The box for comparison. Very small drone, looks good battery thing on the bottom: three batteries bag. We got our charger propellers and the manual charge this thing up ready to fly okay, so this is how it looks. Charging ive just had a test, fly its amazing and then this is a charge battery that im going to pop in here and ill. Show you how okay! This is the battery. You got the bottom part here, so what you do to plug this in theres, not even on an on off switch. I dont think this one plug this in light, start blinking, youre good to go. Try not twist this, then what you do. Is you just slide? This in here and its good to go pair, the controller ill show you that in a second all right, this is how you pair the drone turn it on have the drone on. Then you go up, make it there here that boot down bam and then what you do for the gyro. So it knows where the gravity is you go to the lower left with both of these joysticks here starts blinking good to go, and now for the take off im just going to hit this and then im going to go up now, just film the whole thing There it is its got, really good control. This is just the leisure mode right now, um youve got three modes and ill show you sport mode in a second but heres, the first mode, um heres, a flip there you go um and then heres the second mode.

So, second mode, a little bit better a little bit faster. You can kind of get some circular turns there, its really cool and then sports mode is absolutely nuts. I mean really just try and keep track of this time back to laser mode. Youre. Here, um, you can do a circle fly kind of cool things, but what you do is you press the button you did to take off and always automatically go down and itll stop and youre good to go and ready to take off again. Well, please lets go to all right, thatll, be it for the video, probably the favorite drone ive ever flown. I highly recommend it holy stone s210, something like that. Its got great control, the battery life isnt too long or anything, but its good enough and its really easy to charge so id recommend it.