On my future upload on today’s video, we are going to unbox the y else, r c mini drone, so without further ado, let’s jump into it. This drone comes with a small soft pouch bag, it’s very straightforward. You will see the controller, the drone and accessories, and this controller is made of three aaa battery made of plastic very light Music, and it really feels very very light, and this is the main camera which is two megapixels and the other one is also located at The bottom, which is this one – and we have this adjustable camera angle – we have all these accessories, the propeller guard the mobile holder, Music. So – and this is the usb cable charger – we have also an extra 4 profiler in case you might lost or might break one of it, and we have also the small screw on it. This is the qr code for your mobile application, and this is how you will install the propeller guard on your drone. The screw is very, very small, so you have to be very careful not to lose it. Although there is a two pieces extra screws, it comes with it. The good thing with this one is: it comes already with a small screwdriver, remember to be very, very careful inserting this propeller this uh. This is really a very light and might break easily. If i already just be very, very careful inserting this propeller guard and propeller guard has been installed or attached for the charging once you are charging, this led should be on and once it’s full it will be automatically switched off or turned off qr code for the App for easily downloading it – and this is how it looks like you – have all the control via the wi fi connection, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music and we’re done all right.

In conclusion, in my honest and personal opinion, as a photographer and a videographer, this minerjon in general experience is fine, especially for those who started like me in this hobby. Operating this device on the indoor field without any air exposure will be fine. Take note that if you are going to an outside field that will be very challenging and even a weak blow of an air will take away your drone really negative easily. So take note on that one you may buy this drone for practice purposes. That’S. Okay, then, once you familiarize with yourself with the functions you may upgrade to the next level, which i highly recommend the dji drone products in terms of pictures, videos and its quality don’t expect too much from this. Even it says in the description it’s an hd device, it’s, okay, but the quality is, you know, it’s modest, now, it’s your choice. If you want to acquire this item so that’s all for me and thank you for watching. I hope you like this video and if you did please don’t, forget to give me a thumbs up and share it.