If i can – and if i dont just go on amazon and search simrack stream x, 300 c now lets go see what this is: 2.4 gigahertz six axis, gyro graphics, hold hd camera 3d flip fpv real time and it is foldable use the colors get it in Blue yellow red black and white. Now i got blue as you can see, because now, even though i got blue its white on the front but inside it is like itll always be white and lets get this little tapes on the side. I just took them off and cut them, as you can see and lets open it im going to just set everything up. Every single controller youll get the helicopter with all its um. I dont know what these are called. Use meant to put them on the side and then they protect the propellers. Tell me what theyre called down below in the comments here. You have the um charger. Youve got some spare peoples white and black and youve got obviously the box. This goes on top and youve got. The drone now lets go, see um, it does not come in charge and the way you open it is. You have this bottom tab here and this top top squeeze them both down and pull. I cant use one handy ill. Just pull very long like this, they said it should have 27 minutes of flight time and uh lets go thousands. So i got the wire and this is uh if we get into the drone.

I think so this little hole aside, so i plug it in okay. So uh did you in the red which way the things is red, which means its charging. So i think its like screen its ready to go so ill. Get you back on okay, so the drone is still charging but um just here and put your phone on for the camera. You want to push this up. There you go. You can put your phone on there, its the other side of it up and down Music.