking here and let’s get to the nitty gritty all right so first off i could just open it like that. I do got a pair of scissors right here just in case. I need them, but i don’t think i would need it for this. Oh, the bag looks nice, okay, so, okay, they gave me a bag here, so i could like place my drone inside this is really cool.

So this is the bag e wait let’s, see here. It’S, a little it’s something in china here, i’m just gon na – take that i don’t know what that says: yeah, but all right. So we got the drone. They gave me a little bag here that i could like hold. This is really nice wow. This is 4k. It says 14 millimeter, 130 degree fov, one third inch. F, 2.0, 2.8, millimeters, wow, f. 2.0. Is that good, but so first off it has like two cameras here, then it has like a camera in the middle and then it has this like wings. I guess to like fly up from the air and then uh. I guess these are like the things that spin around i don’t know guys. I’M, not sure what like this is. My first drone it’s my first actual draw. I never had like the baby one beginner. I just went on and got like a very like this looks whoa wow, so all right so i’m going to tell you guys what i got from the bag too. All right guys. What you see here is the brand mjx item. Name b20. I guess the b stands for bugs 20.. Now the size of this drone here is 380 by 380 by 125 millimeters. This right here would be the wings that you put on the drone. I received three wings, one two, three three wings to go on the drone and i also received the charging cable.

Now this charging cable is inside the bag. It’S really small. I will, in the future, buy a longer cable, but this is the cable and these are the wings again. I have three each three in this bag and three in this bag, and now this is the battery that came with in the bag. This is the transmitter battery 1.5 volts i’m, trying to focus that in and two double a batteries, but the double a batteries were not included. I would have to buy the double a batteries myself about the maximum flying time. It’S 22 minutes and the flying distance is about 600 meters.