We are on the ninth day of our 10 day, mini drone review challenge. I haven’t skipped one day yet and today we have something very inexpensive, but from the packaging it looks expensive it is, it has great packaging. I got this drone, which is rc town alph, 2 that’s. What is listed as i got this drone for 13.29 from ebay shipping was free with the tax. It was shipped to my door, uh fourteen dollars and twelve cents, that’s really really low, and this claims to have altitude hold on the side, let’s open it up and take a closer look and see if it is worth it wow. What can i say it is a big mini drone. We should call it maxi, minidrone, probably look at the size, i mean compared to the other drones. This is has four times the surface area i mean my one of my mini drones could fit on one of these prop guards. It is big, it is big. Let’S see what size the battery is. So there is a tab. Is that for pulling the battery out i’m, not sure yep? No, so the battery is 380 milliamp hour battery, so it’s a one cell 380 milliamp hours battery. It is quite large and the controller is interesting. I have. This is the first time i’m, seeing one of these. It has a little lcd screen on top they’re, probably almost trying to look like there’s a phone or a screen that already can see the images it’s not, and it really is altitude hold.

Do you see this left stick control? Stick it stays in the middle is spring loaded means that this does not control the throttle. It controls the altitude increase. Altitude decrease altitude when it’s in the middle. The drone should stay where it is in terms of altitude. A lot of buttons i’m, assuming that at these these are trim buttons. These may be three buttons for the rotation and two buttons on top one. On each side. Here is our little hardware package and it has one set of spare propellers. The propellers looks a little plasticky, not very soft, so i’m glad they are inside these propeller protectors, the rings, a small screwdriver and a charger door that goes onto usb, so i’m, going to start charging right away because it is evening again it was a long day And now i’m going to join my boot camp and, while i’m doing boot camp, this will be ready for testing. So as soon as i connect so it’s a red light, when probably it’s going to fully charge. When i connect when it starts charging, it is no light. The instruction menu let’s take a look at it very quickly. Well, it has a lot of pictures and illustrations uh explanation of each button. I haven’t read the english, but it looks high quality. I mean if it flies well, probably the price is going to increase very quickly uh. This is uh. This is the first time in the last couple months.

I am seeing this on the market, so i don’t know if you have seen it before, but if this flies well, it is going to go up in price. This is definitely so far looking something that you will pay more than 20 dollars, not just 13. Some change this far. I am pleasantly surprised and really impressed. First of all, the instruction manual, it reads, really well it’s very well organized the english is great. Almost native, i was looking for any errors i couldn’t find any maybe like. If i read it, i will find it, but it is for sure it has been proofread. There is some really interesting claim on it. It says the best 6x is drone in the world that’s. A very bold claim here, however, at 13 14 at this size. If everything works, the way this is describing it to work, it may very well be one of maybe the best drone of this size at this price seriously. So far, everything is good. The only thing they can improve are c town. The only thing you can improve is please write down the functions of each button on it. You know either engrave it or just put in white lettering, so i had to make my own because there are a lot of different functions, so i have to even take notes on the back. So i don’t forget the controller nice. Even the led light is blue. I think this is the blue and black team.

The lcd screen is useful. You can see, you know what percentage you are deflecting or the sticks and on the headless mode. It displays an edge and it is beeping. It even has one key take up and one key landing. One is short pressed the other one is long press the headless mode, the speed setting which also doubles as emergency. Stop. If you press it for three seconds, it will shut down the motors. Maybe it gets stuck in the tree and it’s just trying to change its altitude. Cannot emergency! Stop! So remember that everything great so far the light came on, meaning that the the charging has stopped it’s fully charged. So let’s do the indoor flight testing now, by the way the transmitter takes two double a batteries, not very expensive, not very demanding so that’s good and also. I would like to mention that the startup procedure is very well explained and step by step in the instruction manual, so you have to turn on the drone first and that’s done by connecting the battery and then you have to put it on a flat surface. So let me connect the battery fully charge battery to the drone and again this theme is blue and then there is also a red light underneath let’s put it on our helipad and then you turn on the transmitter and should be bound now. But it is good to calibrate it and calibration is both sticks down onto the left, and i don’t know if you have seen it i’ll do it again.

Let me show both. So there is the blue light on the drone flashing and then you have to arm the motors which is done by both seats going down and out. So it is ready and it’s at the 50 setting and then a short press to this button will be one key takeoff. I hope it won’t hit the ceiling. It should go up. 1.5 meters let’s press that no not at all bring it down a little bit. Yeah it is, it is nice and stable, i mean hands off and then there’s trim. I mean if it is drifting a little bit, you can adjust the trim i’m going to set it to okay, let’s go forward and backward, and it is keeping its altitude i’m. Not changing the altitude side by side good now, i’m going to switch it to it says 50, as you can see. So this is 70 speed number two. It goes a little faster nice and then let’s bring it back close to the camera. So you can see it and then i’m going to switch to speed number three, which is 100 percent it’s, going pretty good it’s losing a little bit altitude let’s bring it down a little bit, so you can see in the in the camera. This is a i mean it is banking, pretty good it’s been this. Is that it’s not going to have any issues flying in the light breeze? I don’t think so.

Let’S test some of the other functions, the flip, so one press and it did that good backwards. It is drifting a little bit the altimeter. I thought it just seems to be drifting a little bit. Let me put it so yeah it’s back to 50 percent, good let’s do sideways. After you know, during the flip it gains a little bit of lt. It loses first and then gains it later. Okay and then long press to this button on the lower left should land it it’s drifting, a little bit so i’m going to use the trim function and once trimmed it’s, pretty good, so it’s good to have these trim buttons for the right stick, so it’s very Stable right now before it was coming towards you, maybe it was the gyro calibration issue so i’m above the helipad i’m, going to long press this button and it should land and it’s landing and it landed. So let’s try a manual off. Do i have to arm, or can i just go up? No, i have to arm so down and out for cup, one second and then yep and then manual takeoff and then let’s try the head this mode. So this is the headless mode button. Oh no it’s return to home button. Okay, it got it made itself on the. I accidentally pressed apparently return to home button, not the headless mode, and i didn’t even know it said headless. So for this one i wrote headless let’s double check.

If we press again it’s beeping, so as you see it says, headless mode, that’s, a serious typo right, it went uh all the way to the back wall of my basement and wait wait itself. Fortunately, without hitting between a pipe and a wall and then just like you’re sitting there, okay let’s try it again so arm, or maybe i have to do calibration now: okay, calibrate it and one second it’s armed let’s go up okay, i’m, going to go four and Let’S see if this is going to be yeah, it is coming to home. I wonder instead of headless like the long press would cause the smoke. Oh now it stay in the headless mode. Let’S see rotate. I push it. Yeah it’s in the headless mode now see it doesn’t matter which, oh i pushed it the wrong way. Oh, it is all uh reacting all too fast Music, maybe it wasn’t in the 50 percent, because it was moving too fast. This was showing 50 percent, but the the drone was moving like 100 percent. I think that wasn’t, that was the issue, so this is the headless mode. Let’S stop the headless mode, let’s rotate it around. So i can get my orientation again. I don’t know why why it’s like a short press brings it back home yeah it is. It is. Oh, i see. Okay now now i understand there was there’s something i just landed. I can’t there was something in the manual notice, so here’s the kind of caution.

After pressing the headless mode button, please push the right level forward immediately. All the drone will return automatically and lose control, so there is headless mode. There is also return to home button, so that works as a return to home, but somehow they did not ride it. That button is not just headless mode, but it’s also returned to home, so let’s arm it again. So if you took off this way you go forward, i took it a little crooked. So if you press once it’s going to come and then you immediately push forward so that it doesn’t continue coming so now, it’s in the headless mode and then i’m going to move it away from the headless mode, one more click, so the blinking stop let’s land. It and that’s it. It is a yeah. There are a couple little glitches, but it is flying nice and it’s big. So what i’m going to do now is charge the battery again and go outside to do outdoor testing i love month of june. It is past 8 p.m. It is still light outside the breeze die die down, it’s getting cooler. So what else can i hope for okay, let’s? Do the outdoor review, so i already bound and calibrated everything just activate the motors and use actually i’m going to use. One key takeoff, and here it is it’s a low speed, 50 percent it’s drifting a little bit because of the wind and quite stable let’s, see if it is really the wind or is it drifting because of something else, i’m going to rotate it 180 degrees? If it continues drifting nope, actually it needs to be trimmed.

You see now it’s drifting forward and now it’s drifting, okay. It is difficult to trim for drifting when you’re outside, but this is good enough. It is quite stable, let’s bring it back a little bit, oh by the way, mosquitoes attacked that’s. What i don’t like about month of june, but look at that. Let me get up close and personal with it. My head, cam let’s, come over here yeah. The breeze is coming and going from time, but it is just a few miles per hour. It looks very nice, i mean look at the blue eyes. It looks like an alien, almost so let’s scoot it around a little bit. So this is the low speed and i can almost run with it. You know jog with it here we go and then i’m going to press the speed button one time so it it is now banking, l harder flying against the wind – and you know with the wind it’s going like pretty quickly, but the altitude is holding really good. Like it i like it, i cannot believe i only paid 14 dollars, including the tax, and you let go and it slows down before we deplete the battery let’s uh do the hundred percent as well. Now it is hundred percent it’s losing a little bit of altitude. So i’m, going to put it around a little bit up and it’s coming it’s it’s this, like whoa Laughter, really good one. I mean it is big but it’s, a very lightweight i like it.

I, like it and let’s, do a couple flips and backwards to the right to the left. This is the best way of depleting your battery because they spent it spends a lot of battery. When that you do that – and we can do the return the home by just one press to this – and it should be coming – no it’s not going the right direction – okay, i’m – going to it’s going away from me, so let me bring it yeah. I think i i didn’t take off straight, so it was going sideways and then also the wind is not helping right now, but i mean it was working indoors. So it is fine and let’s. Try the one key: oh let’s, go back and then a long press is going to land it. So long, press, nope, nope wrong wrong button wrong button. Yeah i’m still learning the buttons so let’s bring it back. The the the one on the left is the. I press and it’s landing here. It is youtube. Oh, you are asking for my youtube channel props and wheels yes shorts for propellers props ampersand like johnson and johnson, that ampersand funny props and wheels yeah hope to see on the channel. I think i have new subscribers folks, they were asking i i didn’t, i was talking and i didn’t realize they were like shouting at me and they were asking for my youtube channel’s name anyway. Just this is good.

I like it and one thing that i would like to point out that these are not single button. These are double buttons, so this is speed. As you see, it changes 70 percent 100 percent. This is camera button. It doesn’t have a camera, but i guess there’s a version that has camera. If i press once, you will see that camera just blinking once and this flip button again two buttons. This side is flip. This is flip tech, 3d and then you do something. It goes back, this is video, so this was photo. This is video, you press it and then the camera light that little symbol comes on and stays on. You press again. It disappears. So this was not explained in the video, but i just wanted to mention that, because probably this elsa has a version with the camera i’m really happy about this purchase. This is not the best flying drone. I think the best flying drone was parrot. Mambo fly that i reviewed yesterday. I mean it was superb, but this is really good for the money. I don’t think you can find anything at this price this size and with all these features, including an lcd screen. I like the blue. I can probably fly it at night because it has blue light on top. Two of them makes orientation easier at night like which way it’s turning and then the red light on the bottom. I wish they had also put light on the back, something like maybe green.

I’M, not sure that would have made life much easier flying at night, but this has very little flaws. Really. This is great. I really enjoyed flying it right now and it’s big you can’t, see it easily. So 90 is over. This is recommended, if you find it for less than 20 dollars buy it. It is worth it. I mean, look at the size, i bought it as a mini drone. I was expecting maybe half the size, and this came out of the box and i was saying wow the box b looks big, but is the drone big? Yes, the drone is big as well. This is like a huge mini drone if there’s anything like that. Anyway. Thank you very much for watching. Please stay tuned for our last 10 video tomorrow and again, a surprise drone will be reviewed tomorrow. Hope to see you back on the channel.