This one somehow it kind of passed me up on the banget website, but I have requested it, but I had no idea it was a shrunk down version of a little tiny, three inch Cinna boot, but this one has 40 millimeter blades on here. We have an F for flight controller, CAD X, baby turtle with 1080p DVR. We have 12 amp ESC s, 0, 8, 0, 3 motors 12000 kV. Those are happy model branded motors, gym, fan, props 1635 props on here, and those are push on prop so no screws which makes it kind of easy – and I have my insta 360 on here. This is the go camera it's, not a 360 camera, but it does stabilize video, so we're gon na do a little comparison between the go and the cat X baby turtle. We'Re gon na do some flying on 2 amp 3 s. For you, guys in this review and we're gon na, do some big field fly and see how it does we'll try to freestyle this, but I don't really think it's a freestyle drone. I think it's, mostly us in a whoop, so let's go ahead and get it up on 2's. First, after that, we'll do some 3s and then we'll come back and we'll give you a final report on it final flight report. Here we go: ok, guys let's start out with the cat X baby turtle on here. This is 1080p at 60 frames per second recorded to the on board.

Dvr. Now I have to say I love the baby turtle. It'S super easy to use you just pretty much put in an SD card, and this is the result of the video that you can get. I use the SanDisk Extreme gold cards around 32 gigabytes or probably my best size card. It can produce hours of video. So pretty good size and if you get too big of a card in there, it actually won't record any video. So don't try to put it 128 in there I'm, not sure that that's gon na work. But maybe someone can put a comment down below to confirm that now in accra mode, let's talk about flight characteristics of this quad acro mode will allow you to do flips and rolls I did get some occasional washout and some freak out of the flight controller. I was able to freak it out that also may be due to a little bit of wind that I was flying in this afternoon, but up close and down low is where this quad really performs. If you want to fly really extremely precise type of flying and practice flying between obstacles and things, this quad will go places. No other type of cinema will go. It is extremely lightweight. Probably one of the lightest sin webs out there, with foam, bumpers and it's kind of cool to see like a little mini shrunk down version of a three inch Cinna whoo, you can't carry a GoPro in here.

Obviously so you have to look for a smaller alternative video options, but it will carry my insta 360 go just fine and we're gon na compare some video between these two coming up. The go just gives you more stabilization, but in my opinion, I think the CAD X baby turtle has a little more definition and uploads to YouTube a little bit better. Now we're gon na try out some tight proximity flying with this little cinema quad, and this is an area where I can't really generally fly my 5 inch quads for very long, because I usually clip one of these little mini Christmas trees. But this little DX 40 can just about go anywhere, it's kind of amazing how slow and precise this little drunk an be it's, very, very precise, and it seems to want to do better, even there I'm able to avoid the obstacles. Those little metal spikes right there, but it seems to want to perform even better in stability mode. So for the beginners. This is an awesome quad. I think that, as far as the duality is concerned on this quad, it doesn't quite have duality. Like I talked about freestyle and cinema capability, I think it's, more of a cinema drone, so we're gon na we're gon na label. This one, a pure cinema drone in a compact size format and also flying in these trees right here, I've, never actually flown back in this section of the trees, because, if I have any type of failure, you can see that foolish down below it'd be extremely hard To get in here and get this quad out so I'm taking a lot of chances and I feel really comfortable flying this quad and on the extreme end of the throttle, you do see a little bit of kind of fluttering around with those 40 millimeter props.

You can also experiment with other props to see if you get a little smoother flying characteristic out of it. There'S a lot of little 40 millimeter props. You can test out there, the ones that are on there. Okay, they're, not really my recommended prop I'll, try to find some good ones and put down below for you, but now you're, looking at my insta 360 go camera, and this is where you can really really crank it up a notch with the cinema capability there's those Foam bumpers coming into play. I have nylon duct inserts on this quad as well, which make it even more resilient than PLA and also extremely lightweight, but this is where it performs great up close and personal, and the stabilization on the go is just absolutely fantastic and amazing. Most of the guys I know now are getting the insta 360 go for their micro, brushless quads, because it's it's really very very lightweight. I believe it was around 16 grams I mentioned before. It was about 35 degrees, but it's, actually 16 grams, which is extremely lightweight for a 1080p 60 frames per second and stabilized video. A lot to double check the specs to make sure that 60 it might be 30. But the compression up to YouTube looks a little better for the cat X baby turtle in the bottom left. As you can see there and it's just a little softer looking for the upload to YouTube from the insta 360 go but I'm still really happy with both of the color variations and the color spectrum.

On both these cameras, I think the light and darks are also looking really good. You can see the shadow in there from the quad and tons and tons of tonal rage and clarity. It looks really good. The stabilization is again, my favorite part about the Institut 360 go that's, just phenomenal on little quads like this one, but the bumper seemed to work really well and I sometimes have damage in my reviews, and this quad came back with zero damage and it was one Of those quads that I had that, I just wanted to keep flying over and over the entire day, but I got rained out today. There were kind of breaks in between the clouds here and there, and eventually I was forced to leave because there was a huge front coming in. But yes, this one is absolutely worth every penny to me, and I think this has a lot going for it. Size format factor and what you can get and just the enjoyment factor of this quad is extremely high. I think anybody that bought this one would really enjoy it so I'm, really extremely happy with the performance of it and the video that I brought home let's talk about some final thoughts. All right guys welcome back the after flight report now let's talk about what this little quad is all about. So I think that the pit turn on here is pretty good. You can also top mount the battery and that might give you a little less tumble or issues with it kind of washing out on you and going like this, while you're flying forwards.

I might also give you a little bit less kickback from the prop, so I think that overall flying it was fun and in stability mode, if you're a beginner, you can fly this one indoors or outdoors, because it slows down enough that you can fly it outdoors Or indoors and in closed spaces, I was able to fly in between under these chairs over here down under through the pilot stations. I mean this thing was going everywhere, so I think that it has a lot of stability in stability mode, but if you go into aggro mode up high is where acro mode works really good, and I was able to do a loop with it without it totally Freaking out, I didn't do any power loops or anything like that with it, but I don't really think it's made for that it's, not a freestyle drone by any means, mostly it's gon na get you some really cool cinema style shots and get you I mean. I was able to flight down in between these rows of trees, the Christmas trees out there on the very end of the field, which is not something I could do with the bigger ones, it's a lot harder with a five inch drone. So this little guy can go a lot of different places, but I think overall I would say that for what it's made for it's awesome and it's under 100 grams it's, like 65 grams without the battery it's, still probably gon na, get you under 100 grams.

With a 2 s 450, you can also run a 650 on here and you're, going seven to eight minutes flight time, which is really amazing, so long flight times a good price on it for what's on here the components are looking pretty good and they they use. Some happy model motors which are also plug and play so if you fry a motor, you don't have to solder one back on pretty easy for the beginners to get into fpv and primarily just a really fun thrown to fly. I just wanted to keep flying batteries through it. This reminds me of like a little tiny, tiny Hawk with foam bumpers, that is extra cool and nylon inserts 3d printed nylon, ducts, so a very durable and fun little drone to fly I'm gon na give this one. Two thumbs up because I think it's really cool and it kind of hit me from left field. I didn't really expect this one, but thanks again guys for watching my channel I'm Justin Davis. Please do subscribe for more drone videos and airplane RC and crawler all kinds of stuff. We have all kinds of stuff coming up on the channel guys take care it's about to rain. On me.