Welcome to the eighth episode of the 10 day mini drone review. What do we have here? It says windsor certified refurbished. Okay. I admit this is not not a brand new drone. I got this from ebay and it was refurbished. It was really inexpensive. This is very different than what i’ve been reviewing in terms of mia drones. The reason why? Because it is really high quality, this is a parrot mambo. A parrot is a french company. They manufacture, really high end high quality drones, and i think this is like one of their smallest products, but i mean i opened it before i looked and it really looks. High quality and i’ve been charging it, and i think i left it on because right now it is blinking looking for for connection to the phone and it doesn’t come with a controller. This is the parrot. Mambo fly edition fly means i get, you can just fly. It using your phone there’s, a really nice phone app. This just comes with these i’m, assuming that there was maybe box damage, because this already says parrot, probably outside box, was damaged, and this company bought those damaged boxes and put in a new box with everything inside and selling refurbished. I got this for 26 dollars on ebay, free shipping with the tax it was 27.63 for such a high quality drone it’s a steal. I probably may not be able to find it again. This was i purchased about a year ago.

It was just sitting. I kind of tested it one time i didn’t record the video, so i decided well. I should share these with my youtube watchers. So here it is, it came with one battery a charging cable through a usb and a very nice manual. They even provide these stickers. So you can customize your drone with different, like faces over here but i’m, not going to do that and it’s like a minster, warranty certified refurbished warranty and it i mean it’s just a couple pages because it is so simple to use you basically download the app Put the you know put the battery on the one disadvantage is at least for this version. You can charge the battery only when the battery is on the drone itself. I wish they would include a separate charger, so you can just charge batteries while you’re applying. So you just connect it, and this light turns red it’s charging right now and when the charging is complete, it turns green and it came with this and i was like looking what is this it’s like if the bottom looks like a lego and as you see The top has some lego shapes, so you can put this on top. I saw it somewhere, like you know, one of the pictures and then you can put your business card on top and fly it like that. I don’t know advertising or you can just uh. If you are a single person, you can put your card in your number and then just fly to a person and then just hey.

This is my number call me i don’t know anyway. I thought it was funny here. It is close up. As you see, there are these little structures where you can put lego blocks and also accessories like this one. It only came with this cardholder accessory, but there are at least three accessories that i know one is a camera. You can just put a camera that will connect your phone or your tablet, i think via wi fi, and then you can put a canon that will just throw like little soft foam balls on your command and then there’s also a grabber that attaches to the top And then goes in the front, so you can grab stuff, so i don’t know somehow it’s just whenever i stick the battery in it just comes on, so let me try to turn it off. Okay, it looks like now. It turned out yeah. I couldn’t figure out how long i have to press anyway. The charging port is on the back over here and you take the battery out like this there’s, a little kind of clip. You raise it to your finger and then pull it with your nail across here and it’s a compact battery, and then you just slide and click send, and then it has these protectors that you can’t take off. Like every time i put the battery and it’s. Turning on, i don’t know if that’s normal, but it’s all annoying like i don’t, i don’t want to turn it on anyway, on the bottom there’s, also a little camera i’m.

Assuming that camera is what is called a sensor, uh optical flow sensor. That kind of looks down and then, if there is any change, it means that it’s moving, so it stops the moving by contract through that change, there’s. Also another thing that’s, i don’t know what it is like this little structure here, if you know just put it in the comments, it almost looks like a ultrasonic transducer that it is sending sound waves and measuring the the distance between the drone and the ground. I’M. Not sure if that’s correct but looks like that at least, and it feels really nice and high quality and sturdy, so the material is amazing. It just feels nice and high quality, and then these are removable. You can remove the propeller protectors and in the manual they referred as hulls, i don’t know what it means hull and it is very value illustrated and very short actually, and it has multiple languages. So what i’m going to do now is just fly it indoors. It is getting late. I started my day late and of course i worked late, and here i am and the sun is going down outside and it was raining earlier today. Hopefully, it’s not raining right now, but after my indoor review indoor flight i’m going to attempt to go outside and fly it before it gets dark. So it is ready to fly it’s blinking waiting to be connected to the app and i’m.

I just started stream capturing. So you can see what i’m doing here it says it’s establishing connection right now and it is saying ready to fly so i’m just going to click that right button here and it comes to this screen and there are different options so take off. You know on top i’m just going to click take off and it goes up and hovers at 1 meters, Music, very stably, i’m. Not doing anything i mean i am not touching the controller, so it is extremely stable, so i’m going to use this to turn. But you can probably see what i’m doing on the screen so it’s, slowly turning i’m pushing it harder. Okay, here we go, and it is. If i just push it push, that little virtual stick slightly turned really slowly. The control is amazing. I mean the control is really amazing, so it is very stable. I don’t know what they did to this, but i haven’t seen a drone this table, probably that optical flow sensing so i’m just going to raise a little bit the altitude increase and then the altitude is always amazing. I mean you, let go of the of the virtual stick here and it just locks in just stops immediately so i’m guessing it is sensing the altitude via ultrasound, because you know the barometers uh that are using the mini drones are nowhere. This sensitive, i mean it. Just stays there i mean i i’m i’m courageous enough to bring it close to the camera now Music, much closer, because you know i can make very small movements and very small increases.

It comes through a little bit and then now it’s drifting, maybe slightly, and i think the reason is maybe over carpet and carpet. Doesn’T have any any features. So this is basically a one color carpet, so it may be having difficulties kind of seeing the carpet. But look i mean the moves are making are small it’s drifting, maybe here a little bit. Okay, let’s turn it around and then go forward like full speed and let’s go and then immediately stop. So you don’t have to like pull back the controller side to side. It’S, pretty quick comes back and i let go and i’m not really afraid it’s coming as soon as i let’s go up to control it stop. I know there are some modes, and here is like the oh it’s in the racing mode. It says in the racing mode: what is the drift mode i’m? Not sure so let’s see. Did it do anything. I don’t think so: Music, so race mode maximum throttle. So if i increase that let’s go back, you just change anything. Oh maybe i’m, not sure! Well, extremely stable, i mean Music, you can probably put a camera and buy the camera accessory and then the tv with this and i’m just for landing. You just click the land button but let’s see. So if i click the land button in the middle top just lands, can i take off by just using the stick i’m, not sure nope it’s not doing anything so the takeoff button is you need that for taking out let’s see if i can manually land it I’M, pushing it down down, holding it, holding it no okay.

Finally, it did cut out alerts me yeah cut out alerts, okay, so there is also an option here: um. How do i clear the alert? I’M? Not sure? Oh true, it says throw it okay, i’m, going to throw it. I threw it and this is flying my son’s little snapchat drones had this function, so you threw them and then they just went up and then stayed on the alternate hole, let’s land it and then try that again, so you can see it. Okay, i activated to throw it as well, and i mean it just a couple. You just need a couple inches, a gentle throw. So it is amazing, i mean so far, it’s amazing. It just blows my mind how much control it has it doesn’t even have a controller, i think it’s a low barrier i’m, not sure. So it is, i think, time to go back and that’s just before going outside give a short verdict. So far so far, this review is going really. Well, i mean this is probably the highest quality drone. I have ever reviewed on my channel. It really feels high end and i think when it was a big thing, this was selling four hundred dollars and i got it for 20 26 dollars plus tax free shipping. If you find it on ebay or anywhere for less than 30 dollars just buy it. You won’t be sorry, i assure you, so it is really nice. I mean look at that: hey bozo, oh, who said that i said that bozo, who are you i’m, the astronaut? What are you doing with my spaceship? That is not spaceship.

It is my drone man. Take your hands off my spaceship, or i will vaporize you with my laser cannon: okay, okay, you don’t need to get violent man spaceship spaceship spaceship spaceship spaceship spaceship, spaceship, spaceship, spaceship, spaceship spaceship spaceship Music yeah finally outside, as i mentioned it’s a little late, past 8 P.M and it’s cloudy it was raining earlier today. Unfortunately, it stopped – and there is very little wind, so i’m just going to start right away because we are losing daylight very quickly and i don’t know if you’ll be able to see everything. But we have our little friend here so he’s coming for a ride with us. So what i’m going to do is this i’m a screen recording capturing so i’m going to hit this one? It says: throw it okay, i’m, going to throw it here. We go done as simple as that very stable, as you can see, but stable inside it is stable here and let’s see how stable it is right and i can use the camera to move it with my hand. You see it’s following my hand that’s because of the small camera. Let me get closer to our main camera here, so you can see the details. Let’S get it all over i’m. Just using these controls on the phone. But again you can use a bluetooth controller. I mean it can be a playstation 2 controller, for example, let’s rotate it, and so you can see it from Music.

The other angle, with the eyes on here we go, let’s get it. I mean it is so so stable that there’s not much. I can do basically, instead of just giving like little commands slowly getting it close to the camera and that’s it that’s a little too close and let’s rotate it around again and fly it a little bit and how it does here. It goes. Let’S rotate the round, and it is all the way all the way here. Okay, i see the eyes let’s bring it forward coming coming coming and i let go and then it’s it’s slows down you don’t have to do a back pressure or anything it just does it for you so very simple, very easy to fly. I mean it is high quality, it is, it shows it feels everywhere, quite quality. You know. One thing i will do later is maybe do another video. I have a bluetooth game controller, not not for playstation but another, one and i’m, going to attempt to bind it to that one. So i mean it is really nice. I can. Even there are options that i haven’t even tested yet, but i can probably uh draw a path and it will follow that there are different things. Okay, so there is, i put it to racing mode and let’s go back. Does it make a difference? Yeah it’s flying pretty good. I mean look at that and turning the other way, let’s bring it back.

Okay, coming coming coming, coming, get a little over and stop. I mean how easy is that okay let’s bring it for landing i’m, just going to put it over the helipad and then just click to hit the landing button. Let’S put it right above it and just hit the landing, and here it is, it landed and it was getting. The battery was getting low anyway, so that’s it that’s it and the ice turn red, meaning feed me. I need electricity, i need more battery. I will do that in a second okay final verdict at the end of day, eight, if you find it at the price that i found grab it before it goes. You know these used to sell really expensively. I got the refurbished one, so it is not new, but who cares? It came like new. I don’t think it has been used. It’S just the the box was different than the original box. I love it. You know it’s easy flying it’s, you can buy accessories for it. Probably the first axle you should buy is a camera on top. Instead of my little astronaut here, you know you can put on top, so it is really high quality if you can’t, find it cheap. Buy it highly recommend it really nice little drone, and i love those features that feature that you throw it in the air and then it’s flying and that camera on the bottom helps it stay where it needs to be all right, that’s it folks, eight days out Of ten stay tuned for tomorrow’s video it’s going to be surprise, you remember on the original video, though those two question marks that’s going to one of them.