Today is the seventh day of our 10 day mini drone review challenge and we have another new mini drone. This is a folding drone. I got from ebay for 17.95, it has been a while back back in october 2020 and then the shipping was free if the tax i paid 19 and six cents that’s, in my opinion, a good price to pay less than 20. If the drone is good now it’s, not the red version, it’s, not the black version, it’s the white version here – and it claims a lot of things. It says: hd camera wi fi, but this is not the camera version. This is the cheapest version. I could find it says: 2.4 gear system, so that’s the transmitter that’s good 360 flips. Those are stunt button, six axis gyroscope headless mode, one key return, function, return to home function, one key set height that is altitude hold. So if you set the barometer and then you just set the altitude so stay there, you don’t have to modulate the throttle and says camera, but some of these functions may not be on it. I’M. Not sure. I know camera is not there and i’m, not sure about the altitude hold i’m curious as well, so let’s open it up and see what is inside. So this is it everything in the box instruction manual in chinese as well as in english. I don’t know how good the english is. We’Ll see the transmitter, the controller with a lot of buttons which have not been labeled, so i may start putting my own labels because it is impossible to remember all these.

The small mini folding drone let’s fold it out the arms. This is one of those mavic mini clones. They make it look like mavic mini in the front. There is not a camera but that’s an led light looks big and hopefully it will be bright as well. I’M, assuming this is the only battery already in there, the battery charger i’m immediately going to connect the battery to the charger they shipped this from factory with about 40 50 percent charge, so that uh, you know they last a long time. If you fully charge or fully deplete, you kill the battery, basically lipo batteries, and then we have one set of spare propellers and propeller guards. These are always good to have, especially if you are planning to fly indoors. If you watch my video yesterday day, six video, you have seen that what can happen when you don’t have the guards it didn’t yesterday’s. Camera drone did not come with the guards and it ended up crashing into the wall and damaging one of the propellers. I had to replace anyway, everything looks good, so what i’m going to do next is go through the instruction manual and figure out how everything works. What it has it looks like this doesn’t have altitude hold. This is just basic throttle control. Then you see a controller that’s, not spring loaded. Doesn’T come to the center, but goes all the way down like this. It is you control modulate the throttle.

It doesn’t have a barometer that controls the altitude of the drone. So this is, for example. Similarly, this is not all right here we go folks. I installed the prop protectors as well, since i’ll be first flying it indoors. When going outdoors, i can take them off uh. The transmitter takes three aaa batteries and, as i mentioned, nothing is labeled, so the left top button is speed. Adjustment. The instruction manual claims that there are two speeds. One is thirty percent one beep and then you press again, two beeps, which is hundred percent, and this also says that this is one key takeoff and landing for. You know when you long press it. But since this doesn’t have altitude hold function, that’s not going to work i’ll, try it anyway. This button is, it says, roll button, so it’s a stunt or flip button. So one press, and then you move this in any direction. It will flip in that direction. These are trims for the right, stick, so sideways and back and forth trim. Basically, and these two buttons are camera video photo and video. But since this doesn’t have a camera, they are not going to work, and then this is the headless mode we’ll see about. If it has had this mode, it should because it is not related to the barometer it’s related to the gyroscope, and this is one key return again: that’s related to the gyroscope, so these should to work here.

We have the battery still charging so while it’s charging the light is on once it goes off. It is fully charged i’m waiting for that and, overall, it is a nice looking drone. I like this, this shape and let me bring my one of my most favorite drones, which is the jjrc drone, the mini ones that i’ve been using just to learn Music, how to maneuver drones outside at night because they have great lights. These are my all time. Favorite drones, i got them from banggood they’re about 14, something 50 close to 15. One controller, two drones both have lights and i keep them here. You may ask: why do you keep it in a food container because they are always ready to go? I just sit. You know i just put probably half charge and then, when i’m ready, i just continue charging another half an hour before going out and they are ready to fly. This has one light in the front and this black one has two lights. I like flying at night. This one better because easier to maneuver and see because there’s, two lights and in terms of size, these are smaller, of course, and they have integrated batteries. But i will put the link for the or the review of these two in the description below. So quite some difference in terms of size, yeah, smaller but i’m, hoping that this will perform as well and it will be easy to see at night.

So i can use it for training when it’s, nice and calm in the evening summer evening. It is not fully charged, but it has been charging for about half an hour. It should have enough juice to do the a couple minutes of indoor flight testing. So this is the button to turn it on a long press on it so i’m going to put it on the level surface, turn it on and then i’m going to turn on the transmitter and then do the binding process. The instruction manual doesn’t tell what the binding process is, but i have a you know. I have a guess so let’s long press, the little red light is blinking on the back and the front led is on so let’s turn this on it’s blinking as well. So is that still blinking? Usually it goes? Oh, oh it’s already bound wow, so it binds automatically so you don’t have to go up down with the throttle. Stick to initiate it or so it automatically binds. I guess all right so there has. I have seen an illustration: it didn’t have a label but it’s, probably for calibrating the gyro, so it’s you go out down and out with both of those sticks, let’s see if it’s going to do anything to the little drone go like this. I don’t see anything. Maybe it doesn’t do anything all right, so let’s start flying then Music, so i’m modulating the throttle because, as i said, this is not altitude hold i’m modulating it myself.

It is quite stable, though the gyro is good. I mean i don’t have to trim anything, and this should be the lower speed let’s go forward. It is still Music, it’s, still scooting, pretty good flying pretty fast that’s one press on this Music. I don’t know if it did anything i mean this is definitely not hundred percent. If that was thirty percent. Oh it has three settings. Sorry. It says true settings in the manual, but it had three beeps so now it’s once one beep, so it’s the lowest speed set. So it has not to about three speed settings that’s great, so let’s try the headless mode. So this is the headless mode button. So now, if i rotate it and pull it, it’s still going to come towards me, it doesn’t matter which way i turn it. So i turn it like 180 degrees. It should go to you know when i do right left. It goes to my right and left not its own right. There so i’m pulling it towards me, it’s still going forward, so this mod is definitely working, so let’s stop the headless mode. I press something that wasn’t the headless mode. This is the headless mod all right. The beeping stopped and let’s do a return home button, so, while i’m modulating it’s going to be interesting, how i’m going to press that little button on the bottom it’s coming towards me? Okay, yes, it is working. Let’S uh! Now try the return to home when it is angled like to the side it’s going to go to its own back or come towards me, so let’s bring it back to the front, let’s go farther away and then press yeah.

It is kind of coming. Oh, i i crashed the column, i didn’t stop it on time, so it was going a little crooked, but hey look. Do we have like a calibration after this? I don’t see any lights blinking that red light is not blinking. Maybe like this. Maybe this way i’m trying all the combination. Okay be figured out, so it is not out it is in. So this does the gyro calibration and then this one beeps and the light on the drone flashes and it’s stable again yep it’s, very nice let’s rotate it to a catwalk turn Music, another one and then maybe bring it in for saying hello to the other camera. Here we go it’s really nice drone. I like these kind of manual drones because i hold my skills very stable, very stable, look at the landing, perfect! Okay, i’m, really happy so far hope to see outside it is a bit breezy. Folks, my weather app is showing 11 miles per hour, sometimes calm, sometimes it’s, just coming in waves, so we’ll see how this little guy does. But i set up everything the battery is fully charged and this time i didn’t do it indoors, but i want to test the one key takeoff and landing that will be a long press to this one. I don’t think it has it i’ll, try it again anyway, and this is the stunt button let’s see if we can make it do some flips and rolls, and by the way this doesn’t have a brand, so it’s a no name brand or name no name drone And, however, there’s an item code, which is lf lima foxtrot 606.

, so probably can find it by searching that item code, all right, let’s do it. Oh, i was going to do a takeoff it’s working let’s. Try this a long press. It is not doing anything so yeah it doesn’t work. I think it requires the the altitude hold so let’s take off. This is in the slowest mode. Well, although there’s been it’s quite stable, it’s, not that difficult to control it actually, and it is almost full manual let’s say before: oh now, it’s breezy – i put it in this. You know second speed setting it’s coming in and going out pretty good. So this is the third one look at look at it. Go look at come back, yeah, all right, Applause, Music! I was like trying to the reverse like full forward to stop it, but it’s great, so let’s try the flip function, so one press and it’s beeping and it does it nice let’s. Do it a little closer by this depletes bad the battery very quickly. They say it flies for seven minutes on a on a full charge, but it goes pretty good. I mean the the fast mode yeah and i think i may be able to fly it at night, because the you see the the light is bright. I wish it had two lights because it makes seeing it a little easier from two angles, and i wish it also had like a rear light as well it’s very bright, led by the way like the wind is picking up right now.

You can tell it’s being tossed around a little bit, but yeah it is getting tossed around. It is a absolutely fantastic little drone if you are planning to fly it manually and maybe a race drone. Maybe you want to later graduate to an fpv drone. First person view you know this: will i my recommendation is learn it learn it with something like this, so that you know how to project yourself into the cockpit of the drone and at any time, know its orientation and know which way to go and uh don’t. Don’T get used to using the headless mode, especially or if you are only flying fpv. Now your right is right and your left is rest for the same. As for the drone, but learn flying it line of sight. If you can’t do that, you can fly helicopters, you can fly airplanes, you can fly gliders and this can be your training tool. So this one final verdict: it was a short flight. I know, but i already know this is a winner for less than 20 dollars. You cannot go wrong with this, and this should be your second or third drone start with something which has altitude hold practice practice practice, and then you can switch to this one or something it’s, still a little more gentle, not as fast and practice at home outside. When it’s calm and this can easily fly outside in the wind, definitely highly recommend it. Lf 606, no name mini drone, got it from ebay and you can probably find it in other locations as well.

These are very generic. You know dji mavic mini looking clone drones. All right seventh day is over. Tomorrow is a new day. Any drone, please stay tuned, stay safe and healthy.