It says 14 and older. Well, this must be pretty serious if its for 14 and older sky fighter axis gyro fixed high hover mode 2.4 g, wi, fi, 360 degree rollover. So without further ado lets get started. Unboxing um its got auto hovering one key return max flight time. Seven minutes swit uh, speed, toggle switch headless mode. Flip stunts flashing, leds wow this this things this this drones not kidding around, is it so we got a manual in here, looks like we got our charging cable right in here. They also supply you with extra wings. As well heres a battery check it out my friends thats a pretty nice little drone, if i do say so, myself wow. So if you press and slide up, oh they got another battery already inside. Well, look at that! You get two batteries. Oh thats! A win! Win situation all right so lets see here, but i believe the on off switch might be lets, go ahead and see im, not sure if theres an on off switch for the actual drone. Here i dont see one so it probably turns on when you put the battery in lets, go ahead and place the battery inside now you just simply connect it, its very simple line. It up, connect it right in all right, so the battery is inside. Oh actually, i believe the on off switch might be on the top of the drone, so lets go ahead and place this battery back inside.

So far, very simple: anyone can do this, so here we got our little controller, pretty cool, pretty cute, so you got buttons up here. It reminds me of a like an xbox controller and yes, i do know what an xbox controller is uh, so lets go ahead and see they supply you with the screwdriver to open up the little bay here. They do not supply. No, they dont supply batteries. In here, im, assuming theyre, probably aaa batteries were gon na find out for you guys right now that way you can get it all set up. Okay looks like we need three triple a batteries.