That was dope. You can see it was sick, it’s gon na be super dope. Today, we’re with mission boat gear in beautiful brainerd minnesota, plenty of people are actually gon na, be having a fun summer day throughout the scene and everybody that’s placed out on the lake, our talent out there they’re going to be on mission, boat gear, reef, mats and We’Re going to try some moves out. There knock on wood. I really hope we don’t go in the water. That’D be a bummer but we’re going to keep our fingers crossed today cool. So we can go check out the route now i’m. Just excited to see what you got in mind: oh stick there. The way we mapped it out is so here we are in the dock. We’D have paddle boarders out there reef 82, which is that lounger right so it’s hanging out right here. Then you get over to the the hex mat, which is like the water one with the water in the middle and there’s flash around the wrestling after the 101 you’re cruising through the pontoon like once, we get a good shot and if we want to try like Something risky we can but we’ll dump the footage. First, save it dump it first howdy how’s it going pretty awesome here. Ping pong is like tennis and tennis is cool, so we’re doing a pretty cool mission, shoot today, uh something we’ve never done before. We really want to show off the reef mat line and everything that people can do during the summer time to have a good time.

We’Re really excited about the new stuff we have this year. This is our reef 82 it’s a great place for people to hang out and spend some time together on the water, so we’re gon na be flying a drone around checking it all out. It’S gon na be a ton of fun. We can’t wait, hey guys, thanks for coming by the way this is. This is gon na, be a really cool shoot. So what we’re doing is the one take concept? So there’s, no editing in this, like what you shoot start to finish, is what you get in. Some snares, i will be flying pretty close to you guys but there’s nothing to worry about. We got the the prop guards are covered on here, so uh it’s it’s definitely safe. So you don’t have to worry about that. So we’ll disperse you guys throughout we’ll kind of tell you guys your cues of when to go. I’Ll, be posted up right on the deck here so feel free to ask me and it’s gon na be super dope. Yeah keep sending it keep sending it jay i’ve. Seen his footage man it’s, like the man, the myth, the legend it’s, pretty awesome, i’ve been sharing that brent lake bowl, one with everybody, turns out. Most people have seen it everybody’s down here playing the game. Grill guy is going boom and then we come right under his arm as he lifts it, and then we come right back inside what i don’t know.

I don’t understand this game, but what do you do? You just say like full send and i don’t know what do you do for this again and then we hop up. Oh, that was sick. Oh, there is a little bit of oh what all right guys after we pass the little fisherman here, we’re coming by you guys and it’s going to orbit around you. You guys are just chilling lounging and enjoying the beautiful day. We got our crew here, you’re our paddleboard fam on our paddle boarders in between uh, the gals here, and the wrestling mat there like right in the middle and then ah look at the dab and then when you’re like okay, the drone is literally 10 yards away From me, give that cast one guy’s reeling, one guy’s casting see yep that’s it money, fam can’t, wait: we’re gon na go with this guy. This is the rotor riot cinewoop and you have the option to get these without the prop guards. But since we wan na fly close to talent, we’re gon na make sure that talent’s safe and you know we can keep getting these shots as epic as they are and make sure that the rotors are covered up. So we can actually get close to our talent. Yeah, you definitely want to keep your shoes tied uh right before you fly, because if, if you crash or you need to go and grab it – and you stand up really fast, you might face plan if you don’t keep your shoes tight.

So that is a very, very important safety measure lens is clean, exposure’s good. We are speeding all right guys, we are launching. We are starting the shot Music there. We go great move going over the cooler. Oh, we got some dominoes, some great games being played. Oh, they crushed it, dude everybody’s like honing their craft and stuff great job. Ladies ladies crush it there all right and send it um, whatever type of boat dude now that’s it that’s our move, that’s gon na work for us all right, that’s, a great that’s, a great take guys. So we watched the video back and there’s top to bottom. It looked great besides, we have an interior scene it’s a little dark in there there’s, so many things to be doing out on a nice day. So we really wanted to stage it more so that we’re having that good lighting it’s pretty much the same setup uh but we’re not going to the basement when we come out and go through the grill up here, we’re going to drop down and see our backyard Scene right away and then head out to the lake: oh margarita line was sick, grill guy, always killing it ping pong went great. We got our boys on the paddle board, killing the game. Let’S see our wrestling match how’s our wrestling match going. The wrestling match is so underrated all right. Oh, oh pontoon is money. Let’S go uh, let’s go boat, let’s, go uh, whatever boat speed, boat, wake boat, can’t, remember the name whoa yeah! That was amazing that was so sneaky.

What was crazy was that we got what i thought was like the best take of the day and the guys must be an absolute perfectionist because he wasn’t completely satisfied. So he reset up – and we did it again, but he’s such like a pro at sort of directing people in the right way and getting them in the right spots and then get the vibe of an actual fourth of july party or a you know. Memorial day and the whole family being together arriving at the lake house, this actually feels real all right Applause. Applause mission, boat gear comes very, very well prepared with their game plan on these types of shoots, but it sounds like we know our take like we. We can watch it now and we picked our one so now it’s all about the sound design and i always lose sunglasses uh. I got some sunglasses now and um i’m, not gon na lose these ones. I promise you guys.